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Seals of Forgotten Time Chapter: Fifteen

XxX September Fourteenth – Beautiful Clearing XxX

Naruto, Tsunade, Sakumo and Kai were enjoying their evening having a friendly picnic in the small clearing. The breeze was cold, but too much as it blew through the trees, leaves randomly glided through their line of sights. Many fish were splashing around in the nearby lake and the sky was a beautiful light orange as the sun started its slow process of setting.

The group had been there for a good hour, just talking about anything that popped up in their minds. The woman were laying down, Tsunade on her back, while Kai was on her side and each of them were resting their heads on their respective husband's lap.

Naruto was softly stroking Tsunade's hair as he laughed at something Kai said. "Yeah, I don't know why you stopped wearing that lipstick Sakumo. You were rocking it." The male blonde said between his laughter, Tsunade and Kai joining in as Sakumo growled.

"I told you already. It was Kai's lipstick smudging onto my lips. It happens every time we kiss." He said crossing his arms.

Tsunade slapped Sakumo's knee lightly as she calmed down enough to speak. "Don't worry about anything Sakumo-kun. It happens to Naru-kun too." She said before Naruto covered her mouth, everybody still laughing.

"Don't listen to her. You know how crazy she gets once she gets in a fit of gig- AH!" Naruto had started, before he felt Tsunade biting in his hand. It wasn't hard, but he was clearly being overdramatic about the feeling. "Ow, baby, leave that for the bedroom." Naruto said winking at his wife, to which she responded with a giggle.

"You guys remember the first time we had a picnic like this?" Kai asked the group with a blush on her cheeks, causing the men to laugh and give each other a high five.

"That was an awesome day wasn't it Naruto?" Sakumo asked his best friend.

"Of course it was. I couldn't keep my hands off of my Tsu-hime." Naruto said, playing with his wife's cheeks.

The blonde woman, swatted at his hands. "Of course you couldn't. Your teenage hormones were no match for me in a bikini." The Sannin bragged with pure cockiness in her tone.

Everybody laughed after she was done. "My adult hormones are still no match for you in a bikini." Naruto countered back, a part of him saddened she wasn't wearing a bikini now. The woman was wearing a simple white shirt with a pair of tan shorts. Her sandals weren't on her feet. They were at the edge of the blanket with the rest of the group's footwear.

Naruto was wearing something similar to Tsunade's attire. His white shirt was a button down however and his shorts were black. Underneath his shirt, he wore a gray shirt. This was noticed by the fact of his button down shirt being unbuttoned all the way.

Sakumo was only wearing a dark green muscle shirt and a pair of black shorts, while Kai was wearing a summer dress.

Kai's belly was actually straining in the already loose dress, because it was so big. Tsunade's belly was showing signs of growing even more and everybody was sure she could easily find out the gender of the baby if she was to check now. However, she was sticking to her word on wanting everything to be a secret until she was actually going into labor. That's when everyone heard a weird noise.

Naruto and Sakumo looked around, while Tsunade and Kai sat up and looked at each other. The men looked towards the lake, seeing a fish flopping around on the shore, having gotten too close. "Oh, it was the fish." The said in unison before Kai tugged on Sakumo's shirt.

The Hatake looked down at his wife and saw he slightly excited look. "What's wrong?" he asked before he heard Naruto gasp. He turned his head to look at him. Tsunade was near his ear and they both were looking at Kai.

"My water broke." The woman said as Sakumo sat frozen.


The group was now running through the forest, Sakumo was carrying Kai. Panic was all over his face as he was clearing leaving the other two behind.

Naruto had Tsunade in his arms and Tsunade had the picnic stuff in her arms as Naruto tried to keep up with the man. "Sakumo! Ay! Wait for us!" the male Uzumaki yelled, while he was hopping from tree to tree.

"No time!" the White Fang yelled back, before Kai hit his chest lightly.

Sakumo looked down at the woman, she had her cheeks puffed out and she was balling the front of his shirt in her hands. "There's no need to rush. The contradictions didn't start yet." She said softly before flicking his nose.

Sakumo smiled and nodded, slowing down to a normal run as the group entered the village.

Naruto grinned as he jogged alongside Sakumo. "Well, it's about time you got some sense in you." He said before Kai let out a loud yelled, gripping onto her husband's shirt tightly as she curled into herself a bit.

"GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL!" she yelled as the silver haired Hatake let out a yelp and sped up again.

The two blondes let out a sigh and looked at each other, all simultaneously. "So, detour to home?" Naruto asked.

Tsunade grinned and nodded. "Detour to home."

Naruto pecked his wife on the lips and turned right. At the moment, Jiraiya was watching the former orphans. The two of them were sure the three would do well with the perverted Sannin watching them.

It didn't take them long, but when the married couple arrived at the house, loud sounds of fighting were heard from inside. Naruto looked at Tsunade, before she used her foot to push the cracked door fully open.

After the two walked in, they immediately noticed that everything was out of order. They stayed standing in the same spot, until the two pressed their foreheads against each other. With swift action, the former blonde dispelled the illusion they had found themselves in.

When they pulled their heads apart, everything was back in its place and laughter was heard from the kitchen, along with a feminine groan of disappointment. "Almost thirty seconds, I told you it wouldn't last long." The obvious sound of Jiraiya was heard above the laughter of the two younger boys.

Naruto set Tsunade down, she set the blanket down on the couch, and they walked into the kitchen together. Jiraiya looked over at the two, looking sheepish before he began talking. "This is not what it looks like." He said quickly as Naruto looked at the white haired Sannin with a blank face.

"Well tell me what it looks like Jiraiya. Because to me, it looks like all of you just ate up all the ramen Tsunade was saving for dinner tonight." Naruto surprisingly spoke with a clear and easy tone.

The surprise showed on everybody's face, especially Tsunade's, and she knew just how much her husband loved his ramen, whether she or Ichiraku made it. "Are you alright Tou-san?" Konan voiced her concerns first, standing to her feet and taking a single step towards her adoptive father.

The blonde man looked down at the blue haired girl and smiled. "Of course I'm alright. I couldn't be doing better right now." He said before Jiraiya appeared beside him, poking his cheek.

"Are you sure about that Naruto? You don't seem like you're one hundred percent." The man said while Yahiko appeared on the other side of the blonde, poking into the blonde's thigh. Even Nagato joined in and began poking into Naruto's hip.

Naruto's face was blank while they poked him. After twenty seconds, he hit each of them on their heads. Jiraiya, Yahiko and Nagato stumbled backwards, their hands on their heads as they all winced in unison. "Luckily for you three I'm in a good mood. Kai is going into labor."

The children gasped in surprise and Jiraiya let out a laughed and rubbed Tsunade's head. "You're next." He said before a tick mark appeared on Tsunade's forehead and she punched him into the ground.

Her angry/annoyed looked turned back to a sweet and caring look when she looked back at the orphans t hey adopted some time ago. "Yeah, Kai is going through labor. We don't know by how long, but it could be around a few minutes or an entire day." She explained with a smile as she went to sit down, her hand softly rubbing her own bulging belly.

Naruto smiled and kneeled in front of his wife, rubbing her belly as well. "Promise me you won't break my hands when it's your turn." He said kissing his wife's stomach.

Tsunade looked down at Naruto and smirked, rubbing his head. "I'll think about it." Everybody chuckled at her words and she looked around. "So, how are things coming along in the academy?" she asked, quickly quieting down the children.

The three of them grumbled and crossed their arms. Naruto chuckled at that as he rested his head on Tsunade's belly. "You three are acting more like triplets right now. Nagato, why don't you start, tell me what you like best and what you dislike the most out of it?" Tsunade asked the boy who jumped in surprise at being the first person chosen out of the three.

He took a step forward and rubbed the corner of his left eye in thought. "Well, I like the teachers. Even though we know a lot, the senseis there seem to be giving us special attention because of the fact that we were already taught in the subjects they have for the other classmates." He said, his scratching finger migrating up to into his hairline while he was talking.

Naruto whistled softly. "That must be a tough way to make friends with your classmates. Are you having any trouble on that front?" he asked, turning his head to look at the red headed boy.

Yahiko stepped in front of Nagato, knowing the boy still wasn't that sociable with the other children. "Nagato here still hasn't gotten out of that shell of his. For now, he likes to hang out with us. With time, that'll easily change. But for me, making friends is easy." The orange haired boy bragged as he puffed his chest out. Already, Yahiko was becoming quite popular in the academy community. Whispers about him becoming as skilled as one of the Sannin were already floating through the village.

"What about you Konan? Are you having fun there?" Tsunade said looking over at the blue haired young girl.

Konan narrowed her eyes at Tsunade and grumbled softly. "Boys are dumb." She said making Tsunade giggle in agreement.


Meanwhile at the hospital, Sakumo rushed his wife passed the doors of the hospital. Kai's wails of another contraction put the doctors into action as they took her from him and rushed her to the pregnancy ward.

There she was given the drugs she desired, to lessen the pain of the contractions. Now she was more relaxed while she was lying in her hospital bed, her husband beside her. She was in labor, there was no doubt about that, but all she had to do now was let it happen naturally. She was against scarring her body with a C-section.

Sakumo tenderly rubbed Kai's hand as she looked at him with a sweet smile. "It's finally happening Sakumo-kun. We're finally having our baby."

The Hatake smiled and kissed the knuckles of her hand. "I know. I'm so excited I can't wait to see what he's going to look like. I hope he has your eyes." It was true. The couple had cheated and checked the gender of their child beforehand.

Kai giggled softly at the sentiment. "That's nice, but since he's your son, he's most definitely going to follow in your footsteps." She said before wincing sharply as a contraction appeared, vanishing as quickly as it arrived.

"Are you alright honey?" Sakumo asked, holding her hand tighter in response to her own grip tightening.

Kai looked at her husband and smiled deeply at him. "Of course, it's just a short contraction for the moment. The main course has yet to come." Kai said smiling brightly as Sakumo kissed the knuckles on her hand.

"I hope it happens soon, we both know the food here sucks." He said before the two of them shared a laugh.

XxX Hours Later – 3:13 A.M XxX

Hours passed with only a few minor contractions interrupting the conversation between husband and wife. The couple had multiple visitors. The most prominent being Naruto and his family, Hiruzen and his family, Shinzu, Orochimaru, Jiraiya, Nawaki, and Naruto's old ANBU squad conveniently being off duty at the moment.

Naruto and Tsunade remained in the room to continue talking with their friends. It was Tsunade's influence as such a prestigious medical kunoichi and the head of the hospital, which allowed them to remain in the room.

As of now, the married couple was enjoying some much-needed sleep. They might have rested for about half an hour before Kai's eyes snapped open in pain. She rested her hands on her stomach as she had a big contraction, letting out a long yell of pain, immediately waking Tsunade and the others up.

There wasn't a need for her to press the call nurse button as three of them rushed into the room moments later. Sakumo snapped his head up and looked around. One of the nurses was by his side, while the other two put Kai in the stirrups. "Hatake-san, may I ask that you wait outside along with Naruto-san, or would you like to remain here?" she asked as the man stood to his feet.

Sakumo looked over at his wife and Tsunade, and then over at Naruto who was peeking his head into the room. "It's okay Sakumo, stay and have your hand crushed by your wife." The whiskered Jonin laughed as he closed the door.

Sakumo then let out a soft chuckle. "I'll stay." He said turning to look at Tsunade. "How's everything going Tsu-chan?" he said as Kai latched onto his hand with hers, squeezing it tightly as another contraction hit her.

They were coming in faster intervals, compared to before. That alone was enough to let him know the climax of the labor was near. "Good news, with a few more pushes and we'll be able to see the crown of the baby's head." The blonde Sannin spoke, softly pressing her hands into Kai's stomach. "Let's have a push Kai. Don't forget to breath. Remember your exercises." Tsunade spoke softly to her friend.

"Stop talking Tsunade and get this baby out of me!" Kai yelled frantically, squeezing Sakumo's hand and panting rapidly.

Sakumo let out a little wince as he squeezed his hand into hers as well, hoping to keep his bones from breaking under the outrageous pressure his wife was generating in her little hand. "We prepared for this honey, just listen to Tsun-."

His wife hissed at him in pain, effectively cutting Sakumo off from saying anything. "Shut the hell up! You did this to me, you bastard!" she yelled at him, squeezing his hand for all she was worth as she yelled and pushed at the same time.

"It's crowning." One of the nurses exclaimed in the background as Sakumo used his other hand to sweep the sweaty hair out of Kai's face.

"You know I love you Kai. Somebody get her some drugs!" he yelped out as Kai hit him with her other hand.

Some nurses scrambled to stop the domestic violence while Tsunade concentrated on delivering the baby. Something in the back of her head was telling her she was going to be doing the same thing, but ten times worse. 'Damn Naruto-kun.' She thought with an inward wince.


In the waiting lobby, the blonde let out a sneeze and a chuckling sniff. "Wow, Tsu-hime must be thinking about me." He muttered to himself. He looked over to the room in thought. 'Or young Kakashi is…' he thought with a soft smile.

He smiled brighter when he heard more of Kai's yelling. 'I still can't believe that I'm living alongside of history. Never in a million years would I have thought that I was going to end up back in time like this. Fighting Obito at the time I did was perhaps the best thing that has ever happened to me.' He thought to himself before he felt a chakra signature forming in front of him.

He laughed softly when the form of his sensei appeared from within the small whirlwind of leaves. "What'd I miss?" he yelled sleepily. The whiskered haired Jonin was laughing because of what the man was wearing.

He had on a set of white and green, long sleeved striped pajamas, along with a pair of matching house shoes and a nightcap. The only thing missing was a sleeping mask. "Sensei, what… are you wearing?" Naruto said between uncontrollable chuckles.

Shinzu waved his student off, turning his head to where the obvious outcries of his other student were coming from. "She's having this baby way too early in the morning." He said going to sit beside his student.

"She's not choosing to have it right now sensei. The baby wants out, whenever the baby wants out. You know this." Naruto said with a soft chuckle, thinking about Shikaku. Although, Shinzu wasn't the father, he was the uncle of Shikaku. Everything was starting to get closer to when he was inevitably born.

However, if he knew his history, and it was not a lot, then there should be another war coming soon. 'I really should have paid more attention in class. I have no idea how this third war started.' He thought to himself with an inward groan.

"Yeah, Naruto, I know that much." The middle aged Nara grumbled just loud enough for Naruto to hear.

They both shared a smile and a laugh. "Well, I guess this would mean that missions are going to be slower for Sakumo. Or at least lower ranked missions." Naruto said running a hand through his hair.

"I don't know about that. If your brother has a mission that requires either of your skill sets, then either or both of you are going, regardless of the rank." Shinzu informed the young man.

Naruto nodded. "I know that much, I was just thinking about what would happen now that we're starting our own families."

Shinzu shook his head softly. "Naruto, do I have to teach you about whom the King is again?" he said crossing his arms as he leaned back in his chair.

Naruto frantically waved his arms in the air. "No, no, no. There's no need for any of that."

The Nara chuckled and patted Naruto's head. "I'm going to do it anyway." He said causing Naruto to let out an annoyed groan. "I'm just playing. We both know that the children are the kings of the village and as the older generation, we need to do everything we need to do to protect them. When we do this properly, teaching the younger generation this philosophy will ensure that the village never grows weak. And like your brother says so often, our will of fire will forever burn bright." Shinzu said looking at his student, having looked off towards the hallway.

He shook his head again, once he saw that Naruto was pretending to be asleep, even going so far as to let out soft snores. He groaned and bopped his student on the head. "Wake up idiot."

Naruto looked around quickly, exclaiming random obscenities before he was bopped on the head again. "Alright alright. I understand what you're saying sensei. Just stop hitting me." The former blonde said only to receive yet another bop to the head.

XxX One Hour Later XxX

It was an hour wait before the soft cries of a newborn filled the halls and a loud; "I'm a daddy!" rang from the room. Naruto, who had really been sleep, against his sensei's shoulder jolted awake from the loud exclamation.

Shinzu had been close to falling asleep himself and jolted as well along with his student. "Geez, he's always so loud when he gets something right. I swear you corrupted him some how in some way."

Naruto groaned as he softly stretched his back, lightly pushing the man as he stood to his feet. "I didn't do anything to Sakumo and you know this already." He said with a yawn as Sakumo came into their views with a big smile on his face.

"I did it. He's such a handsome baby boy." He said as everyone he and Naruto hugged with Shinzu patting the man on his back.

"I'm proud of you Sakumo. You, Kai and yes, even you, Naruto. You three have done what I didn't think possible whilst training you. You're starting families and expanding your horizons. Keep your children in your hearts, and you will find that you will accomplish every goal you put in front of you." He said as the others smiled before sharing a look.

"Oh good you're done. Come on lets go look at the new addition to the Hatake name." Naruto said as he and Sakumo rushed back into the room as if they were the ones that had given birth.

Shinzu was left there with a deadpan look on his face. He sighed and shook his head. "I don't even know why I try with those two." He muttered to himself as he followed his students moments later.

In the room, Kai was in the bed as she had been before. Only now, her hair was a complete mess, her robe was in scrunched in on her left side, where her other hand had been grabbing onto her leg.

In her arms was her newborn baby boy. Immediately named Kakashi and the umbilical cut by the father moments ago.

The baby, Kakashi was crying softly, his eyes closed tight as Kai softly rocked him in her arms and shushing him quietly. Everyone had smiles on their faces as they watched the mother and her child.

The smile on Sakumo's face was threatening to split his face in two with how wide it was. "You're next Tsunade-chan." Kai said in relief as she got little Kakashi to latch onto her nipple. She wasn't embarrassed in the slightest, everybody in the room has already seen her topless before. A mission she didn't want to think about ever again, lest she die of embarrassment.

The blonde Sannin smiled as she took her gloves off, and washed her hands. "Not for many months." She said, smiling over at her husband who gave her an even wider smile.

"Yup, just enough time for you to get back on your feet and deliver our baby." Naruto grinned, directing his statement to his female teammate. "Gotta keep this in the family." He added as everyone laughed lightly, with Tsunade lightly flicking his forehead.

Naruto's head snapped back and he groaned at her flick, having flashbacks of every time she did that to him. "Oww~ what was that for?" he asked rubbing his forehead, a red mark bright on his skin.

Tsunade crossed her arms under her ample bosom and smirked over at him, Kai answered for the blonde. "I'm not trained in delivering babies. I didn't even see what they were doing just now. I was too busy screaming my head off." She explained as Sakumo looked over at his male teammate and nodded at him.

"She was doing nothing but that, and breaking my hand… and hitting me… You might want to seal Tsunade's chakra when it's her turn." He suggested as everyone laughed again. Only this time, he was on the receiving end of Tsunade's finger flick.

XxX Mito's House Xxx

While everyone had been busy with visiting Kai, Sakumo and their new baby boy, Mito had been putting Kushina through some incredible rigorous training. She had to properly prepare the young girl, not only for her future as a kunoichi, but as the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Even if Naruto had informed them that the Kyuubi had become docile from the transfer, her experience as the container told her to stay ready.

Her eyes watched the young girl with a focused look, as if she was zoomed in on the girl only.

Kushina struggled to remain calm as she was forced to sit in a pool of freezing water. The absence of the sun, made it even cooler.

This exercise was supposed to teach her two things. The first was how to stay in control of her body temperature in extreme conditions. The second was to remain focused on the task, despite being in the outrageous situation.

She couldn't disagree with the training, because she knew of two places that had these kinds of conditions. The first being Yuki no Kuni, though they did have the occasional spring season with warm weather. The second country was Shimo no Kuni, which seemed to always be in that type of climate.

She mentally grinned to herself. 'I guess school is a good thing to go to.' She told herself, usually against going to the academy with the other children who were barely just learning about their own chakra.

Her concentration slipped just a tad out of line. It was more than enough for Mito to see the fluctuation in her chakra. She acted swiftly and without remorse as she did a simple hand seal, causing the water around her to churn wildly.

The chilly water bashed against her previously dry skin around her shoulder areas, causing her to shriek at the sudden shift. "Oi, what are you doing you crazy lady?" she yelled as the waters nearly submerged her entirely.

"Your focus must be unhindered, clean and without fail. I felt you slip up, not physically, but mentally. Clear your mind of all distractions. Soon, you'll be able to move around in these conditions and once you master it, you'll be able to prevent frostbite before it could even begin to take effect in your body." Mito explained with quick words, speaking sternly to her surrogate granddaughter

She grumbled slightly as the water shot up around her. She let out another shriek, this time her instincts forcing her to jump from the water to prevent being forced underwater.

She was soon, tossed back into the water… more like kicked back in, because Mito was in the air with her, her foot already stretched out and Kunshina's small body causing a loud splash in the water.

The elder Uzumaki landed on the ground and crossed her arms under her aged bosom. "No need to leave the lake. Unless, of course, you want to continue your Taijutsu training." She asked as Kushina raised her head above the water and glared at the elder with fire in her crimson eyes.

Mito raised a finger and wagged it softly at her, not unlike the others that are teaching the young girl on how to control her emotions. "Keep that anger in check. You wouldn't want every ANBU rushing over here do you?" she said putting her hands on her waist.

Kushina kept glaring at the woman, before lowering her mouth back into the water and blowing bubbles in frustration, her eyes returning to normal.

This was how their training continued throughout the night. 'Kushina must be prepared for what's coming. I don't know when it'll be here, but it's going to be here eventually.' Mito thought to herself as she looked into the sparkling sky above.

XxX Fire Country Capital XxX

Unbeknownst to anybody, the Fire Daimyo was having a top secret meeting with an ambitious and, quite wealthy, man. This meeting did not seem very important at first. They were having it over cups of tea. Nevertheless, the more the country leader listened, the more he was corrupted by the greed within him. Greed, he was not even aware he possessed.

The big, but not plump, Daimyo had to wipe his mouth at the prospect of all the future money he saw coming their way. "Do you really think everything will go smoothly? A world war just ended, isn't it a bit too soon for this to happen?" the man asked as his conscious took a small step ahead of greed.

The man the Daimyo was talking to was tall. He had very pale skinned and had short and a very light shade of gray hair. He had dark eyes, obsidian in color as he talked to the political man in front of him. His attire was that of a simple kimono, black in color with a solid crimson circle over the right breast. He also had a white haori over his shoulders with the same crimson circle at the very center. The inseam of the haori was black in color and matched the hakama the man was wearing.

When he had approached the Daimyo, he was wearing a straw hat to protect his head from the rain that had suddenly picked up an hour before his arrival. This had perplexed the Daimyo since, despite the rain, the elder man had remained completely dry.

"Daimyo-sama, just like I informed the Lightning Daimyo, everything is going to be fine. The emotions will run high, but that's just exactly what will bring the money in." the old stranger spoke as the Daiymo quickly began nodding his head, clearing excited.

"You have my word. I'll help you along with the other Daiymos and we'll make sure everything is set up." He said, his eyes were noticeably glazed over, as he stretched his hand out.

A thunderclap sounded loudly outside as soon as the old man grasped onto the stretched out hand. "Excellent decision Lord Fire Daimyo. You have a bright future ahead of you." The old man spoke with a smooth voice and a wicked smirk upon his lips.

The fire Daiymo felt a sharp pain and pulled his hand back. He held his wrist and looked at the wound as blood slowly dripped onto the floor.

"Guards!" He yelled as he looked behind him at the door as two guards rushed into the room, immediately seeing the blood. "Arrest this man! He just attacked me!" he yelled, as the guards seemed perplexed about the situation.

"Arrest who my Lord? There's no one in here with you." One of the guards, a short samurai said as the Daimyo whirled around, finding nobody in there with him.

"Wha- Where did he go? He was just right here!" He turned back around to his guards, his eyes unglazed, but full of confusion and a slight hint of fear.

The other samurai guard stepped forward and cleared his throat. He was much shorter than the first, but he was noticeably a shade darker in skin tone. "My Lord…" he started, pausing and gulping as the man shot him a stern look. "You've been alone in here for the past six hours. You told us to not disturb you unless you called for us." He said, bowing deeply in respect.

The Lord Daimyo let out a sharp growl of annoyance as another guard rushed in and proceeded to clean his hand, disinfect and wrap his hand in bandages. "Alone? I was in here with a client! We were having tea. There should be two cups here." He said looking behind him on the floor.

On the floor was a small puddle of tea and blood, along with fragments of the broken teacup. However, there wasn't a second cup anywhere in sight. Not even a second pillow was set up in the middle of the room.

"It's possible that you imagined the entire thing and simply squeezed your cup too hard and broke it my Lord. I pulled out a few fragments of the cup from the wound on your palm." The medical assistant spoke quickly.

The Daimyo began to break into a sweat at the turn of events. He didn't really have to explain things to his subjects. Their opinions meant nothing to him. What he was trying to do was try to explain things to himself. There was no way he could have imagined that meeting or break his cup in his hand.

He wiped his sweaty brow with his undamaged hand and something came to him in a split second. "The rain! He came with the rain." He whirled his head towards the window, realizing that the curtains were closed. Only at that moment did he realize just how dark it was in the room. Only a single candle was lit and it was five meters away from his position. He also noticed that he wasn't even in his office, which he had believed before.

"Pull open the curtains! It has to still be raining." He exclaimed loudly, the fear increasing in his eyes.

By this point, the guards were thinking their Lord was more than sleep depraved and was suffering from a case of insanity. When they opened the curtains, they weren't surprised to see the clear night sky that they've grown accustomed to during their entire life. "You've been in this dark room for far too long. Perhaps all you need is a hot soak in the tub and a long rest, My Lord. You'll feel better once you awaken."

The man was on the verge of a mental breakdown, but with the prospect of those suggestions, he had to reluctantly agree with the assistant's suggestion. He took multiple deep breaths and tried to regain control of his senses. "Okay… Okay. I'll do as you suggested. I'll rethink this situation in the morning when I wake." He told himself as he turned on his heel and began walking out of the room. "Clean up this mess."

"Hai!" They all exclaimed loudly and began getting to work.


Well always from the capital of the Fire Country. A storm was raging on, the wind wildly whipping each individual water droplets at incredible speeds. The storm was traveling, slowly above a single man. The same man from the meeting.

Despite the harsh rain never making contact with his attire, he wore the straw hat on his head. He was walking slowly along the arid dirt road, the rain never splattering down onto ground level.

Slowly he began to chuckle, the very sound able to make babies cry. The evil in the laugh was purely evident as it was accompanied by the most devious smirk a human being could ever produce.

However, the man, if he could even be called that, looked more like a specter as seemed to glide forward, his stride being that smoothly. "Two down… Everything is falling together perfectly." He spoke to himself with his smirk growing wider as he looked up, the storm immediately dissipating from his gaze.

As the storm cleared, the crimson circle on the back of the elder's haori developed black designs of an ancient Doujutsu. "Soon, the games will begin."

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