Set in the Land of Departure.

The themes for this collection of mini one shots are from
Wishing-Fire's 100 Theme Challenge
100 Words, 100 Themes , 1 Character

The Character: Vanitas
Surprised? Try not to be, because every prompt will still involve Aqua.
And that is probably why this challenge will be extremely difficult for me.
So try not to be surprised if I give up somewhere in the middle of all this.

Why Vanitas?
I had a bunny. His name was Vanitas.
He was under the care of a friend, and that friend told me that he just woke up one morning and Van was... gone.
It hurt a lot, and only then did I realize that giving him a name that already had so much meaning to begin with was a terrible call on my part.
And when you lose a pet, or something or someone, you've grown attached to, you hurt.
And you wonder if you could have done something to alter the course of nature, that maybe if he was with me, this would not have happened.
I know I am over-feeling this, being so heartbroken over a bunny. But I cannot help it.
He died, and where was I?

So, as strange as it might be...
This is dedicated to Vanitas.

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What if I was different? Why could you not change?

Introduction [1]

They were never properly introduced. Master Xehanort simply said, "Eraqus has two other pupils, but they are of no importance to you. Your only concern is Ventus."

He had nodded then, but when he finally saw her from his hiding place, watched her laughing with Ventus and that other one…

"Do they have names?"

Xehanort looked curiously at the boy, but answered, "Terra and Aqua."

He frowned. How stupid is it that both names were so… Feminine? "Terra," he whispered, "and Aqua…"

And, smirking, he was suddenly sure that Aqua was her name; just because it tasted so much better.

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