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Naruto The Swift Ninja Chapter Four

{Dirt Road - Konoha}

Kurenai and her team were heading towards the Hokage Tower, in hopes of receiving their first C-rank mission. The raven haired Jonin walked behind her Genin team with a small smile on her face.

The team she's had for barely two weeks were quickly becoming the best things to ever happen in her life. It was along the lines of when she was first promoted as a Jonin many a time ago. She chuckled to herself as her team continued to converse ahead of her.

"I, for one, thinks its great Sakura-chan is getting better with her skills. Now we wont have to worry about saving her on this mission." Kiba said with a cocky smile on his face. "It's going to be a piece of cake for me." he added his smile growing as Akamaru yapped in agreement.

"First of all dog breath, if I really wanted to, I could beat you in a fight easily. With your small attention span, that would be a piece of cake." Sakura said with a smirk, instead of a bash to his head.

"Ooooh." Naruto instigated with a laugh. "You just going to let her say that Kiba?" the blonde said laughing at the Inuzuka's small blush of embarrassment.

"That's why you don't have anything to hide." Kiba mumbled under his breath, causing Sakura to grow a tick mark on her forehead.

It was clear she heard what he said when Kiba was sent crashing into the ground by her fist. "It aint my fists." she smirked looking at a chuckling blonde. "You want some too?" she asked cracking her knuckles.

"Anytime you want to have fun." Naruto answered before Kurenai grabbed both of their ears.

She sighed, her previous thoughts of them being dashed big time. "You three are becoming a big headache now. Can I please get my team back, apparently I may have left them at the training ground." she said as Kiba stumbled to his feet, a hand on his head, which now sported a big knot on it. "Are you alright Kiba-kun?" the sensei asked with a sweet voice.

"Yeah sensei, I'm okay. She just caught me off guard." Kiba said consoling a growling Akamaru.

The pinkette being held by Kurenai quietly took the pain brought to her by her sensei and glared at the blonde.

Kurenai also looked at the blonde, before he literally vanished from her sight. "Naruto bring your butt back over here." she said with a straight face, not looking at anything in particular.

Naruto nervously chuckled as he walked out of the nearby alley. "Sorry sensei. I'll be a better role model for the kids." he said sheepishly kicking a small rock.

"Yeah, great role model work not having my back bro." Kiba grumbled before getting back to the journey at hand.

"Like I would want you for a role model." Sakura huffed and followed Kiba.

Kurenai rested her hands on her hips and looked at the blonde. "I said sorry sensei. You have to forgive me, that's how much of a good person you are." Naruto said before following his teammates.

Kurenai watched him leave, her eyes narrowed to slits. "Sometimes I hate being so nice." she thought out loud, reluctantly forgiving the blonde before she followed her team. They weren't that far from the Tower now, it was actually in sight right now.

Minutes later team seven arrived at the tower. The immediately began their walk to the Mission Hall. Another minute went by before they walked in. There, behind a large desk was five Chunin, handling the distribution of missions to various shinobi and kunoichi. Among the group, was Iruka, causing the blonde to smirk. With how much Iruka hated him, they might even get a B-rank. If he was there by himself, it would be clear he would be getting an S-rank.

"Hey Iruka-sensei." Kiba boisterously yelled out, happy to see the man who allowed him to become a Genin.

"Hey Kiba-kun, Sakura-chan… Naruto." Iruka greeted before flatly looking at the blonde.

"Good to see you too Iruka." Naruto smirked before Kurenai laid a hand on his head.

"Hello Iruka-san. We're here to get a mission, C-rank, these three earned it." she said as Naruto lowly grumbled under his breath.

With the amount of witnesses in the room, a show of disobedience on his part might get him and Kurenai in trouble. Especially with the Hokage so close.

"Hello Naruto-kun. Word along the grapevine is you want a C-rank mission." the Sandaime said walking into the room, from behind the team.

"Wow, word travels fast these days. It's only been five seconds Oji-san." Naruto chuckled checking the invisible watch on his wrist.

"Hai, Hokage-sama. You know, as well as I, how much the team is ready. They've grown in the past two weeks." Kurenai said rubbing Naruto's head, causing him to fuss a bit.

Hiruzen smiled and nodded his head. "Yes Kurenai-chan, you're right. They sure have." the Sandaime said smiling at the blonde.

Kiba leaned over to Sakura and whispered in her ear. "Is it just me, or are they only talking about Naruto?"

"Seems like." Sakura whispered back with a twitch of her brow.

Meanwhile, Iruka was digging through a pile of scrolls, all of them C-rank. Do this job long enough, and you could tell which mission had the highest chance of escalation and which didn't. He smiled when he removed a good prospect of escalation. If memory served him right, then according to the log, this mission had a nice and high chance of causing lots of trouble for the team.

It was a shame really, but it was necessary if Naruto died on the mission. "Here you go team seven. Your first C-rank mission, break a leg." the scarred Chunin said before handing tossing the scroll at them, with the blonde catching it.

"Isn't that phrase only said to actors in theatre? To give them good luck." Sakura asked with a raised eyebrow, wondering why Iruka was glaring at the blonde like that.

"Same meaning, different business." Iruka covered up quickly with a smile on his face.

"Don't worry Iruka, I'll break a leg. It just wont be mine." the blonde said with a chuckle as he gave the scroll to Kurenai.

"Yeah yeah, whatever. Can we just do the mission already?" Kiba brashly exclaimed, clearly annoyed they weren't already leaving the village.

Naruto smirked and crossed his arms. "Good idea Kiba, can we go sensei?" he said looked at the Jonin.

Kurenai was busy looking over the scroll, but hearing the question, she rose her eyes. She could easily detect something was wrong in the room, some form of tension and hostility. She looked around before glancing at the Hokage. "Your choice Kurenai-chan." Hiruzen said before finally walking to his spot behind the large desk.

She blinked before looking at each of her students. Sakura was tapping her foot, absentmindedly, a perfect indicator she was deeply in thought. Kiba was clearly annoyed, judging from his outburst earlier. And Naruto, well, he was looking directly at her, a simple smirk on his face.

One of these days she was going to get in that little head of his and find out what he's thinking. She smirked back at him before smiling. "Let's get prepared team." she said loud enough to break Sakura out of her thoughts.

The team, minus Naruto, cheered having officially obtained their first C-rank mission. "Alright comrades I estimate we'll spend at least three hours on the road to get to the destination. From there, we'll determine how long this mission will take, but just to be safe, pack for at least a week. Once we get to the south gate, either I or sensei will teach you how to seal your things." the blonde said looking at his team who nodded, knowing full well to trust Naruto's estimates, since they had a high chance of being right.

"Understood Naruto." Kiba and Sakura nodded before they turned toward the door.

Again, Kurenai laid her hand on Naruto's head. "Good job Naruto, keep this up and you'll make Chunin before I can even teach you anything." she said with a half smile.

At that moment, another rookie team had already entered the room. It was Sasuke, Hinata, and Shino, led by Kakashi… otherwise known as team eight. "Sounds like you guys are going on a C-rank mission. Pretty big step you're taking." Kakashi said with an easy tone.

"It's nothing I cant handle." Kurenai replied with an easy tone of her own.

"I know you guys are jealous we're the first ones of our class to get a big mission." Kiba bragged with a smirk.

"Being jealous for a mission with a chance of potential danger is illogical for rookies fresh out of the academy." Shino responded stoically.

"Plus, a dobe like you will most likely end up dead in the first five minutes. It's not like you have anybody useful on your team." Sasuke scoffed with his usual cocky attitude.

"Listen you emo bast-" Sakura's angry words were cut off by the blonde's hand covering her mouth.

"Keep that anger of yours in check Sakura. Now isn't the time to lash out at fellow Konoha shinobi. We have a mission to do." Naruto said removing his hand.

Sasuke glared at the blonde with pure hatred in his eyes. "It's not like it would have mattered. A weak girl like Sakura couldn't even touch my hair." Sasuke stated, lifting a single strand of hair to prove his point.

Naruto smirked and slowly pushed his team through the door. "I'll let you think that… you coming sensei?" Naruto asked turning his head to a smirking Kurenai.

"Sure Naruto-kun. Until next time Kakashi-san." she said before walking out of the room, not before smiling at a blushing Hinata.

The blonde stayed behind with the other team. "Until next time." Naruto winked to the Hyuga heiress, causing her blush to darken and almost causing her to faint in surprise.

The blonde smirked and body flickered back to his team. "Naruto sure did grow up." Kakashi turned his head to look at a smiling Hokage.

"Yes he did." the scarecrow replied. "So I was thinking of getting a group of D-ranks for the team to do."

"Of course." Hiruzen spoke with a smile as he gathered the missions.


Ten minutes passed by before Naruto arrived at the south gate. He was finally wearing his stolen vest again, with a few adjustments to the article. He tore off the collar and the pockets on the outside. He placed seals on the inside to strengthen the material and to also weigh him down.

That vest now weighed a good two hundred pounds, nothing the blonde couldn't handle. He also had the seal on each of his ankles, to further increase his speed without the use of Swift Release. So he rose the weight on those a little bit.

The blonde kept his attire underneath the flak jacket the same, though he was a little annoyed the flak jacket was too light a green for his dark green cargo pants. 'There's no way the Hokage would let me take one from a Jonin.' Naruto thought with a scrunch of his face.

"I say go for it. The mayhem that'll follow would be far more entertaining." the fox spoke with a chuckle.

The blonde audibly scoffed as he leapt on top of the gate. 'I doubt it'll be as mayhemy as you think.' he thought as he laid down on his back.

"It doesn't matter to me if you're matching or not. As long as you don't get yourself killed I wont have to eat you." the Kyuubi said with a roar.

The blonde sighed. 'Don't you have a village to destroy or something?' he asked with an annoyed tone.

"I've done that more than three dozen times already. It got boring after the first time. Some genius forgot to add people in here." the large fox complained.

Naruto let out a loud, audible, sigh in annoyance. 'Are you serious? It's bad enough I'm letting you destroy Konoha in there, now you want to add the citizens to the mix. Hell no.' the blonde sternly declined.

"Come on brat, I mean, Naruto. Destroying a defenseless village provides no challenge at all. The only problem I have is the silence, other than crumbling buildings. There's no attacks coming at me, no shouts of anger, no scent of blood from the people I kill. No excitement at all." the fox complained to a stoic blonde.

Naruto stared at the kitsune, currently curled up in the middle of the destroyed village. Fires scattered all around him, a large trench where the Hokage mountain used to be. "I'll let you use my chakra anytime you want it." the fox bartered.

The blonde rose an eyebrow. "I cant just take it from you?" he asked as the Kyuubi shook his head.

"Well technically you can. But my anger and hatred will leak into your mind and corrupt you. With my permission, the negative emotions will not affect you. After you build up a high tolerance for them, of course. The more tails you want to use the more experience you need with my chakra." the fox explained with his tails swaying behind him absentmindedly.

Naruto blinked in surprise. "Wow, that's really generous of you then. I guess you really aren't a bad guy." the blonde said with a soft smile.

"Oh no, I'm still a bad guy. If the situation was reversed, you would be in my stomach and I would be outside destroying the village with a smile on my face." the Kyuubi said with a large toothy grin on his furry face.

The smile dropped off of Naruto's whiskered face as he shook his head. "Of course you would." he said as the landscape changed to the forest outside of the rebuilt Konoha. "There's people inside now, have fun… I left you a surprise." the blonde said before he vanished from his mindscape.

Back in reality, the blonde opened his eyes to notice somebody sitting on his stomach. "Every time I talk to my furry friend, you're in my face. Why is that?" Naruto asked the sister of Kakashi.

Tsukino smiled at the blonde and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know. I came to the gate and saw you on top and when I called your name, you didn't respond." Tsukino said with a pout.

"So you just decided to invade my personal bubble?" he asked as she smiled and nodded her head. He rolled his eyes and poked her in the side. "Can you get off me now, you're not exactly light as a-" he tried to finished, but a finger to his lips stopped him.

"You're lucky I stopped you in time. If you had finished, I would've been forced to slap you, and I don't want to slap this adorable face." the Jonin said before caressing the blonde's cheek.

Naruto rolled his eyes and looked at the girl. "Are you a clone or the real thing this time?" he asked with an inquisitive tone.

"The real thing, why?" she asked looking at him.

"No reason." Naruto said with a grin as the duo suddenly disappeared.

Meanwhile Naruto's team had arrived at the gate, a few seconds before he disappeared. "Where the hell is Naruto going?" Kiba asked before Kurenai tapped him on the head.

"The better question is, who was that with him?" Sakura asked with an annoyed tone. More annoyed than the others would have expected.

"I didn't get that good of a look before they vanished. All I seen was a black Jonin flak jacket, so her rank is obvious. Though that was the first time I've seen her, though there cant be too many people wearing a black flak jacket." Kurenai answered before the blonde returned just as fast, in front of them.

"Hey team, I was waiting for you. I see sensei already sealed your things for you, so lets get going." Naruto said with a quick smile before turning around.

"Wait, hold up. Who was that? How do you keep moving so fast? Why was she sitting on your stomach?" Kiba continued to fire off, before Kurenai wrapped a hand around his mouth.

"That's enough Kiba-kun. All questions will be answered on the road, right Naruto-kun?" Kurenai ordered sternly staring at Naruto.

The blonde flashed a foxy grin at them as he nodded. "Yeah sure, no problem." he said before Kurenai released Kiba.

The Inuzuka walked up to the blonde, the small scent of her perfume entering his nostrils. "How long was she on you, her scent's all over you." he asked before Sakura grabbed onto his collar.

"Enough Kiba, can we just do this mission already?" she asked before Kurenai nodded.

"You're, right. Enough lounging about, we got work to do." she said, her tone, one that brought instant attention to her. "Team seven, lets head out."

"Hai!" they yelled in unison, before they all ran out of the village.


An hour passed before Sakura cleared her throat. "So now that we're on the road now…" she trailed off before locking eyes with Naruto. "Who was she?" she asked as Naruto smiled.

"That was Tsukino Hatake, adoptive sister of Kakashi Hatake. We're birthday buddies." he responded, his smile growing.

"Smells like the truth to me. How about answering, why she was sitting on you?" Kiba asked, as he continued to leap from tree to tree.

Naruto scoffed at the question. "That's really none of your business dog breath. Just be glad that I told you who she was." the blonde quipped glancing at the Inuzuka on the other side of him.

"Easy now Naruto-kun. You're teammates are only curious, you are the enigma of the team. Though, I for one, would like to know about your speed. How are you able to move so fast, the other times I've chalked it up to a simple shunshin mixed with Genjutsu. But what I just saw an hour ago, was too fast for either. As your sensei and mission leader, I need to know the abilities of the shinobi and kunoichi I need to watch my back." Kurenai said causing the entire team to be quiet.

Naruto kept his eyes trained on the environment in front of him. 'I guess she has a point there. Plus, its better for them to be surprised now, then in the middle of a fight, where it could potentially cause them an injury.' Naruto reasoned with himself as he mentally nodded to himself.

Before Kurenai or any of the others could make a sound, he spoke up. "I have a bloodline called Jinton, Swift Release. It allows me to move at a speed comparable to the Yondaime Hokage's Hirashin. Well not that fast, but like that. I've had it since I was born, but had knowledge of it by the time I turned four. I didn't fully understand it then, but it really helped out whenever I got in trouble for stealing something." Naruto said looking at his team.

The surprise on their faces wasn't surprising. It was more like they were piecing things together. "Speed couldn't really be the reason you're as strong as you are now." Kiba said as Naruto nodded his head.

"You're right, that alone isn't why I'm strong. I'm strong because I've been training since I was…" the blonde trailed off, thinking of the age. He really didn't know if he should count the time when Danzo trained him. He could say nine, but then that wouldn't account for the time it would take to get his skills. Also since he was stronger than the average Genin at eight. "Well I guess you could say it's the reason. Without out it, I wouldn't have any hope. Because I could get away from crimes, I thought, I might as well learn how to protect myself, just in case I was caught. So I spied on a bunch of training grounds. The first thing I learned was chakra control… so I tried to consciously locate my chakra, which was rather easy." Naruto explained before telling them about the importance of chakra control and how hard it was for him to properly control it.

"Even now I'm working on controlling my chakra. The weight seals I have on my ankles need a steady supply, a very small supply, but a steady supply nonetheless. If I flood it on accident, I'm going down." Naruto said with a nervous chuckle, since it's happened a few times.

"Alright, that's enough Naruto-kun. We understand now." Kurenai said as Naruto smiled at her.

"You guys were right. It's not fair for me to be holding out on things like that. To function properly, we need an in depth perspective of each other's abilities. That's how the Ino-Shika-Cho formation became famous. They know each other's abilities and trust each other with their lives. I have a feeling we can beat them in that department." Naruto said with confidence.

"Really?" Sakura asked, being the bookworm of the team, she had incredible knowledge of that particular team.

"Of course Sakura-chan. You have the potential to become both, a master medic and a Genjutsu master. Kiba is our tracker and ruthless assault guy. And me, well, I can do anything and everything." he said cockily.

"Easy Naruto-kun. We don't have room for arrogance on this team." Kurenai warned the blonde.

Naruto chuckled as he looked into his sensei's crimson eyes. "Sorry sensei. I'll behave." Naruto said before silence followed.

That silence lasted another hour, until the team saw the village in their sights. "Finally we arrived at the village." Sakura said as she sighed in happiness. The village in front of them, Tanzaku Town.

"I know what you mean, that took forever." Kiba agreed with a sigh of happiness as well.

"Calm down you two. We only spent two and a half hours running. I've made you two run more than that before." Kurenai said laying a hand on each of their heads.

"Sorry sensei, but two weeks isn't enough for me to become as physically fit as Naruto." Sakura said, before blushing and looking at Naruto. "I mean any other shinobi." she tried to cover up before Naruto smirked.

"I knew you were playing hard to get Sakura-chan." Naruto said before Sakura hit him upside his head. He allowed it and simply laughed it off. "I'll take the hint Sakura-chan, not in front of the team." the blonde added before Sakura swung again.

Naruto moved out of the way and looked at Kurenai. "That woman we're looking for is named, Asaki Yamasuki. Her husband has been missing for a day now. Lets find her and get the details." the blonde said quickly, remembering what the scroll said earlier.

Kurenai nodded and turned to Kiba. "That's where you come in Kiba." the Jonin said as she handed the preteen the scroll.

Kiba smiled and took the scroll and crouched to Akamaru's level. "She wrote in the scroll, so her scent should be on it." the Inuzuka muttered as he and Akamaru took a few whiffs. "Found yours sensei… Naruto's… Iruka's…. hmm, got it." Kiba said with a large smile as the white dog yapped in happiness.

"Then it's settled, lets go team." Sakura said quickly as everyone bounded into the village, following Kiba's lead.

The group took to the roofs and quickened the pace. "How much further Kiba?" Kurenai asked as the Inuzuka turned his head.

"We're here." he responded as they dropped down in front of a large, two story, building. If they had to guess, it was four bedroom, two bath.

"Nice house." Sakura commented upon noticing the apple tree in the yard.

"Eh." the blonde said as he and the others walked to the front door.

After knocking on it and waiting a few minutes, a woman with brown hair, blue eyes and light pink lipstick opened the door. She was a little shorter than Kurenai and only had a modest B-cup bust. All in all, she looked like an older Sakura, without the pink hair. She was wearing a simple, light blue dress, with white flower petals on the left side of it. "Hello, are you the leaf ninja sent to help me?" she asked eyeing their headbands.

"Of course lady." Kiba said crossing his arms.

Kurenai sighed and walked in front of her students. "Sorry we're late ma'am. Would you mind telling us everything that happened?" Kurenai asked with a soft face.

Asaki nodded and motioned for the team to enter the house. "Of course, please come in. Would you like tea? Water?" she asked briskly walking to the kitchen. "Sorry about the mess, the kids have been rather messy lately." she apologized as clothes and toys were scattered around the living room.

"Don't worry about anything Asaki-san. Please tell us about the details of your husband's situation." Naruto said putting his hands in his pockets.

"Where are the kids at?" Sakura asked with a few blinks in thought.

Asaki stopped heating the tea kettle she had on the stove and quickly walked back into the living room. "I had their older brother take them to the backyard to play." she said as she expertly weaved through the scattered toys and sat on the couch.

After smoothing her dress, she looked at the crimson eyed Jonin. "About a week ago, Mizuki and I had an argument about his addiction. He likes to gamble and has always brought in a sufficient amount of money, because of his job as a nurse at the hospital a quarter of a mile away. At first I was ignorant of his addiction, but when his luck ran out a month ago, and I found our joint account nearly drained I went ballistic." she said balling up her fists a little.

"Let me guess, he begged you to let him try to win the money back? You gave in, and put out another mortgage on the house?" Naruto asked with narrowed eyes.

The wife looked at the blonde preteen with surprise in her eyes. "Yeah. How'd you know?"

"A guess." the blonde muttered as he looked into the wife's eyes. "When exactly did he disappear?"

He disappeared two days ago. Everything seemed alright that morning, but he didn't return home that night. I didn't worry because he's a doctor, so I just assumed he was on call. But when he didn't return home the next day, I scrounged together all the money I had and made this a problem that hopefully you can solve for me."

Naruto nodded and Sakura spoke up. "I need to know one thing." she said getting the attention of the worried wife. "Which casino did your husband frequent?" she asked.

Asaki bit into the nail on her right thumb in thought. "I think Prime Fire, to the west." she said pointing west.

"I know the place. Mother's informed me about The Rings crime syndicate that operates in that Casino." Kiba said narrowing his eyes in thought.

"Wow, that's an incredible mom you've got there Kiba." Naruto said with a chuckle as Kiba growled at him.

"Watch what you say blondie." he growled out through clenched teeth.

"Yeah, yeah. I know all about The Rings. They work in opium and prostitution. The boss, simply named Boss, is a Jonin level missing nin from Kirigakure that likes to break bones for fun." Naruto said crossing his arms.

"How the hell do you know that?" Kiba exclaimed in confusion, causing the blonde to smirk.

"When you're as fast as I am, getting in and out of the village is a cinch. I once robbed their vault for a few hundred thousand ryo, I didn't want much." he said as he got a few weird looks from everyone. "What, I couldn't exactly do that in Konoha, I live there." he said blushing in embarrassment. "I kind of forgot about the price I have on my head in this town until now. If I know Boss, then he probably already knows I'm here. He has a few spies all over the town."

Kurenai sighed and laid both of her hands on Naruto's head and pushed down a little. "Well dang Naruto-kun, you're more of a troublemaker than your file suggested."

"Apologies Kurenai-sensei. I got bored easily back then. Plus now, I can easily wipe out the organization if you want me to." Naruto said as Kurenai pushed a little more.

"We're not authorized to go on a killing spree. This was only supposed to be a search and rescue, now we have to do with an entire syndicate." Kurenai sighed, leaning against her blonde student.

"In self defense then. Plus, this is still a search and rescue mission. Judging from the picture on the wall, he's a big male, with black hair, brown eyes and a thin mustache. Kiba, find his scent and we'll go hunting. Sakura could stay here and protect Asaki, just in case Boss sends guys here to pick her up. I'm surprise he hasn't done that yet." Naruto said looking at Sakura.

Sakura was about to protest when Kiba spoke up. "Don't worry Sakura, the only heavy hitter they have is Boss. The rest are weak, Genin level bandits. Mother told me that as well. She just didn't know about the main man, being a missing nin from Kiri." Kiba said causing the pinkette to take out a kunai and swirl it on her finger.

"That's the information I needed." she said with a small smile, causing the boys to smile.

"You coming sensei?" the blonde asked vanishing from under his sensei to join Kiba near the door.

Kurenai crossed her arms under her breasts and sighed. "Of course. A teachers job is to protect her students from doing anything reckless and stupid. It's too late for you, but Kiba is still salvageable." she said causing Naruto to clutch, playfully, at his chest.

"Oh sensei, why?" the blonde questioned dramatically, as Kiba laughed in the background.

"That's enough with the theatrics Naruto-kun. We'll be back in a few hours. Sakura-chan, keep the fort intact and everyone safe until we get back." Kurenai ordered as the pinkette nodded and twirled her kunai some more.

"Nothing I cant handle." she said with a serious expression.

"That's what I expect from a kunoichi." the raven haired Jonin responded with a nod. "Alright boys, lets find this husband."

"Hai, sensei!" Naruto and Kiba exclaimed as they took to the roofs.


Minutes later and the trio arrived at the casino and immediately they noticed the crowd in front. "That is a lot of guards." Kiba softly whistled in amazement. There were a good twenty guards in front, on the sides and even a few on top of the casino. "I find it hard to believe that's all for you." Kiba said looking over at a sheepish looking Naruto. "Why you looking like that? What else did you do?"

The blonde grinned nervously as Kurenai's eyes also trained on him. "I, uh, might have killed half a dozen of their numbers and left Boss with only one good eye." the blonde said slowly and softly.

Kurenai groaned and poked Naruto in the back of the head a few times. "You and me are going to have a long talk when we get home. You're going to tell me everything I want to know." she ordered as Naruto looked down, a little ashamed, and didn't know why.

Just then Boss came from the building with a young man with slicked back, black hair. He had two sais hooked onto his belt and he was wearing a plain white shirt with white and blue camouflage pants. "He's new." the blonde muttered as he said something things they couldn't really hear. Most of the guards took out a kunai, but mostly stayed still.

"They know we're here." Kiba said, his ears not lying to him. "We really need to get somewhere where there's not a lot of civilians, otherwise they have the advantage." Kiba spoke quickly as they double timed it in the opposite direction.

The blonde stayed behind and, true enough, they all began chasing them. "Well damn, he's right." he muttered before following the others. When he caught up he looked directly at Kurenai. "The new guy's a sensor, and a damn good one. I had my signature down to less than a civilian has." the blonde complained before a few kunai whizzed by his ear.

"I don't think it mattered. We were three people on a roof, in a town where nobody is on the roofs." Kurenai said turning her body and deflecting a few kunai, before righting herself and catching up to the boys. "Our best course of action is to follow Kiba's plan and get to the open field behind the castle." she said as Naruto weaved through a few hand seals and blew out a few air bullets.

"Lets just hope they don't decide to collect Asaki as a bargaining chip. That could turn ugly, depending on the amount they send." Naruto said as they quickened the pace.

Minutes later they arrived at the field and only waiting a few seconds before their pursuers landed around them. "Naruto Uzumaki… that's all we're here for. Give us the boy and you can live. Well the woman can live, she'll make a fine toy for my clients." Boss said with an eye patch over his left eye.

"I'm sorry Boss, but I'll have to decline that offer. I have one better. How about I kill you and we go home?" Naruto said with a smirk. "Or I can take the other eye? It's really your choice."

Boss walked forward a little. He was wearing a black suit with a white undershirt and a dark blue tie. On his right ring finger, he had a large ring with a sapphire gem. On his right index finger, he had a gold ring with a few diamonds scattered on the large face. He even had a small pinky ring on his left hand, with a silver band and a single diamond, it had a large 'R' engraved on the diamond, signifying the amount it must have cost.

His brown hair was short and spiky, if Naruto remembered, than a large scar was going up from the left eye all the way to the middle of the head. It was really a miracle the man survived the explosion at all. "For one so young, you seem rather cocky and sure of yourself. You're surrounded by more men than your little mind can count. I offered you a solid business deal, one time offer only. Turn back on the deal and I'm going to have to kill you slowly instead of quickly." Boss said before Naruto smirked.

"Sorry Boss, but I don't really think you're fast enough to touch me. So no deal." the blonde responded before Kiba smirked too and quickly fed Akamaru a soldier pill, turning his fur red.

"That's my cue." he muttered softly as he formed a ram seal and enveloped his body in chakra. "Giju Ninpo: Shikyaku no Jutsu." (Ninja Art Beast Mimicry: All Fours Technique). "Let's go Akamaru." Kiba exclaimed as his appearance became more feral and Akamaru hopped on his back and quickly transformed into another copy of Kiba, albeit even more feral looking. The two transformed Inuzukas quickly attacked with their signature Gatsuga, scattering the enemy opposition.

"Kurenai-sensei, you could handle the sensor guy, Boss wants me." Naruto said before Kurenai could order him to do the opposite.

"I would listen to the boy, ma'am. Don't worry, Taka takes care of the ladies. He wont damage you that much, he'll just add a few more holes in your body." Boss said with a chuckle as Kurenai glared at him.

"Go on sensei. Plus, our original mission should be coming to a close soon." Naruto said as Kurenai reluctantly nodded and hopped out of the way. "I always seem to forget I can make shadow clones." the blonde thought out loud as he formed a clone that disappeared faster than he appeared. Naruto smirked as Boss slowly removed his suit jacket and tie. "Shall we Boss?"

"We shall, I know you'll be surprised with what I learned since our last meeting." he responded while unbuttoning his shirt, revealing the vest underneath.

"As will you." Naruto said dropping in a stance.

{With Sakura}

Sakura sat on the arm of the couch with a bored expression. She had Asaki bring in the kids and had them placed in the living room, where she could keep her eye on her. "I spy with my little eye, something…" she trailed off moving her eyes around quickly for something for her eye to spy. "Blue." she said as the three kids, sat on the floor in front of her. It was one fifteen year old boy with black hair and blue eyes. And twin boys, at the age of five. With light brown hair and light brown eyes.

"Mama's dress!" the twin boys yelled in unison, pointing at their mother sitting on the chair Sakura was on.

"Nope." the pinkette responded with a monotonous voice.

"Your headband?" the older brother questioned as Sakura shook her head.

Sakura sighed before she heard something. "Shh." she quickly sounded as everyone quieted down. She smiled mentally, as she retrieved the kunai back from her pouch. She widened her senses and felt two signatures outside. "We have company. Everyone upstairs, quickly and quietly." she softly ordered as Asaki and the older brother each grabbed a twin and hightailed it upstairs and quickly and quietly as they could.

"It's Nii-san's eyes!" one of the boys exclaimed happily before a flurry of kunai and shuriken crashed into the house.

Sakura cursed and got down, narrowly avoiding the onslaught. Before the Genin could rise back to her feet, the door was kicked in.

She responded quick and threw her kunai at the man, her projectile landing directly in the middle of his chest. As the man fell backwards in pain, the other man quickly entered through the destroyed doorway.

He had white hair and a scar going across his forehead. He was dressed in a cheap dark blue suit. "You killed my brother you bitch!" he yelled charging at the pinkette.

The two men looked exactly the same, meaning they were obviously twins. Sakura had a scared expression as she apologized to the man and quickly dodged his kunai swipes. "You should be scared you bitch!" he yelled, seeing Sakura's expression.

The pinkette's expression changed to a smirk. "Who said I was scared?" she said before flying through a few hand seals, stepped into his guard, and striking the man in his stomach. In the time when he was holding onto his stomach, the pinkette jumped onto the living room roof and landing behind him.

He turned his head to looked at the young girl and swore he could see three of her. "What the hell did you do to me?"

Sakura looked at him with a smirk on her face. 'Wow, he must be really weak, if he doesn't know what a Genjutsu is.' she thought before running at the man.

The man acted fast and threw a kunai at the middle girl, figuring she had to be the real one. He was disappointed when his projectile went right through the girl.

Sakura ran up the couch and jumped and planted both of her feet into the man's head. She quickly kicked off and landed in front of him, before swinging for a punch into his face again.

The man saw the attack coming. He actually saw two fists, one in front of the other, but he didn't know which were the real fist. He dodged the first fist and was surprised when the second fist connected with his jaw. From then every other strike Sakura threw was connected, and she threw five more before the last one connected with the man's throat, a kunai suddenly appearing between her fingers.

It was safe to say the man was dead after that. "NO! MY BROTHER!" a scream was heard behind Sakura as the first man shakily stood to his feet. Blood was flowing slowly from his chest.

The kunai didn't hit his heart, but an artery was punctured. He dropped back to his knees and reached for his dead brother before falling down, now fully dead, the kunai driving deeper into his chest.

Sakura stood shocked at her first two kills. She looked at both the brothers and hugged herself. "That was more than I imagined." she muttered to herself as reality sunk in and the adrenaline quickly left her body.

{Behind the Castle}

Kiba and Akamaru was faced against a dozen guards. He was confident in his speed and overall ruthlessness to come out on top. That and he had a feral Akamaru on his side, so he wasn't really alone in this fight. "Lets show them the power of the Inuzuka clan Akamaru!" Kiba said as the other Kiba growled and brandished his claws.

After that was said the guards threw a few kunai at the duo, which they avoided easily. "He's just a kid! Don't lose your resolve!" one of the guards yelled before charging at one of the Kibas.

If Kiba's learned anything in the time he's spent with Naruto, its that he should use feints as much as he can. So the Inuzuka dashed to the right, causing the man to look that way, unaware of Akamaru speeding towards his throat. After the slash, the man dropped to his knees, blood spewing from his neck. "Nice one Akamaru." Kiba said as a guard appeared in front of him.

He skidded to a stop and ducked under the man's quick katana slash. He rose his head and slashed at the katana arm, making three large gashes. After that he grabbed the arm and used chakra to help throw the man into another. After they crashed into each other he quickly sped toward them and spun into a simple Tsuga.

After he tore through both of them he came to a stop and extended his hand. Akamaru grabbed onto it and Kiba spun and threw Akamaru into another person, who also did a simple Tsuga.

Without even looking at Akamaru, Kiba quickly dug into his ninja pouch and took out two kunai with exploding tags on them. He threw them in opposite directions and only ignited one of them.

After one of the explosions took out two people, the others laughed. "This ones a dud guys." one of the guards said picking up the kunai to use it as a weapon.

Kiba smirked and Akamaru put his fingers in a Ram seal to ignite the tag, causing it to explode and take out two more.

With only for more guards, they decided that the kid was better than they thought. Akamaru joined Kiba and his transformation ended and his fur returned to being white. Kiba's appearance also returned to normal as the chakra returned to his body as he stood, fully, to his feet. "Damn Akamaru, we used to much chakra and didn't even take all of them out." Kiba muttered to his partner, who whimpered softly. "We're gonna have to do this the old fashioned way." he said removing a kunai from each of his pouches.


Kurenai held a kunai in a reverse grip as she faced the sensor ninja. With him being a sensor and being so adept at detecting chakra, made it hard for her to put him under Genjutsu. 'Unless I try a little Naruto magic.' she thought before weaving through seals before slamming her hands on the ground. 'Doton: Sokonashi no Shi.' (Bottomless Death)

Instantly the technique washed over the man. He looked around, finding himself falling into a very dark pit. He quickly formed the Ram seal and felt the Genjutsu leave his system.

Except he was still falling. He looked around again, but before he could do anything his body fell onto the spikes at the bottom of the pit.

Kurenai walked to the edge of the pit she made and looked down. "Took me a week to get that down. Glad to see it's efficient." she muttered before looking in both of the boys directions.

Naruto was alright, having fun dodging Boss's attacks. Kiba on the other hand just got knocked a few meters away. She gasped a little and quickly went to assist her student.

As she ran over she took a deep breath as another Kurenai appeared behind her. She threw a kunai at the first guard, getting the attention of the other three when the first guard died.

Kurenai moved faster and simply began weaving through the bodies.

Kiba's eyes widened as he watched as the guards tried to block or dodge the first Kurenai's attack, before the one behind her simply began slashing into the guards. If what he knew from watching Naruto train Sakura, then his sensei just did the Illusion Fist technique. A mix of Genjutsu and Taijutsu. "Seeing it used by an expert is far better than by a novice." Kiba gasped as he began petting Akamaru absentmindedly.

The first Kurenai vanished into the air while the real Kurenai tossed the bloody kunai to the ground. "Are you alright Kiba-kun?" Kurenai asked looking at the cuts on the preteen's shirt and arms.

"I'm alright sensei, just a few cuts and bruises." he said censoring his wincing while he stood to his feet. Nothing Sakura cant cure." he said before Kurenai sighed at his macho act.

"It's alright to be hurt Kiba. don't act like you're alright when it's just us." she said walking over to him and unsealing a first aid kit. "I'll fix you up, before your wounds could get infected." she said softly.


Naruto was having the time of his life. He may only be a Genin, but this Jonin couldn't lay a finger on him. "What's wrong Boss, I thought you would have gotten a little faster since two years ago. You're still the same old slow bastard who barely survived crossing paths with me." Naruto goaded with a smile on his face, his hands in his pockets.

"Stop getting cocky brat!" the man yelled before jumped back and weaving through a few hand seals and slamming his hands on the ground.

Naruto looked on with the same smile before a sealing array appeared on the ground. Then the man began pulling out a large halberd. Naruto whistled softly at the sheer size of the weapon. "Kiri and their weapons… crazy people." he muttered before unsheathing his ninja-to. "Are you compensating for something?" Naruto asked after the Kyuubi told what to say.

Boss clenched his weapon tighter and grit his teeth in anger. "I'm going to kill you!" he yelled as he swung his weapon in a large arc, making lightning appear from the arc.

"That's a new one." Naruto whistled again as he swiftly evaded the attack. "Okay I'm tired of looking at your face. Honestly, sometimes I hate my speed. It makes everything so dull." Naruto said as he casually began softly tapping the ball of his right foot on the ground.

Boss growled in annoyance and swung his halberd again, making more lightning arc its way towards Naruto. The lightning harmlessly went through Naruto as another blonde appeared slightly to the left. "Hitting my afterimage is only entertaining when you're not doing the same thing over and over again." Naruto commented, still tapping the ball of his right foot with a smile on his face.

"Then how about I do this." he said as he stabbed his halberd into the ground and began making hand seals. "Suiton: Kawa Sozo." (River Creation) the water deep in the ground, quickly rose to the surface in a moat like fashion around Boss. As he rose back to his full height, he went through more seals. "Suiton: Umi Rivu~Aiasan." (Sea Leviathan)

After that water began swirling and rising up before forming a large sea monster's maw. Sharp rows of teeth were inside of his mouth and even where the nose was supposed to be, there was another mouth with smaller, but equally sharp rows of teeth. Large fins were on both sides of it's face with it's eyes being bright yellow and slitted like all reptilians.

Boss grabbed his halberd and placed it in the water as electricity coursed through the already dangerous monster. "The strongest S-rank technique Suiton technique in the entire Elemental Nations is staring you down. You've had your chance to make this easy, now you must die." Boss said with maniacal laughter.

Naruto watched with wide eyes as he nearly stopped tapping his foot. "That's too cool. I may not have the Sharingan, but my eyes still picked up which seals you used. I need to work on gaining a water affinity." Naruto mused with a smile as he allowed lightning to course through his blade. "It's too bad I wont be able to see the full potential of the technique. I've finished the preparations… Kosoku." (Light Speed) Naruto said casually as he blinked out of existence, before reappearing on the other side of the field, near his teammates.

He dropped to his knees and hacked up a few globs of blood. "Naruto/Naruto-kun!" Kiba and Kurenai yelled respectively as they ran to him.

Naruto coughed another glob of blood before looking at his ninja-to. The lightning around it completely disappeared before the metal shattered. "Mixing your Jinton bloodline with the Kosoku technique did a major number on your body and your chakra coils. If it wasn't for me, you would be coughing up pieces of your heart, lungs and maybe even your kidneys. Not to mention your bones are not fully capable of handling such speeds. That mixture is a real Kinjutsu until you can control my chakra to coat your bones." Kyuubi berated the blonde for going overboard when their was no reason to.

Kurenai held the blonde's head up and saw a bit of blood leaking from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. "Oh Naruto-kun, what happened?" she asked with a concerned tone.

"Naruto, what did you do to the boss guy? He's just standing there with that weird water creature thing." Kiba said looking at the blonde's opponents. They were as still as statues.

Naruto looked back and smiled softly. "Issen Katto." (One Thousand Cuts) he muttered as an explosion of blood and water erupted followed his words.

Even with the sheer distance between the explosion and the team, about two hundred feet, if they were a few feet closer they would have gotten wet with blood and water. "Just my strongest technique against his." Naruto said before a big piece of the halberd flew towards them and landed right next to them. The piece was still bigger than the blonde.

"I don't think you needed to do all of that to win the fight. I've known you for two weeks and I can already see that you could take the Jonin test and easily pass it. Though you have a lot to learn on holding back when it's needed." Kurenai said with a soft smile before kissing Naruto's clean forehead protector.

"Well sensei, I hope you're up to carrying me back to town, I cant move my body at all. And I need someone that's uninjured to transport me." Naruto said turning his head to look at Kiba, while simultaneously canceling his weight seals.

"I wouldn't want to carry you anyway." Kiba said with a smirk. "Plus, this could be my time to finally get back at you for always thinking about my mother." Kiba said with a devious grin.

The blonde gulped and cleared his throat. "Okay, look Kiba, I was just playing those times. Those was jokes." he said only able to move his head.

Kurenai sighed and picked the blonde up, bridal style. "You boys are the reason I drink." she muttered out loudly as Kiba tried to wet willy the blonde. "Not while I'm holding him." she said quickly moving the blonde out of the way.

"Yeah, but you still love me." Naruto said with a smile as he looked at Kurenai's face, while cradling his head into her bosom.

Kurenai's face went into a blank, stoic, expression before she simply dropped the blonde. "It's open season Kiba-kun." she said as Naruto groaned in pain.

The Inuzuka cheered and inched his finger closer and closer to Naruto's ear, while Akamaru happily barked from the boy's head. "Kiba, wait! Wait, Kiba, don't! Kurenai-sensei, stop him! Please!" Naruto pleaded before the saliva covered finger completely entered the blonde's ear. "NOOOOOO!" he yelled in disgust.


Kurenai and her students returned to the house to find the front of it filled with kunai sized holes. A trail of blood led to the backyard, where Sakura stood with a shovel and was busy burying two bodies. "Sakura-chan, are you alright?" Kurenai asked seeing Sakura's downtrodden expression.

The pinkette rose her head and looked at her sensei and tears appeared at the corner of her eyes. "Yeah sensei, they just attacked out of nowhere. If I hadn't received any training I would be dead instead. Thank you sensei, thank you so very much." Sakura hysterically spoke as she ran up to the raven haired woman and wrapped her in a hug.

"This is still, only the beginning Sakura." Naruto said from Kiba's shoulders, who was carrying him in a standard fireman's carry.

Just then another blonde appeared, with Mizuki over his shoulders, slung and unconscious. "Mission accomplished boss." the clone said as Naruto nodded.

The clone laid the man against the wall and turned to back to the original blonde. "What happened to you?" he asked with a disbelieving tone.

"Just a minor mistake on my part." Naruto chuckled as Kiba laid him against the wall as well. "Could you create more clones and fix the house up? It shouldn't take long if you make a few dozen." Naruto propositioned as the clone nodded and put his fingers in a cross seal.

Instantly one dozen clone filled the area. "Ready for repairs." they said in unison before they began cleaning the place up before they could begin their reconstruction of the house.

"Meanwhile, while their working on the house, we can go to a hotel and rest. It's a good thing we all packed for a week, cause we'll be here for a while." Kurenai said as everyone nodded in a tired manner. Kurenai turned to Sakura, who unwrapped her arms from around her waste. "Sakura, gather Asaski and her children and we'll head to the nearest hotel." she said with a soft smile as Sakura nodded and headed back to the house.

{Four Days Later}

Naruto and company stood in front of Asaki's repaired house with smiles on their faces. "Again, thank you for everything you've done for this family." Asaki said in the deepest bow she can perform.

"And thank you for paying us." Kiba said before Sakura hit him upside his head. "Alright, I'll stop." he quickly said while holding his head.

"Don't mind him Asaki-san, I'm glad we got here in time to prevent anything bad to happen." Kurenai replied back with a smile.

"Thank you Naruto-san for saving me from the bad guys." Mizuki said, bowing to the blonde.

Naruto grinned widely as he nodded. "Just keep that promise you made me and I doubt I'll have to return here." he said crossing his arms.

Mizuki laughed and nodded his head. "You don't have to worry about that, I've learned my lesson. I wont be gambling anymore." he said, extending his hand for Naruto.

Naruto nodded and shook the man's hand.

After a few more goodbyes, team seven set off back to their home village.

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