The Fate of a Goddess

A Percy Jackson and New Moon Crossover

Chapter 1 Starting Over

(A/N: Starts after the Second War and Mid-New Moon. Don't own anything. No copyright infringement intended.)

Summary: Little Bella Swan wasn't who she said she was. She too, hides a secret of her own, far beyond the Cullens' expectations—she is an Olympian. She returns back to Mount Olympus in hopes of healing her broken heart. But the Fates have something big in store for her. What is it and what will she do once she and the Cullens cross paths again? Forever is such a short time when you're immortal…

Bella's POV

Why? Why did he leave me like this? I loved him more than my own life, but that's really just the way how life works. Hades was right. The Fates are cruel. They not only make people suffer but immortal beings, too.

By immortal being, I mean myself. The Cullens and the rest of Forks may think I am human, but I implanted that thought in their minds. Charlie Swan isn't my father either. Maybe the Cullens thought I couldn't lie, but I know better. All this, even Bella Swan, is all a lie. I am not even supposed to look like this—plain, simple and…dull. Normally, I wouldn't be one to judge a book by its cover. It is simply the self-loathing that fuels me.

I don't even know why I fell in love with Edward Cullen. I was the smart one in the family, always trusted by my father to make the right decisions. Now, I could see how stupid I have been. You must be confused at my words.

I haven't properly introduced myself, have I? Oh, how rude of me. I am known here in Forks, Washington as the daughter of Chief Swan. But a few months back, I was known as the Greek goddess Athena. I had my own reasons for staying here. You all know that once in a blue moon, maybe more often, the gods come down in the human world and sometimes fall in love then have demigod children.

That was actually what I wanted to do when I decided to live here and falling in love with a vampire wasn't part of the plan. But it still happened, and now I was broken. I was quite used to it, seeing as I am immortal. I fell in love numerous times and broke my heart just as much.

Tears fell from my eyes and I did not attempt to wipe them away. I knew they will still keep falling. For every tear I wipe away, at least three more rolled down my cheeks. My pillows are already damp with tears. As I saw the mark on the pillows, I willed myself not to cry anymore.

I was a goddess, for Zeus' sake! I was powerful, strong, and smart. I wasn't the garbage Edward made me out to be. It was then that I promised myself not to shed a single tear on him anymore, drifting off into a deep sleep.

Moments later…

"Athena." A voice in my dream said. A sound no more than a soft whisper. I looked around in the place I was in. I noticed my clothes are different. I was wearing a hoodie, shirt, jeans, and Converse sneakers when I fell asleep. But now, I was wearing the clothes I usually wear back at Mount Olympus.

My hair color is black like it is supposed to be, reaching just below my shoulders in elegant curls. My skin is not as pale as before and I literally glowed with power. I could only assume that my eyes are gray now, since here in my dream I am back in my goddess state.

"Athena." The voice called again, summoning me. I cannot recognize the speaker, hence confusing me further. Why would someone call me? And how did this creature have so much power that he can block me?

"Who are you? And what is it that you want with me?" I asked loudly to no one in particular. A cold breeze passed through me, but I didn't shiver one bit. My instincts were telling me that I should be prepared, that there is danger. But I didn't act upon it.

A cruel laugh echoed in the dark cold place. I figured out that it was some sort of cave or something—an endless mass of darkness I don't want to know about. Somehow, this place reminded me of a place I have been to before. I shook my head to clear my head. No, it was impossible. But my more sensible part started thinking of a million possibilities.

"You will suffer, Athena, if you don't make the right choice. I could make you Queen and give you everything you want in this world. I could make the Cullens come back to you, begging for forgiveness but only if you'll help me in return." The voice said, tempting me with his words.

I wanted so badly to say: "Agreed. What is it that you need help with?" But my inner goddess broke out to the surface, and I knew I had to do the right thing. Whatever it is that this creature wants, I will make sure he will not get. It is surely associated with evil—something enough to make even a god's stomach churn.

"I know your deepest desires, Athena. I know how you wish to be able to take care of your children. But because of Zeus, you are forbidden to have any communication with them. You yearn to care and love them, do you not? I can give you this and much, much more." The voice said again, making my whole body freeze.

He knew my weaknesses and he was using them against me. He knew I wanted so bad to be able to at least visit my children from time to time, whenever I wish. I wanted to protect them and keep them out of danger. But because of the gods swearing not to see their children anymore, I could not do anything. This offer is more appealing to me than anything else he could offer and I almost gave in.

"I will not give you what you want, whoever you are. You don't know who you are dealing with." I whispered dangerously, venom dripping in my voice.

"You will come to me soon, Athena. I will make sure of it. And I very well know who I'm dealing with, Wisdom Goddess. Farewell to you for now, my fairest…" he said, his sentence trailing off.

My eyes flashed open right then and I saw the familiar room I call my own. In truth, it was the late Bella Swan's room. She died because of leukemia over a year ago, a little before I came to Forks. Her parents were filled with grief and I pitied them. No person should be allowed to suffer like that. I want them to forget, even for a short period of time, the pain from losing their only daughter.

I sat up on the small bed, looking around the room. My eyes flashed instantly to the mirror near the bed with a gold frame. I saw my gray eyes staring right back at me. I blinked in confusion, wondering how I got my original appearance back when I didn't plan on changing it yet.

My mind traveled back to the nightmare I had experienced earlier, thinking about its relation to my current condition. I looked like my own self back there, too, and I thought that it was what triggered my change. I shrugged it off and opened the window, a soft breeze coming from the outside caressing my face.

I used my power and after a split second, I knew I had done it. The rest of Forks will forget all about my stay here, including Charlie. It will be like I had never existed. "Those were the very words he said to me in the forest." I thought to myself, chuckling humorlessly at the joke.

I took a final look at the sleeping form of my "dad" and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek. "Goodbye, Charlie. I know it must be hard for you, but it will get better—I promise." I breathed, stepping back to transport myself back to Mount Olympus—back to home.

The sudden change of scenery didn't surprise me—not at all. After millennia of doing this, I was very much used to it. But the thrill is still there, always giving me a sense of happiness. I looked down and checked myself. I was still wearing human clothes, but I decided to change that.

In a flash, my human clothes were replaced with something more divine. I was wearing a white flowing dress with silver armor at the top part of it. My neck was adorned with a beautiful necklace which was given to me by Aphrodite herself. There is a cuff on my left arm and two thin bracelets on my upper right arm. There was an even bigger cuff on my right arm and a ring on my left middle finger. There were sandals on my feet and I felt like…me.

It felt as if I had never left home in the first place. I silently walked into the majestic palace standing in front of me. No need to attract attention to myself. I made it as far into the castle without being noticed, until I stopped in front of the Throne Room. I argued whether I should knock first, in case Father Zeus was in there.

I decided to be sure and knocked thrice on the marble door. After all, I don't want to be hit by his lightning bolt by accident. It's not like ti would kill me, but it will surely hurt as hell. "Come in." A deep booming voice like thunder called from inside. I took a deep breath to steady myself and gracefully entered the room.

I noticed that every seat was full, except my own. I smiled a small smile as I saw it, wishing to sit down on it and feel my power. "Greetings, Father." I said courteously, bowing down low in front of him.

"Rise, my child." he ordered, sounding less serious than before. I beamed at him and at my brothers and sisters, even at his wife Hera, although she despises me very much because only Father brought me to this world.

"Tell me, Athena, what brings you here?" he asked, amused. His blue eyes still look as if there's a storm brewing in them and it brought a sense of familiarity with it. My smile widened as I thought about what to say to him.

I really didn't plan on going home just yet. It was a spur of the moment decision. "I guess I just miss home, Father." I said with honesty clear in my words.

He smiled kindly at me and stood up from his throne. "Welcome home, Athena." he said, surprisingly hugging me in the process. My eyes widened for some time and I went into involuntary shock.

Gods rarely show emotion at all, especially Zeus. He was an exceptionally quiet man, but it is clear that he is not to be crossed. My mind finally registered the fact that my father was hugging me and I quickly returned the hug.

He pulled back and smiled contently at me, leading me to my throne. I sat down and felt power course through me like electricity. I missed this warm feeling—the feeling of home. But why is it that there is a feeling of worry at the back of my mind? My intuition has never been wrong before, and this scared me.

Something big is going to happen, yet I don't have the slightest idea about what…or who it is. Maybe it's time to pay a visit to the Fates. I directed my attention back to Father Zeus who had the pay-attention-to-me-or-you'll-eat-thunder look on his face.

"Strange…" I thought to myself, looking around at my other siblings. It seems as if they already knew what was coming, and I don't? Now, that just doesn't seem fair. What have they hidden from me since my absence from Olympus?

"Your timing is perfect, Athena. First of all, I really want a feast in your honor, daughter. Sadly, that's just isn't possible. Not right now, anyway. I'm afraid we have a huge problem in our hands at this moment. Monsters are stirring, and all sorts of bad things are happening. It's not good at all." he announced, a frown appearing on his face.

"It's quite alright, Father. You know that I'm never one for such extravagant feasts per se. But tell me, what exactly is the problem? I already had this hunch that something isn't quite right before I even came back here." I queried, staring at him intently.

Of all of Zeus' children, I was his number one confidante. He always seeks my advice whenever there is a problem. He tells me some secrets my siblings could only dream of hearing. I was the most responsible and trustworthy. Therefore I was his most favored child.

He sighed tiredly, and I have never seen him look so drained in my existence. "Some…force is rising against us. We're preparing the demigods at the Camp, and the satyrs are hell-bent on gathering more children from schools and bringing them to safety. But the worst problem of all is…another Great Prophecy has been told by the Oracle of Delphi." he thundered, and I could almost feel his anger.

Almost nobody dared to challenge the gods, and fortunately, no one has succeeded in our downfall. This revelation made me remember the voice in my dream, and I shuddered slightly as I felt cold chill run down my spine. Who would we be up against now? When a prophecy has been told, it will surely be worse than the one before it.

"You must be scared, huh, sis?" Ares challenged, grinning like a lunatic. There was already too much stress on my nerves and taunting me only added to my frustration.

"If you want to keep your limbs attached to your body, I suggest you keep your mouth shut." I snapped, glaring at him full-force.

"Angry much?" my pea-brained brother muttered under his breath. It took me everything I had not to attack and dismember him.

"Ares, don't piss your sister." Father ordered, his voice rolling off the walls like thunder. I almost smirked at that, but I knew that it would be childish to do so.

"Sorry, Dad, I won't do it again." Ares vowed, although I am pretty sure he won't make good on that promise.

In my head, I started making plans, but I only came up with a few. Usually, I make sure to have a back-up plan every time there is danger. I would have a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, and so on. Right now, the voice that warned me earlier kept repeating in my head, causing me not to be able to think straight.

"I want you to claim your children immediately. We'll need everybody we can gather in this situation. Do you understand?" he said in his there's-no-point-in-arguing voice.

I wanted to protest, but I couldn't because he is my superior, favorite child or not. Some of my children are very young. Very young, indeed, and I couldn't bear to see them risking their lives in battle.

People think that I am very cold. But the truth is, that is only on the outside. When you're immortal, you have to learn to be tough to last long and remain in power.

"Athena, I want you to personally train the demigods at the camp. Those kids better learn how to really fight if they're going if last long in battle." he grumbled, thunder flashing in his electric blue eyes.

We were dismissed after that, and I walked away to the most secluded part of Olympus—a secret alcove located near a small lake. It is like my own personal space. I could just actually go to my temple, but this place feels much more private.

There were curtain-like vines hanging on top of the place which gave it a homey feel. "Drachma for your thoughts, Athena?" a deep warm voice asked. I looked up to see…well, Poseidon. Everybody knows we're not in the best of terms. I wonder why he came here…

I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I didn't even notice him approaching. "What do you want from me, Poseidon?" I asked, the words coming out harsher than I intended. He sat down beside me—not too close as to invade my space, but not too distant either.

"Relax, Athena. Don't you think that maybe we should just bury the hatchet? Let's forget everything that happened in the past—Medusa, Athens and all of those quarrels we had." he suggested. I almost rolled my eyes in disbelief. The proud and mighty Ruler of the Seven Seas is asking me for forgiveness?

"Am I hearing you right? Whatever possessed you to act in such a manner? We've been at each other's throats for millennia. Why change it now?" I asked, my worries being replaced by amusement. I even laughed aloud at the thought of reconciling with him.

Fighting with Poseidon is sort of a way to entertain myself during the past millennia. It made me feel giddy when I know that I beat him in something.

"Do you really plan on making me suffer? Here I am, doing the unthinkable, which is apologizing to my number one enemy for a very long time. The least you could do is say, "Okay, I forgive you. Let's just move one like nothing ever happened." I don't think that's so hard to do." he exclaimed exasperatedly, throwing his hands up in the air.

I giggled, which is very uncharacteristic of me. I don't giggle—ever. I think this is the first time I heard the strange sound I produced.

"So, you're telling me that I should forget our rivalry over the city of Athens and forgive you and your ex-girlfriend's sacrilegious act in my Holy Temple?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

Truth be told, I was willing to forgive him if he really deserves it. Millennia have past and there's really no point in arguing forever.

"Umm…something like that, yes." he mumbled, looking down at the ground. Hmm…maybe he really did mean what he said.

"Fine, then. I'll give you a chance, but if you waste it, there'll be hell to pay. And you do know that I am not somebody to be crossed, right?" I warned, intimidating him. Ha! He's so funny when he looks like that.

He exhaled loudly in relief, but he suddenly placed his head on his hands. "What's the matter? Thought you wanted us to reconcile?" I asked, frowning a little bit. He's really confusing me now.

"I do. It's just that…I'm worried for Percy. His memories just only recently returned to him. It's just a matter of time before he is told about the Great Prophecy. I really do hope he won't get involved again. Every time there is a Great Prophecy, he is always involved in it." he explained, straightening out of his previous position.

"I worry for Annabeth, too. I'm not exactly happy that my daughter is having a relationship with your son. He'll just keep on getting her in danger." I complained, crossing my arms.

I know that that boy should be much less of a nuisance now, for he had already proved himself several times to me. At first, I didn't really think they were good for each other. I don't want her in any danger, and Perseus Jackson is one dangerous demigod, all right.

"Lay off the boy, Athena. You cannot stand in the way of young love because Aphrodite will go after you when she finds out." he chided, and strangely, I allowed him to. If it had been another person, I would have turned said person into ashes.

"They shouldn't even be together, considering our rivalry with each other. Annabeth takes after me. She won't do anything that will disappoint me; you know that. I might be able to persuade her to leave the boy, if I want her to." I argued.

"Oh, you won't do that. You know they have gone through so much together already, which means that events will happen as the Fates have planned them. I have a feeling they will live a very happy life" he said in a brighter tone.

I just sighed and rolled my eyes. If we continued like this, we might end up clawing at each other's throats again. I should probably do what Father asks me to do.

"I should take my leave before we start another argument. Unlike you, Poseidon, I actually have a lot of important things to do. And I am telling you, when you have a lot of children around the world, claiming every single one of them is not an easy task. Add training immature demigods to that and I have a handful." I told him, walking out of the tiny alcove.

"Oh, and Poseidon, if you do anything that will piss me off, we'll be back to phase one, understand?" I demanded, dissolving before he could give me an answer. Now, to the only safe place for demigods…

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