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"D-do for you?"

"Yes…," Aizen murmured in response, blowing softly on the trembling red-head's ear and relishing in the shudder that wracked through the lithe body in his lap. "If you wish for something… then it is only right that I get something in return, Kurosaki-kun."

"L-like hell I'll do that, bastard," Ichigo growled – or at least attempted to. Against his wishes, his stomach gurgled, reminding him once more that he wasn't in any position to make demands.

A brown eyebrow was raised, the other male only looking at him disbelievingly. Smirk still not leaving his face, Aizen's hand began to rub softly up the red-head's sides, tracing soft patterns seemingly idly. "Are you sure?"

Ichigo groaned, chewing relentlessly on his bottom lip. Do I have a choice?

Turning his head away from the other, the red-head's eyes stared down at the soft material of the sheets. Honey-brown eyes slid closed, the male taking in a deep, shuddering breath. "What… do you… want, exactly…?" he spoke quietly, still not looking at the brunette – as if it would ease the shame.

Aizen chuckled. "Shouldn't you be the one to answer that?"

Ichigo's heart was pounding in his ears. What do I do? To ask him to offer himself up like that…

"I… I…" His breath hitched, and he screwed his eyes shut, teeth biting deeply into his bottom lip.

The brunette tilted his head to the side for a moment, watching the red-head stumble over his reply, before smiling. "If you're not so sure…," he raised a hand to rub softly against the smaller male's cheek, who stiffened at the touch. "Would you like me to suggest something…?" the smile morphed into a devious smirk.

Honey-brown eyes snapped open in shock. Would it be better? He looked to the side, away from the smirking brunette. After a moment, his eyelids lowered in surrender.

Better that than loose the last inch of my pride.

Shuddering, Ichigo nodded, the small movement of his tightly clenched jaw almost unnoticeable.

Aizen's eyelids lowered. "Good."

Without warning, the red-head's shoulders were grasped, the other male pulling him as he moved backwards. Eyes wide, Ichigo suddenly found himself straddling the brunette's waist, his back touching Aizen's bent knees as his palms were placed against the other's chest.

"Uh…," his faced flushed as the chain around his ankle jingled, further reminding him just who was in charge. Looking down at his captor, who was lying against the pillows at the head of the bed, the red-head felt a tremble of apprehension run down his spine.

Aizen's eyes were half-lidded, hazelnut orbs burning with desire. And that desire scared Ichigo.

Still smiling, the brunette's hands drifted down the smaller male's sides, before reaching the hem of the other's t-shirt. Long fingers pulled the cloth up leisurely, the man enjoying every centimetre of tantalizing tan skin that was slowly revealed.

Shivering, the red-head let himself be undressed, raising his arms without complaint as Aizen tugged the piece of clothing over his head. The shirt was tossed to the side, the man instead focusing on the delicious body in front of him, with its slightly-defined abs, smooth caramel skin and oh-so-tempting nipples.

Truly, the boy was one of the most amazing things he had ever seen.

His hands roamed over the red-head's body, enjoying the firm yet soft texture. His thumbs grazed lightly over dusky nipples as he did so, causing the red-head to let out a quiet sound. "Uhn…"

And so receptive too…

His palms drifted downwards, fingers curling around the smaller male's waistband. Ichigo's hands grabbed the other's impulsively as the material was tugged, his honey-brown eyes sending a silent plea to the brunette.

Aizen merely lifted an elegant eyebrow.

Biting his bottom lip, the red-head bowed his head slightly in submission, faintly-trembling hands releasing their grip. He had to obey. But even then, it went against every fibre of his being not to retaliate, or at the very least, struggle.

Satisfied, the brunette continued to drag the material down russet thighs, Ichigo even leaning back and raising his feet hesitantly to allow the pants to slip off.

Smiling, Aizen placed his palms on the backs of the other's exposed calves, chuckling quietly. "That wasn't so hard, was it?"

The red-head only looked to the side nervously, fighting the urge to cover himself.

"Now then," the brunette began, baritone a low purr. "Do you know what I wish for you to do, Kurosaki-kun?"

Still refusing to make eye contact, Ichigo shook his head.

"Oh?" Aizen smirked deviously, hand gliding over to the enticing crack between the red-head's two boxer-covered globes. "What about now?"

Honey-brown eyes widened. Oh God.

No. Hell to the no.

He had thought that the other would do something perverted, but this was… this was… so far beyond his comfort zone that it was basically in an alternate universe.

"That-," Ichigo stammered out, protesting quickly. "I can't do that."

The brunette tilted his head slightly to the side in return, eyelids lowering in an almost menacing way. "Is that so?" he murmured, tone taking a colder edge.

The red-head bit his lip, fists tightening.

"Then…," Aizen raised his hand, gripping the other's chin and forcing Ichigo to look him in the eyes. "What do you intend to do?"

The smaller male stared for a moment, undecided. Then he broke the gaze, lowering his brown orbs. Shuddering, he nodded.

The brunette smiled. "Good boy."

Slowly, the red-head moved his trembling hands towards his underwear, his heart pounding heavily in his ears as he pulled off the material, leaning even further back onto the other's raised knees.

The humiliation.

Face reddening, he attempted to hide his exposure from the other's hungry gaze, squeezing his legs shut. With a tsk-ing sound, Aizen pulled the knees apart, hazelnut eyes boring into the others in a silent order.

Hesitantly, Ichigo raised two of his fingers to his mouth, the appendage disappearing into moist red lips. Suckling the digits, the smaller male had never felt so utterly wrong in his entire virgin life. Every swipe of his tongue against his fingers –especially when he knew what it was for– made him blush deeper.

With a popping sound, the digits were released, the red-head's breath coming out in short gasps as he tentatively spread his legs wider.

Oh God.

He lowered his saliva-laden fingers, the appendages hovering above his entrance.

I'm actually going to do this.

Honey-brown eyes glanced at the other, a final attempt at mercy. What he saw made his breath hitch, a shiver surging through his body.

The brunette was staring avidly at the revealed pink entrance, his usually emotionless orbs swirling, burning with lust. And even as Ichigo's mind shouted in denial, he could feel his own desire begin to pool, blood rushing to his growing arousal.

Those hooded eyes seemed to leave heat smouldering under his skin.

With a shaky breath, the red-head's eyes squeezed closed, the tip of his pointer finger breaching the layer of flesh.

Ah, fuck…

It felt insanely weird. Even as his slickened digit moved further in, Ichigo could feel his insides clamping down on it like a searing vice. His eyes narrowed in discomfort, jaw clenching as he fought the urge to pull the appendage out.

When his hesitant finger was finally sheathed inside him, the red-head stopped. Inhaling shakily, he moved the digit out ever so slowly, before plunging back in with a slight whimper. "Ngh…"

Aizen ran his palms up and down the trembling male's thighs, watching as the blushing berry fucked himself. The boy wasn't even doing anything yet, and he was already hard. Just watching that finger being sucked in by that deliciously pink opening… he was going to love this.

Chewing harshly on his bottom lip, Ichigo pressed his eyelids closed as he added another finger. "Shit…," he hissed, grimacing. This one wasn't just uncomfortable now; it hurt.

The brunette under him shifted suddenly, and the red-head's eyes snapped wide open in shock.

Oh God.

There was something very noticeable pressing against his lower back. Flushing, the blush staining his cheeks spread even more.

"Kurosaki-kun?" Aizen purred, causing him to glance up, snapping him from his panicking thoughts. The devilishly handsome face of the other looked back, the only evidence of the male's obvious arousal his darkened almond eyes.

Wait– did he just say handsome? No no, he meant perverted. That's it. Not attractive in any way.

The brunette's eyelids lowered. "Do keep going…" His voice was like velvet; a melted, sinful dark chocolate that just oozed ever so slowly down towards his groin.

F-fuck… His member was now standing to attention, even as his mind screamed profanities at the little traitor.

A light layer of sweat now forming over his skin, the red-head's pace increased rapidly, his thrusts deeper. Abruptly, as he accidentally changed his angle, the tips of Ichigo's fingers scraped over a surface within him, causing him to throw his head back, mouth opening in a loud gasp.


Oh God. What was that?

Tongue darting out to lick his lips, the red-head's digits plunged in at an even faster speed, the male desperate to feel the sensation again. Stars flashed across his vision, a load moan vibrating up his throat as he brushed against the bundle of nerves again and again.

It felt so good.

Face flushed heavily… mouth parted as wanton sounds left his lips… a light layer of sweat covering his skin… Ichigo was quite a sight. And the other male's eyes raked over every inch of him.

This boy is sorely testing my control.

The brunette was truly quite tempted at this point to just throw the smaller male to the bedspread and fuck him into the cloth. Truly. It had been a while since he had desired another person so much. But he knew he wouldn't, not yet.

Because he would make the other beg.


His member was aching for release now, and Ichigo had every intention of letting it do so. His hand curled around his shaft, tugging, before a large hand gripped his own, pulling it away from his arousal.

"Now, now. Did I tell you to do that?" Aizen chided. The red-head only mewled in response, breath coming out in gasps.

"Nyah!" Ichigo writhed, desperately pulling on the hand. He needed it. He needed it so badly.

Suddenly, the brunette moved, grabbing hold of the smaller male's waist. With a surprised cry, the red-head found himself with his ass in the air, wet fingers tugged out of his opening. "Wha-?" was his slightly dazed exclamation.

Aizen trapped the other's wrists above his head, lips curling into a smirk as he used his free hand to push down on Ichigo's heated back. The red-head protested weakly, but settled into his touch, too weak-limbed in desire to do much else.

Chuckling lowly, the brunette bent over the male's arched back, licking a long line up the other's spine. The body underneath him writhed, the red-head moaning at the sensation.

His body burned. Anything. He would do anything if he could release.

Slight movement from the other man, and something was suddenly poking at his still-wet entrance. Honey-brown eyes widened.

What the hell…?

The object was pushed in again, and this time he could feel the cold, metal texture of it.

Oh Fuck no.

"H-hey!" Ichigo protested, thoughts of arousal being pushed to the side. "What are you-?"

The object was thrust in fully, not allowing the red-head to complete his sentence. Back arching even more, the smaller male cried out, eyes glazing over again as the object scraped lightly against his prostate.

Teeth nipped at his neck, Aizen bending over him as his hand closed around Ichigo's shaft, rubbing at the flesh. "Ah!" Ichigo jerked, unable to stop himself from thrusting.

The man above him continued to ravish his neck, jerking the red-head's arousal in fast, even strokes. The brunette dipped his thumb into the slit of the smaller male's cock. "Oh God!"

Laughing quietly, Aizen licked up the shell of the quivering Ichigo's ear. "Call my name," he said, almost an order.


"Scream it out for me, Kurosaki."

And just like that, the red-head threw his head back, mouth open as he screamed in ecstasy, release shooting out over the brunette's hand.


~( ^_^ )~


Three round, red orbs dropped onto the scarlet bread-spread in front of an exhausted Ichigo's face. The red-head lay on his front, head looking out to the side as he breathed in lungful after lungful of air.

Aizen stood, looking as prim and proper as always, even with a non-appeased erection straining in his slacks. "Your reward."

"Urgh…," the male groaned, shifting slightly. An unintentional gasp left his mouth as he did so, the round object within him sending a spark of pleasure shooting through his system.


"What…," he flumped into the mattress. "The hell… did you do?"

The brunette smiled. "Well… it seemed such a waste to let your preparations go to waste…," he replied. "So I added a little something."

Ichigo grimaced. "Fuck you."

"It's not that bad…," Aizen crooned, bending forwards. "Think of it as a… test, if you will."

He picked up one of the three apples, throwing it up in the air in a mockery of what he had done before. "If you resist temptation and manage to keep it in, I'll give you more to eat next time."

"And what if I don't?"

"Oh don't worry– I'll know." The brunette glanced down, eyes flashing dangerously, yet somehow still amused.

"And you may wish to know… there are punishments for breaking the rules."

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