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"…May I know who is speaking?"

"Your friendly neighbor! Spiderman!"

"…Goodbye. Wierdo."

"W-Wait! Al! Buddy it is I the Lavi!"

"Ah Lavi… Please introduce your real name when at least talking to me on the phone, not some bloody superhero's name. Anyways where and how are you?"

"In New York! Buddy! It's my first time here and it's amazing. The pee perfumed subway, the pervert street performers, overcrowded streets, Yu punching random people, the Portuguese ho-"

"How nice. Are you sure you're not smoking drugs? You sound like you use them."

"What? Mou Allen is so mean. Would you ever suspect me using weed?"


"Ouch. Man that hurts. Your words hurt my heart. Do you know that?"

"Well you know what they say reality hurts… Why did you call me anyway? I appreciate you calling me. But you see I'm in the middle of my work. I would appreciate if we stop talking like right now."

"Ok fine I just want to ask you something!"

"And that'll be?"

"Well…Ehehe I've been wondering this for a long time…Its… are… Ugh! You're gonna kill me after this."

"You know I would never do such a thing to you."


"Please go on Lavi I don't have all day."

"Well I want to know…."


"Know if you're you know…Ummm."

"Ah bloody hell Lavi! I will hang up this phone right now it you don't tell what you want to know! I have work to do!"


"…What? I'm sorry Lavi but could you speak I don't know slowly. You said the last part so fast I couldn't understand a single word."

"*sigh* Never mind. I'll just ask next time."

"Alright…Is that all? May I hang up the phone?"

"Ummm yeah…"

"Bye Lavi."

"Bye Allen…By the way this a prank call. This isn't Lavi."

"What? What are you talking about? L-Lavi!"

"*Beep* *Beep*"

Allen stared at the telephone he was holding a shock, irritation, and embarrassment written all over his face.


Meanwhile on the other side of the phone line. Linali and Lavi were laughing their ass off.

"Oh My God Lena! You're a genius." Lavi said in between his laughs. "You're voice acting is so good. You really sounded like me."

Linali giggled. "Why thank you. I know I have the talent." She looked at the telephone, and lifted it up from its night stand where it was usually placed, and placed it on her lap. She averted her eyes from the phone to Lavi. Linali smiled innocently, "Ne~ Lavi should we call Kanda next? I'll try Allen's voice this time. I'm sure he'll love to hear Allen's voice." the Chinese teen said.

Lavi grinned mischievously and said, "Should we try this time you pretending to be Allen, and confessing his undying love to Yu-kun?"

"Why that bloody wanker would be delighted to hear that." Linali said in a painfully familiar British voice.


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