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"He-Hello." Tsuna says rather shyly, her cheeks flushed. "N-Nice to meet you all."

And then, like some kind of disease, the boys of the class develop some kind of red tint on their cheeks. Except Gokudera and Yamamoto, of course.

"Are you related to Dame-Tsuna?" one girl asks, probably annoyed with all the attention Tsuna has been getting. Gokudera is almost ready to pounce and lash out at the girl if Yamamoto hadn't stopped him.

"Ah," Tsuna blanches immediately, "W-Well, yes… I'm his, err, distant cousin…"

"Alright, alright," Their homeroom teacher began. "Let's save the talk later. It's time to learn. Now, Miss Sawada, you can sit there at the back."

Great! That means everybody won't notice me there, plus Yamamoto's near… She happily thought as she walked to her now new seat. Yamamoto smiled as she approached, while Gokudera merely glared.

"You can chill out now, Tsuna," the swordsman whispered with a thumb up.

"Ah, yeah…" Decimo smiled back, feeling calm again. This is what he likes about his rain guardian; all Yamamoto takes to lift up the mood of another is that one smile.

And so, with Tsuna on her seat, the classes began.


"I thought I was going to die…"

"You did great, Tsuna!" Yamamoto tapped her on the shoulder; that grin of his still plastered on his face. "Come on, cheer up will ya?"

"Don't hit the Tenth so easily, baseball nut!" Gokudera exclaimed, now beside the two. "He's… I mean… She's different now, you know?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Ano, Sawada-san?"

Three pairs of eyes averted to the speaker.

"Hello," greeted Kyoko, smiling like an angel that she is, "I'm Sasagawa Kyoko, and this is my friend, Kurokawa Hana." Hana nodded, eyeing Tsuna like a scanner. "I was wondering if you'd like to join us for lunch –"

"Can't you see we're talking here?" Gokudera snapped. "Tenth's –"

"Gokudera-kun!" Tsuna tugged her friend's pants, signalling him to stop, while Yamamoto merely laughed.

"Sure, of course she'll join you," the rain guardian said. "Go on Tsuna," he tapped her shoulder, gesturing at the clumsy teen to stand. Hana raised an eyebrow.

"Ah… right!" Tsuna beamed, thankful. Yaata! I'm going to eat lunch with Kyoko-chan! Thanks, Yamamoto! She happily mused as she went along with the other two girls.

"Hey!" Gokudera protested now, turning to the baseball enthusiast. "What was that for?"

"What? Tsuna's a girl; isn't it normal for her to be with other girls?"

"The Tenth is not female, okay? He's just… you know, in some other body."

"Come on Gokudera. Let him get used to being a girl. We'll never know when we get to bring him back to normal, you know?"

"Yamamoto's right."

From nowhere, the sun arcobaleno appeared. He was sitting on the window beside Yamamoto's desk. "Ciaossu."

"Reborn-san!" Gokudera exclaimed, while the swordsman just smiled.

"But as guardians," the hitman added, "You must also keep an eye on him. You'll never know who she will meet in this school."


"That's so cute!" Kyoko exclaimed as she listened to what Tsuna had been explaining these past few minutes.

Tsuna's excuse of why she was named like Tsuna (err, the male version) went well, as far as she was concerned. My mom and Aunt Nana named us both 'Tsuna' coz… it's cute…? God. Who knew girls would even believe an excuse like that.

"How long will you stay here, Tsuna-chan?" Decimo felt like she would melt at the sight of Kyoko. And she's calling her with '-chan' now! To Tsuna, that's just like winning the lottery...or even better.

"Well… I-I really don't know…" she trailed off.

"Where's Sawada, by the way? Your useless cousin." Hana suddenly butted in.

"Wha?" Tsuna blanched. She's still referring to me as 'useless'! "He's…doing some…uh, training of some sort… I-I really don't know anything about the details, so…"

"Training?..." Kyoko blinked and within seconds, her face turned worried. Why would Tsuna-kun train? Is there something coming up?

"B-But h-he told me you shouldn't worry about it too much, though…" Tsuna tried her best to reassure her, waving her hands as if to say 'don't mind it'. Kyoko just nodded and smiled once more.

"So, Tsuna," Hana began again, "What's your relationship with those two?"


"Yeah, Gokudera and Yamamoto. Especially Yamamoto."


"Now that I think about it," Kyoko blinked, "Yamamoto-kun calls you by your first name. You two must be close!"

"Are the two of you dating?"

"What?" the image of him (of course he's still a he, silly) and his friend holding hands happily like a couple almost killed him. Almost.

"N-N-N-N-N-N-NO!" Tsuna turned beet red as she waved her hands in denial. "W-We're not dating! We're just friends, that's all!"

"Okay, okay," Hana smiled cunningly. "You don't have to be so tense."

Before Tsuna could hyperventilate, a very familiar voice called her name.


They turned to Yamamoto who was with a very annoyed Gokudera.

"Yo," the good mannered baseball player greeted, while the silver haired bomber merely grunted. "Do you mind if we borrow her for a second, girls?"

"Okay," Kyoko replied, while Hana was now smirking widely.

Tsuna blinked and stood up from her seat and followed her two best friends. "What's up?"

"Reborn-san wanted you to know," Gokudera began, "That he couldn't find anything about your condition, Tenth."

"So he was planning to call for Viper," Yamamoto continued as they walked in the corridors. "The baby was planning to ask him if he knew anything about gender-changing curses of some sort."

"What? Curse?" Tsuna said, practically alarmed.

"If I find the bastard who put that curse on the Tenth, I will personally kill that little –"

"Maa, maa, Gokudera," the swordsman smiled. "We aren't sure if that's really the case."

"How would you explain all of this, then?" he snapped. "There's no other possible explanation!"

For once, Tsuna accepted his right-hand's idea. There is no other possible explanation for what have happened for him to lose his balls, other than weird curses. Ugh. This does not sound good at all. If all of these are true, Tsuna's sure he'll die broke before he even changes back into a guy. What the hell was he going to pay to that greedy Arcobaleno? He doesn't even have a job!

Tsuna sighed. "Wait guys, I think I'll just go take a piss. Excuse me." Thinking about all of this sure made his bladder hurt… uh, if there was such a connection to the nervous system and the urge to urinate. Or, Tsuna might just be tired of hearing all of these chaotic ideas…Yeah… I think it's the latter.

"Wait, Tsuna –"

"Just give me a moment, Yamamoto." She entered the toilet.


"What?" she glances back to her friends.

Neither of the two knew what to say.

"What is it?"

"Uh… Sawada-san," a classmate of theirs piped, "The girl's restroom is on the next floor…"

Awkward silence…


Cue hasty exit and embarrassed blushes.


"That was the worst!" Tsuna exclaimed as she continuously hit her head and buried herself in a corner, while her cheeks burned red. "Why didn't you guys stop me?"

"I'M TERRIBLY SORRY TENTH!" Gokudera got on his knees and started apologizing extravagantly again. "Get on your knees, Yamamoto!"


"No, stop it you two," Tsuna turned to them and pulled them up by their arms. "I'm sorry… It was my fault too…" she sighed. "I should pay more attention to those signs from now on…"

"You should."

Three pairs of eyes whip toward the speaker.

"For ruining the peace, I'll just have to bite you to death."


"Hi-Hibari…" Yamamoto smiled uneasily, sensing the trouble they've gotten themselves into. Gokudera instinctively made a shield of himself for Tsuna, readying his hands to grab some dynamites.

"You," the prefect narrowed his eyes at the female protected by the two boys, "What class are you from? I haven't' seen you from anywhere…"

"What do you care?" Gokudera snapped, now engaging in a death glare match with Hibari.

"Now now," the swordsman tried to appease the two as they carried on with the staring contest.

Tsuna wanted to cry. Why does everyone, including Hibari, have some kind of marvellous timing? Why, of all people, does Hibari need to see this condition he's in?

"You," the prefect began again and turned to Tsuna as he ignored Gokudera, "Tell me your name."

"S-Sawada Tsu-Tsuna!"

"Sawada?" the grey-eyed senior repeated, his eyebrows rising ever so slightly.

"I…I'm Tsunayoshi's err, distant cousin…"

Hibari Kyoya smiled. When this fellow smiles, we all know that someone's going to end up in the hospital, sooner or later.

"If you two are related," he said, his tonfa now out of its hiding place (wherever that may be), "Then you must know how to fight."

"Are you crazy?" Gokudera spat out, "Are you seriously picking on a girl? And you have the guts to tell us you're maintaining the peace here…"

"Come on Hibari," Yamamoto reasoned, "Tsuna's just a normal girl. She's not involved with that mafia thing going on with us... So let her be, 'kay?"

The prefect didn't even take his eyes off Tsuna, or paid attention to the two boys explaining their souls out to him. This girl quivering under his gaze held some kind of power; a power similar to that herbivore's. He's sure of it. Every cell in his body screamed out to taste that enormous strength she's hiding –


Tsuna closed her eyes when Gokudera called the prefect's name, scared to death from all the staring they've been doing. God, she's sure she's going to have sore eyes from the intensity of Hibari's gaze on her.

"Are you going to pick a fight or what?" the silver haired guardian asked daringly, throwing him some more death glares.

"I'll be waiting for that fight of ours, Sawada Tsuna." Kyoya said calmly, completely dismissing Gokudera, much to the latter's annoyance.

"Wh-What?" Tsuna shrieked, her eyes almost popping out of their sockets. Gokudera was now throwing curses and punches, while Yamamoto stopped him before he even landed a hit on the tonfa-wielder.

Hibari Kyoya said no more, and merely walked away.

"He was undressing you with his eyes." The sun Arcobaleno suddenly appeared on top of Yamamoto's head, much to their surprise. "Congratulations, Tsuna. You successfully seduced Hibari Kyoya with your moe-ness."

"M-Moe-ness?" The two guardians repeated in unison, while Tsuna looked like she wanted to jump out of the building this instant.

"What do you mean by that?" She flailed around miserably, "He's going to kill me! I'm going to get bitten to death!"

"Idiot. It's his special way of saying 'Hey babe, you're hot. Let's go out tonight and have some mind-blowing se –'"

"No! Don't say it!" Tsuna covered her ears and ran away like a maniac. "I don't want this anymore!"

Her voice faded fast as she fled, leaving the three in that historical corner.


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