Text messages

Puck & Lauren Z


Puck was lying in his bed when his cell phone went off showing that he received a text message. He picked his phone up and looked at it. it showed one new message from his snookie boo. That made him smile to see that while he was home sick with the flu, she was at least thinking of him.

Snookie Boo: eat some chicken soup and get healthy because I miss you, and Glee is not the same without you.

When he read that he smiled and couldn't help but feels more love for the voluptuous wrestler that he nicked named Snookie Boo. He then responded with the following.

Puck: I am eating soup and resting. My ma won't let me do anything for myself.

He waited for her to respond and it didn't take no longer then 5 seconds.

Snookie Boo: Ooooh sounds like someone is a Momma's boy.

Puck: Well, yah but I am also your bad boy.

Snookie Boo: Are you sure about that?

While he was texting his Snookie Boo, he received another text from Rachel.

Rachel: Are you faking it, where you don't have to go to school?
Puck: Listen here my Jewish brat, I am not faking it, Lauren was with me and my mother when I was rushed to the ER with a high fever, vomiting blood and that's when they told me I had the flu and strep throat.

Rachel: Ooooh my bad. Everyone in Glee is looking at her because she is only texting on her phone and not wanting to sing. What is up with that?

Snookie Boo: Why is Berry staring at me? :[
Puck: She is curious as to who you were texting and not wanting to sing. Baby you need to sing.

Puck: Rachel, I will talk to her and get her to understand that she can't text me. NOT!

Puck: Snookie boo, I am going to go to sleep. I will see you after school. I love you.

Snookie Boo: My Jewish monkey, I will be there as soon as I can.. Love u

Puck fell asleep with a smile on his face and he couldn't wait to see his Snookie boo when he woke up. After sending the last text Lauren looked at Rachel and growled, "Are you happy now?" Rachel only smiled because she knew that she got her way, little did she know it was not because of her that they stopped texting, Puck fell asleep that's why.

it was now going on 5 when Lauren pulled into Puck's drive way and quietly walked into his house and smiled at his mom and sister. She walked up the stairs to his room and stood at the door smiling at him because he was sleeping like a baby holding a Barney stuffed animal and was sucking on his thumb. She took her shoes off and walked over to the king size bed that he was laying in and gently laid down beside him. He woke up when he smelled her coco butter body spray. He smiled his sweet smile at her, and whispered," I Love you Snookie Boo. She kissed his forehead and whispered, "Ditto". Then he looked down at what he was holding in his hand and blushed.
Puck, "I am sorry that you see me holding my sister's stuffed animal. I needed something to sleep with".

Lauren. "It is ok. It will be our secret and I think that you are adorable. Now let's take a nap.

They fell asleep holding onto each other. His mom and sister, stood at the door smiling at them. They both knew that Lauren was exactly what Puck needed to be a better man that they knew that he could be.