(by: Nirvash Serpentine)

"Truth or dare?" Fuji asked, clear blue eyes looking straight to the man accross him.

The other guy held his gaze, and gave out a knowing smile.


Fuji closed his eyes and gently smiled back – the same usual smile he wears almost everytime.

"Wakatta, Oshitari-kun."

"You thought I would fall on your trap ne, Fuji?"

"Ah...well then, I just have to let you do something that would be more interesting right?" Fuji retorted without faltering his perfectly serene smile.

Oshitari leaned backwards, feeling confident on whatever the tensai of Seigaku would ask him to do.

Fuji thought for a while.

"Ah...sou ka.." he snapped.

"Why don't you give me the best kiss a genius from Hyotei Gakuen can do?" Fuji declared.

Oshitari left out a soft giggle.

"Just as I expected." He said as he leaned forward and held Fuji's hand.

He shortly glanced at the smiling tensai before he brought his lips down to kiss the latter's hand.

"Gentleman as ever, ne.." Fuji commented.

Oshitari just answered him with a triumphant smile.

"Demo...I honestly think there's nothing wrong with y lips though..." Fuji innocently declared.

Oshitari stared at him in utter surprise, before he heaved a sigh-feeling so dazed as always with Fuji's weird unpredictability.