Set nowhere in particular, worlds of your choice, the Keyblade Graveyard, and Destiny Islands.

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The fifth prompt in this Chapter, Light, is the continuation of two previous prompts, Stars and Stranger.
(Chapters 15 and 24)

My favorite Theme from this set is 70: Light.

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What if I was different? Why could you not change?

Mentor [9]

He yawned, obviously bored. Master Xehanort glared at him but Vanitas paid that no mind. Sure, the lecture was important – the history of the Keyblade Graveyard and all that – but it was inexplicably dull. Besides, Vanitas always thought Xehanort was especially insufferable whenever he tried being an actual mentor.

"This knowledge is vital, boy; you would do well to pay attention."

Vanitas groaned. "What's to know? Forge the X-Blade, door opens, people die..."

A vein throbbed in the old man's temple. "It is in moments like these that I wish you had been a little like Aqua."

Vanitas fumed. "What?"

Skilled [10]

He was skilled in the art of seduction. He could control the cadence of his tone and make his touches fleeting. He knew how to mix flirtation into the heat of battle. And he did it so well that Aqua only realized it when it was far too late.

Her heart already hammers at his words, her body trembles at his touch. Still, he overlooked her reactions. Or he forced himself to ignore them. Either way, it made Aqua angrily ask, "Do you have any idea what you're doing?"

Vanitas tilted his masked face at her. "What am I doing?"

Swordsman [8]

Vanitas spun around in surprise, raising the sword reflexively in an offensive grip as Xehanort suddenly appeared behind him.

"What is this?"

With that one question, Vanitas knew there were others. Why are you playing with a sword? What do you hope to gain by this foolishness? In answer, Vanitas merely shrugged.

"Stop wasting time, boy," Xehanort hissed, walking away.

Vanitas glared after the old man but he flung the sword aside anyway. Honestly, he didn't get it. Keyblades were better than swords. So why did Aqua choose to make a wooden sword for Ventus, instead of a wooden Keyblade?

War [10]

His eyes shot open, the nightmare fading, and he growled with frustration. His dream started out okay; he had forged the X-Blade and watched as the second Keyblade War began.

He had this dream often. And he used to like it. But lately, someone would be with him, watching the battle with a smirk too dark for her angelic face.

She would say, "We've done it, Vanitas… Are you happy?"

He would look at her – the wind rippling her blue hair, the moonlight shining in her eyes – and when his answer was halfway to his lips, he would wake up.

Light [1]

"Welcome back to the Light, guys!" Sora said, grinning as Aqua, Terra, and Ventus frolicked on the beach like four-year-olds.
Then Ven suddenly pointed at the Paopu tree. "Aqua, look! Your magic fruit!"
Aqua laughed at his childish exclamation and Sora felt a memory tugging at his heart. Something about Aqua, and the Paopu fruit, and… a masked boy…

"Aqua?" he said, scratching the back of his head.
"Yes, Sora?"
"There was something I promised to tell you…"
"Hmm?" Aqua murmured, waiting as Sora struggled with his memories.

But he eventually just shook his head. "I just can't remember it…"

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