Warning: may contain murder, insinuated rape and cheesyness

A/N thanks to the people who gave me the idea and name of the story 3

Sitting in this small shitty café looking for my next victim I reconciled on my first victim. He was my best friend, or so I thought. Until I told him I was gay, then the shit hit the fan. I didn't know he was homophobic. So he went to beat me up for it, luckily we were in my bedroom, where I had on of those art knife things, I pushed the blade up through his ribs and into his heart. After that I just ran, after a few months, the murder hunt ended, and I just became another missing kid on the milk cartons. I was seventeen, now being twenty-four, I would expect people would expect I'm now dead. I hoped so, I hated hurting my parents, but I'd rather not go to jail.

"Would you like another coffee Frank" the waiter asked "Might as well since I'm paying"

"Of course Ray, I'd love another cup of coffee" I grinned at Ray. He was one of the only people who really knew I was alive, the others who did ended up slowly disintegrating in a bath of diluted acid and there own bodily fluids. I was unsure to why I didn't kill Ray, maybe it was the fact I genuinely liked him. I'll never be sure.

I browsed the café for my next victim, he had to be here, I really couldn't be bothered walking around looking for someone. I saw mainly businessmen with either wedding bands or phones literally glued to their hands, groups of friends, mothers, families. I couldn't pick someone who'd be missed, I needed someone who wouldn't be missed. Then I spotted him, all alone, no wedding band, no phone. Perfect. I went to the bathroom to sort my eyeliner and get my hair looking perfect I had a plan, hopefully the magazine he was reading would help me in my plan.

I went back in to the café and he was gone. Fuck. I went to check the magazine. Perfect. I left the café and saw him walking over to an apartment building. This had been the easiest one so far. It was really easy in fact. I followed him to his apartment, and waited 5 minutes before going up to the door and knocking, I made my persona more nervous, like it was my first time doing this. Hopefully my lucky star were with me and he called the service.

The guy opened the door. "You were quick" Hallelujah "Wait you are from the service?"

"Yeah, I-I am" I smiled nervously.

"Good come on in" the guy ordered. That pissed me off, but I went in anyway. "Can I get you a drink of water before we begin?"

Oh boy, you make this far too easy for me "Yes, I'd like that, thank you"

I followed him into the kitchen, immediately standing where the knifes were, he only needed to have his back to me once.

"I'm glad the service sent you, you are rather pretty" he said, "You can call me Jack"

I smiled "Thank you, I'm Xiao," I got a funny look for that "My parents were weird" he gave me the water then, I took a sip and set it onto the counter. That's when he turned his back to me, I moved quickly, I grabbed the biggest looking knife, grabbed him and held the knife to his throat. "Move and I'll cut you so deep it'll be a world record. Understand" I said darkly. He nodded as much as he could. "Now, take me to your bathroom"

I followed Jack to his bathroom, "Lay on the floor" I told him, luckily he did as he was told. I may have to kill again tonight, this one is far too easy and far too much of a pussy for my liking. I straddled him and ripped his shirt open exposing his rather hideous chest. I'm glad I wasn't fucking him, I hated hairy chests.

"Now" I said quietly "This shit sure is gunna hurt" I grinned widely. Well at least I was killing someone. I plunged the knife into the flesh just under his collarbone I cut a line down to his nipple. He screamed, so I sighed. "This just wont do. I dislike you, I think I'mma just make it quick" I sighed again. And stuck the knife straight into his heart, again, and again, and again, till I watched the life drain from his eyes. I wasn't fully satisfied.

I noticed the bath, where I lugged his body into and started running the bath. I dumped a shit load of bleach into the bath. And left, grabbing the glass I used and keeping the knife putting them into a bag and leaving the apartment as though nothing happened. Down the hallway I heard a scream, and flesh impacting flesh, I saw the door lightly ajar. So I peeked in, I saw two men, one was slightly cute, a little chubby, with bright red hair, he was already extremely bruised. The other was tall, dark haired, and rather ugly. He was beating on the cutie with the red hair. Anger flared up inside me, the first truly real emotion I have had in a while. I may have murdered. I may have raped. But I sure as hell would not beat on my man.

I pushed the door open quietly. None of them even noticed.

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