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Crossing Dimensions Chapter: One (The End of the War)

=Open Field in Kumogakure=

For years the nations have been fighting Madara, Kabuto and their army of the undead and white Zetsus. Many lives were lost in the battle and new leaders were picked to lead the nations.

In Iwagakure, Oonoki no longer lived, due to the battle of Rushing Rivers just on the edge of Akatsuki's base. Kitsuchi, the father of Kurotsuchi was elected to be the Yondaime Tsuchikage. The lost of their Sandaime greatly decreased the battle morale of the ninjas from Iwa.

E, the Yomdaime Raikage remained in office, as did Mei Terumi, the Godaime Mizukage. Gaara also remained the leader of Suna and the Commander of the Allied Forces. Unfortunately Tsunade fell into another deep coma eight months ago, after her fight with her lost love Dan. The Rokudaime Hokage is Naruto, who had amazingly rose through the ranks after returning from his training trip with Jiraiya.

This blonde was so much different than the blonde before he was properly trained. He was calmer and more analytical. He had to be with the amount of people hunting him. He excelled in all fields excluding Iryojutsu which was the medicine category.

Like his father he excelled in Fuinjutsu and thanks to his new found and total control over the Kyuubi's chakra he learned high level Genjutsu.

He was much taller, reaching six feet, four inches, and his hair reached his shoulders. He wore a dark green muscle shirt, with onyx armor. A breastplate across his chest, with a piece of it continuing to his right shoulder. Onyx vambraces adored each of his forearms. Onyx leg guards over his black pants and black metal-bottomed boots. On his left hip was his kodachi, forged by one of the best blacksmiths in Iron Country and he was taught by his Kenjutsu sensei, who was very old and now is deceased.

It was his prized possession, its sheathe was plain black and had a shuriken-like guard that was dark silver in color. The handle was wrapped in black and silver cloth in the design of diamonds, with a diamond on the flat tip of the silver handle. The blade itself was longer than an average kodachi blade, also if you looked at the blade close enough you could see a light purple wave design.

Over his entire attire was a black cloak with crimson flames licking the bottom, just like his father's cloak. On the back was a couple of Kanji that read, "Kitsune Suimin" meaning 'Sleeping Fox.' He was given that name because outside of battle he could be extremely playful, but when threatened he becomes as fierce as the kitsune that was once sealed inside of him.

Wow it was hard to believe that he was only eighteen.

And speaking of eighteen, the blonde was in a clearing facing another eighteen year old. His all time rival and once best friend Uchiha Sasuke, a raven haired boy who also grew in power over the years. He stood at six feet, two inches, and also excelled in many fields, minus medical and he only had enough knowledge in sealing to create a couple of seals.

He wore a black muscle and black pants. Over that he had his own armor, a shoulder plate connected to his breastplate, similar to Naruto's in style and durability. He didn't wear any leg guards, since he wanted more speed. Over his attire was his custom Akatsuki robe, with his white collar sticking out over the top.

Throughout his life, he had only one goal and that was to kill his brother, Uchiha Itachi. Now, after achieving that goal, he learned the truth about his brother and the truth behind the massacre of his clan.

After learning of this he obtained another goal to reach, the destruction of his home village, Konoha. By living in darkness for so long he was subjected to harsh realities, he came to the conclusion that the entire village killed his brother and clan. But through all the hate the village had for the Uchiha clan, Itachi could never kill his little brother, and thus he remained standing tall.

But there was a variable in that equation and that was the patriarch of the Uchiha clan… Uchiha Madara. After receiving the eyes of his brother and obtaining the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, his Sharingan changed. With that change, came the change in his outlook of the world and the series of events that brought him to this field.

"Do you see Sasuke… we're so much alike, not because of how we grew up, but because of the man that ruined our very lives." Naruto yelled at his rival, glaring at him.

The Uchiha returned the glare, "No dobe, your wrong. He ruined your life, by releasing the fox from your mother and having it wreak havoc on the village, where your own father sealed it inside of you." he said making the blonde flex his fist in anger, as it was a habit whenever he was angry.

"Be that as it may, when the villagers turned on the Uchiha clan, knowing that with the Sharingan's mind manipulating capabilities any powerful Uchiha could take control of the beast. Madara used that to his advantage and put seeds of hatred in the Uchiha's minds, making them hate the village and wish to take control… and we all know how that turned out."

Sasuke's obsidian eyes changed to his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, making Naruto's own cerulean blue eyes to turn red with a vertical slit.

Sasuke's Sharingan was now a five pointed pagan star, totally disregarding the theory of a fusion of two different Mangekyou Sharingans like Madara's was after he took his brother's own eyes. It was truly an intimidating sight, but so was Naruto's own eyes, as they held the coldness that he was known for on the battlefield.

"So now it seems we each have someone to kill to achieve our vengeance." The Rokudaime said smirking, just as Sasuke began to smirk himself.

A minute later they heard shouts, and a split second later, dozens of 'Shinobi' troops landed all around the duo. "Hokage-sama, should we kill this cur now or imprison him for life?" asked one of the many ANBU behind Naruto.

The blonde shook his head, while Sasuke remained calm, knowing he was strong enough to escape after fighting the Shinobi forces. "No, I need him alive. He and I have a common enemy."


Naruto looked at Sasuke in confusion, "Enemies?"

"Yes, not only Madara but also Kabuto, the one controlling the Edo Tensei. They are the real problem your troops have been having in this war… but he himself is rather insignificant compared to Orochimaru…" Sasuke explained smirking to himself, "He's just a cheap copy."

Everybody smirked at the comment and Naruto himself scoffed, "You must not forget about the man's regenerative abilities, that alone makes him a worthy opponent. Now add on the amount of power he gained from Orochimaru and you have yourself a strong bastard." The Hokage said.

Soon after the 'immortal' duo chuckled, a group of Jounin appeared next to Naruto, "Hokage-sama, Madara was spotted in front of Commander Gaara and proceeded to fight the entire army, alone."

Hearing this, the two rivals glanced at each other and nodded and promptly vanished.

=Base of the Commander=

Screams of agony and the sizzling of burned bodies welcomed Naruto and Sasuke when they arrived at the base.

It took them at least ten minutes to get there, so they were surprised to see so many dead troops. But considering who did the deed, they shouldn't have been surprised.

and speaking of the devil they noticed a crowd was around the man, who was quickly appearing and killing somebody before letting someone's counterattack phase through him before he killed that guy and disappeared to kill somebody else.

Having an idea all of the Shinobi forces attacked at the same time, and was immediately pushed back, curtesy of Madara's Shinra Tensei.

The blonde looked at Sasuke with a look of surprise on his face. "He has the Rinnegan? When the hell that happen? I thought- I don't know what to think now." he said shaking his head.

Sasuke also looked surprised, except he knew little to nothing about the Rinnegan, "Don't look at me that way, this is news to me as well. I never knew he had something like that, my eyes just healed a couple days ago. He most likely got it while I had the cloth over my eyes, to heal from the treatment."

"Well why are we just standing here, doing nothing? Lets kick his ass!"

They smirked at each other and rocketed towards the group.

Meanwhile, after watching his troops get pushed away, Gaara willed his sand to surround Madara and converge on his position.

Instead of just having the sand phase though him, the old man, just had his body surrounded by Amaterasu flames. Instantly crystallizing the sand and he quickly vanished and reappeared in front of the Kazekage and swung his bladed fan at his neck.

A quick slice later and Gaara's head was off. and that was the death of the Commander of the Shinobi forces and Godaime Kazekage.

That would have been the case if the body hadn't exploded in a shower of sand, cutting into the surprised Uchiha's body.

The man didn't have time to worry about the sand as a spear was headed right towards his head. He held his fan up and swung, causing the spear to go off course, just a little and barely missed his head. 'That was close.' he thought.

After the swing he started to sink a little and glanced at the ground to see that it had turned to quicksand. His eyes could see that it wasn't a Genjutsu, so he thrust his hand down and Shinra Tensei'd the ground and jumped to escape the blown up sand from surrounding him.

After landing he ducked a strike from an extremely dense sand punch. More came and he just let them phase through him as he rushed the Kazekage. He tossed his fan to the floor and begun throwing a series of punches and kicks at the Kazekage.

Gaara just let his sand block the ones that he couldn't dodge himself. The sequence of punches began to get faster and he knew that the man was getting frustrated and substituted himself with a dense block of sand.

He appeared a couple of meters away from the Uchiha and was quickly joined by Naruto and Sasuke. "About time you decided to join me Naruto. and I see you finally decided to join our side Sasuke, I knew at some point you would."

The raven haired teen scoffed, "Please… just let us handle things now."

"I agree with teme on this one Gaara, your nearly out of chakra, go rest. Join us when your finished, this is going to be a long battle. Here, take my sword I wont be using it, I'm going full power, and a weapon by my side would only get in the way." he said handing his best friend his weapon.

The Kazekage nodded and his body dissolved into sand and let the wind him away to safety. "That was awesome."

The blonde turned to his rival, "Yeah it doesn't matter how many times I see that, it just gets better and better." he replied facing Madara while taking his cloak off and sealing it, not wanting it to get damaged.

Sasuke followed suit, not wanting his stuff to get damaged.

"Wow, you two really came ready for a fight." the man said. "It's a shame really, you two are strong, but now I have to kill a traitor and seal a demon… a pity really I had plans for you Sasuke." he said vanishing.

After vanishing the elder Uchiha appeared in the air just a couple of meters above Sasuke, "Katon: Dai Endan!" a fireball smaller than a Goukayuu was spewed out of the man's mouth and it collided with Sasuke.

A small explosion kicked up some dust and some of the wind fed the flames and had it continue to prevent view of Sasuke.

The Uchiha then went after Naruto. The blonde dodged Marada's punch and kicked him away and quickly clapped his hands, focusing chakra through them. "Futon: Daitoppa!" he said cupping his hands in front of his mouth and quickly blew a strong gust of wind that blew out the flames and smoke.

A small sigh of relief left Naruto's lips as he witnessed a large and fiery rib cage in front of Sasuke. Other than that Sasuke was without a scorch mark, the ribs diminished and Sasuke walked next to Naruto. "That was a close one." the raven haired teen whispered.

Madara, not used to such speed, cursed himself underneath his breath. He should have easily been able to phase through that kick.

Feeling immense power he looked up at the two. Naruto was charging his demonic cloak with kitsune bones resting at the top, he also had what looked like six tails behind him. Looking closer he could see that his pupils had changed, instead of the single vertical slit, it had a horizontal slit added to the mix. "…what the fuck is up with his eyes?" he mumbled under his breath as more power was released.

This time he looked at Sasuke, the raven haired teen was leaking energy darker than his own. One would think without Orochimaru's sould in the curse seal it would be useless and vanish. But no it wasn't gone with Sasuke and he didn't know why.

Sasuke groaned as his power increased. A week before now he found and killed Juugo and experimented on his body, now he was the holder of the very last curse seal. With the amount of cursed enzymes he inserted into his body his cursed seal leveled up, so to speak. Meet Sasuke's third level of his seal, his hair was long and dark grey with a hint of violet. His ears grew long and pointy, his eyes were activated with his own Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, but if he didn't have it activated his eyes would be amber colored. His lips were touched with a hint a violet.

His body was similar to his second level, nothing really changed about him, his strength increased more drastically as did his speed and chakra capacity.

A second after, the fiery rib cage from before returned and began forming the rest of the body, and then the muscles appeared and soon the armor came and what stood before Madara was Susanoo, the God of Storms and Seas.

Sasuke's Susanoo was different than his brother's, instead of the sword, his wielded a bow and arrow. Speaking of bow and arrows, the God, knocked one and quickly fired at Madara.

The elder quickly jumped out of the way, knowing that a Shinra Tensei wouldn't do a damn thing and phasing through was completely impossible, because of the special properties of the spectral arrow.

While in the air he turned and barely spotted Naruto flying right at him. He, as quickly as he could, disappeared into a separate dimension and reappeared on the ground. Only to repeated the process multiple times as fireballs came at him from all directions.

He appeared right in front of the six tailed Naruto and held out his hands, "Shinra Tensei!" he pushed Naruto straight into the ground. He glanced to his side to see Sasuke's Susanoo notching another arrow. "Banshou Tenin." he muttered.

Naruto's body hit the ground and bounced, but instead of hitting the ground again, it continued to rise. A strong pulling sensation lifted him in the air, right in the path of the arrow, as Madara dropped to the ground.

He glanced to the side to see the arrow coming right at him and with not enough time to slow it down, he quickly charged his chakra and released a beam of energy and began drifting in the air just enough for the arrow to miss him and fly into the clouds.

Naruto heaved a huge sigh of relief and used a Shunshin and appeared on the ground next to Sasuke. "Watch where your shooting that thing, teme. What would have happened if I would've gotten hit?" he asked glaring at the teen, as his chakra tails swished behind him angrily.

All Sasuke did was shrug his shoulders, 'Something awesome would've happened though.' he thought to himself. "Calm your ass down, you found a way to get out of the way, just be glad you didn't get hit." he yelled at the Hokage.

Suddenly Susanoo was covered in black fire. Naruto looked and saw Madara shake his head a little at using Amaterasu, after the amount of chakra was used.

Because Naruto's youki was so potent and dangerous even his weakest techniques pack a lot more punch than usual. and his higher techniques, become even more destructive and could ultimately destroy the entire landscape. Oh well, who cares, the blonde crouched low to the floor on all fours and charged up chakra.

Meanwhile Sasuke ended his Susanoo and vanished only to reappear in front of Madara and they engaged in a Taijutsu fight. With Sasuke's superior speed he was firing more punches, but with Madara's superior evasiveness he was dodging most of the punches. With his latest dodge he sent a kick, hitting the teen's side and sent him skidding along the ground.

Sasuke reappeared next to his elder and sent a punch which broke off a small part of the mask. Now it was Madara's turn to skid along the ground. "Doton: Doryuu Heki." the man said causing a wall to rise just under him and sent him into the air, enough for him to flip and land on his feet on top of the wall.

Back with Naruto he just ate a black ball of very condensed chakra, 'Ugh this tastes naste, how come it couldn't taste like ramen.' he thought. "Genshi Reza (Atomic Laser)" he fired his tainted beam of youki at Madara.

The elder Uchiha's danger sense went off a little too late as he turned around, just in time to get hit with the beam. He was sent miles away, traveling with the beam as it a quarter mile wide gouge in the ground.

Madara's Rinnegan was radiating energy as he pushed the beam as mush as he could while traveling with it, that was the only thing keeping him from roasting. He took a breath and vanished to another dimension.

Sasuke felt Madara's energy fade and return behind Naruto. The young Uchiha quickly unsheathed his blade and vanished just in time to prevent Naruto from being punched, by cutting Madara's right forearm off.

A scream echoed through the valley as Madara clutched his bloody stub. His mask was destroyed and his left Rinnegan eye was extremely damaged, blood was oozing from it and it trailed down the Uchiha's face, having over used it. Another technique from that eye and it'll surely be destroyed. The elder glared at them "Futon: Renkuudan" he suddenly blasted Sasuke into Naruto.

They quickly got up and dashed at the injured Madara. Naruto went for a slash with his claws and the man barely dodged it, a second later Sasuke went for a slash and Madara also dodged that, but was surprised when a giant claw made of youki grabbed him.

The demonic blonde quickly lifted the man and just as quickly slammed him to the ground. He brought the man towards him, while poising his six tails and swiftly struck out.

He was surprised when his tails phased through, 'What, he shouldn't have been able to phase through that. I went top speed through this entire combo.' he thought angrily.

The blonde's thoughts were interrupted when Madara appeared in front of him and hurriedly spewed a fireball in his face. A roar of anger was heard as Sasuke came and kicked Madara in the chin and jumped in the air, using his wings to fly. He charged a Chidori in his hand and fired multiple lightning senbons at Madara.

Out of the hundred of senbons fired, only about thirty hit. With part of his body paralyzed the elder was left to Sasuke's flurry of punches. It ended with a kick in the chest that launched him to the ground. But it wasn't the end end as Sasuke charged another chidori in his hand and yelled, "Chidori Eisou!" he thrust his fist at Madara and fired a large spear of lightning at the man.

Naruto, after roaring in anger, grew another, more potent tail making seven. He used his tails to grab and tightly squeezed Madara and kept him from escaping this dimension when he was being bombarded by the senbon and that is why only thirty hit.

Madara, not having an escape thanks to the tails, charged as much chakra as he could and yelled, "SHINRA TENSEI!" the force of the gravitational push was enough to put a very large crater in the ground, annihilate Naruto's tails, and destroy the spear coming at him, but still pushed the sparks at the air born Uchiha.

Said air born Uchiha tried getting out of the way of the electricity but it traveled way too quickly and it collided causing him to drop to the floor.

The patriarch landed on his knees in pain, his Rinnegan eye literally exploded from his socket. He grabbed his eye in pain, not having felt so much pain in his life.

The blonde was thankful that there wasn't any bones in those tails, but he was still pissed and grew another tail. With this eighth tail, muscles covered the blonde's body before a more protective cloak of chakra covered his body. Though it wasn't the skin or fur that came with the ninth tail, it was as durable as armor.

He did grow to about the size of a two story house. Sasuke, after getting over the effects of the paralytic sparks returned Susanoo to the fight.

'Fuck, I used too much chakra. I should have brought support with me." he thought until he felt himself sink into the ground. He cursed and blew a small stream of fire at the ground, turning the sand into glass. He jumped out of the shattered glass and looked around for the man he was fighting fifteen minutes ago, knowing he was providing long ranged support.

With the distraction, the duo charged their separate attacks and let them fly.

Madara spotted Gaara to his left and glared, just before his danger sense went off. He reluctantly turned his head to the side, just in time to see two ultimately dangerous techniques headed straight for him. The only thing Madara did was frown his bloody face, while silently cursing the two rivals, before the techniques crashed into his body, sending him, yet again, across the landscape leaving another quarter mile gouge in the area.

After the deed was done, Naruto and Sasuke powered down and Gaara appeared in front of them, giving Naruto his sword back. "That, by far, was the toughest fight I have ever been in. Pein had nothing on that monster." Naruto said popping his bones back into his joints, shuddering as he did so. "I would never had been able to fight and win against that man alone, thank Kami Sasuke was here with me." he said looking at said Uchiha.

Sasuke was breathing hard, using the third level of the curse seal was very taxing on his body, and using it for about ten minutes straight along with his Eternal Mangekyou and his Susanoo… he was surprised he was even alive right now. He was still surprised he even found a way to strengthen the curse seal. After all he wasn't a scientist on Orochimaru's level or even Kabuto's level. Maybe it wasn't even a level three, but just a higher power boost "That… *pant* annoying ability… *pant* to phase through our attacks were the most annoying about fighting him." he said calming down and raising from his previous kneeling position.

The blonde nodded, "True, I nearly went nine tails. There's no telling what would've happened if that would have happed. We were lucky Gaara was here to distract him in time, or we would still be fighting that monster."

"MONSTER, YOUR CALLLING ME A MONSTER!" a voice said that was filled with insanity.

The three turned to see Madara… or what was left of Madara. The man in question was tremendously wounded, how he survived for this long is a mystery in itself. Madara, was missing his entire right arm and both his legs. The three could tell all the way from their position that his rib cage visible and blood was leaking through the open cavity.

Naruto looked at Sasuke and nodded, "Lets end this war." he muttered charging up a Rasengan. He continued pushing chakra into the technique and felt it expand and grow bigger and knew that it changed from blue to purple, thanks to him adding Youki to the mix. With his sphere the size of a giant medicine ball, he ran full speed at Madara.

At the same time Sasuke charged a Chidori, he too added more chakra and it became a Raikiri. His body pulsed and the lightning turned from white yellowish to black, thanks to enhancing his technique with the curse seal. He looked at Madara with his regular Sharingan and ran full speed.

"I'M NOT A MONSTER I'M A GOD!" he yelled pushing out his remaining arm and opened a portal to another dimension.

'Oh wow, another one with a God complex.' Naruto thought, 'Wait what's happening? Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit shit shit shit SHIITT!" both Naruto and Sasuke thought as they flew through the portal.

Silence fell over the battlefield as Gaara watched shocked at the turn of events. "What. The. FUCK! Where'd they go?" he yelled his usual monotonous voice filled with anger and confusion.

He heard a soft, yet insane laughter, just as his troops landed all around him. "What happened to Naruto-kun and Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked body flickering near Gaara.

More questions were bombarded at the Kazekage, but all he could really hear was the insane laughter. He glared at the laughing man, Madara started coughing large amounts of blood by the time Gaara walked up to him.

"Where did you send them? Answer me or I'll finish you right here and now!" the Godaime yelled as he wrapped Madara in a cocoon of sand.

Madara coughed more blood, staining the sand crimson. He gave a bloody smirk, "Since I'm going to die anyway, I might as well tell you. Its obvious really, I sent them to another dimension, which dimension I don't even know. But your friends will soon find out, I just hope they suffer for what they did to me." he said as he went into another coughing fit, his Sharingan returning to normal black. "I don't have much time left, I'm going to die soon." he muttered to himself

More sand wrapped around the Uchiha's body, "No your dieing now." he said squeezing his destroying the body and reducing it to a ball of flesh. Literally squeezing the remainder of the blood from the body.

The Shinobi behind Gaara watched as a small waterfall of blood fell to the ground. It took a minute after the last drop of blood hit the floor, before the cheering began. They were extremely happy that the main menace of the enemy side of the war was dead, completely.

The condensed bundle of blood and sand crashed to the floor and caused the Shinobi to be silent.

A small tornado of wind and sand was swirling around Gaara. "Why are you cheering, two of the strongest ninjas in my generation, my friends, are gone. There's literally no way of ever finding them. My closest friend Uzumaki Naruto, is the one that single handedly prevented this world from diving into darkness with his actions throughout his life. Uchiha Sasuke, not a very close friend, but a friend none the less. Those two, by themselves, defeated the most notorious villain in the history of the Shinobi world and you have the audacity to cheer after what just happened. You all should feel ashamed of yourselves…" Gaara paused as he started walking away. "Lets hurry up and find Kabuto and end this war, so I can go home." he said vanishing with a Shunshin.

The only one that had really been grieving in the crowd was Sakura. She hadn't been cheering at all, the pink haired medical Jounin just lost both of her Genin teammates at the same damn time. That's fucking devastating, to be the only one alive on your team. other than your sensei of course.

She was the reason why he was able to distract Madara at the time that he did, because she was there to heal any damage that he might have sustained.

Sakura was soon to follow Gaara's example and left the field, her head downcast. She really wanted to help her teammates, but knew that she would have only gotten in the way. Because at the speed they were going, it was amazing how much each of them has grown in the past five years. Even though she herself grew stronger she was yet again left in the dust by her comrades.

'Never again, will I just stand on the sidelines. I will end this war, Kabuto, I'm coming for you.'

(A month later, Sakura, with the help of Gaara, Kakashi, and others, found and fought Kabuto. Through a long and hard battle, the 'Shinobi' forces came out on top. A month after that they defeated the remainder of the white Zetsus, and three months after that, they hunted down and defeated the rest of the undead ninjas. A week after that Kakashi was named the Nanadaime Hokage.)

=A Week After Inauguration=

Kakashi, was a little reluctant to become Hokage, but seeing as the hyperactive most surprising knucklehead ninja was the previous, he decided to honor his lost student and rule the village like the blonde would've wanted him to.

He sighed as he looked out the window and gazed at the faces caved into the mountain. The ninjas were beginning the carving for his face, but he wasn't looking at that, he was staring at Naruto's face. 'Be safe wherever you are… you and Sasuke.'

=With The Duo=

The scenery was a beautiful one, the grass was green and the trees were as well. Various animals were resting in the sunlight or nibbling on acorns.


What was that? Groans of pain were heard by two bodies. Sasuke was the first to sit up. He looked around and noticed that he was nowhere near Hi no Kuni or any place he's ever been to.

Currently the teen was only wearing a pair of pants and his sword was on the floor a couple of feet away from him. He picked it up and held his head in slight pain, 'Ugh, what did I hit?' he asked himself glancing at a broken branch. 'Oh right… the tree.' Even though the tree was large, it was by no standards compared to any treesin Fire Country. Compared to them this was like an infant tree who's roots just began settling in the ground. And its branches were as skinny as a anorexic supermodel.

Sasuke was thrown from his related thoughts when he heard a groan.

Naruto groaned as he sat up, much like Sasuke he was without his upper attire, excluding a small strip of his muscle shirt that somehow survived the transformations. Unlike Sasuke, his body was covered in tattooed seals, one for his cloak located on his inner right forearm. He once had a summoning contract for the toads, but after fully absorbing the Kyuubi, he severed his ties with the toads to become the boss of the foxes. Now he could tell that it was a regular tattoo.

On his right pectoral muscle was a seal that contained half his power. Right now it was fully released, due to him not closing it after fighting Madara.

The seal on his navel was just a tattoo as well, due to the Kyuubi's conscious no longer there. Also because he had full control of the power, and there was no reason for the seal to separate the fox's youki from his charka with him having all the power.

He slowly stood up as he shook his head and looked around. "Where are we?" he asked out loud noticing Sasuke on the periphery of his vision.

"I have no idea, but… do you feel different for some reason?" the raven haired teen asked as Naruto picked his own sword up.

The blonde looked at the other teen in suspicion, "What kind of fucking question is that, did you do anything to me?" he asked frantically.

The Uchiha looked disgusted, "What no, Kami No."

"Oh thank Kami, wait, what do you mean by that? Am I not good enough for yo-"


"Alright, alright, calm down. I was just playing, jeez." the whiskered blonde said with his hands up defensively. "But back to your question, I do feel differently. I just don't know why.

Getting an idea, Naruto tried to make a Rasengan, but instead of a small blue sphere, the white energy came a little too quickly and grew the size of a basketball. "Whoa, this is incredible. It's a lot easier to control than normal, and its white and…"

As Naruto was listing off the things that felt different about the new energy, Sasuke had been looking at the large, white sphere that was rotating above the blonde's palm. He activated his Sharingan and nearly yelled in pain at the amount of energy within the sphere. But he realized, in that short glance, the energy wasn't the same as chakra. He also noticed his he felt a little stronger with his Sharingan activated.

You see, charka is the mixture of both physical energy and spiritual energy. Without either of the two, one's body cannot generate enough chakra to do anything, except the smallest tasks. A perfect example was Rock Lee, his body couldn't generate a lot of chakra, due to the spiritual energy his body couldn't produce.

Both teens stopped what they were doing, when they heard heavy stomps around them. They looked around, but didn't immediately see anything, and that troubled them a little. "Who or what is there? They each thought out loud.

"Mmmm, your souls are going to be yummy, and it looks like I got a two-for-one deal. This truly is my lucky DAY!" A dark voice said as the stomping grew more frequent and the sound was getting louder.

The duo knew, whatever the voice thing was, it was charging at them. Judging from the weight of the stomps and the huge prints it was leaving in the ground, this monster was extremely large.

They each jumped back, and they each could see a faint distortion in the air, telling them that it was the monster.

While in the air, Naruto and Sasuke each did a different set of hand signs.

"Katon: Karyuu Endan"

"Futon: Kazeryuudan"

The two techniques collided just as it converged on the distortion. An explosion and scream was heard, well it wasn't really a scream, it was more like a screech.

Not a second later a roar was heard, and by the time the two landed, they finally seen what they were fighting. An ugly monster lookin' thing. It was eleven feet tall and had a huge body, the arms and legs were even bigger. The legs were even bigger and the tail was just as big. But the most noticeable thing about it was its face was a giant mask. Also there was a black hole in the middle of its chest, right where the heart should be.

"That's an ugly motherfucker."

"SASUKE!" the blonde looked at his comrade disbelieving about what was just said.

"What? It doesn't care about what I said, apparently, it only cares about eating our souls. I'm not going to let this ugly ass monster eat my soul." the Uchiha said pointing at the monster.

Naruto just brushed it off, "No, not that, that I totally agree with. I'm just surprised you said it. What happened to your calm exterior?" the blonde said scratching his head.

The last Uchiha just sighed, "Lets just say a lot of shit has happened in the past 24 hours of my life."

"STOP IGNORING ME!" The monster screeched charging at them again, diving when it got near.

When it dove, trying to eat them both at the same time, the duo each dodged on opposite sides. Sasuke was quick to unsheathe his sword and cut into the beast's arm. His sword got stuck halfway through, but he solved that problem when his sword was covered in white electricity. With the extra power the sword, cleanly cut through the arm, finishing the job.

Meanwhile on the other side, Naruto flexed his claws and completely slashed the arm clean off, cutting it in four different places.

The chopped off appendages twitched around for a couple seconds, before it started to bubble and connect back to the monster.

The teens met back with each other and watched, Sasuke with his Sharingan activated. "This is intriguing, its regenerative abilities is amazing. Its like a curse sealed monster, without the regenerative abilities."

The blonde scoffed, "Not better than mine."

Sasuke crossed his arms, "We just cut both his arms off and they're just now getting re-attached. Face it blondy, your jealous."

Naruto just waved it of, and unsheathed his blade. "Whatever its time to end this anyway." wind swirled around his blade, before it melded tightly to the blade, become just slightly visible.

At the same time Sasuke covered his blade in lightning. He wasn't as skilled as Kirabi in the lightning department, but he could still pierce through just about anything.

"I'M TIRED OF BEING PLAYED WITH! ITS TIME TO DIE!" The monster charged yet again.

The teens smirked at each other, "Lets go!" they said charging.


A second later the opponents appeared on the opposite sides. Naruto sealed his sword and Sasuke sheathed his. "Sorry you didn't ask nice enough." the blonde said as he began walking away.

"Naruto, where you going, its not over."

The blonde turned around to see the monster regenerating again. His jaw dropped, "Really its not dead yet, everything below its head was completely destroyed."

Sasuke got an idea, "Maybe that's why we didn't kill it. Maybe you need to destroy the head or something. I felt that mask, it was pretty hard, there must be a reason. Just stand back and watch an elite work his magic." he said a Chidori appearing in his hand. Like with Naruto, it was incredibly easy to control his energy now, that he was in this place.

"FOOLS, YOUR TOO WEAK TO KILL ME! NOW GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!" the beast charged again.

Suddenly Sasuke appeared right in front of the beast. He thrust his fist forward and pierced the mask, causing the monster to screech and begin to disintegrate. "Hah, that's better. I hope you took notes dobe."

The blonde scoffed, "Whatever, well I guess this is bye for now teme. But don't worry, I have a feeling we'll see each other again, soon. Naruto said taking out a scroll and unsealing his custom sage cloak and put it on. He looked back at Sasuke and flipped him off with a smile, "Its been fun." he vanished, leaving Sasuke there.

Sasuke shook his head, unsealing his Akatsuki robe. "Real mature dobe…" he said smirking while walking away.

Minutes after the two left, a black cat wandered onto the field. It wiggled its whiskers for a while before walking to where Naruto had been standing. 'Interesting, those two fought and destroyed a high level hollow. It wasn't anywhere near the power of a Menos Grande, but it was strong nonetheless. They didn't break a sweat, and they weren't serious neither.' the cat thought.

It then walked to where Sasuke was standing. 'They're strong, incredibly strong. I can tell they were tired even before the hollow made an appearance, meaning they must have fought before.'

She looked around the small clearing, 'But look at this place, other than the fight that just happened now, it doesn't seem like a fight occurred at all. Their Reiatsu was easily Captain level, but they weren't Shinigami, not even new ones. So the questions are: Who are they, and where'd they come from?'

It thought as it begun walking out of the clearing, "I guess its time to pay a visit to an old friend." a manly voice came from the cat, before it… vanished without a trace, raising the question, what kind of dimension did the two Shinobi cross into?

=Closest Town=

The blonde walked out of the forest to see that it wasn't a large forest. He was actually in a park, and he was in a town. He walked around, hoping that these people spoke Japanese, or else he's screwed.

As he was walking he started listening in on some conversations. One in particular was one with this tall orange haired kid yelling at a group of skateboarders, not that he knew what a skateboard was.

"What do you see here, you the one in the middle." the orange haired teen said.

"Uh, a vas-"

"Correct." the orange sherbet haired teen said, drop kicking the punk looking kid in the face. After landing on his feet the teen pointed to another punk. "You explain to me what position its in."

The scared kid started shaking, "Its on it's si-"

"SIDE!" the mean teen said punching the scared teen's face, knocking him back to his friend on the floor. "Now you, tell me why someone would place a vase there and why its on its side?"

The remaining skateboarder gulped, "Someone must've put it there because someone died there recently." he gulped again, "Its on it's side, because one of us probably knocked it over." he said pausing and shutting his eyes after finishing, thinking he was going to be punched or kicked. After a while he opened his eyes, only to see a boot collide into his face, sending him toward his other buddies.

It was then that the tall teen just started to stomp on them repeatedly, until he got tired of their screams. He allowed them to scamper off while he went to the vase.

The watching blonde was surprised to see a young girl appear, floating might I add. She thanked the boy, who placed new flowers in her vase and walked away.

'This town is weird, if I understood that correctly, that young girl was a ghost. First that monster and now that ghost, man I think I need to catch some Z's.' he said walking the opposite way.

=Another Part of Town=

'What the hell is a Karakura Town?' a certain Uchiha thought staring at a sign. "Now I'm certain this isn't anywhere near the Elemental Nations." he spoke softly. 'That bastard really sent us into another dimension.'

He turned and walked through the town, scouting it and listening to conversations. He looked at all the tall buildings, the designs were similar to Ame's buildings, but the construction was entirely different.

As he was looking at the buildings, he saw another one of those monsters. It stomped on the ground and its claws gouged into the side of a building. He was about to react and fight it, when he noticed that none of the other people were reacting to the monster, but to what it was doing. It made him realize that these people couldn't see the monster directly, and yet he could.

He was, yet again, about to end the monster when he got feeling it was about to be handled. He was proved right when he witnessed a figure glide through the air, slicing the monster in two, from the white mask down.

After killing the monster, the figure, which he now knew was a young girl, landed 10 feet in front of him. She stared at him for a while and then jumped away.

Maybe it was the fact that he seen what she did, or maybe it was the fact that he was wearing a robe with red clouds on it. He didn't know, but she might have known that he could see her and she was just in denial.

Sasuke took his hand from his sword and walked to the nearest store, hoping the money he had on him was compatible for this dimension.

A ring was heard when he walked through the door, "Excuse me ma'am."

"Yes sir, what do you need? The middle aged woman asked looking at the young man wearing a black cloak decorated with red clouds. He looked weird in her eyes but he was a costumer and she'll treat him like any other costumer.

Sasuke took out five hundred ryo from his pocket, "Would I be able to use this money in this town?"

The woman inspected the money and nodded her head. "Yes you would, now what can I get you young man?"

Sasuke shook his head, "Nothing, that's all I wanted to ask."

"Okay have a good day."

The teen nodded and left the store. 'Good, now I need to look for a place to stay.'

=With Naruto=

In his confusion about trying to find an apartment he wondered around the town and ended up in front of Karakura High. 'Oops I did not want to be anywhere near a place like this.' he turned to leave but bumped into a student.

"Hey punk, watch where your going." the older teen tried to push the blonde but missed. "You're a fast one huh, well you cant do anything to the best Karate user in the entire school." the kid said taking a stance.

Blue eyes looked at the brown in concealed mirth. "The best?" he asked scoffing, "Well then put your skills to the test again a foreign opponent. And to make things interesting I wont use my hands." he said putting both hands behind his back.

The blonde arrogance angered the teen and he charged without thinking. He threw a punch and Naruto dodged, still in the swing of the teen shifted and did a roundhouse kick.

Naruto also dodged that by tilting his head backwards. "Pretty good, lets see if you can continue this little combo." Naruto said making the teen do a leg sweep after finishing the roundhouse.

The two fighters were gaining a little crowd around them. The other students were impressed with the fight.

The blonde hopped over it and took a couple of steps back. "Pretty good, but still an amateur compared to me." he said angering the teen even further.

Fire burned in the teen's eyes as he charged at Naruto, he was going full speed, but to Naruto it was slow motion, very slow motion. He side stepped the punch and tripped him. He then put his foot on the back of the adolescence's head and scoffed. "Amateur, you need a century's worth of training before you even catch my attention. From where I'm from a toddler could wipe the floor with you."

"What is the meaning of this?" the principle of the school said walking up to them, and causing the other students to quickly walk away. "You…" he pointed at the whiskered blonde. "Get your foot off my son's head." this prompted Naruto to slowly take his foot from the brat's head. Said brat stood up, "Are you alright son?"

"No this thug just picked a fight with me for no reason daddy. Punish him." he said with tears at the edge of his eyes.

While the son was talking the principle had been glaring at the ninja. "I don't know you kid, I usually remember the face of all my students here. But with you I'm drawing a blank, who are you and where'd you come from?"

The dejected blonde lowered his head at the question, "I don't know where I was born, but I do know my name is Uzumaki Naruto. I've been an orphan since as long as I could remember." he said smirking inwardly, telling the truth about himself, well except for the part about not knowing where he was born. The blonde could hear laughter in his head and his smirk widened.

The principle looked sad for awhile before he steeled his visage, "Well orphan Naruto, as punishment, I expect you in class 4-C in…" he looked at his watch, "…fifteen minutes, you better hurry up, one can get lost pretty quickly on campus."

The blonde's face had a look of disbelief at what was just suggested. "Like hell I am, I promised myself long ago that I was never going to school ever again. And I'm not going to start now, in a place like this. You can count me out."

The man rubbed his beard, "Well its either that or the police officer over there will take you to jail for fighting. And plus your still a kid and kids go to school."

"A.. A kid! Like hell, I'm a kid, I'm eighteen years old. I'm too over aged to be going to school." he said glancing at the officer, 'But I don't want to go to jail, fighting my way out of this would be too much of a drag.'

"Really I doubt your eighteen, you look more like a sixteen year old, and that means your just the right age for school. And plus, there is another kid around your height and he looks nothing like an eighteen year old. So that ole I'm eighteen bit isn't going to work on me." the principle quickly said as the officer walked up to them.

"Alright mister, I'll go to the damn class." Naruto grumbled crossing his arms.

"I was told there was a disturbance here, Takanada-san." the officer said chewing a piece of gum.

"A disturbance isn't what I'll call it, it was more of a spar, between two healthy fighters. My son and I were just about to begin the tour for the new student here." Takanade said indicating the blonde.

The officer stared at them before tipping his hat, "Right, well I don't want to keep you here. Off you go now." he said walking away.

"Well now that that's over I guess I'll resume my search for an apartment." the blonde said walking away.

"My ass you are, here goes your uniform." the principle said grabbing Naruto's shoulder and pulled out the school's uniform, from no one knows where. It was a white, long-sleeved dress shirt and a pair of grey pants. The blonde groaned, mad that he couldn't just vanished, unless he wanted to cause a mass confusion. The principle shoved the uniform in the blonde's face and dragged him into the nearest bathroom. "Hurry and get dressed, you have ten minutes left." he said waiting outside.

Three minutes later, the blonde came out in the uniform, with a scowl in place. His previous pants, cloak and sword was nowhere in sight. Of course they were sealed in a scroll that was sealed on the palm of his hand, in the form of Konoha's insignia.

Mr. Takanada was puzzled about the whereabouts of his previous attire but dismissed it and chauffeured the blonde to the correct classroom, giving him a tour on the way. Fifteen minutes later, the principle became immensely surprised the blonde had grasped the outline of the campus.

They walked up to his homeroom, "Here we are room 4-C, have a nice time, learn well." he said waving as he walked away.

Naruto sighed and walked inside, interrupting the teacher as she was teaching the class. "Sorry for the interruption, but I was sent here by Takanada-san, starting today I'm going to be apart of this class." he said with his hands in his pockets, before he bowed.

The teacher was a woman around the early thirties. She has dark blue hair, and dark blue eyes like Naruto. She's got this hourglass figure, that made Naruto think she should have been a model instead of a teacher. She had long legs, a nice and large C-cup breast, her blue hair was nice and long, even though it was in a bun, he knew it could reach the middle of her back. And speaking of her back… side, it was nice and firm. She was wearing a white blouse and a short black skirt that went just above her knees.

"Its okay you didn't interrupte the class young man…" she said smiling at him. "…though I wonder why Takanada-san would have a student enroll in the middle of the year." she said, her finger gently scratching her cheek. "Well anyway, my name is Mei Kasumi, you may call me either Mei-sensei or Kasumi-sensei. Why don't you introduce yourself to the class." she said indicating the class.

Naruto had been staring at her very discreetly, but he knew that she caught him staring, just by her smiling glare. He laughed nervously and rubbed the back of his head, a habit that he couldn't get rid of. "How rude of me, my name is Uzumaki Naruto. I like many things, like ramen and other stuff. I don't like the three minutes it takes to wait for the ramen to cook and people that are annoying. My goals are to make friends and graduate." 'Might as well say that, this place could be a great cover.' "My dream for the future… well it should be the same as yours. Well I hope we can get along, while I'm here." he said looking around the room, noticing all the cute girls, and that same orange haired boy from before.

There was a girl with black hair with a very light tint of very light violet. From where he stood she reminded him of Tenten, in a tomboyish kind of way. Her chocolate brown eyes were staring at him as were the other eyes in the class.

"Um, Kasumi-chan, where do I sit?" he said putting his hands back in his pockets.

Kasumi inwardly giggled, this kid didn't use the suffix she wanted, but she just couldn't be mad at him. Despite his age he was quite the looker, "You will sit behind Kurosaki Ichigo. Ichigo-san raise you hand for Naruto-kun."

In his quest to look for the hand he noticed another girl, diagonally in front of Ichigo. She was large and by large I mean GODDAMN. She had a huge rack, barely contained by her uniformed blouse. To better help the containment she wore a tan vest over the blouse. She has caramel hair and brown eyes that seem to strangely turn grey in the sunlight.

Most of the girls were gushing at the sight of the blonde. I say most because there was one girl that was glaring at him. A red head, she saw the way he looked at Orihime, and wasn't going to let the new guy capture her heart.

Said girl was watching Naruto with a sense of curiosity. The blonde, to her, seemed like he was hiding something, and she felt that she should find out what he was hiding. She watched the way he walked, 'Maybe he's from a clan of assassins sent to kill somebody in the city. Or maybe he's a karate scout in disguise as a student. Or maybe-'

Orihime was knocked out of her thoughts when the teacher asked if she knew the answer to the question on the board. "He's an alien invader sent to enslave out planet." she screamed standing up.

Silence followed the outburst. Orihime was a weird girl with a bubbly personality and an even weirder appetite, but this outburst was by far the weirdest.

"Uhh, Orihime, do I need to send you outside?" the teacher asked.

Orihime chuckled embarrassingly as she sat down in her seat with a blush on her face. "Gomen Kasumi-sensei…" she said looking at the question and began to answer correctly.

Naruto's attention turned from Ichigo, who he had been studying ever since seeing him beating up those goons and speaking to the ghost, to Orihime who surprised him by answering the question correctly, even after her strange outburst. 'Such a strange girl, coming to this school will be far more interesting than I thought.'

=School Rooftop=

The same girl Sasuke seen was standing on the gate of the roof. She wore a black kimono, with a matching black hakama. A white obi was around her waist and what looked like a plain sword was strapped to her hip. On her feet she wore straw sandals and white socks.

She has black hair and dark purple eyes, and looked young, around the age of fifteen if one was to guess.

She was just standing on the gate, letting the breeze go through her hair, 'So many strong Reiatsu signatures in this school. Counting that one boy from before that makes three incredibly strong signatures in this town, with a few lesser but still above average signatures.' she thought flipping a phone open. It beeped for awhile and then went away. 'Who could have destroyed that hollow.'

=With Sasuke=

The Uchiha was in the resident section of the town, and he had just bought an apartment that contained two bedrooms and one bathroom.

He was about to go inside when another monster appeared, 'Oh Kami, not again. This is the third time.' feeling tired of seeing these monsters he quickly disappeared and with a quick Chidori no Yari through the beast's skull and it was over.

He let out a deep sigh, thankful that nobody was around him. "I'm sooo sleepy." he said walking upstairs and going into his apartment thanking Kami that it was fully furnished. He grinned at his queen sized bed, "Sleepy time." he droned and promptly fell on his bed.

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