Set in worlds of your choice, the Land of Departure, and nowhere in particular.
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What if I was different? Why could you not change?

Animals [10]

It was the animals that alerted her to his presence – the woods were just too quiet. So she was ready when he appeared, walking beside her at a leisurely pace.

"Hello," he said, the word sounding wrong in his voice.

She said nothing and they continued walking, both with their Keyblades held ready.

"The animals here don't like me," he said blankly, as if trying to make small talk.
"They sense the true intentions of one's heart," she said with hostility.
He chuckled. "Is that so? Well then, I'm sure they'd love the real me."

Shopping [10]

"How about you?" Terra asked. "What would you like to do?"
"I'd like to go shopping," Aqua answered.
"What? If the Master took us on a field trip to another world right now, you'd want to go shopping?"
Aqua nodded, frowning a little at Terra. "There's nothing wrong with that," she said. "I think shopping would be fun."
"No, shopping would be a waste of a field trip."
"It would not!"
"It would."

Eavesdropping on their conversation, Vanitas was repulsed to have to admit that he agreed with Terra this time.

Sleep [1]

If Ventus knew how loving Aqua had been while he was in a coma, he probably would have realized just how fortunate he was to have her. But in his sleep, he felt nothing. When he woke, no memories of her love remained.
They did, however, latch themselves onto the other half of his heart – the dark half that could always sense what he felt. That other half remembers Aqua singing, telling him stories, promising brighter days when he wakes.

Vanitas knows that Aqua's love was never meant for him; but that did nothing to stop his wanting it.

Milk [8]

Xehanort frowned at Vanitas who was sipping milk through a straw, seemingly without a care in the world. Vanitas noticed him staring so he stared right back.

"What now?" he asked. "Got an itch you want scratched?"
"Why are you drinking milk?"
"Milk is good for you, Ven." Her voice in his head made him smirk. "I hear it's good for me."
"If you are mimicking Ventus, stop. He should not be influencing you."

Vanitas went on drinking – he wasn't doing it because Ventus was, too. He was doing it because Ventus wasn't.

Maniac [1]

Vanitas laughed like a maniac when her spell almost clipped him. "That was good," he said, still chuckling. "You almost got me."
Infuriated, Aqua snapped, "Stop laughing!"
"Why should I?"

She merely glared at him in response, an expression that amused him enough to coax another wave of laughter. "In case it isn't obvious, Aqua," he said, reassuming his offensive stance. "I really like laughing."

And even though he was an enemy trying to kill her right then, something about what he said and the way he said it almost made her laugh, too.

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