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This is pure fiction any likeness to real people or events, strange but purely coincidental.

Fourteen months later…

Jenn looked at her watch gosh time flies! Time to go. She tidied her desk, switched off her computer and looked over at Nick to catch his eye. She gave him a look that expressed the desire to kiss him even though they couldn't and touched his shoulder lightly as she passed his desk, "I've got to go. See you at home," she said quietly. He grabbed her fingers as her hand dropped and caressed them subtly before letting her hand go and nodded. She was working slightly different hours to Nick so that she could spend a bit more time with Toby and collect him from day care before it got too late.

Jenn pushed the front door open with her foot, her arms full of grocery bags in one hand and Toby in the other. She dropped the grocery bags by the dining table while she took Toby over to the playpen. She gave him a kiss. "My gorgeous boy," she cooed pretending to nibble at his chubby little cheek and the baby giggled. She put Toby down in his playpen with some toys and rushed around in the kitchen getting his dinner ready talking to him as she did. The place was less tidy than she would have liked but she didn't have time to do anything about that now. The house now looked totally different to the days when Nick had lived here as a bachelor. There was a baby gate at the foot of the stairs, childproof locks on all the cupboards, a high chair at the dining table and baskets of toys by the fireplace. Family and baby photographs had joined the wedding photos and others on the bookshelves. A large basket of laundry Jenn had yet to get to was waiting for her by the kitchen door and clean clothes that needed folding sat in another basket on the dining table. The place had the feel of chaotic family contentment. Toby gurgled and talked to himself as he played in the playpen and she couldn't have felt happier.

She heard the front door open. She still felt an excited thud in her heart every time she heard Nick come home. She called out to him,
"Did you get the card?" Nick held up a card and waggled it then dropped it next to a wrapped box on the dining table. He picked Toby up and gave him a kiss and a cuddle then made a beeline for Jenn putting his arms around her and kissing her deeply. He rested his forehead against hers still holding her tightly in his arms.

"Mmmm," he sighed. "I've been wanting to do that all day." He kissed her again and ran his hand down over her hips suggestively. "You know it'll be our second anniversary in a couple of months." He kissed her. "And you thought we might not last longer then that." She laughed softly and put her arms around his neck. "So was it worth the risk?" He teased her. She gave him a what do you think look and ran her hands over his buttocks.

"Pity we haven't got time," she moaning softly. "Mum will be here soon and I have to change." She kissed him slowly. "But you know we don't have to stay late," she grinned seductively. She sighed, "I know I should be looking forward to this because it's the first time we've been out since Toby was born but really I just feel like curling up in my pj's with a hot cup of tea! When did I become so boring?" Nick gave her a look that conveyed to her that he never thought she could ever be boring.

"You want me to feed him?" He queried as Jenn went back to making Toby's dinner.

"No don't worry Mum will do that when she gets here." She looked at her watch again yikes look at the time! "You better get ready too unless that's what you're intending to wear tonight?" She surveyed him critically.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" He asked bemused.

"Well nothing if you don't mind turning up to Duncan's engagement party with baby puke down the back of your shirt," she chuckled and grabbed a cloth to wipe his shirt. Nick tried unsuccessfully to turn to see the mess on his shirt. "Come here," laughed Jenn. She wiped his shirt and much to Nick's delight started unbuttoning it. "I'll get you a clean one but do you mind ironing it I'm running out of time?" She asked hopefully, running her hand appreciatively down his bare chest, all sorts of thoughts that weren't conducive to getting dressed up and going out running through her head. He took her hand and kissed it. "It should be a crime to look as good as you," she murmured. She forced her mind to focus back on what she needed to get done. She kissed him quickly, "Can you watch Toby while I get dressed?" He kissed her back with an amused look in his eye.


Nick walked into their bedroom as Jenn was stepping into her shoes. Duncan had chosen an exclusive restaurant to have his engagement party in so they were both getting quite dressed up. Jenn was wearing a deep blue satin dress that draped low in the back. It clung to her curves in all the right places and rode up her legs showing them off impressively as she stepped into her shoes. Nick would have been quite happy to forego going out and ravish her right there but he didn't want to let Duncan down. He and Jenn had celebrated their first anniversary by giving Toby to Jenn's Mum for the night and Nick had intended on taking Jenn out but they'd ended up staying in for the evening instead. They never went out so he thought it would be nice for her to spend the evening in a nice place. Anyway he smiled to himself as she had said they wouldn't have a late one. She turned to him putting on her earrings as she did.

"Your Mum's downstairs with Toby so we can go whenever you're ready," he said.

"Do I look all right?" She asked hesitantly. He didn't know why she ever bothered to ask him that because he always thought she looked beautiful and tonight she looked stunning! She eyed herself critically in the mirror wondering if the back of her dress was a bit too low to be decent. Nick ran his hand down her back and rubbed the small of her back gently,

"You look amazing Jenn," he said breathless. She was wearing the necklace and earrings he'd given her on their first anniversary. The simple diamond pendant and studs set off the midnight blue satin perfectly. "You always take my breath away," he kissed her.

"You look pretty good yourself," she smiled eyeing the way his jacket sat nicely across his shoulders. She put her hands on his chest and kissed him languidly. "I've just got to grab another pair of shoes and I'm ready." She said fussing about in the bottom of the wardrobe.

"Why do you need another pair of shoes," asked Nick perplexed.

"I wonder if Allie will bring her new man tonight? She's been so furtive about him," Jenn chatted.

"Yeah but why do you need another pair of shoes?" Persisted Nick.

"Oh I thought you might like me to drive home tonight," Jenn offered casually. Usually they had to have a toss up to decide who would drive which immediately made him suspicious.

"That's generous of you," he caressed her arms gently and kissed her. She bit her lip trying to curb a huge grin on her face. He looked at her questioningly since it was obvious she had something to tell him. She put her arms around his neck smiling secretively.

"Well ah I won't be drinking tonight."

"Oh really?" He asked intrigued. She nodded and whispered in his ear and a huge smile spread across his face. He hugged her and swung her around, kissing her soundly and murmuring her name softly. "So when are you due?" He asked without letting her go. She placed her hands on his chest caressing him gently.

"August so you better hurry up and finish that other room!"

He grinned at her "Nothing like a challenge to make me get moving," he said softly and they kissed again. "Well we better go or Duncan and Rachel are going to think we're not coming." He took her hand and she followed him out of the room. She placed her hand on her stomach thinking how nice it would be if this one was a girl.