Author's note: I have nothing to do- oh wait! I could be reading the book I got! Oh well, I'll write this first.

Ways to Annoy People at a Movie Theater:

During the previews, yell, "Can you fast-forward it?"

Wow, finally, a movie that I actually want to see! At least Nico seems to have pretty good taste in movies, I've seen some pretty bad one lately.

Gods, these previews are taking forever. It's time for the movie to start, but the previews always make it start late.

I looked around, noticing the projector booth. Hmm, those things are kind of like giant VCRs, right? Well, if they areā€¦

I stood up and turned towards the window to the projector booth.

"Percy," Nico was tugging on my sleeve. "Sit down!"

I shrugged him off. "Can you fast-forward it!"

"Percy! Sit down!"

Well, someone is in a mad mood.

Author's note: Yeah, it sucks, I know. Oh well, I hope your heads didn't explode from reading this stupidity! Love ya!