A/N: Hi. :S ... I know I have been rather rubbish lately. At updating. Anything. I thought I would start with this. I have a few drabbles in the bank so I think I will just throw them at you and see what sticks. If you don't want to read them because you think it has been such a shockingly long time since I updated then, frankly, that sounds reasonable. I didn't get a prompt for this pairing but I thought you might like it nonetheless. I'm working on all the requests I have and they will all be met eventually! Also the title is not only a saying but also a Madness song. Madness are awesome.

He didn't know why he'd kissed her. Gwaine only knew Lady Vivian was about to laugh at him for falling over, and he didn't want her to. For a second, as he held her still, she felt soft. Then she smacked him.

Gwaine could not contain a grin. Lady Vivian deceived the eye; she wasn't soft, but furious and irritable. "Sorry…" he muttered. "Shall we get you to your dear Arthur, then?"

"Arthur? Arthur of Camelot?" Vivian snorted. "Don't be dense. You know, you look ridiculous: you have mud all over your face…"