Hello new readers. This is yet again another new story that I've been working on during my forced hiatus. Unlike with my other stories you didn't have to wait for this one, as it surprising everybody that its even here.

Now this is challenge from the author Narutoenthusiast, who is an awesome author. Naruto in this story will have the Jinton, Swift Release Bloodline. He inherited it from his father, who used it as a basis for the Hirashin, that's all I'm telling for now.

The name of the story is bland I know, but I really couldn't think of anything awesome.

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{Eight O'Clock At Night}

It was the tenth day of October, and the night sky was dark, thanks to it being the night of the new moon. But still the people of Konoha were cheering, drinking and celebrating to Kami, because they were thankful for surviving the attack of the Kyuubi no Kitsune six years ago.

And speaking of the Kyuubi, the host of the beast was currently running through the streets of the village. Moving in a zig zag formation to dodge the rocks, kunai, shurikens, and other various knives that were being thrown at him.

The child has blonde hair, electric blue eyes and six whisker marks on his cheeks, three on each. He was wearing a sleeveless dark red shirt and jet black shorts, with black sandals he stole from a civilian child.

He looked behind him to see about a dozen shinobi chasing him since he had already outrun the civilian mob that was chasing him. Every now and then, some civilians would join the chase or try to cut him off, only to be left behind or ran over.

"What's the matter, can't catch a six year old?" Naruto yelled behind him before laughing putting his six year old legs into overdrive as he cut into an alleyway, surprising his pursuers.

After entering the alleys of Konoha, the boy was able to cut into more and more alleys, forcing his pursuers to jump to the roofs to keep up with him. The Jounins and Chunins in the mob cursed themselves for not knowing the layout of their own village like the back of their hands. The amount of missions outside of the village forced them to know layouts of other villages and since they never had a use to explore the alleys of their own village, well you could see the result of their negligence.

Though Naruto was without the knowledge of how to use chakra properly and about the beast inside of him, he continued to dash through the alleys, unconsciously using chakra in his legs and moving as agile as a fox itself.

Suddenly he encountered a dead end and before he could run out of the alley, his mob caught up to him.

He turned and glared at the crowd, "Do you really think you caught me…" he said bursting out in laughter, before he started calming down. "Think again, go ahead do your worst." he said as they started doing the same hand seals.

The blonde began to suffer from anxiety for awhile as he hoped his plan would work. Suddenly a burst of adrenaline worked its way into his system and he burst into action as they all took a large inhale and exhaled large fireballs that converged into one very big one.

The fireball hit the back wall and the explosion shook the area, and since the shinobi were distracted they didn't notice the sizzling of multiple exploding tags on the side walls of the deadened alleyway.

However one lucky and experienced Jounin's danger sense went off and he was lucky enough to Shunshin out of the area, just in time to escape a very large and fiery explosion.

He looked from a roof and swore about the loss of eleven Jounins and Chunins. He was about to exit the area when a squad of ANBU appeared behind him, grabbed him, and took him to Ibiki, for a little talk.

The Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen stood in the middle of the destroyed alley, the fire around him not bothering him a bit. A team of ANBU were currently putting out the fires before they had anymore time to spread. 'Where are you Naruto-kun?' Sarutobi thought to himself as he turned on his heel and begun to walk back to his office, a frown marring his face.

Meanwhile the blonde was walking through the sewers of Konoha. The nasty and murky water was up to his knees, wetting the bottom of his shorts. 'Ugh it stinks down here.' He thought to himself as he started jogging through the water, happy that he survived another year. "But I guess I cant be mad at the smell of victory."

He saw a small speck of light and ran to it. After climbing up the ladder, he, with a lot of difficulty, moved the heavy object from our of his way. He rose his head and realized the light was in front of Ichiraku's Ramen Stand.

They were closed now, and he was glad, because right now he was tired and he stunk, and he didn't feel like being a sitting duck, while enjoying a big bowl of ramen. Not to mention they were never open on his birthday, because they didn't want him getting tempted to have a bowl of ramen and end up getting beat out of his senses.

He yawned and trudged his way home, keeping to the shadows. Before long he was in his little apartment, not minding how it looked on the outside. The old man Hokage gave him this apartment a little over a month ago. When that happened his neighbors moved out and the Hokage gave him the deed to the apartment so that he didn't have to pay any rent.

He laid on his bed and smiled at the ceiling. "Another year gone by, another set of fools getting schooled." he smirked to himself for planning the perfect scenario for the mob.

If it was under a different scenario, he might have felt a little remorse for killing eleven people. But to be fair, they were ready and willing to take his own life, if he was caught… which he nearly was.

"If that's the most those Jounins and Chunins could do, then I'm going to be the best ninja this village will ever produce." Naruto said before he drifted to dream world as the next six years literally flew by quickly.

{Six Years Later}

*Beep* *Beep*

The blonde awoke to the sound of his alarm clock. With unimaginable speed, he destroyed the clock and sat up in his bed. He walked to his dresser and looked at the clock on it.

5 o'clock just like always. He did his routine, you know take a shower, brush his teeth, and get dressed, and then have some toast and bacon. He wore a black sleeveless muscle shirt, dark green pants with the ankles tapped. He had long since ripped the sleeves off of his shirt because, in his opinion it looked way more cooler that way. His blonde hair was long like the Yondaime Hokage's and his electric blue eyes became more mature and hardened these past six years.

Over his muscle shirt was a dark green Chuunin vest he took from the latest Chunin that attacked him just last night.

{Flashback} {9 O'clock At Night}

Naruto had decided to finish training a little later than he usually would end it and started to walk out of the training ground.

He had to go to the Academy the next day, considering that the next day was a Monday. He knew the graduation exam was going to be this Friday. He had kept his skills as secret as he possibly can.

Even when the Hokage came to the class to give a surprise graduation exam, he had to practically do his worst in order to fail. The village wasn't ready to see how strong he truly was.

But even though, he wanted to lay low, that didn't mean he was going to be the dead last of the class. He was second place, only trailing behind Uchiha Sasuke, the stuck up duck haired emo kid in class, by one point thanks to their latest shuriken test.

The bastard had scored a perfect ten on the kunai test and a nine of the shuriken. So he had to score a nine on his kunai and nine on his shuriken. He didn't care because the blonde couldn't be beat in Taijutsu, thanks to his bloodline that allowed him the speed he needed when he was in an emergency.

And speaking of emergencies, his danger senses told him to disappear as a volley of kunai and shurikens were headed his way. And disappear he did, pissing the thrower of the projectiles off.

Naruto reappeared back in the same spot and looked around the field, "Show yourself coward." Naruto said out loud, pissed that someone would interrupt his train of thought.

"So the rumors are true, the demon can move faster than the eye can see." A voice said from behind the blonde.

The blonde turned to see a man around the age of twenty. He was short, only an inch or two taller than he was, which was four feet and eight inches. So yeah he was shorter than most in his class, but it also meant that he could move more quicker and stealthier than he others. The man wore the typical attire for a Chunin, nothing special. Except for his long sword on his back, but to the blonde it looked like a piece of junk.

'Why do people keep calling me a demon?' he asked himself. "I don't know what you want and I don't care. So tonight, since I'm feeling generous I'll give you a deal. Leave me be and I wont kill you." the academy student said to the Chunin as his eyes pierced into the eyes of the attacker.

Said attacker had short gray hair and gray eyes to match. He had a goatee and studded earrings. He was buff and the blonde knew he had power behind his strikes. So he was thinking a Taijutsu specialist, Naruto smirked he knew what he had to do to defeat him. "My name is-" the man started.

"I don't care what your mother named you. For declining my deal and disturbing me, your sentence is death." Naruto said jumping backwards into the trees behind him, confusing the ashen haired Chunin.

Naruto threw a single kunai at the man, who easily caught it. "What is that it, this is nothing. Your nothing." the midget said turning when he heard the whizzing of another kunai flying through the air. He caught that one as well. He started laughing when he saw Naruto running right at him with a pair of kunai in his hands.

The man easily dodged the blonde's strike and punched him into a tree, he dashed and rammed his knee into the blonde's chest. Blood splattered on his leg and he smirked evilly and started punching the blonde, repeatedly. After about the fiftieth strike to the child's face, the man reached behind him and grabbed his long sword and stabbed it through the blonde's heart.

Crazed laughter rung out through the area. The man was laughing so hard that he didn't notice the moon in the sky turn red like blood. Clouds started gathering and the man heard thunder. Lightning suddenly struck in front of the man, right on top of the blonde.

Luckily the Chunin acted in time to jump back. As he landed he noticed the temperature in the air dropped to icy levels. He could literally see his breath as he started sweating, even with the cold air. The reason for his sweating was because he was witnessing something rising from the ashes of the demon.

After a second he deduced that it was the Shinigami. He was dressed in black, the ashes made up his cloak. He entity rose his skeletal hand and the leftover ashes on the ground lifted off the ground and created his signature scythe.

The Chunin was extremely terrified, so terrified that he couldn't even move. He trembled when the entity spoke, "You, who has killed an innocent, shall be sent to hell. Where you'll burn, for all eternity." the specter said, black smoke coming from inside the hood.

The Chunin's eyes hardened, "INNOCENT, THAT.. THING HAS EITHER INJURED OR KILLED ALL THOSE THAT CONFRONTED HIM!" he yelled before he felt KI unlike any other suddenly drop on him.

The human dropped to his knees, and yet he continued to glare at the God. "To call him innocent is almost as worst as to call that demon fox a SAINT!" the man yelled before the scythe of the Shinigami sliced off his head. The body of the man dropped to the floor.

"Even with the fear in his eyes he continued to defy me. He deserves a little respect…" the entity spoke as he disappeared. Seconds later the moon returned to normal and Naruto walked into the clearing, not a scratch on him. Well there wasn't any new scratches as he was training before.

The blonde walked up to the motionless and brain dead man and crouched next to him, "Genjutsu has its wonders no? I'll let you live, since you earned just a little of my respect." he said standing up. He begin to walk away when he got an idea.

He ran back and took what made the man a Chunin. His vest, because it was just his size, and also… because it matched his outfit.

{Release Flashback}

Naruto smirked to himself for handling the situation the way he did. He exited his apartment and began his morning routine, three laps around Konoha, than heading to the nearest training ground. Which was training ground number 7, where he would do two hundred sit ups, two hundred push ups, two hundred hits to the logs per limb, and then he would finish the workout by going back home and taking a shower and dashing to the academy for school. As always he would be finished by eight o'clock just in time for school.

Iruka was a scarred Chunin that worked as a teacher at the academy with his partner Mizuki. These two taught the students that were on their way to graduation day, which consisted of the heirs and heiresses of the village's clans.

(I wont go into detail, because their the same as in the Canon version. Just Naruto is different, I'll change people to fit the story if I feel that its necessary as the story progresses. Except Iruka, I'll change him now, you'll see.)

It was almost time for school to start, and the class was filled with students… well almost all his students. Uzumaki Naruto wasn't in his seat yet, nobody knew what he did before or after school because he would always leave as soon as the bell rung.

Iruka looked at his watch, 7:59 a.m. with only ten seconds before he could punish the demon for being late. A couple seconds later and Iruka started counting down in his head. 'Five, four, three, two, one…' he thought looking at his clock and then on one, Naruto appeared in his seat. Said seat was in the back of the class, and the bell rung, causing Iruka and Mizuki, who was also counting down, to hang their heads low. 'Damn it.' They both cursed in their heads. 'Right on time as always.' they thought again as they shook their heads and begun the lesson, which was just a review on the kages of the village.

"Can any of you tell me about the order of which the Hokages went into office?" Mizuki asked, before pointing to the classroom's bookworm, Haruno Sakura.

The rosette silently squealed at being picked, "Senju Hashirama, the Shodai Hokage, founded this village along with Uchiha Madara. His brother Senju Tobirama, would later become the Nidaime Hokage, after Hashirama falls in battle in the first ninja war. Before that happen the two brothers trained one Sarutobi Hiruzen, who later became the Sandaime Hokage. The Sandaime trained the Densetsu no Sannin and Jiraiya, the Gama Sennin, trained Namikaze Minato, who became the Yondaime Hokage. After the events of the Kyuubi attack twelve years ago, the role of kage returned to the Sandaime after the Yondaime fell to the fox." she ended her speech feeling proud of herself, even though that was a question anyone could've answered.

Naruto had been staring out the window the entire time Sakura had been giving her speech. 'Bored, I'm so bored. What to do, what to do. Who should be the target of my entertainment.' he looked around the class, looking for the perfect victim.

When his eyes landed on dog breath he smirked, unnoticeably. He did some hand seals under the desk and started his Genjutsu. Lately he's been excelling in Genjutsu, maybe all those chakra control exercises he does after school were finally paying off.

First he started messing with the mutt's sense of smell, he started making him smell cats. Naruto watched as second's later Kiba's nose started sniffing unnoticeable by anyone, except him.

After a full minute he started phase two of his little prank. Which was the mutts sense of hearing, not even a second later, Kiba was slowly turning his head back and forth. "Hey, do any of you guys hear meowing?" the Inuzuka asked out loud, interrupting the class.

"Excuse me, Kiba-kun, can you explain to me why you decided to ask such a question." Iruka said.

Kiba didn't listen, he just held up his hand and started sniffing, trying to locate the position of the cat. "Its near, you ready Akamaru?" Kiba said making the dog whine and put his head down. This confused Kiba but he paid no attention to it as the scent and the sound of the meowing was getting stronger and louder, respectively.

By now the class was getting a little creeped out by the weird behavior of Kiba. The blonde was different, he found it so hilarious that he had to hold in his laughter as much as he could. He made a final seal that messed up the Inuzuka's sense of sight.

Kiba had been moving around the room, his nose sniffing and his ear twitching. The teachers were at a loss on what to do, as this had never happened before in the class. They couldn't hear or smell any cats, so they knew the kid was under a Genjutsu, but from who? The only ones in the class that can do a Genjutsu was them and maybe Uchiha Sasuke, only because of the Sharingan. But not only did he not unlock the Sharingan yet, but he didn't even look at the young Inuzuka, or even in his direction the twenty minutes they've been in the class.

Suddenly Kiba turned around and found the cat right behind Sasuke's head. A second later he ran at it, jumping over Sasuke and started chasing the cat. The funny part about that was while hopping over Sasuke, the Inuzuka kicked the back of the Uchiha's head.

As this was happening Naruto started fooling around with the mutt's sense of direction, and soon enough Kiba ran right into the wall, making the class erupt into laughter. Naruto ended his technique when he hit the wall and since everyone else was laughing it wouldn't look suspicious if the blonde didn't laugh. And laugh he did, even Shino, the class statue, chuckled at the sight.

Phrases like, "Great job retard." and "That's dead last behavior right there." were spoken throughout the room.

After getting his desired amount of laughter the blonde sat back and watched the chaos. Unknowingly someone had noticed everything he did, and yet she didn't do anything to stop it. Since Kiba was always so persistent with his advances and she was glad that he was humiliated the way he was. 'That's my Naruto-kun, show him who's boss.' the young heiress thought, quickly deactivating her bloodline.

Kiba arose to his feet and held his head, he heard the laughter and immediately felt embarrassed for himself. He swore to himself that he would find out the one who did this to him and he would personally torture the poor fool until he was begging to stop. He walked to his seat and put his head down.

While this was happening Iruka and Mizuki had been watching quietly, not knowing who to apprehend for this. Suddenly Iruka grew angry and glared at Naruto, with him being a fox demon and all. Fox demons were known for their prowess in the field of illusion.

"Uzumaki, for placing Kiba-kun under an illusion you're suspended for the rest of the day…" seeing that Naruto was about to complain he continued, "no excuses, now out of my face." he yelled pointing to the door.

The blonde stayed seated for a while, glaring at Iruka, but seeing the anger in the Chunin's eyes made him scoff and walk out the class. By this time Kiba had been glaring at the blonde's back, choosing him to exact his revenge upon.

Outside the door he smirked as his plan succeeded, yet again. "I knew that scarred bastard would accuse me, now I have extra time to train." the blonde muttered exiting the building.

He began walking around the village, ignoring the glares sent his way. He walked into an alley and promptly vanished. Using his bloodline in public was something he vowed never to do, because he didn't know what the village would do with him. He had his doubts about the subject, ever since he awakened it. Either the village would cherish him for bringing another bloodline into the village, or attack him and forcibly take the bloodline from him in some horrific display of evil.

He appeared in training ground seven, first he checked if anyone was currently training inside, since he was way earlier than the time he would usually get here. After finding none he formed the rabbit seal, "Jinton: Bunshin." he muttered to himself as five clones appeared around him.

These clones were obviously different than regular clones, as these were created purely for speed. But that wasn't the only thing, if they were faster than Naruto's punch, then the punch would go right through. But, if the clone wasn't faster, then the punch would connect and they'll get dispelled.

Since they all had the same skill as Naruto, he often had to find ways of hitting his clones before they had time to react… and that was the hard part. Thinking on the fly was a strategy he only used for a last resort.

Just like every other time he starts this training, he stood in the middle of the field, while his clones were on the edge of the clearing. This exercise was based solely on increasing his reflexes and natural speed. It was also based on Taijutsu, since his clones didn't have the chakra capacity for a prolonged Ninjutsu fight and he wasn't given enough time to even form the hand seals.

Another condition was that he couldn't use his Swift Release at all, especially if it was to boost his speed. His clones could use the bloodline as much as they wanted to, its just that he didn't want to rely on his bloodline for anything, other than surprise attacks.

Like always the training started abruptly, and he was punched in the chest. Sending him into another punch that came way too quickly. He was sent to the floor and he quickly had to get up and jump in the air, which wasn't smart at all.

While in the air, the original watched as kunai pierced the ground right where he was a second ago. He then looked towards his clones and realized they had just finished their three hand seals and crossed their arms. 'Of all the techniques I know, they decide to do this one.' he thought making his own seals.

"Jinton: Hoshi no Nami!" (Wave of Stars) The clones yelled swinging their arms, releasing a turret of electric stars.

"Futon: Kaze no Tate!" (Shield of Wind) The original yelled as a shield of wind appeared in front of him.

The two techniques clashed and fought for dominance, the stars came out on top. The original blonde's stolen vest protected his torso from most of the damage but the shirt underneath was unfortunately shredded, as was his shorts. Although his shorts were seriously tattered he was glad they remained around his waist.

His skin suffered the same fate, blood covered his upper body, as he began his descent to the ground. He was glad that he held the shield up for as long as it was up for. He designed that technique, so that it was impossible dodge those stars with the speeds they were going. As his feet touched the ground, he quickly charged lightning chakra to his feet and immediately charged at the nearest clone and quickly kicked it in the stomach, dispelling it. He ducked his head, dodging a strike from clone #2.

After that he took out a kunai and blocked the kunai strike from clone #3, he retaliated immediately and swung at the kunai holding clone. That strike was blocked by clone #2.

When that happened clones #4 and #5 ran up and began punching. He dodged the barrage as best as he could, but in his position he began to feel the punches. Still holding back the kunai from clone #3 and clone #2 still holding his fist, he began to think.

He got the idea fast, and charged lightning chakra to his fist, and shocked the clone, it didn't dispel but that was enough for him as he substituted himself with clone #3. Fortunately his other clones couldn't stop themselves and that clone was dispelled.

Naruto, a little away from the remaining clones, did a single bird seal. "Raiton: Byakurai." (White Lightning) He said using his index and middle fingers on each hand and pointing them at clones 4 and 5, respectively. The clones, not expecting the sudden use of Ninjutsu, did not have time to dodge and was promptly dispelled.

The original blonde didn't have time to praise himself as the remaining clone was there to punch him in the gut, sending him into a tree. Swift (the name of a clone, when there is only one.) appeared in front of the original, via swift release, and charged his fingers with lightning. 'This is going to hurt.' Naruto thought.

"Raiton: Fusoku." (Shortage) The clone said as he unleashed hell on Naruto's nervous system. After about the twentieth hit, he raised his hand and placed it on the original blonde's head. "Raiton: Shattodaun!" (Shutdown) he yelled as a thunder clap sounded throughout the field and Naruto dropped to his knees and then proceeded to dispel, shocking Swift.

Naruto was crouching meters behind the last remaining clone, he was panting after taking ten of the twenty shortage attacks. Like the name suggested, his nervous system was invaded by countless electrical circuits and his entire right side was numb. And the limbs he could move, weren't listening to him.

He was glad he got out of the viscous combo in time, because he would've been paralyzed for months. He could tell the clone was running very low on chakra and as soon as he could move his limbs he charged wind chakra to his feet and jumped back.

Swift sensed the use of chakra and looked behind him to see Naruto gliding backwards onto a tree, where he proceeded to make a break for it. He smirked and used swift chakra to catch up.

The original looked behind him to see the clone behind him, closing in on his position and fast. He got an idea, and the next branch he jumped on he dropped an explosive note and jumped off. The explosion destroyed the branch, but the speed the clone was going allowed him to literally glide over the broken branch and landed on the next one.

The original blonde cursed, 'Damn it, dog, rat, tiger, bird; Futon: Reppushou.' he thought thrusting his palm toward the clone.

The collision was imminent and pretty awesome, as the clone didn't have time to do, Jinton: Zanzo (Afterimage), to dodge the wind palm.

The blonde sighed and dropped to the ground and started walking towards the exit of the training ground. He entered a clearing and turned to the lake, instantly took his vest off, sighing in grief at the damage it took. He tossed it to the floor and jumped in the water, as he did the lake began to turn red with his blood. He glanced at his body and wasn't surprised to see his wounds were nearly finished with its healing. He always healed quickly and he wasn't complaining about it.

He looked at the sun and knew he had been fighting for what seemed like an hour and a half. He hopped for a while to help shake the water off of him and vanished using his bloodline, as he needed a new pair of shorts.

{Hokage's Office}

Sarutobi sat in his office, doing paperwork. He continued to receive complains from his villages concerning Naruto. It was either, 'The brat broke my ankle.' or 'The boy ruined my flower bed.' or 'The bastard stole my clothes.' that one the Hokage knew had to be true, since the blonde was wearing a new Chunin flak jacket this morning. "Hmm I'll let him have it, since the owner's in a coma." he said shrugging his shoulders as a Jounin entered his office. The look he gave her told her what she needed to do.

The lone Jounin was a woman, she has long raven black hair, devilish red eyes and an hourglass figure that'll never run out of sand. She wore wrappings, as a dress, that went to the middle of her thighs and a single red sleeve on her arm. She has a cute and slender face and legs that could literally go on forever. Her bust was a large C-cup and her lips were just as red as her eyes.

She did a quick salute and took a knee, "The mission to invade and gather Intel from the border of Kumo, went off without a hitch, Hokage-sama." she said keeping her head down.

The Sandaime nodded, looking at another piece of paper, before he threw it in the trash, as it was just another bullshit attempt from the Civilian Council to gain just a little bit more power. "You may stand Kurenai-chan…" she did as she was told, "Do you have the Intel?" he asked and she gave it to him. "Good, now I expect a written report about the mission in a few hours, right now I have business… dismissed." he said signing a paper and throwing away another as the woman left.

He waited awhile before opening the scroll, 'Hmm, Kumo's planning something… and with these financial claims to strengthen their defenses, most likely for war, and in my experience I bet its us.' the old kage thought. He put the scroll in his desk to study later. Of course the village hidden in the clouds hadn't stopped militarizing their army since the end of the Third Ninja World War. At this day and age, war with Kumo was a bad idea, as Konoha was still hurt from the Kyuubi's attack. 'Also the annihilation of the Uchiha clan really put a dent in our army. Of course they were scapegoats, killed to prevent a civil war.' he thought forlornly as another knock on his door broke him out of his thoughts.

He looked up to see his assistant walking in with a stack of papers. He sighed and moved aside a stack of papers for her to place the new stake right next to it. 'I'm to old for this shit.'

{Naruto's Apartment} {Hours Later}

It was maybe around four by the time Naruto finished meditating and stood up. It was the only way for him to control his emotions and stay in tune with the elements surrounding him, which was nothing but his secondary element, wind. The small amount of wind he generated slowly spun around him, creating a little cyclone.

Meditating was also an alternative to sleeping, it allowed him to remain aware of his surroundings and relax at the same time. Especially after the workout he just had, so the amount of time he's been mediating he's been regaining his strength, stamina and chakra.

"Now its time for some sword practicing." he said to the air, pumping his fist. He ran to the corner of his small one bedroom apartment and grabbed the ninja-to style bokken. It was a weapon he often seen the ANBU carrying on their backs, and since ANBU were strong and he wanted to be just as strong as them, well you can see where this is going.

Unfortunately with on one to teach him, he had to make his own style that, fortunately, worked perfectly with and without his bloodline. He was thinking about naming it 'Jinsokuna Sutoraiki' which meant swift strike. It involved using his superior speed against his enemies, with a lot of thrusting and slashing and anticipating the moves of the opponent and using it against them.

Sadly he hasn't had a chance to fight with anybody with his real sword, mostly because he acquired it from the weapon store. Also if anybody realized he had it, it'll get taken from him because he wasn't even a ninja yet.

He carried his wooden sword out of the house and hopped to the rooftops and dashed to training ground seven. He arrived in the field a couple of minutes later and stood in the middle of the field.

He started his katas with vertical slashes. From up to down and after doing that a hundred times he did it from down to up and did that a hundred times.

He did the same with horizontal slashes. He then started on his diagonals, and after a while he began to increase his speed for the for different slashes he could do.

After finishing the exercise he created a single Jinton Bunshin, who had its own bokken in its hand.

'This is the part I hate. If only they already knew the conditions.' he thought looking at Swift. "Now, we will fight with only our bokkens. Our bloodlines are not allowed, not even Ninjutsu is allowed. If you use the bloodline, you will be dispelled, do I make myself clear?" the blonde asked his doppelganger.

After the nod, Naruto himself nodded and stood in a stance with the clone joining him. Soon Naruto dashed toward his copy and quickly stopped himself and dropped into a crouch, when his clone sent a quick stab his way.

Right after doing that Swift hopped to the side and slashed low.

Seeing the strike coming and already being in a crouch, Naruto had no other choice but to bend as far back as he could. It wasn't far enough as the bokken scaped against his forehead. Still in the momentum of the bending he rolled back to his feet and jumped back.

"Kami…" he said lighting touching his forehead, "…that hurt like a bitch." he said as some of his skin had been scrapped off. Not to mention a small trail of blood was traveling down his face very slowly.

He looked across the field to find that Swift was gone, he looked around, hoping to find to the clone's chakra signature.

He kept his senses up as he slowly walked to the center of the clearing, making it harder for the clone to get the drop on him.

Suddenly blood entered his right eye, this surprised him, more than it should have, as he furiously rubbed his forehead and eye to get the blood out.

Swift used the very second Naruto's guard was dropped to dash from the foliage to Naruto's right, keeping quiet the entire way.

But Naruto's danger sense went off and he took that as a note to ignore the blood in his eye and quickly parried the blow that was meant to hit him in the temple. After the parry he kicked the clone in the knee and when he heard a crack of a broken knee, Naruto quickly stroke Swift in the neck, right on his jugular vein. The force of the hit ruptured it and the clone was dispelled.

The academy student started panting, 'That was a close one, the bastard creating and using the blind spot to get the drop on me… thank Kami for my natural survival instincts.' the blonde thought, now able to see through his right eye.

It was at that moment that his eyes widened. He straightened up and looked around the field. "Who's there?" Naruto said quickly looking around, as he felt eyes on him, but he couldn't pinpoint the location as the person or persons were well hidden.

After a while the sensation disappeared and Naruto knew he must have been spied upon for a long time. He only felt the sensation now because he was no longer focused on the clone. 'This could be trouble, I have to lay low until I graduate.' he thought frowning to himself as he usually can tell when someone is around him. He walked to the lake on the other side of the training field and looked at his reflection. He noticed his wound was healed and all that remained was the nearly dry and smudged blood. He knew that he healed very quickly but he has yet to figure out why.

He dunked his head in the water and rubbed the blood off his face as best as he could. After a while he quickly whipped his head out of the water as he couldn't breathe.

He stood to his feet, water dripping from his soaked hair. He stood there, thinking about the feeling of the eyes that were watching him. He didn't feel any malice that he'll usually feel from the villagers and even some of the Shinobi of the village. It was mostly the Chunins and some of the no name Jounins that despised him for reasons he still didn't understand.

He shook his head of his thoughts, both literally and figuratively. The action caused the water to fling around before he swept his hand through his hair and breathed a sigh of relief. "That's enough training for today, I'm going home." he thought out loud vanishing from his spot.

{Training Ground #7}

In the shadows of a large oak tree, someone was chuckling. The chortle was low, but it was still laughter.

The laughter wasn't crazed, but it was filled with anticipation and just a little nervousness. The person was nervous at almost getting caught, the anticipation… well that's the mystery.

Soon the laughter died out and the person pushed off the tree, the figure of the person was revealed but the face was still hidden. (I'm not going to reveal anything about the figure other than that its female. Its not who you think it is. You'll find out later.) 'The kid has great senses, and his Kenjutsu skills aren't that bad either. Its actually pretty good for a kid his age, but he had some errors. I'm going to have to keep my eye on him and maybe in time I could show him a thing or two.' the woman thought before vanishing from her spot.

{Konoha Unknown Location}

An agent was walking through the dark corridor of an equally dark compound. He wore a complete black cloak and a blank white mask. On the bottom of the mask there was a Kanju that said "Ne" which meant ROOT.

The agent walked through the door at the end of the corridor. He took two steps before bowing down on a knee, his hood over shadowing his white mask.

If a random person was to see this, they would think this person was crazy because he was bowing to darkness, with the only light in the room was spotlighted on him. "Tell me what you know, agent." A voice suddenly pierced through the darkness. The voice was low and gruff, and had a cutting edge to it, like it wanted what it wanted so badly the voice would cut straight to your soul to acquire it.

"Your charge has grown stronger sir, his skills are rather impressive." the agent said not moving from his spot.

"What would you rate his skills then?"

"From what I've deduced from the past month, I would say Chunin level, and a high one at that." The voice stayed silent as it thought about what was said. It wasn't surprising that Naruto was at the level of a Chunin, with the two years of training he got from him and the boy's own training.

"Are you sure that it was a good idea to release the boy at the age of nine? It would be dangerous to the organization if he was to go to the Hokage. Especially since I know the old man is suspicious about where the boy had got his strength from." the agent spoke once more before a force unlike anything the agent has ever felt before was suddenly weighing his body down.

It wasn't physical, but judging by the amount of it, it might as well have been. The agent tried not to show discomfort but anybody could tell that he was trembling under the pressure. "Are you questioning my decision?" the voice said calmly but still retained the piercing effect.

"…" the man tried to say as he had to use all of his strength just to remain conscious. He dropped to his knee and really bowed to his master, it took all of his willpower not to just flat out fall to the ground.

The pressure lightened up, just enough for him to talk, "I'm sorry master, it was wrong of me to question your authority." the agent said staying silent.

The man in the shadows thought for a while. This agent was one of his strongest in the entire organization, to dispose of him would be a bad choice for the organization. "I'll let you live now, but don't think that because of your skills that your not irreplaceable or capable for reconditioning… continue your mission and trust me that boy doesn't remember we exist, only the power I've given him, your dismissed."

The boy raised his head to look at his master. He nodded before bowing his head once more. "Hai, you will not be disappointed, Danzo-sama." he said standing up and walking out the same way he came. Even though he wasn't supposed to show emotion, he couldn't help the shudder that went up his spine when the conditioning was mentioned.

'It really was a shame for me to release the boy, but Sarutobi was pressing on the issue about where the blonde was disappearing to everyday. I know for sure the blonde remembers us, and when he wants a lesson or two, he knows where to find me.' the cane user thought.

{A Week Later}

Yet again Naruto was looking out the window of the academy, bored out of his mind. But it was okay, because in a couple hours he'll graduate and then Monday get a sensei, and finally he could show these people his true strength.

"Attention class, after the break Mizuki-sensei and I will be giving you your final exam. The graduation exam will test your limits and push you past them. I'm not going to lie, if you succeed then you might be eligible to become a Konoha Shinobi, but if you fail, then say bye-bye to the ones that pass, because you will not be seeing any of their faces for a long time." he said with a serious face at the end.

It was a good speech indeed, its just too bad it fell on deaf ears, as only half of the class had heard, the other half were busy yapping their mouths off.

Seeing the tick mark on Iruka's forehead, Naruto quickly covered his ears. And just when he did that the scarred Chunin did his Big-Headed technique and like always the class quickly quieted themselves. "You know what, I'm going to switch things up this year, instead of letting you rest, I'm going to test you now, lets go outside." he said as he body flickered outside.

The class began filing out and Naruto, who had resumed looking outside after the big head screamed, didn't care that he was being left. But someone did, "N-Naruto-kun." the blonde heard someone say. "Come on, lets become ninjas." she said, gaining just enough confidence to avoid stuttering in the sentence.

The blonde gave her a huge foxy grin, causing Hinata to blush and poke her fingers together. "That is, i-if you w-want to."

Naruto couldn't help but widen his grin, she was just so adorable with that blush on her cheeks, her short and extremely dark blue hair. Her pretty pupil-less lavender tinted eyes and especially the way she poked her fingers together. All in all, like he said, adorable.

He lightly shook his head, it would not be wise to get involved with the heiress of the Hyuuga clan. "Sure lets get our headbands."


After going outside for the shuriken and kunai throwing test, the academy Ninjutsu test and for a higher score, some even did an extra jutsu, some were forced.

Sasuke did, Katon: Endan no Jutsu (Fireball Technique), Shikamaru was forced to do his Kagemane no Jutsu (Shadow Possession Technique) to prevent Ino from hitting him in the back of the head, since she knew he had a technique to use. Shino just had his bugs surround a tree before it was grounded to sawdust.

After most of the clan heirs did their techniques, eyes turned to the blonde, knowing he knew a technique and wanted to see it.

He smirked, figuring since he was about to graduate, he might as well give them a glimpse of his power. He stood with one of his hands in his pockets and pointed the other at a tree and whispered, "Raiton: Byakurai." it happened so fast all the students seen was a quick flash. They looked at the direction of the tree to see a small gouge in the ground and the tree was entirely destroyed, along with some of the trees further down the path, with the small gouge following behind.

'Damn, even with both of our Genjutsus disrupting the demon's technique it didn't happen how we intended.' the silver haired Chunin thought as Naruto stared at his fingers.

'Interesting, someone added more chakra to the jutsu and that is what happened. Hmm, if I were to add chakra to my other techniques, how much stronger will they be? I'll leave that thought for later, I think I'll name this advanced technique Raiton: Shiroi Senko (White Flash), welcome to the list.'

Iruka sneered "Alright class, lets start the Taijutsu part of the exam. You could pick either another student, where you'll both be graded accordingly, or you could pick either of us sensei's to fight. Mizuki and I will personally see to how you fair in a fight, if you pick one of us." Iruka said hoping the demon would get cocky enough to call him out.

After watching fights that ranged from boring to not so boring, it was finally Sasuke's turn to pick and since no one else had picked to fight the blonde, Sasuke picked him. "Really you want to fight me, why don't you fight with Mizuki-sensei or Iruka-sensei, I'm sure they'll be thrilled to test the skills of the last Uchiha…" Naruto said in a mocking tone. "Fight me and you'll only become embarrassed at your poor skills." the blonde said while he was leaning against a tree.

Sasuke bristled at the insult. Even though the two were different, there was one thing that they both equally hated and that was fan girls, and the raven haired Uchiha's fan girls started screaming at the blonde, "DON'T TALK TO SASUKE-KUN LIKE THAT NARUTO-BAKA!" Naruto remained leaning against the tree, picking his ear, as the crowd of pre pubescent girls stalked their way towards him.

The scarred Chunin smirked seeing his chance to put the demon in his rightful place, "Fine how about we make this interesting, not only will you fight Sasuke-kun, but you will also fight with me at the same time. Not unless you don't want to be embarrassed by the gap between my strength and yours." the man said with an evil grin, Mizuki's own followed.

The whiskered boy matched the man's evil grin with one of his own, his eyes unknowingly flashing crimson just for a second. "Well that is interesting, are you sure you're up for what's coming?" fighting an unknown was always interesting. 'I wonder how he'll fight, after all he's got to be out of practice. This should be no problem.' he thought pushing himself off the tree. "Just remember to come at me with the intent to kill or you're never going to come even close to defeating me."

Sasuke recoiled a little at seeing the flash of red but he, being the stubborn, emotion driven boy that he was, charged at the blonde anyway. When Iruka seen the flash, he forced himself from having a mini flashback, because he knew that Sasuke was in trouble and he immediately disappeared with a Shunshin.

The whiskered boy caught the Uchiha's punch, and without even needing his danger sense, he used the Uchiha's momentum and pulled him, while he himself backed up.

Iruka's kick at been going straight for Naruto's head, but with Sasuke's head now in the path, he had no choice but to kick his duck haired student.

Naruto let go of Sasuke's fist just as he was sent careening into a tree. He used a bit of his bloodline to quicken his speed and while Iruka was still in the air, he grabbed the man's vest and with brute force alone, he threw the man right into the floor. A huge dust cloud developing from the impact.

The blonde jumped out of the cloud and landed on top of a branch above the raven haired boy. He shook his head at the performance of one of the village's Chunin. 'Why is it that I can defeat these Chunin so easily? Am I really that strong or are they that weak.'

{Atop the Academy's Roof}

On top of the academy sat the same female figure that was watching the blonde train with his bokken a week ago. She had light blonde hair in a ponytail, dark violet eyes and purple lips that didn't seem to be from lipstick.

Her canines were a little longer than usual, giving her a predatory look, her nails were also a little longer.

She wore a white cut up blouse that showed her midriff. Over that she wore a black Jounin vest, all of this was covering a large D-cup bust. She wore black biker shorts and has white tape on her shins and ankles. She wore black sandals that were designed to not wear down due to the user's speed.

On her hip was her katana and wakazashi, each was black with the guard being a thick gray square. Currently she was watching the blond wipe the floor with his classmate Sasuke and teacher Iruka. "Uzumaki Naruto, you are an interesting child. No, after you pass this exam you will be considering an adult." she said.

"You forget Tsukino-chan, he would still have to pass the real exam to be an adult in the eyes of the Shinobi world." a voice said behind the woman.

She scoffed turning around, "Is that doubt I hear in your perverted voice, Ero-nii-san?" she said.

"*Gasp* a pervert, why would you call me, your brother, such a thing?" the silver haired Jounin said.

Tsukino grew a large tick mark on her head as she pointed at the book he had in his hand. The same book, where his eyes stayed glued on the entire time he was talking to her. "That's why you're a pervert. Get rid of that book when your talking to me." she screamed throwing a kunai at the book only for Kakashi to catch the weapon between his fingers, without even looking at her.

After putting the kunai in his pouch he looked up, "Hm, you say something?" he said looking up. Hearing a growl he chuckled and snapped the book shut, before putting it in his pouch. "Alright its gone now, lets just watch your boyfriend." he said eye smiling.

He's not my boyfriend, we haven't even met each other yet. And plus I'm ten years his senior, it'll never work." she said glaring at the copycat ninja before turning her head to look at the younger blonde.

Kakashi grinned at his young surrogate sister, 'Your still the same as always Tsukino-imouto-chan.

{Hokage's Office}

The Sandaime sat in his office, doing paperwork. Of course after a while he became extremely annoyed about his assumption about Kumo.

'So maybe, Kumo doesn't want to do a full on assault on our walls, but still there getting ready for something.' He thought reading a random paper. He sighed before stamping a huge denied on it. 'That damned council, don't they have enough power. Hmm I need to find a way to take away their power.'

And speaking of the council, Danzo hasn't tried anything in a long time. And without the support of the bandaged elder, the other two elders have also been quiet. But his rival was the most suspicious of them, 'Why isn't he trying to gain power or take my position from me, like he used to? Or better yet, he hasn't demanded for Naruto-kun's death in five to six years…' he began to think about the possible scenarios. 'Nah, Naruto-kun would never join that man… would he?'

He was shaken out of his thoughts when someone entered his office. "Hokage-sama, a student was just taken to the hospital along with a teacher, their conditions aren't that bad, but they were hurt and are unconscious." a young man said walking inside.

Sarutobi let out a long sigh, "When is Naruto-kun going to learn how to hold back against others?" he mumbled loud enough for the Jounin to hear.

"How did you-" he stopped knowing that he seemed to know nearly everything, when it concerned the boy. "What are you going to do?" he asked curiously.

The Hokage smiled, "Nothing, it was clearly apart of the exam and clearly, he told them to be serious and they weren't serious enough. They'll never learn the boy hates being underestimated, he may hide it well, but he hates it very much. You'll see what I'm talking about soon." The old man said seeing his Jounin's confused face.

{Streets of Konoha}

Naruto was on the way to Ichiraku, after sending Iruka and Sasuke to the hospital in frustration. After his initial attack the fight continued and Sasuke was extremely slow, but that was to be expected as he just graduated. He was currently in the hospital suffering from a mild concussion.

But Iruka, even after knowing this, it still pissed him off to see how rusty the man was. From what he gathered during their fight, Sasuke could have beaten him. "That man needs to get out of the classroom and get into the field. Maybe the beat down I gave him would give him that idea." he thought out loud while entering the little ramen stand with his hand on his chin in thought, "Because as a Chunin, his performance was worse than the other guy, absolutely pathetic. Hey Oji-san let me have three beefs to start and keep 'em coming." he mumbled before ordering.

"Sure Naruto-kun. Your right on time as usual. I already have two ready for you." he said putting said two in front of the boy. He then walked to the back to prepare more for the blonde, who muttered a quick 'Itadakimasu' before he started munching.

"Naru-kun, who's pathetic and please tell me you didn't steal that headband from somebody." a cute brunette said from behind the counter, with a slight glare.

Naurto stopped mid bite in mild fear. He knew from his training from a long time ago that he was never supposed to show any emotions especially fear, but it there was anybody who he was afraid of, other than Hokage-Ji-san and Danzou-Jiji, it was his Ayame-nee-chan. "I didn't steal this, I wouldn't do that, not after what happened last time." he said frantically waving his hands in front of him. "I just graduated from the academy and my teacher and one of my classmates were pathetic in their attempts to defeat me."

Ayame had berated the blonde when he walked into the stand with the Chunin flak jacket last week, and told him not to steal anything like that again. "Calm down Naru-kun, I know you didn't steal it, I was just playing. So now that you're a ninja what are you going to do, what is going to be your nindo?" she asked leaning on the stand.

A couple of bystanders sitting at the stand calmly listened to the blonde, waiting for his response. "Well I know it'll be difficult but I want to show the people that I'm not a demon like they say I am. I know sometimes I act cold and distant most of the time, but its just an act to control my emotions, you know how emotional I get when something bad happens." he said standing up and looking at his older sister. "To show the people I'm more civilized than a demon, I must be in a position that demands respect and the only position I can think of is the Hokage." he said as he set his chopsticks on top of his two empty bowls before he smiled at his sister. "Just wait, Nee-chan, when people find out the future Hokage eats here, business is going to be booming." he said making her smile as her father placed three more bowls in front of him.

Everyone smiled at the blonde, knowing that his dream was big and with the right help he can accomplish it in no time. "I gotta come here more often, after all I cant become the strongest ninja on an empty stomach." he said dropping back down in his seat and proceeded to stuff his face.

Naruto felt really safe, while inside the stand. Only those that liked to use their brains and could see that Naruto wasn't the fox that resided in him ate there. There was absolutely no malice from anybody in the stand.

Everyone sweat dropped at his last comment and went back to eating. Ayame smiled, 'You can do it Naruto-kun, I believe in you.'

After ten minutes Naruto finished his twenty empty bowls of ramen and left the stand with a satisfied belly. He knew it was around five, so now it was time to study on his worst subject, Fuinjutsu. If there was one thing he hadn't gotten better at, it was his sealing techniques, he just wasn't patient enough to draw seals and he was already pretty patient. Also a simple mistake, like a wrong character or wrong stroke and its going a be a catastrophe for him.

There was this one time when he was trying to put a chakra lock on his door, after thirty quiet and boring minutes he ended up blowing up his door. He didn't know how it happened, but yeah, he's thankful that he remembered the formula for the seal, so that he would never put that on another door of his as it was just a waste of ink and a door. But it could be a good advanced exploding tag, so that's a good thing that came out of that failed attempt.

"So de- I mean Naruto, having a casual stroll through the village huh?" a voice said exactly next to the blonde.

The electric blue eyed Recruit just continued walking, "Yes a casual walk, so what do you want Mizuki?" he said crackling his eye open enough to see said Chunin.

The Chunin smiled, "Oh nothing, I heard that you want to be the strongest ninja in the world."

"I knew that was you watching me from afar. I had my doubts, and that's impressive in of itself. Only the most skilled could drop under my radar." he said walking into a shortcut alley to his apartment. " What is it you really want?" the blonde said appearing at his complex and begun stepping up to his apartment.

Mizuki let out an inaudible sigh, "I think I might have a way for you to get started on that path of greatness… interested?" he asked glancing down at the blonde.

"Really? A way for me to get stronger? Sign me up." the boy said excitedly.

The evil Chunin grinned patting Naruto's shoulder. 'That was easier than I thought.'


In the darkness of the night, Naruto was leaping through the village with a giant scroll on his back. He didn't know it would've been so easy for him to infiltrate the Hokage Tower like that. It was easier for him to infiltrate and assassinate thanks to the first years of his training, he complimented that by added prolonged combat to the criteria. So now he was becoming an all around ninja, which was very rare.

'Now all I have to do is head to the meeting place.' He thought, of course he placed a note inside the office for the Hokage about this little "mission" he was put on. It explained everything from who assigned it to him and what he was supposed to do, it also stated what Naruto wanted the Hokage to do.

The blonde dropped down into a clearing in one of the training fields. He dropped the scroll to the ground and opened it, "Lets see what this scroll has to offer."

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