He didn't know when and still less he didn't know how, as with a sudden movement the iron candle stand started to shake, it started to sway and with a deafening noise it fell to the floor. Desperately trying to keep his mischief from being noticed, Frik hid himself behind the great bookshelf but it was too late. She had already been aware of his presence, since she was spinning around quickly, straightly facing him, her piercing-green eyes filled with bare anger. The gnome started to whimper, for he should never have entered his mistresses' bedroom, but he had been too curious, too sorrowful. Would she understand? An enraged, high scream thrilled his every limb.

"By the gods, what are you doing in here?"

"Madam...excuse me...Madam, I was never meant to..."

An invisible punch hit him roughly, he knew that she was going to punish him even harder for his boldness. Her tear-stained, sore eyes quickly turned into two ruby comets, blinding Frik's look, so he had to turn away to not lose his eyesight.

"I told you to clean up the library!" she yelled, throwing up her hands accusingly, as for symbolizing her servant how great her disappointment was.

"Yes, Madam, and I did as I was told, I really did until...well, I got quite anxious about your condition, you had been in here for hours without any sign of life. I just liked to make sure that everything's all right."

She paused for a second, turning away thoughtfully, and leaning onto the sill again. The Fairy Queen sounded another doleful sigh, then whispered: "Nothing, really nothing's alright, Frik."

He looked up, for the gnome had certainly well recognized her voice starting to tremble again and he sincerely liked to prevent her from another nervous breakdown.

"Madam, I know it does not belong to me to ask you that frankly but..."

She soaked in the air in spurts, not deigning a look at Frik, who had risen to get closer to the window.

"You will leave my presence! Get out! Didn't you have your triumph? Aren't you blissful to get a sight of me like this? I don't care about you telling everyone... You can recount it to all of them; tell my subjects how weak their Queen is. It's your great day, Frik. Congratulations. But I beseech you; please don't humble me still more by staying in here..."

Frik gasped soundly, since his Queen had never begged him like this before. Oh how much he yearned to tell her that he didn't feel a spark of satisfaction to see his mistress like this. He pitied her so very deeply and the only thing he was supposed to do was taking away her pain. He lingered after serving her, his only desire was to comfort her. Her contentment was all he had been living for. He should have known it from the start. He had made this decision by entering her realm.

"I actually don't feel satisfied at all, dear Madam." Gradually turning around she sighted, her emerald-green eyes still fixed on his.

"All that I'm looking for is making sure that you are satisfied in every kind of way; all that I'm living for is taking care of your precious guise and visionary ideas."

She hastily dashed away another lonely tear, signaling him to stop by putting out her hand protectively.

"Stop it!" He held on, constantly looking at her.

"All you need...is comfort."

"How dare you to judge about my needs? I don't need to be comforted in any way. I am the Queen of Air and Darkness. I am above such things." She didn't sound very confidently. He was increasingly nearing her.

"Don't you ever dare touching me!", she screeched. He didn't care about her struggling. He got closer to his Queen, to the open window and the black chasm. She would injure him, she would slap and punch and abuse him dreadfully, but he really didn't care about these circumstances. He has been standing right in front of her, looking up into her beautiful, pale face, regarding her dainty features. He was expecting her to push him away immediately and as he closed his eyes he deeply regretted his cockiness. How could he have been that reckless? She would not only be going to make him suffer physically, she would be going to kill him! Would she? He was awaiting the deathly curse or at least one of those terrible incantations, which would make him squirm with pain. But none of this happened. As he opened his eyes, he noticed her having started to weep. She was weeping so much that her whole body was shaking; tears were dropping from her face, silently merging with the dark floor's cold black. She didn't touch him, she didn't even recognize him standing in front of her.

Instead he warily wrapped his arms around her trembling body, slightely stroking her back. He held her close and she did not try to free herself in any way, since she was dropping her whole self, making herself conditional on her servant, Frik the gnome, who seemed to be her only true comforter. She felt terribly lonely, she felt so very lost and a great freezing from deep within began to capture her whole existence. But she didn't recognize it, for he was there, holding her, keeping her save. It felt like heaven, even if she would never be going to confess. She wept freely, as she could not gulp back her sensations any longer. Frik himself had chosen this way, now he needed to take the consequences. She smirked inwardly. Lying in his arms she could feel his warm, vital skin as fresh blood was rushing through his veins. What an empty shell she was.

"It...it's got nothing to do with you, F...Frik." Her voice broke.

"Please", he indicated her to keep silence, "hold on." She nodded, then continued her silent crying, resting in Frik's embrace. The gnome whereas kept on stroking her back, carefully running his fingers through her raven hair until all her moaning ceased and she had been fallen in some kind of sleep, since she never slept at all, it was merely a silent rest in times of great exhausting. He laid her down on the silky blankets, then quietly carried on his tyding up in the library.