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Crossing Dimensions Chapter: Nine

=Kukaku's House=

Lunch, earlier in the day, was just the thing the group of intruders needed before their training. The matriarch of the Shiba clan had them training on focusing their spiritual energy into circular orbs.

With the exception of Ichigo, everyone completed it easily. Though Uryu's energy was more in an oval shape, but he quickly corrected it. Ichigo needed more time, and thus spent most of the night straining to control his massive store of energy. It took Ganju to spit some wisdom his way, before he was sent on the right path.

Naruto and the entire group stood outside in the dark, with the moon only casting it's light on Kukaku. She stood beside her long fireworks cannon, where the fireworks were supposed to be entered, before being fired. "This is it kiddos, the moment of truth. It's time to put your training to the test." the woman said with a big smirk on her face.

"This is extremely huge up close. Just how much fireworks do you actually put in there?" Tatsuki asked with a look of amazement on her features.

"A lot." Kukaku answered with a smile.

"I'm heading in there first." Naruto said stepping forward with a hardened look in his eyes.

"I'm going with him." Sasuke said before Kukaku could object to the notion.

"Are you sure that's wise?" came the deep, male, voice of Yoruichi in her cat transformation. "Neither of you know the area. And if memory serves me, you'll be in there for a total of twenty minutes. Judging from the amount of Kukaku's spiritual energy, that's how long you'll be in there for." Yoruichi said with a glare, while hopping on Naruto's shoulder.

The blonde nodded and looked at the feline. "I'm sure Yoruichi-chan. I've spent a long time thinking about this last night." Naruto said petting feline.

"Plus, you had to transform into your cat form, because the human capacity is six maximum. This cannon wasn't meant to hold people in the first place." Sasuke said before Kukaku yelled in annoyance.

"It's my cannon! I decide who uses it and who doesn't!" she yelled before locking eyes with Naruto. "There's no way I'm allowing you to go there with only Sasuke as your backup." she said before the blonde tilted his head a bit.

"This mission to rescue Rukia doesn't really require a lot of people. Either Sasuke or myself could do it alone if we really wanted to, but we don't. Our mission is the fights that'll definitely happen inside." he said as his eyes slowly bled red as the sight of his father entered his mind.

Sasuke smirked as he stepped forward. "We can very much handle ourselves in a fight." Sasuke said while his own eyes bled red, as his Sharingan began hypnotically spinning.

"Alright alright, you can go. But I'm sending Ganju with you." she said as Ganju stepped into the light with a new attire. A white and green shirt with a baggy pair of black and white pants. A green bandana was on his hair, and a short, but thick, sword on the back of his hip. A circular object rested above his weapon, which undoubtedly carried a some form of fireworks.

"My brother is the only one, besides me, that know the incantation needed to pierce through the Seireitei. If their weren't so many of you, only one trip would be necessary, but I guess it cant be avoided." Kukaku said with a sigh.

Naruto and Sasuke looked at each other and smirked. "You know what to do." the blonde said as Sasuke's Sharingan morphed into his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, and gazed directly into Kukaku's eyes. His right eye slowly began to bleed before he lifted a finger and wiped the blood away. "You got it?" Naruto asked as Sasuke looked at him like he was stupid.

"Of course. It was far easier than I thought it would be." he said with a smirk. "So much more than a massage." he muttered so only the blonde and Yoruichi could hear. The blonde chuckled as everyone around them grew more confused.

"Those two just get more and more interesting with each day." Uryu said with a twitch of his brow.

"That's my Sasuke-kun. Strong as hell." Tatsuki said with pride.

"Naruto-kun just gets more amazing the more I see him." Orihime said with a smile of pride of her own. "I swear next time we're alone, I'm gonna rock his world." she said with a look of lust in her eyes.

"Ditto, Orihime-chan." Tatsuki added.

Ichigo sighed as he shook his head at the two females. Things were so much easier before those two appeared. Orihime was sweet and kind while Tatsuki was sweet as well, but just not as kind as Orihime. Now though, they've discovered their sexuality and know things. Which is why saving Rukia is so important, those two are no longer an option. "Well if those two are going, then I should go with them." Ichigo said stepping forward.

Naruto looked at Ichigo and shook his head. "No, you need to stay with the others. They're going to need a powerhouse to protect them when you land inside. Though we will take Chad to lighten the capacity for you guys." Naruto said as Chad grunted in agreement and walked up to them. The blonde looked to Yoruichi who nodded her head.

"I know, I'll look after the children. Without me, they wouldn't be able to sync their energies with Ichigo's." she said before leaping from the blonde's shoulder to Chad's head to Ichigo's shoulder.

"Why cant you take me with you?" Tatsuki asked with a cross of her arms.

The Uchiha looked over to Tatsuki and shook his head, like Naruto previously did. "You need to be with everyone else. You guys need to help each other protect each other." Sasuke said before Ichigo growled.

"Whatever, just go. The more time you guys spend here, the more time you're wasting in our endeavor to save Rukia." the orange haired Shinigami said in annoyance.

"Good point, lets go." the blonde said as Kukaku tossed an orb their way.

Naruto, Sasuke, and Chad entered the cannon and successfully formed an orb. "Brace yourself you three, things are only going to get hectic now." Kukaku said before after a matter of minutes, they were launched into the air.

Sasuke began muttering the enchantment, before they changed directions and headed straight towards the barrier.

Naruto looked at the approaching barrier as Sasuke continued the incantation. Everyone felt their orb of energy strengthening as it picked up speed. His whisker marks grew darker and his nails began lengthening.

Chad silently looked at the blonde with a sense of apprehension. Feeling Naruto's power up close like this was feeling him with the negative feelings Naruto's spiritual pressure emitted. "When we pass the barrier cancel the orb." the blonde said, his voice a bit deeper. "I'm giving my father a blast from the past."

Not long after he said that, they pierced the barrier and he removed his hand from the orb. Sasuke removed his hand as well, before grasping his cloak, before they exploded in separate directions.

Chad kept his hand on the orb and reformed the barrier. Sasuke's wings extended from his back, simply phasing through his cloak as he flew at high speeds. Naruto on the other hand, quickly began growing, nine long tails sprouting behind him.

When he landed, his transformation into his full nine tailed state was complete as he roared loudly.

=With Minato=

Minato stood on the ceiling of his squad's barracks, along with Kushina, as their transformed son made his appearance. "I never thought I would've seen Naruto again. And this is how we're being reunited?" she asked Minato as she looked up at him with a worried expression. "Just what did you do when you seen him?"

Minato looked down at his, equally deceased, wife. "I just got him prepared." he replied before a group of five people landed around them.

"That's the end result of what we trained for. When I left him, he could only control six tails." a voice said, being revealed as Jiraiya's voice. It was weird seeing him wearing a Shinigami outfit, but it was required of all officers. He was the third seat of squad eight, having the ability to become Lieutenant, but not wanting to deal with a Lieutenant's paperwork. His hair was a little shorter than when he was alive and the red markings around his eyes weren't there. "Though seeing him now, I cant wait to fight him."

"Easy Jiraiya-kun. That's still Naruto-kun right there, no matter which form we see." came the old voice of Hiruzen Sarutobi. He was the third seat of squad one, also having the ability of being Lieutenant but choosing to remain where he was.

"What the hell is he doing here? He cant run the village from a different dimension!" the angry voice of Tsunade raged loudly. Not even a month after Naruto's and Sasuke's transportation to the next dimension, Tsunade slipped into the afterlife. Yamamoto quickly recognized her prowess in the medical arts and allowed her entry into the Shinigami ranks. She's only been here for a few months and has quickly rose to third seat of squad four. And like her sensei, she spent enough time as a kage to go back to doing paperwork.

"That's the Rokudaime Hokage? A fully capable Jinchuriki?" the stern voice of Tobirama Senju spoke with a bit of disbelief. "How'd he get the villager's acceptance?" he added. He was third seat of squad nine and was currently in the process of thinking of challenging Hisagi for the Lieutenant position. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked over at his brother.

"Even in that form of his, I can sense a gentle heart of a betrayed son. Minato here, did far more than prepare his son. He broke his heart." Hashirama Senju said with a somber expression as he looked at the blonde. Hashirama was the third seat of squad ten.

Minato lowered his head a bit as his nine tailed son roared again, as his tails destroyed a few buildings behind and around him.

"Enough talk for now, lets go regain control of my son." Kushina said before she dashed forward, toward the shrinking kitsune.

"I want to be the first person he sees after he regains his human form." Jiraiya said with a grin as he followed the crimson haired Kushina.

"I agree. Now lets go show him his predecessors are still leagues ahead of him." Tsunade smirked as everyone grinned and followed her.

=With Itachi=

The Uchiha stood with a blank expression as he watched his brother fly in the distance. His red Sharingan eyes witness every flap of his wings. 'And here I thought I got rid of his seal, when I removed Orochimaru from it.' the Uchiha thought as a single person landed behind him.

"Itachi-chan, is that really Sasuke-chan?" the woman said, watching as Sasuke landed on a roof.

"Yes, Kaa-chan." Itachi said, finally turning his head to look at his mother.

Mikoto was wearing the standard attire of a Shinigami, but was only seventh seat of squad thirteen. Her long, raven hair, cascaded down her back and shined in the sun. Her previously red eyes returned to their black color as she smiled. "He sure grew up to become a strong and splendid shinobi… just like I hoped." she softly spoke as Itachi stared at her with a soft smile of his own.

"Come mother, lets go have a family reunion." Itachi said as Mikoto nodded and they bounded off towards Sasuke's location.

=With Naruto=

The blonde grinned as he continued to clenched his fist, his claws returning to normal. "Best entrance ever." he said before his senses flared out of control.

Dozens of people surrounded him and he looked around with a smirk. "IT'S THE RYOKA THAT PIERCED OUR DEFENSES! EVERYONE ON YOUR GUARD!" one of the Shinigami yelled as Naruto's sword appeared in his hand.

"I should make things even. You guys have swords, and now I have a sword." the blonde said before he heard quick steps behind him.

He turned and swatted the Zanpakto away from his midsection. While the man watched his weapon fly through the air, Naruto stepped and front kicked him in the stomach.

At that moment everyone started rushing. Naruto grinned as he continued weaving through the swings. He thrust his sword in someone's midsection and ripped it out as two tails sprouted from his tailbone and wrapped around two separate wrists.

The wrists were quickly broken as two more tails joined the party and pierced through their ribcages. He tossed the bodies and quickly jumped in the air and onto a roof. "You guys are pathetic." he said, his crimson eyes glaring at them with malice.

He stabbed his sword into the roof and quickly went through a few seals. "Katon: Taiyo Fore." (Solar Flare) a white flash shined brightly for a few seconds. When things returned to normal, everything in front of Naruto was on fire in a fifty meter wide arc.

The blonde grunted as he removed his sword from the roof and resealed it. "Where's Minato? He should've been here by now." the blonde muttered as his tails retreated back into his tailbone. Just then his senses flared again.

"Hado #45: Haku Ryun Kiba." (Demon Way: White Dragon Fang)

Naruto vanished from his spot as a dragon made of snow appeared and completely covered the fires. The blonde didn't really think snow would be able to quench the flames, but it somehow worked. The snow immediately made him think of Haku, and considering he died five years prior, it was a strong possibility.

How surprised was he to see a man, who he's never met, but knew so much about. "Is that the Nidaime Hokage?" the blonde muttered seeing the man's white hair and piercing red eyes.

"Mokuton: Sichuan no Jutsu." (Four-Pillar House Technique) Nearly instantly the three houses that were burned were rebuilt and the roofs were covered in the snow.

"And that's the Shodai Hokage." Naruto muttered seeing the second's brother land next to him with a similar stern expression.

"Now now, Naruto-kun, what's with all the violence now." the blonde looked over to see the Sandaime with his aged smile on his face.

"Oji-san? You're here to?" the blonde muttered with wide eyes.

At that moment the blonde felt an arm wrap around his shoulders. "Of course he is. He's super old." a familiar voice said before laughing.

Naruto looked over to see his sensei. "Sensei?" he muttered with a cracking voice. "How'd the hell a pervert get into Soul Society!?" he yelled shrugging the arm off and pointing at him.

Jiraiya sighed and sternly looked at his only living pupil. "How many times do I have to tell you brat? I'm a SUPER PERVERT!" he yelled proudly before he was smashed into the ground by a punch.

"And what did I tell you about being a pervert?" the angry voice of our favorite busty blonde muttered.

Naruto stared at Tsunade with wide eyes. "Baa-chan! What the hell! YOU DIED!?" Naruto yelled as his eyes began watering in disbelief. "No, no, no, no. I don't like any of this." the blonde muttered, while shaking his head, before Tsunade punched him on top of his head as well.

"Get your shit together gaki. So what, I died, get over it. It was going to happen eventually." she said crossing her arms under her bosom.

Naruto winced as he continued rubbing his head. "Alright Baa-chan, I see you still have that monstrous strength."

"What I want to know, is why aren't you in Konoha, running it, like you're supposed to be doing?" she asked glaring at him.

"Madara Uchiha sent Sasuke and I to another dimension. It wasn't my fault." Naruto muttered before crossing his own arms.

"YOU ONLY HAD THE HAT FOR EIGHT MONTHS! EIGHT MONTHS!" Tsunade yelled before she began swinging at the younger blonde. Naruto easily dodged the swings but Tsunade lunged at him and wrapped her arm around his head and proceeded to give him a noogie.

"Yup, that's the same Tsunade I trained." Hiruzen said with a chuckle. Hashirama laughed as Tobirama sighed.

"Madara Uchiha? I don't remember him being able manipulate space and time like that." Tobirama muttered to himself.

"He never could, even with his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Whoever sent the boy here, it wasn't Madara." Hashirama said.

"AH, Baa-chan! Stop!" Naruto continued to wail, before it suddenly stopped.

He looked up to see a red headed woman holding Tsunade's ear. "Tsunade-chan, stop doing that to my son."

"Alright Kushina-chan." Tsunade whined before she was released. She pouted as the mother walked up to her son.

"We meet again Naruto-kun. I told you we would see each other again." she said with a smile.

"Hi Kaa-san." Naruto said before wrapping his mother in a hug.

Tears prickled at the corners of Kushina's eyes as she tightly held onto her son. She released him and held him at arms length. "Look at you son, the Rokudaime Hokage. Who would've known you would have followed in your father's footsteps so diligently." she sighed as she rewrapped him in a hug.

Naruto's expression changed as his father appeared in his sight on a different roof. At that moment Naruto literally blinked out of sight. Immediately Minato was launched backwards as Naruto appeared in the spot his father previously stood at. Again he blinked out of sight, following his father's trail.

Hashirama whistled softly. "The boy is fast. Must be all that time he spent with Yoruichi-san."

"I can still take him." Jiraiya said with a grin. "I taught him everything he knows." he added as he followed.

Kushina shook her head. "Hopefully they quickly resolve their differences. Lets go Tsunade-chan, we're going to need to be there to heal their wounds." she said as Tsunade shrugged and followed her Lieutenant.

"What do we do about the Uchiha? I'll never forget their signature." Tobirama asked looking in the direction of the Uchiha.

Hashirama laid a hand on his brother's shoulder. "Leave him be, his brother can handle him."

They grew quiet before Hiruzen spoke up. "Wait, wasn't there three intruders that came here?"

Tobirama put his fingers in a Ram seal and pointed in the direction everyone was going. "The third intruder is somewhere between Naruto and the Uchiha."

"Just leave him be as well. Let the other seated officers handle him." Hashirama said before following the others, along with his brother and their student.


Naruto hopped from roof to roof, in pursuit of his father's body. He could see the look of shock on the man's face, which caused him to smirk.

Minato quickly righted himself in the air and skidded along the nearest roof. "I guess I deserved that." he said as his son came quick.

"With Interest!" Naruto yelled, his fist coated in his energy, while he tried to punch his father.

The man quickly shimmered out of the way, and the building was destroyed. "Maybe we can talk about this." Minato tried to reason with his son, who only seemed to want to cave his face in.

Naruto whirled around to face his father, his eyes were still crimson in his rage. "No can do father. This isn't the time for words." he said before he heard dozens of footsteps around him.

"Minato-fukutaicho, are you alright?" a Shinigami asked from behind the blonde.

"I'm fine Izuru-san." Minato told the man.

Naruto turned to see another blonde, with his Zanpakto unsheathed and pointed at him. He looked kind of gloomy but, his expression still told him that he was ready to protect his Lieutenant. "Stay out of this, before you join my father in the after… afterlife." Naruto threatened with a look of confusion on his face. "Go away before I kill you too." Naruto said before releasing more of his Reiatsu.

The output was enough to make everyone around him cease all movement and sense a feeling of dread. "Naruto-kun, enough!" the sound of his mother's voice, made the young kage stop releasing his Reiatsu.

Naruto scoffed as the Shinigami around him, finally dropped to their knees. He looked back to his father before he vanished in a yellow flash.

Minato's eyes widened and he was promptly punched in the face again, in the same spot.

"Did you feel that power?" Hiruzen asked with a few deep breaths.

"That was easily on a captain's level." Jiraiya answered with a heavy smile of pride.

"I'm surprised the entire Gotei 13 aren't in this immediate area by now." Hashirama said with a soft smile. It seems the young kage impressed him, more than he thought he would.

"Their fight needs a location change. And not near squad eleven's barracks." Kushina said knowing how squad eleven members are, especially their captain.

Just then they heard a crash above them and saw another orb piercing through the Seireitei's barrier. "Here come the others." Tsunade said looking up as the explosion launched them in different directions.

=With Chad=

During the past fifteen minutes, the tall teen of Mexican descent spent a good ten minutes in shock at the blonde's transformation into a large, nine tailed fox. Even he realized that he only transformed to raise the fear gauge of every Shinigami that saw it.

And on the other side of him, he was shocked that the Uchiha could sprout bat-like hand shaped wings from his back and fly.

This only brought more questions, the main one being, Who the hell are these two?

The last five minutes he's been ducking in between cover, doing his best avoiding the patrols in the area. But it was only a matter of time before someone saw him and tried to apprehend him.

"HE-!" someone tried to yelled as Chad turned a corner. The tall teen reacted on instinct and swiftly punched the man.

"That was close." Chad muttered before the body eventually crashed through a wall, revealing ten Shinigami. "Never mind." he muttered before his arm transformed and he charged forward. 'One of these people are bound to know where Rukia is behind held.' Chad thought as he continued punching out people left and right.

When he got to the last one, he grabbed his wrist with his left hand and held the man up by his collar with his right. "Please don't hurt me!" the unseated officer pleaded as pain shot through his hand, making him release his Zanpakto.

"Where's Rukia Kuchiki being held?" the gruff voice of Chad asked as the man was lifted higher.

"I don't know! I'm an unseated Shinigami, not even seated officers ranked between five and twenty know where she's at! You have to believe me!" the Shinigami said in between sobs.

Chad looked at him for a few seconds before he nodded. "I'll believe you." he said before the man began thanking him, while thinking of how to deal with the giant.

"There is something I can do to thank you for not hurting me." he said before pointing a finger at Chad's chest. "Hado #1: Sho." (Thrust) after that he released a small amount of his energy to push the giant away from him.

But he didn't calculate the amount of energy needed to complete that. So instead he was blasted through the wall, forcing Chad to let go of him, or else risk going with him.

"I should probably find one of those seated officers then." Chad thought out loud. "First I should find a place to rest. Balancing my energy with Naruto's and Sasuke's was more taxing than I thought it would be." he muttered before looking around before heading in the opposite direction of where Naruto just headed.

A crash sounded above him and he looked up to see another orb of energy pushing through the barrier. "Hm, that's the others. No question about it." he said before they scattered in different directions, like they did prior.

=With Sasuke=

Sasuke flapped his wings, keeping himself in position as he looked over at his old teammate. This transformation of his only proved that he gained full control of the fox's power. Though he was being a little show off, by not causing much destruction while in the form. He shook his head as he landed on the roof.

Sasuke returned his wings back to the mark and immediately noticed he was facing five people. "Stop ryoka scum. You will now be apprehended by members of squad ten." one of the men said as the others cheered.

Sasuke blinked and looked around. "Uzumaki has to be right. Ni-san has to be here." the Uchiha droned as the others grew angry at being ignored and charged to the other side of the rooftop.

Sasuke looked at the approaching opposition as if they were moving in slow motion. His sword dropped from his sleeve and he vanished and appeared on the other side of them. If there was one helpful thing he learned in the fight with Kisuke, weeks prior, it was the use of Shunpo.

It was a high speed technique, something he didn't have before that could compete with the others. The Shunshin technique was far slower than the Shunpo.

Sasuke looked at his sword and swung the blood from it, with a simple flick of his wrist. "Hmm, took you long enough Ni-san." the Uchiha said to the open air.

In a flock of crows, just like the old days, Itachi materialized behind Sasuke. "Hello, little brother." came the same calm and stoic voice of Itachi Uchiha.

"I guess murdering the clan for the protection of the village still grants you access to the Soul Society." the young Uchiha said before turning his head to look at his older brother.

"Don't look a gift horse in the mouth son." another voice said before a woman dropped down behind Sasuke.

Sasuke looked at the woman with a blank face. He heard her words but they didn't register in his mind. A lone tear fell from his eye as he opened his mouth. "Kaa-san?" he muttered before another joined the first.

"Come to your Kaa-san, son." she said extending her arms open.

The Kusanagi fell from the Uchiha's hand and clattered on the roof. He took a hesitant foot forward, before he felt a hand on his back. Immediately he knew it was Itachi, nudging him toward their mother. So with a few more, helpful shoves from his older brother, Sasuke began moving on his own.

Within seconds, Sasuke wrapped his arms around his deceased mother. Tears flowed from his eyes freely as he experienced joy he never thought he would ever feel again.

Itachi looked on with a small smile, he had done the same thing, albeit with a less amount of tears. It was nice to know Sasuke no longer had evil within him. "So I see you still have the curse mark, even though I sealed the snake's soul from within." Itachi sounded, ending the hugging session in front of him.

Sasuke released his mother and turned to look at his brother, as a explosion sounded nearby. He paid it little mind, sensing it was Naruto's signature. "Lets just say I found a way to regain and strengthen it." Sasuke said with a smirk.

Itachi narrowed his eyes a bit and turned around. "You know Sasuke, since I got here, I silently hoped that you would somehow make your way here as well. I no longer suffer from my original disease and I can fight you at full power now." Itachi said looking back with his Sharingan activated.

Sasuke activated his own Sharingan and smirked at his brother. "Not to mention the extra strength you acquired by becoming a Shinigami. Seeing as how Naruto's father wore the same badge, I would have to guess you must be a Lieutenant of a squad. Second strongest in the squad means, when I defeat you, they'll realize how much of a threat I am and send the captains my way. More fun for me." Sasuke said as both he and his brother smiled softly.

Mikoto stood there with a frown on her face. She was hoping they wouldn't bring up the fight they both wanted to have with each other. "Fine I'll let you boys fight. But I don't want either of you hurt and I want to spend family time with you afterwards. Okay?" she said with hands on her hips.

"We understand mother." they said in unison, as she hopped to a different roof to watch the fight between her boys.

Itachi smirked, making Sasuke raise his eyebrow. "What?" he asked as Itachi chuckled softly.

"Forgetting something little brother?" he asked vaguely, making the youngest Uchiha more confused.

Itachi tapped his foot, making Sasuke looked down, while simultaneously unsheathing his Zanpakto. The older brother kicked the weapon's handle, sending it skidding over the edge of the roof, while again simultaneously running towards Sasuke.

Sasuke cursed in his mind as a kunai quickly appeared in his hand. He quickly blocked Itachi's downward chop and pushed with all his might against his brother. "You may have my eyes little brother, but you still cant see the obvious. You'll never be better than your older brother." Itachi taunted as he outstretched one of his hands. "Hado #31: Shakkaho." (Red Fire Cannon)

Seeing the accumulation of energy, with his Sharingan, Sasuke quickly used Shunpo to evade the attack. He reappeared and watched a ball of energy blow the top off of another roof. "I don't know how you learned a Shinigami technique, but I can see you're not well versed in its use." Itachi said before vanishing and reappearing next to Sasuke. "The key is to use a little steps as possible." he explained before swinging his Zanpakto horizontally.

Sasuke held up the kunai to block and found that it was sliced through. He reacted quickly and moved the part of the kunai that was still there in the path of the swinging weapon. He mentally sighed in relief when the weapon was stopped, but he saw the metal of the kunai started to give way. 'I need to get to my sword.' he thought before lightning coursed through his body.

The electricity traveled through the connected weapons and covered Itachi's hands.

The force behind Itachi's attack was lessened just a bit, but it was more than enough to allow him a safe retreat.

He jumped back and went through some hand seals. The sudden introduction of Itachi's spiritual pressure, nearly made Sasuke falter in his sequence. "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu." (Great Fireball Technique)

Itachi's body turned into crows as the flock traveled high into the air. "You're no stranger to a massive amount to spiritual pressure, which means you've fought a strong Shinigami before." Itachi's voice kind of echoed in Sasuke's ears.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes and quickly Shunpo'd to where he knew his sword was. He picked up his weapon and looked up. Directly above him, his brother was weaving through a long series of hand seals. "How is it you're still able to use Ninjutsu?" Sasuke asked as his brother exhaled a long stream of fire.

"Let's just call it a perk of being a dead shinobi." his brother replied watching his brother use Shunpo to dodge the fire. Itachi looked up to the sky, another ball of energy impacted the Seireitei's barrier. "All the intruders are here now." he muttered as an explosion sounded after it completely pierced the barrier.

"But I don't need either of them to beat you Ni-san." Sasuke said appeared behind his brother with his sword covered in electricity.

Itachi raises his sword and blocks Sasuke's strike. "Hono no Naka de Sekai o Nyuyoku: Amaterasu." (Bathe the world in flames: Sun Goddess) Itachi droned as an explosion of black flames erupted from his Zanpakto.

Itachi's Zanpakto was considered the second strongest fire based Zanpakto ever witnessed. Since it was so similar to the Captain-Commander's Ryujin Jakka, it had the potential to be it's equal.

Sasuke quickly sprouted his wings and took to the skies. His Akatsuki cloak was fluttering in the distance, black flames covering it. "That's your Shikai? Amaterasu!?" Sasuke asked as a crescent blade of flames headed his way.

His eyes began bleeding as his own Amaterasu flames appeared in front of him. Seeing that they were easily sliced through, he formed Susanoo's ribcage.

"Knowledge of a Shikai gives me the final piece of the puzzle." Itachi said as he jumped in the air. Being a Shinigami he could float anywhere he wanted, by gathering Reishi under his feet. It was one of the first things taught in the academy.

Sasuke needed to exhibit caution now that his brother's sword was released. He flapped his wings and backed up a bit, aware of the fire floating around his brother. "And what is that?" he asked as he blurred through seals. "Katon: Idaina Shoidan." (Great Firebomb) a ball, bigger than the Great Fireball Technique, left Sasuke's mouth.

An orb of black flames surrounded Itachi and protected him from the resulting explosion of fire. "You were trained by Kisuke Urahara." Itachi said stepping through his own flames, not a single burned mark on him.

His words struck a cord through Sasuke and his Reiatsu exploded out of him, shocking his brother, not physically though. "I WASN'T TRAINED BY THAT MAN!" he yelled as his complete Susanoo made it's appearance.

Itachi rose a brow and nodded. "Of course you weren't." he said before half a dozen streams of black fire rushed towards the Sasuke's Susanoo.

Sasuke knew Itachi's Amaterasu flames were much stronger than he remembered so there was no way his Susanoo could withstand the assault for long. He dropped from his hovering position and flew to a roof, with his brother's Shikai, being in the air was more dangerous.

"You know what brother, I've been thinking…" Sasuke trailed off with a smirk.

Itachi remained where he was with an aloof look on his face. "Tell me brother, tell me what you're thinking." Itachi droned as black flames slowly floated around him.

"Maybe you're right, even with your eyes, I cant see obvious things. Though maybe it's time that I actually use them." he said with a smirk as his Mangekyou Sharingan slowly morphed into his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. After that he began weaving through seals. "Raiton: Denki Zokyo." (Electrical Augmentation)

After those words, Sasuke body was covered in lightning. It was a version of the Yondaime Raikage's lightning armor, only a little better. Sasuke vanished and reappeared above Itachi with his hands already extended. "Raiton: Chidori Senbon." he said as hundreds of senbon sized lighting attacks struck Itachi's back.

Itachi was completely surprised, by his brother's immense speed. He didn't even realize he was behind him, until he was already hit by a dozen senbon. And even then, he was too paralyzed to dodge.

The older Uchiha brother willed his Amaterasu flames to cover him and immediately felt safe from his brother's assault. "What's wrong brother, am I too quick for you?" Sasuke asked as he flapped his wings and drifted away from his brother.

Itachi grimaced as he tried to move an arm, but leaned that the senbon were still in place. His entire back looked like a pincushion. He took a deep breath and focused his Reiryoku into his back. Slowly, one by one, the senbon began exiting his back and evaporating into spirit particles.

Sasuke smirked and looked down to where their mother was. He knew that, depending how Itachi acted when he revealed himself, this fight might be coming to a close. He grunted and turned his head to where he sensed Ichigo at.

=With Ichigo=

Ichigo quickly backpedals away from the multiple thrusts from the deadly tip of his opponent's Shikai. His opponent, a bald man by the name of Ikkaku Madarame. He was an eccentric individual, from the eleventh division, that actually danced in the beginning of the fight, right before Ganju ran off. Ikkaku's partner, a feminine male by the name of Yumichika Ayesagawa, also from the eleventh division, ran off after him.

Blood was still traveling down into Ichigo's eye, but it wouldn't distract him enough to receive another wound. He's not going to be called an amateur by this man again.

He jumped back and Ikkaku pressed quickly. The bald Ikkaku jumped in the air a bit and swung his Zanpakto down, narrowly missing Ichigo. Though immediately he thrust again.

Ichigo tilted his head, and avoided the sharp tip of the spear. Though without injury was impossible. A small cut appeared on his cheek as he grabbed the spear with a free hand and pulled.

"Hozukimaru, Sakero!" (Split) Ikkaku yelled, as his staff extended.

Ichigo grew surprised to learn he was holding the middle section of the three section staff. He turned his head to see the third section wrapping around to come back to his head. Time slowed as he quickly rose Zangetsu.

A small spray of blood erupted from Ichigo's shoulder. The orange haired teen didn't know what exactly just happened, as he tightened his grip on his Zanpakto. "I'm the only one being hit in this fight." Ichigo muttered to himself as his Reiatsu quickly poured out. "No more." he said as his power output was enough to get Ikkaku smirking.

"You're finally warmed up! Lets begin this fight for real now." he said as he casually spun the sharp section of his three section staff.

=With Ganju=

Ganju continued running, looking back only to see how his pursuer was doing. The fifth seat casually followed with an annoyed look on his face. "It's so ugly how you run. It's disgusting even following you." the man said as they turned a corner to a dead end. "Finally this chase will come to an end." Yumichika said as Ganju made a circle in the air with his hand.

"Seppa!" Ganju yelled as he jumped through the wall, a circle of sand replacing the original concrete of the wall.

'So he's the one that made that ditch of sand… with that weird magic of his.' the fifth seat said as he followed through the hole.

What he saw was Ganju near the edge of a pit, frantically swinging his arms to prevent himself from falling in. "Oh well, isn't this a sight? You nearly stumbled into one of the execution grounds. It's where we put criminals to fight an endless wave of hollows into they die. Though they never make it pass five, so saying endless really cements defeat into their eyes." Yumichika said with a flick of his hair and a slow withdraw of his Zanpakto.

Ganju righted himself and turned to face the officer with a look of disgust on his face. "You Shinigami and your cruel ways disgust me to no end." Ganju spat out in hatred.

"Not as cruel as your face." Yumichika fired back as Ganju bristled at the comment. "Tell me ugly man, how do you want to die? By the pit or… Sake: Fuji Kujaku." (Bloom: Wisteria Peacock) Yumichika drifted his hand over his Zanpakto and transformed it into a curved blade that extended outward into four separate blades. "By me?"

Ganju clenched his fist as he thought of a way out of this situation.

=With Uryu and Orihime=

Because of the explosion, everyone was separated, though Orihime and Uryu were lucky enough to stay together.

The two landed with little to no injuries. Although, Orihime landed on her arm… nothing Ayame and Shun'o cant handle. Speaking of the two spirits, they were currently healing Orihime's arm right now. "Come on Orihime-chan, you're better than this." Shun'o said with a sigh.

Orihime let out a sigh as well, as she turned her head to look at the spirit near her shoulder. "I know Shun-kun, but that explosion was really disorientating. I just hope Tatsuki-chan is alright." she said as the healing finished and her spirits returned to her hairpins.

"Tatsuki's doing just fine. I'm more than sure of that." Uryu comforted as he continued to play lookout. "What we need to do is get out of the immediate area. There's so many high level signatures over here, and that's just from where Naruto-san is at."

Orihime nodded and they set off in a different direction. Soon they ended up at a dead end and was about to turn when they heard voices on the other side. "Another dead end Yachiru. You're as bad with directions than me." a rough voice said. That person had immense spiritual pressure that was baring down on everyone around him.

"Sorry Ken-chan, I meant left." a childish voice replied with no difficulty due to the sheer familiarity of it.

"You're right Yachiru, we should've went left." the male voice said spoke again before turning and heading in a different direction.

Uryu heaved as he regained his ability to breathe. "So, we almost died and we weren't even in a fight. That was even more pressure from Ichigo-san." the Quincy said looking over to Orihime.

The walnut haired teen was better off than the teenaged Quincy. Because she's spent so long under Naruto's spiritual pressure, being under the other Shinigami's wasn't so bad. "I know which way we're not going." she said as they ran.

They were moving for five minutes before a group of three Shinigami spotted them from ten feet away. "I FOUND SOME RYOKA!"

Nearly immediately, Uryu sensed the difference in their power. He scoffed at em as he nocked an arrow and launched it just as quickly. Uryu's arrow hit one of the Shinigami in the arm, preventing him from unsheathing his Zanpakto. He quickly fired two more arrows that dispatched two of the three Shinigami.

One was fast enough to get to Orihime, but was weak in Hakudo and was easily dispatched by Orihime's superior skill in karate.

"We need to hurry up and find Rukia. The longer we're here, the more disgusted I get with these Shinigami." the Quincy said with a sneer at the unconscious Shinigami.

Orihime looked around before finding a ladder on a nearby building. "We can use the building as a vantage point and determine where the best place is for keeping prisoners." she said making Uryu nod in acceptance.

"Excellent idea Orihime-san." he said before they climbed up.

It was a good thing to, because the same Shinigami from before returned. Kenpachi Zaraki and Yachiru Kusajishi got lost again.

"Which way do we go now Yachiru?" Kenpachi asked moving his head from side to side, making the bells at the end of his incredibly spiky hair jingle with every movement.

The young, pinked haired Lieutenant put a finger to her lips in thought. "Hmmm, lets go… that way." she said pointing to the right.

"How many times are you going to pick right girl?" Kenpachi asked as he ran down that way.

"Until we find the strongest ryoka." she giggled out into the distance.

"Again, that was too close." Uryu said before his and Orihime's danger sense went off.

"Santen Kesshun, I reject!" Orihime quickly yelled as her shield quickly appeared behind her, protecting her from a punch that would have easily sent her over.

Orihime retracts her shield and quickly moves away from the giant man, while Uryu fires an arrow at the man.

The Shinigami uses Shunpo to quickly move away, despite his large build. "Koten Zanshun, I reject!" an angry Orihime yells as Tsubaki quickly launches at the man.

Surprised the man unsheathes his sword and swings at the airborne spirit. His counterattack misses and his shoulder is pierced. Tsubaki returns to Orihime and circles around her.

"You're going to regret that little girl. And you, are you a Quincy?" he questions Uryu, who simply nocks another arrow.

"What do you think?" he replies as the man growls.

"I, Jirobo Ikkanzaka, fourth seat of squad seven, am the best fighter when it comes to airborne combat. Habatakinasai: Tsunzakigarasu." (Flap Away: Splitting Crow) Immediately his Zanpakto changed shape and split apart and began spinning around him.

There was a good dozen or so flying blades around the man. "A little girl and a Quincy don't have a chance against me." he said with confidence, before every single one of the spinning blades were shot down by Uryu.

Jirobo was beyond shocked as his projectiles were shot down with such ease. "You were saying?" Uryu taunted making the man growl.

Orihime watched the man closely and whispered. "Koten Zanshun, I reject." Tsubaki heard, but continued to circle around her as if no command was given.

Jirobo sheathed his Zanpakto and unsheathed it, it somehow being fully repaired. When Tsubaki saw, he shot forward into the man's wrist. Now the man couldn't bring his Zanpakto out. He yelled in anger at being thwarted in another way. "Hado #4: Byakurai." (White Lightning) he pointed his finger at Orihime and fired his Hado.

The technique was going far to fast for Orihime to bring up her shield. Fortunately Uryu acted faster. With the application of the Quincy's own speed technique, he was able to prevent Orihime's death.

"You've been after Orihime this entire time. Is it because you're a sexist, figuring women are the weaker of our two genders. If there's one thing you should regret, is proving why I hate Shinigami." Uryu ranted before releasing the arrow he previously nocked.

The Shinigami was pierced right in the middle of his chest, though two holes were shown, showcasing Uryu's hidden arrow and overall skill as a Quincy. "You can thank Kuchiki-san for unintentionally showing me how to make a Shinigami lose their powers." he said turning around to look at Orihime as Jirobo's body crashed onto the roof of their building. "Now would be the best time for us to leave." the glasses wearing teenage said sensing a good dozen or so Shinigami heading their way.

=With Tatsuki=

The teenaged black belt landed in an open field. Though, there seemed to be a building in front of her. She rubbed her head and groggily looked around. "Where's everyone at?" she muttered before she was surrounded by twenty five men wearing black body suits.

Loud chewing was soon heard as a large man walked into Tatsuki's sight. "Well, you seem like a weak little damsel. Just what I was looking for." Marechiyo Omaeda said with a smirk. "Lucky for you, the captain is busy searching for Yoruichi, or you would already be dead." he said before laughing loudly.

Tatsuki looked around before smirking herself. "That is lucky for me huh?" she asked before clenching her fist and consciously gathering her spiritual energy like Sasuke taught her.

Immediately the Lieutenant grew surprised as it was easily at the level of a fifth seat. Though it was still far weaker than his own. But what surprised him the most, was the similarity her signature was to that of a Hollow. "W-who are you?" the natural coward asked as Tatsuki smirked at the effect she was having on the large man.

"I'm just a girl who's going to kick your butt." she said before vanishing with a soft booming sound.

=With Naruto=

Naruto quickly engaged his father in a hand to hand fight. He was much more focused this time, no more anger was coursing through his veins, but he still wanted to finish the fight with his father.

The gap in his and his father's skill was becoming widely apparent at the moment. "Father, why?" he asked as he jumped away from his father.

Minato looked at his son with a confused look. "Why, what, son?"

"Why don't you use your Zanpakto. I want to see what you're Shikai is?" Naruto replied with crimson eyes.

Minato closed his eyes and unsheathed his Zanpakto. "If you really want to know." he said as he put the tip of his finger against his Zanpakto's guard.

"Chire: Senbonzakura." (Thousand Cherry Blossoms) a voice said as a stream of pink cherry blossoms crashed on Naruto's position.

The blonde reappeared and smirked at the intruder. One Byakuya Kuchiki stood on a large pillar near their location. "We meet again, Byakuya. I told you this would happen."

The man was silent as he simply stood on the pillar. That's when Naruto's danger sense went off. He vanished and reappeared near his mother. He looked at the new intruder and saw a short woman with a black and gold gauntlet on her right hand, with a long stinger like blade over her middle finger. She was wearing a captain's haori, like Byakuya was now sporting.

That's when Kushina gasped behind him. "You weren't fast enough Naruto-kun. You've been branded." she said as a large butterfly tattoo grew on the back of Naruto's neck.

"I've been what?" he said as a clone appeared behind him and dispelled. "Damn, she just gave me a tattoo. A fucking butterfly tattoo!" he yelled as Sui-Feng visibly bristled at his comment.

Kushina quickly hit him in the head. "If you weren't in this situation, I would wash your mouth out with soap." she said as Naruto rubbed his head. "If she hits that spot one more time, you'll die." she explained as Sui-Feng took a single step forward, effectively gaining everyone's attention.

"I don't care that he's your son. You shouldn't be holding back against such an opponent." she said speaking to Minato before turning to Kushina. "That goes for you as well."

After Sui-Feng finished Byakuya's voice was heard. "As for the spectators, either fight the human or find the other Ryoka." he said before releasing a good amount of Reiatsu, making the others reluctantly nod their heads.

"Brother, lets try to keep the casualties to a minimum." Hashirama said not wanting to upset a captain.

Tobirama reluctantly agreed and followed his brother.

"I have no doubt, this fight will bring injuries on both sides. As members of the fourth squad, we'll provide back up and medical attention." Kushina simply said, knowing that most of the medics weren't as good as fighters as other Shinigami, though the first five seats of the squad could handle themselves.

"Speak for yourself Kushina-chan, I'm fighting the brat. As his predecessor, I have a right to properly gauge his strength as well." Tsunade said cracking her knuckles. Kushina quickly grabbed onto her ear, impeding her desire to fight the younger blonde.

"I have always dreamed of this day. The opportunity to fight my surrogate grandson." Hiruzen said putting a hand on his Zanpakto.

Jiraiya said nothing as he stepped forward with a smirk.

Naruto looked around and smirked. "Five on one… seems a little much. But there seems to be one thing you're forgetting." he said as his crimson eyes shined. "I'm not human either."

=With Sasuke=

Sasuke returned his appearance to normal and simply copied Itachi's application for his air walking ability. Now able to conserve his energy better, he was able to equally fight his brother.

The only reason he ended his second stage, was because his wings were nearly burned off.

Sasuke looked at his brother with a smirk on his lips. This was entirely better than using the Tsukuyomi on himself. "We're going to have to do this more brother. My eyes are loving the action." he said as said eyes spun a bit.

"Likewise, little brother." Itachi replied before turning his head.

An ice dragon flew by Itachi's head and headed straight for Sasuke. A glacier formed in midair because of the collision, but was soon shattered. "Ice… reminds me of someone from long ago." Sasuke commented as a short boy, wearing a captain's haori appeared beside Itachi.

"Ooh, he's cute too." the voice of Matsumoto echoed as she appeared beside her captain, Toshiro Hitsugaya.

"This is the wrong one Iba, I wanted the fox." a very large man said from behind a large, wooden helmet.

"That ryoka already has two captains heading his way. Plus this one is equally as strong, it's best if we assist Itachi-san." Iba said as he and his captain appeared on the other side of Itachi.

Itachi looked at his brother with a blank stare. "Our fight has been postponed. Sorry Sas-"

"NO! Don't you dare finish that line!" Sasuke angrily yelled at his brother. "I'm tired of hearing those words leaving your mouth. I'm your little brother, why don't you ever make time for me?" Sasuke asked with angry tears in his eyes.

The newest challengers didn't know what to make of what was happening in front of them, so they just stood silently.

Itachi closed his eyes for a few seconds. "If that is what you wish… little brother." he said opening his eyes, revealing his Mangekyou Sharingan.

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