Bast and Baron rode Silver through the dimensions. Harry was being kept busy by Fleur. Married life suited her, but as well as this was his own impending doom – his twenty-first birthday party.

So while Fleur sent out the invitations for all the people in Harry's home world, the two talking cats were the ones going through all the different worlds, delivering invitations, making note of responses on a clipboard, and handing over inter-dimensional portkeys – Harry's own invention – to all those who responded positive. He'd decided against getting married just for the sake of shutting up the matrons. He'd settle down when it suited him, and personally skewer any further romantic machinations with a kunai. Apart from being the Best Man at Hermione and Draco's wedding when they finally set a date.


Hawkeye turned the invitation over in his hands, Margaret with her arms wrapped around his waist, looking on over his shoulder with consternation.

"Well are you going to open it? I need a reply kinda now so I know whether to give you the thing that Harry gave me for the people who said yes," Bast said, tapping his foot as he stood in the front hall of the Pierce household. "An' I got other people from your old unit to visit still."

Hawkeye quickly tore into the envelope and read it. "Yes," he said firmly. "Definitely yes. There's enough time for both of us to give leave notice and find someone to cover our shifts for us."

Bast nodded and handed over another envelope. "It's got the thing and the instructions," he explained.

"Who else from the four-oh-seven-seven is being invited?" Margaret asked.

Bast pulled a list out of his bag. "BJ and his wife, even though she wasn't there, Trapper, even though Harry never met him either, Sydney, Radar, Colonel Potter and his wife, Father Mulcahy, and Klinger," he read, then folded up his list and climbed up onto Silver's back again.


Bruce looked up from his papers to see his secretary standing in the door uncomfortably.

"What's the matter Helena?" he asked with a kind smile.

"There's a talking cat here for you Daddy," she said confusion written across her face.

"From your mother?" he suggested.

Helena shook her head. "Shall I show him in? He says he's got an invitation for you that has to be delivered by him, and he has to get a response immediately."

Bruce blinked.

"Send him in," he said. When he saw the suit-wearing feline however, he smiled. "It's been a long time."

Baron nodded. "Harry is inviting you to his twenty-first," he said. "As well as the others of course."

Bruce nodded. "I'm sure I can make time in my planner to celebrate with him. Selene too. May we bring our daughter?"

Baron handed over the invitation and the second envelope when Bruce confirmed that he would be able to make it. "Of course you can, I'll make a note for Harry. I'm sure he'll be happy to meet her."

~Circle of Magic~

"I'm sorry Baron, but they've moved out," Lark said with a smile. "Daja bought a house in town which they mostly share now, when they're all in the area, though Sandry has had to move into the palace, since she's the Duchess of Emmelan now."

Baron blinked in surprise. "Right," he said. "We'll just have to track them down then."

"Good luck," Lark said fondly. "And give Harry our apologies that we can't go?"
Baron nodded. Of all of Harry's friends from Winding Circle, only Niko and Tris ended up giving an affirmative answer


Unfortunately for Sanzo, Goku wasn't the only one who was always up for a party. The Merciful Goddess, Lirin and Gojyo were too. Which at least meant that Hakkai and Dokugakuji were also coming – to keep an eye on lover and best friend's little sister respectively – which was a small consolation to the grumpy priest.

Kougaiji and Yaone were expecting their second child however, and with their arms fairly full of the first already, they wouldn't be going.

~Shugo Chara~

"How many people can this carry?" Amu asked.

Baron smiled at the question.

"You can bring no more than two extra people each," Bast said. "How many an' who?" he demanded, whipping out a pad to write the names down.

"Utau, Kukai and Nagihiko," Ikuto answered.

"They're on the guest list already," Baron said with a chuckle.

Bast nodded and put the pad away. "Yeah, an' we found them before you. They're already confirmed."


Tsunade summoned three of her shinobi to her office. A far cry from the nice long list of people who were being requested, but she couldn't spare them all and Harry knew that.


"Itachi, Anko, Kakashi, you are invited to Harry's twenty-first birthday," Tsunade said in her 'this is an S-ranked mission' voice. Then smirked at them.

Kakashi shifted uncomfortably. "I'm not one for parties Hokage-sama," he said. "Can I just send a gift?"

Baron chuckled. "Of course," he said with a smile. "Harry actually is inviting a great deal more people from Konoha, but Tsunade has said that she can't spare that many of her shinobi."

"I would be honoured to go," Itachi said, smiling a little.

"Me too," Anko put in. "I like watching Harry tease Itachi about him being in love with me."
Everybody laughed at Itachi, who blushed.


Death stared at the two upright cats standing before him, and took the invitation that was being held out to him between a bony finger and thumb, opening it easily and reading quickly.

"I am not often invited to events such as this," he commented.

"Susan is invited as well. Harry wanted to invite Vimes, but knew that it would practically take orders to get him out of his city," the Baron explained.

Death nodded. "I believe that I shall attend," he said. "I think that I can find my own way there, however."

Bast and Baron nodded their understanding, but Bast brought out the second envelope anyway.

"Just in case," he said.

~YuYu Hakusho~

Kurama blinked in surprise at the appearance of Bast before him. He remembered the feline pokemon, vaguely, from just over a decade ago when he'd participated in the Dark Tournament.

"Are ya gonna take your invitation or not?" Bast demanded, holding out the envelope.

"Of course, I'm sorry. Would you like to come in?" Kurama asked.

Bast looked behind him to Silver, who nodded and indicated that he would wait out of sight of the normal people.

"Sure. Anyone else from the old team hangin' around here? I've got invitations for all of 'em. Chu, Jin and Touya as well."

Kurama smiled. "Yes, though Master Genkai passed away, from natural causes this time, five years ago."

Bast nodded, rifled through his collection of invitations, pulled out a stamp and pressed it to the envelope that had 'Master Genkai' written on it.

~Final Fantasy VII~

Vincent grinned, broadly, to see the Baron at the front door, and yelled for Cid before inviting the gentleman cat – and his companions – into the house. There was never any question of them not going to Harry's birthday.

~The Mummy~

"Will the O'Connors be there?" Ardeth asked, reading his invitation.

Baron shook his head. "They have already been requested to start expanding into the archaeology of other countries, and are going to be spending the two months surrounding that date in Turkey."

Ardeth nodded. "I will come. With Imhotep finally gone for good, there is a great deal less to have to worry about out here."


"I can't go," Integra said flatly as she read the invitation. "I might be able to send Alucard or Seras, but certainly not both, and you'd have to provide blood-bags for them. But really, I don't trust either of them out of my sight."

Bast bowed his understanding, taking back the invitation and stamping it. He'd find the invitations for Alucard and Seras later and do the same thing again.

Integra smiled. "I'm sure I can find a suitable gift to send back with you though," she said.


Bast sighed when Merlin said he was refusing to have anything to do with magic, but hoped that Harry enjoyed his party. Harry had really been hoping that Merlin would be able to put aside that vow for one day to come and wish him well for the birthday party where he'd be brining everybody together, rather than moving on for once.

Mab and Frick at least were eager to come.

"We would not miss it for the world," Mab insisted with a fond smile.

~Avatar: the Last Airbender~

Toph jumped at the chance to see another world, especially to see Harry again, as she hadn't really gotten to thank him at the time for giving her the chance to really, properly see.

Even Zuko agreed that one day off from being the Fire Lord wouldn't do be too much trouble.


Watanuki shook his head and agreed. One afternoon away from the shop wasn't going to hurt anything, and it would be a chance to travel inter-dimensionally himself. Youko was practically cheering at the very thought of a birthday party. She'd be tagging along for the booze though, rather than because she had any attachment to Harry.

~Doctor Who~

"I think I'll pass on tempting fate with inter-dimensional travel thanks," the Doctor said, handing the invitation back to Bast. "I'm happy just where I am anyway."

Rose gave him a kiss for that.


When Rogue and Logan were presented with their invitations, they both jumped at the chance to get 'the hell out of Dodge'. Turned out that Jean had gone completely bat-shit crazy and gotten damn close to blowing up the city. Baron was sure that when Harry found out, it would somehow further cement his belief that, even if they weren't good, red-heads were always awesome.

~The Labyrinth~

Jareth shook his head, laughing, as he passed the invitation over to his fiancé.

Sarah giggled. "I remember Harry saying that he enjoyed the fieries idea of a party. Oh, do let's go and take some of them with us," Sarah begged with a smile.

"Of course my Sarah," Jareth answered. "He brought us together after all. I owe him a favour."


After delivering the invitation to the Undertaker, Bast didn't get off of Silver's back again until they were through the front doors of the Phantomhive manor. As Harry had pointed out the last time they were here, he wasn't at all keen on actually getting whatever was all over the streets here on his paws, but Silver was able to walk on air, so it didn't bother the rapidash one bit.

Then he remembered the butler had a thing for cats, and jumped back onto Silver's back, directing him through the house to where he suspected they would find the earl, his butler, and if they were lucky, the merchant Lau as well.


Audrey stared at the suit-wearing ginger feline that was standing on her doorstep. They'd only been back from Atlantis for a while, and things still hadn't quite settled back into 'normalcy' yet, but this was even stranger than the sunken continent where the princess had bonded to the crystal.

"Harry is inviting you to his twenty-first birthday party, Miss Romirez," the Baron said politely. "I am to wait for a response."

Audrey blinked in surprise and took the envelope he was holding out to her.

"May I ask who else is invited?" Audrey asked as she opened the invitation and read it.

"Doctor Sweet, Queen Kidagakash, and her fiancé Milo Thatch," the Baron answered. "Among many others who you do not know, of course."

Audrey nodded. "I can make the date," she said. "But the place isn't listed."

Baron handed over another envelope. "That covers getting there and a few other details."

~One Piece~

"A party?" Shanks said with a grin as he read the envelope.

His first mate groaned.

If there was to be good company and copious amounts of alcohol, then Shanks would be there.

~Harry Potter~

Harry sighed deeply and smiled broadly when his pokemon and the Baron returned with the response list. He was going to have a very loud, very bright, and hopefully very enjoyable birthday party this year. Hermione was going to flip her lid when she found out that he'd invited so many people she wanted to sit down with for a month and just ask them questions. He was glad he didn't have to personally escort everybody home again. He had plans to go off and relax a little, just meet people and forget about magic and pokemon and everything for a little while.

~Pride and Prejudice~

Harry and the Baron stepped out of the inter-dimensional corridor and onto the driveway of a great house, just at the bottom of the sweeping stairs that led to the front door.

"What a beautiful house," Baron admired.

Harry nodded his agreement and quickly thransfigured his clothing on his person to look more like the Baron's chosen suit. He chose darker colours of course, he couldn't pull of ash-grey the way his feline friend could, but the suit was an eminently good idea because, this time, they had chosen England under the Regency to visit as Harry's first adventure after his twenty-first birthday. A little treat for the Baron, who had always wanted to go, but was not so skilled as Harry at choosing their travel stops.

"I saw no carriage come up the drive," commented a female voice from the top of the stairs.

"I do apologise ma'am," Harry said with a smile. "It was just such a fine day that I could not help but desire to walk."

"The master and his sister are at home, if you are paying call on them. If not, the master does allow me to give visitors to the house tours," the woman, who was now obviously the housekeeper, offered.

"But I come unannounced," Harry said. "It would be terribly rude to pay call on the master without even having been introduced to him first, or sending a note of introduction. No, I shall leave a card and accept the tour ma'am, thank you kindly."

The middle-aged woman laughed in delight at Harry's easy manners.

Half-way through the tour, Harry and the Baron met with the master of the house anyway, quite by accident – apparently an expected guest had arrived, and the gentleman of the house had come out of his study to greet him, and discovered Harry and the Baron along the way.

"I suppose you were giving these gentlemen a tour of Pemberly, Mrs Reynolds?" the man enquired of his housekeeper, who bobbed a curtsey in affirmation. The man turned his handsome, but austere face to Harry and then blinked in surprise to see the Baron. "I am Mr Darcy, master of Pemberly."

"Lord Potter," Harry answered with a smile. "And my friend the Baron von Gikkingken. It is a pleasure to meet you Mr Darcy, though I had intended only to enjoy Mrs Reynold's tour of your home and leave my card, to visit more properly at another time."

Mr Darcy smiled slightly at that. "Well, my friend Mr Bingley has just arrived, but if it does not offend you to associate with those whose money comes from trade, I should be glad to entertain you both."

Harry smiled broadly. "I would be delighted," he answered. "I hope Mr Bingley will not mind that I have intruded so upon your visiting together."

"Bingley is a very amiable sort. I doubt it possible for him to take offence sometimes."

"Then I shall certainly like him," Harry declared.

He did too. Charles Bingley was a singularly charming man, and apparently had just purchased the lease of a house in one of the shires, and was insisting upon Darcy accompanying him for some time there rather than returning to London. An invitation was soon extended to Harry as well, while the Baron offered to guard Mr Darcy's sister against any intruders upon her time in his absence.

Mr Darcy frowned. "How would you do that?" he asked with genuine curiosity, though Georgiana herself was quite taken with the idea, as from the moment she had joined her brother and his guests she had been fascinated by the feline gentleman.

"I am skilled with a blade despite my size Sir," the Baron said. "And I may act as a chaperone in any situation."

Harry nodded. "You need not fear when the Baron is in attendance," he assured with a smile.

So the travellers went their separate ways – Harry to Netherfield Park with Darcy, Bingley and Bingley's sisters, and the Baron went to London with Georgiana.


The Meryton assembly was loud, but it was a joyous noise, and after even such little time in the man's company, Harry fought a smirk to know that it would be doubtless giving Darcy a headache – and if it wasn't the noise, then it would be the match-making mothers.

Sir William Lucas, who had paid call to their little group at Netherfield, introduced the party to his family, and then to their neighbours the Bennets, and Harry felt as though a magic carpet had just dumped him on his rear-end. Well, he'd been enjoying thoughts of what Darcy might be hiding under his coat and vest on the carriage ride, but now Harry found himself only thinking of the five sisters Bennet.

Harry danced with each sister as they were available to do so, and insisted upon drawing the eldest three into conversation with himself and Darcy when he was not dancing – Bingley was too busy dancing with every woman there to talk much, but the only woman he danced with twice was the eldest of the Bennet girls.

"Do you like to dance Mr Darcy?" the second eldest, Elizabeth, asked.

"Not if I can help it," Darcy answered shortly.

"Don't let him fool you Miss Bennet," Harry consoled. "My friend suffers from a headache tonight and as the music is most exuberantly played, it is aggravating him. Mr Darcy is an excellent dancer, and does find joy in it."

Elizabeth was consoled, and now concerned for the man. "Then may I fetch a drink for you Mr Darcy? I find that water often soothes a headache," she offered.

Darcy smiled, just a very little. "Thank you Miss Bennet, that would be much appreciated."

Elizabeth smiled back and ducked away to fetch a cup for him.

"And when she returns, I will give you something to drink down with the water for your headache," Harry said firmly. "And you shall ask her to dance when your head has stopped pounding. She is an intelligent girl, you have seen it yourself in our conversation with her already tonight. She is also exceedingly lovely."

"You think that every female is exceedingly lovely Lord Potter," Darcy countered.

"No," Harry corrected. "I have found that the youngest of the Bennets, while pretty, is completely silly, and if not curbed soon her attitude shall be fixed in that way, which would be quite terrible. Mrs Bennet is a fretful mother, which would be endearing if she at least had better manners. Also, I find that Bingley's sisters are unfortunately vain for their situations, and Miss Caroline Bingley is not at all to my tastes. I would never call any of these women lovely."

Elizabeth returned at that moment with Jane, Mary and Bingley – and cups of water.

"These women, however, I would happily call lovely," Harry announced, smiling at them. He reached into his pocket and summoned his headache potion, dripping two drops into Darcy's water before the man drank it down. "Hopefully your headache will leave you with time enough to ask Miss Elizabeth Bennet to dance."

Darcy quickly downed the potion-laced water and set the cup aside. "I do feel much better," he allowed, clearly surprised at the speed with which the potion worked. "Thank you Lord Potter, Miss Bennet."

"You're most welcome Mr Darcy," Elizabeth said, bowing her head.

"The last dance is going to start soon," Harry observed, and offered his hand to Mary. "Will you honour me with your company for the final set?"

Mary blushed, smiled, and slipped her hand into Harry's.

Jane and Elizabeth blinked in surprise at their sister, for a smile transformed her features so incredibly, and they felt shocked that they had never seen it before. Plain little Mary was beautiful when she smiled. But then they were being distracted by offers to dance themselves – Jane by Mr Bingley, and Elizabeth by Mr Darcy.


"What say you, Lord Potter?" Caroline Bingley asked at breakfast the next day. "Surely you cannot have a high opinion of the people of Meryton?"

"I assure you that I can Miss Bingley," Harry answered, arching a brow at her. "For I endeavour to like all people until they prove themselves to be of unattractive character."

"Oh?" Mrs Hurst, Bingley's other sister, pressed, wanting to hear what the young Lord had to say on the subject. "What of Miss Lucas? Or the Bennet sisters?"

"Miss Charlotte Lucas is a charming young woman," Harry said. "However she lacks confidence in herself, likely from being told that she is not beautiful and still living with her parents. Yes, I like Miss Lucas very well."

"And the Bennets?" Caroline pressed. "You danced with every one of their daughters last night."

Harry smiled. "Miss Jane Bennet is an angel," he said simply. "If she has any fault at all it may be that she believes the best of everybody, but I do that myself, so I shall not count it. She did seem reserved though."

"Reserved?" Charles questioned, surprised.

Harry nodded. "She smiles freely, but does not express herself. Considering her beauty, this is very wise of her, for it prevents her forming a great attachment to someone who is only fascinated by her lovely face. I spoke with Miss Elizabeth Bennet on the matter, she said that Miss Jane Bennet barely shows her deepest feelings even to her, and they are very close."

Charles Bingly nodded his understanding.

"And what of Miss Elizabeth Bennet herself?" Caroline questioned.

"Oh, she is lovely. Her intelligence, wit, and her beauty shall quite set her apart. She very properly plays down her own beauty in such a way as to emphasise that of Miss Jane's, but she has the most striking eyes and delightful humour. She takes joy in the simple things, such as laughter and dancing, but also in the heavier task of matching wit to wit, and I quite enjoyed talking with her when we were not dancing."

"She is a thoughtful young lady," Darcy added. "Instantly offering to fetch me water when you told her I had a headache last night, and she is a fine dance partner."

"You did stand up for the last dance of the evening! I thought my eyes had quite deceived me on the matter. You had not even danced with us all night," Caroline said, pouting somewhat before turning back to Harry. "And you dance at that same time with their very plain sister, did you not Lord Potter?"

"Indeed I did not," Harry countered. "I danced with Miss Mary Bennet, who is in possession of one of the most radiant and transforming smiles I have ever seen. She also has a keen desire to learn, which I find a most attractive thing in a person. I danced also with Miss Catherine Bennet, who insisted that I should call her Kitty, as her family all did." Harry smiled fondly as he thought of the girl. "She has truly an adorable face, all dimpled cheeks and sparkling eyes. I feel I should be quite the protective brother if she were my sister. The only Bennet sister I can find true fault with is the youngest, who is determined to be silly and vain, and worse is encouraged by her mother to be so. Still, she also has a pretty enough face, so I suppose if she can find a husband soon he can take her from her mother and teach her to be more refined all shall not be lost for her."


The Netherfield ball was quite the occasion. Far more elegant than the assembly that had been their introduction to Meryton, but no less fun. Bingley was smitten with Jane, and with an assurance from Elizabeth, Darcy and Harry were just as certain as Bingley that the affection was returned.

Harry exposed Wickham's lies to the Bennets when Lydia and Kitty related their meeting to him, and indeed the contradiction of the man's very behaviour, without the prejudice that Darcy would have, for he had not personally met the man yet. Darcy secured Elizabeth's good favour and was pleased to talk with her about all manner of things, and more freely than when she had been tending to poor, sick Jane when the eldest Bennet had been laid up in Netherfield from being caught in the rain.

As for Harry himself, he had drawn Miss Mary and Miss Kitty to sit with him in a corner and ignore Mr Collins, drawing smiles from the girls as he talked to them of his travels. Kitty was fascinated, but Mary was enthralled.

"Would you like to travel someday Miss Mary?" Harry asked her.

"Yes Lord Potter," Mary answered. "But a young lady cannot travel unescorted, and I am the plainest of my sisters," she explained, her smile disappearing as she spoke. "No one would choose me as their travel companion."

Harry snorted indelicately. "Nonsense Miss Mary," he said firmly. He had been to the Bennet's house as often as Bingley – and they of course took Darcy with them. In fact, as Harry was as interested in speaking with Mary as he was with Jane and Elizabeth, he had been required to go to Longbourn more often than Bingley and Darcy, as the objects of their affections had taken residence for a time at Netherfield.

"Lord Potter?" Kitty asked. "What is nonsense?"

"Miss Kitty, what is nonsense is that your lovely sister should think nobody would ever desire to travel with her. Indeed, I find myself entertaining the idea of travelling with Miss Mary myself, and I am quite certain that my godfather and a number of my friends would be quite pleased to meet Miss Mary as well."

Mary blushed at the compliments. "It would be improper for an unmarried man to travel with an unmarried woman who is not his close relation," she pointed out. "At least, without a chaperone."

Harry nodded in agreement. "Then I shall have to talk to Mr Bennet about marrying you I think. It will put many minds to rest to know that I have found a woman to be happy with."

Mary's blush deepened, and Kitty laughed happily, clapping her hands.

"Of course, it would not be proper for Miss Mary to marry before Miss Jane and Miss Elizabeth, so I shall simply have to encourage my friends to become more fascinated by your sisters and to propose to them soon," Harry continued, smiling broadly. "And perhaps I can convince Mrs Bennet that it would be in Lydia's best interest to be Mr Collins' bride. She needs the taming, and the man would not suit you at all Miss Kitty."

Kitty dimpled prettily, to be thought of more highly than her popular younger sister was welcome praise indeed to her.


Harry had Bingley and Darcy at Longbourn early one morning to call on Mr Bennet, as he had spent much time convincing his two friends of their happy futures with the two eldest Bennet sisters. He was really quite secure in their happiness. He was less secure in his own. Save for the headache potion he had given to Darcy at the Meryton assembly, Harry hadn't used any magic in company in the time that he had been here. He'd not released his pokemon, he'd not conjured food, he summoned his weapons for practice only in his room with the doors locked, no one had seen his walking luggage and for the first time in a long time, his hair was the same from one day to the next without any alterations from his metamorphmagus ability.

Today he was going to tell Mary, Kitty and Mr Bennet about this part of his life, and ask to take both of these daughters away with him.

Yes, both. With Longbourn entailed away from the girls, it would be better for both of them to come away with him. He did know a few handsome and eligible young men after all, and whichever of Mr Bennet's daughters agreed to marry him, he would look out for the other. Of Lydia, he thought nothing. Her mother loved her best after Jane, and if she did not marry Collins as was sensible then she would likely marry that Denny chap from the militia that she was so fond of, and that would please Mrs Bennet well either way.

Bingley had spoken to Mr Bennet first, then come out of the office all smiles and twirled Jane around, declaring happily that he had her father's permission. Darcy was next, and it was what felt like quite a bit longer before he came out as well, smiled softly for Elizabeth, and ushered her to sit with him on one of the chairs – almost indecently close, save that it was clear he had Mr Bennet's consent to marry his favourite daughter. Then it was his turn.

Harry closed the door behind him and sat down opposite Mr Bennet.

"I have a story to tell you Sir," Harry said, conjuring his books blatantly on Mr Bennet's desk. "As it is completely true, I ask that you believe me."

Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy had only spoken with Mr Bennet for a few minutes altogether before exiting again to join the Bennet women. Harry stayed in that room with the patriarch of the family for half an hour, and even then, Mary and Kitty were called in, rather than Lord Potter exiting.

"Lord Potter wishes to marry you Mary, and take you and your sister Kitty away from Longbourn, and introduce you to people of his circles. He has, however, something of great importance that he must impart to you before either of you give your answer. He has told me, and I have agreed that, if you wish to go with him, then I will give my consent," Mr Bennet said solemnly.

Mary and Kitty turned to Harry, and he smiled at them. "Do you believe in magic?" he asked earnestly.

"You have been enchanting since our meeting, Lord Potter, what is that if not magic?" Mary countered.

"I should like to believe in fairies," Kitty added.

Harry laughed in delight, and his black hair cycled through the colours of the rainbow to show them what magic he meant. With a wave of his hand he conjured a pair of perfect pink roses and held them out to the two young ladies who were now staring, wide-eyed, as he hair turned black once more.

"Oh my," the two young ladies breathed in wide-eyed awe as they accepted the just-blossoming rosebuds.

To Harry's relief, they were both also smiling.

"Tell me more of your travels, Lord Potter?" Mary beseeched. "I cannot make a proper judgement with just a flower conjured from thin air."

Harry laughed happily and gestured to the books – now numbering three – sitting upon Mr Bennet's desk. "I have chronicled my life in these books," he said. "And others did it for me when I was young."

Mary took the top book, and Kitty snatched up the second once she'd tucked Harry's rose into her hair.

Harry discussed settlements with Mr Bennet quietly. He would take nothing from Mr Bennet, he had more than enough himself, but he wanted to make sure that Mr Bennet would be able to see his last daughter suitably married – preferably to someone who would curb her wild habits as Harry intended to help with Kitty. Of course, he had been on his very best behaviour here, and Kitty's 'wildness' would scarcely raise an eyebrow in some of the places he'd been, so it was really just a matter of teaching the girl about time and place.

In the end, Harry and Mr Bennet agreed that Harry would pay a dowry of a thousand pounds for each girl, and that would be the end of matters, as Mr Bennet knew that Harry would not be staying in the area at all.

"Lord Potter?"

"Please call me Harry, Miss Mary," he said, looking up from Mr Bennet's account books with a smile.

"Lord Harry," Mary corrected, smiling faintly herself. "I do not recognise some of these writings."

"Other countries have other languages Miss Mary. Some have completely different alphabets. I travel very widely," he said, giving his best, most roguish smile.

Mary blushed at the smile. "Will you teach me these languages if we marry?" she asked.

Harry's smile softened to tenderness. "You, and our children," he promised sincerely.

Mary's blush deepened a little and she smiled at the tenderness she felt at the very idea.

"Me too?" Kitty asked hopefully.

Harry nodded. "If you wish to learn," he assured her.

"Do I say farewell to four of my daughters?" Mr Bennet asked.

Mary and Kitty nodded.

"Oh but we shall miss you Papa," Kitty assured him.

"And you shall still be able to visit with Jane and Lizzy when they are married," Mary added.


Harry helped Mary, then Kitty, up onto Silver's back after the three weddings had been conducted. Their belongings were all packed and he had placed their shrunken trunks into his Luggage. Now, they were going back with him to his estate.

Harry had received a letter from the Baron, saying that he much preferred the time of the Regency, and that caring for Miss Darcy was a pleasure. He would be staying behind. Harry would miss the doll, but they had not had so much to talk about for some time, and Harry knew that the Baron really would be happy with the Darcy's. He wondered how they would explain him to Miss Elizabeth, but then recalled that he had used magic to fix the hair of every bride and maid for the wedding himself. It would not be so hard to explain the Baron then.

Harry swung himself up behind his wife and sister-in-law, and Silver took off. Within moments, they were in the front hall of the Potter Estate.


"Hey Bill," Harry greeted with a smile. "What are you doing here? I'd expected Hermione or Sirius."

"They're busy cooing over the baby," Bill said with a smirk.

"Baby?" Harry yelped. "I haven't been gone that long!"

Bill laughed. "No, Fleur is pregnant. There's another Weasley on the way. I'm staying out of the way while they make your house baby-safe so that Fleur can still work with the little one close by. I also came by to tell you I'm going back to work. In Egypt."

Harry nodded and swung down from Silver's back. "I'll miss you Bill," he said solemnly.

Bill just nodded. "Now, are you going to introduce me to these lovely ladies? Apart from your birthday, you haven't ever had people from your travels back here."

"Bill, I'd like to present to you my wife, Mary, and her sister, Catherine Bennet," Harry said proudly, helping first Mary then Kitty down from Silver's back as he said their names. "Though she prefers Kitty."

Bill laughed. "You finally got married!" he crowed.

"What?" the yell came from the upper reaches of the house, and then people were piling down the stairs.

"Harry got married while he was away!" Bill cheered as Sirius, Remus, Charlie, Fleur, Draco and Hermione came down from where they had been making the house child-safe.

"Oh Harry I'm so happy for you!" Hermione exclaimed, hugging him tightly before moving to greet Mary and Kitty. "Harry's been like a brother to me for years, so I know nearly all of his embarrassing school-boy stories if you want to hear them.."
"Mary, Kitty, this is Hermione Granger, soon to be Malfoy," Harry said, shaking his head. "I hope you will be great friends."

Mary smiled. "I'm sure that we will," she promised. "Now, what's this about a baby?"

"Oui, I am pregnant," Fleur said. "A pleasure to meet you Mary. I work for 'Arry as 'is secretary, making sure 'e keeps 'is appointments and knows what 'e is talking about in ze Wizengamot."

Mary stared a moment at the beautiful Fleur, feeling insecure for a moment.

"I should probably confine myself to one world when you eventually get fat, and for a while after the baby is born," Harry said, then turned to Charlie. "You really didn't waste any time, did you Charlie?"

Charlie laughed. "Would you?" he asked.

"I only ever employed Fleur," Harry countered. "You're the one who married her. Then again, maybe Mary will consent to children soon?" he suggested, wrapping an arm around Mary's waist and letting her know through body language that he loved her.

Mary blushed, but smiled.

"The monk has a wife," Draco commented, amused. "Well done Harry."

"Monk?" Kitty asked.

"Monk," Harry confirmed. "On one of my travels, I was made a high ranking monk by a goddess. My only charge is to take care of a piece of scripture that was used to create their world. Not really a big deal," he explained with a shrug.

"Harry!" Hermione scolded fondly.

Everybody laughed, even Mary and Kitty, who didn't know the full details of the story yet, and certainly hadn't met the goddess in question as everybody else had at Harry's twenty-first birthday.

"Right, have you set a date and where am I taking you for your honeymoon?" Harry asked with another smile at his best friend.

"December, and we'd like to go to Wonderland, if that's possible," Hermione answered with a false air of haughtiness.

"As you wish," Harry said easily.

~The End~

Harry's bound to go gallivanting off on more adventures throughout his life, but this is as far as I'm writing it. I feel as though I have proved my point that the Harry Potter fandom is a perfect 'little black dress'. It goes with absolutely everything, if you can just figure out how.

There's the almost full list of everywhere and every world that Harry touched. He also visited Riddick in The Chronicles of Riddick, went to the Pokemon world, and the Baron comes from Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns.