Now for the story to begin in truth.

(Samus' POV)

We had been flying through space tracking Phazos for three months already and in that time period Link and I visited a few of the planets I had been to in the past.

We went to Tallon IV where he wound up gaining the ability to use beam based attacks with his sword and I gained a few of my old beams back.

I now had over two-hundred missiles I had the Wave Buster, Flame-thrower, Super Missile, Ice Spreader, along with the Ice and Wave Beams respectively.

We also went to Aether where U-mos was more than happy to give me and Link both the Light, Dark, and Annihilator beams along with the Light and Dark Suit's.

While we were there, U-mos taught Link a few new sword techniques that I knew would prove to be very useful.

After that, we made our way to Norion where we introduced ourselves to Admiral Castor Dane of the Galactic Federation Fleet that was under his command.

He smiled and handed us the requested items that I asked for which consisted of the Nova Beam and a few other items.

I had also requested two PED Suits which they gave me despite the fact that they saw no need for them at the current time.

After all the item collecting I found myself just on the outskirts of where Zebes had been.

I closed my eyes in sadness when Link shouted something about two objects floating in outside the ship.

Opening my eyes I saw two items that had an S on them.

No doubt about it... that must be the Spazer. I thought just as I activated the tractor beam of the ship and pulled both of them aboard the ship.

Link's rammed his sword onto one of them while I simply touched the other one and sure enough it was the Spazer.

"Now that we have a beam that affects all beams much like the Charge beam does we can get going now. What the Spazer does is it creates two more shots of the selected beam so now we got something that will increase the power of our beams by a lot more." I said this after sitting in the command chair and waited for Link to take his seat as well. "Now back to tracking down Phazos where ever that creature went."

I then activated the Hyper Drive and we were sent flying through Hyper Space.

After a few minutes of this the ship's alarm began going off, stopping the ship I examined the screens and found a planet that looked as if it had been destroyed and put back together again.

A quick scan of said planet told me that there was something there that acted like Phazon but the stuff was deep beneath the surface of the planet.

I activated the thrusters of the ship and we approached the planet and entered its atmosphere at a controlled speed of decent.

An hour or two later we landed in the middle of a vast valley that had trees everywhere and a river flowing down the middle of it.

Making one last scan of the atmosphere told me that the air was breathable.

Link and I got out of the ship without wearing our Power Suits but I kept my Paralyzer ready and Link kept his sword ready to be drawn at a moment's notice.

Looking around I noticed that we were near a river surrounded by trees.

In the distance I could hear a waterfall as clear as a bell.

The slight breeze brought back a few memories of my past and the sounds of the birds and animals in the woods around made the scenery nostalgic.

(Hunter's POV)

"Hunter there are two unknown humanoid beings in the valley."

I was sitting outside Chief Prowlus' hut when these three scouts showed up telling me this.

Taking the initiative I stood up and said, "Did they seem hostile at all?"

The second scout shook his head and said, "No they did not but they do wield weapons. The one in green wields a strange twisted gray sword while the one with the cyan runes on it's body seems to carry some sort strange object... I can't describe it in words."

I closed my eyes before saying, "Can you draw out the shape of it?" this question seemed to be the right one as the scout drew the shape of the object in the dirt on the ground.

"So that's what it looks like. It is a strange object indeed." I said this as I wondering what the object was and what it did when the third scout who was being rather silent spoke up.

"What do you want us to do Hunter?"

Looking up from the drawing in the dirt to the cheetah that had spoke I gave the order, "Keep an eye on them for now. If they prove to be hostile then attack without mercy. If they prove to be non-hostile then keep watching them, However; if they end up noticing that you all are watching them then one of you emerge from the woods while one other comes back here to report while the third moves to another location and keeps watching."

All three scouts saluted and in unison said, "Yes sir." and they headed off into the valley.

A few minutes later Chief Prowlus walked out from his hut and looked around before saying, "Hunter, let's be going now. We are heading for Warfang to meet with the Guardians."

I nodded and followed Prowlus out of the small village and into the valley of Avalar.

Looking to the sky I thought back to when Malefor nearly destroyed this planet.

"Not wise of one to dwell on the past Hunter, but still it is a wonder that those two dragons you found did this for us... I wonder where they are right now, because I want to thank them personally for what they have done for this world."

I smiled at this as I too wondered where Spyro and Cynder were at this very moment.

I shook my head after a moment and realized that we were at the entrance to the Forbidden tunnel.

"So the business we have in Warfang is of great importance Prowlus?" I asked

"Indeed it is Hunter, you and I both have been summoned by the Dragon guardians so we have to get there as fast as possible." Prowlus was acting different at the moment, but I paid it no mind so I decided to tell him about the two new comers.

"So the scouts found two strange beings in the valley near the twin falls. I did not see anyone when we went by them, but if what you say is true then it is a good thing that you placed the three scouts to keep an eye on them. As for being able to hide some sort of giant metal object that would fit perfectly in the center of Warfang... that is troublesome because I saw nothing of the sort... This is troublesome indeed." Prowlus was shaking his head now and I heard him say something that sounded like, "Omens upon omens... what could it all mean?" under his breath.

(Guardian's POV)

"Well Ignitus, it's good to see you again." This was Cyril's voice which sounded like a young man speaking to good friends.

"Indeed it is. Ignitus it's been a while... Three months to be exact. Too long to be away, but it seems that you have other duties to take care of." Terrador spoke, sounding much like an old grandfather than anything else.


"Volteer slow down your speech! None of us can understand you when you talk so fast." Cyril scolded Volteer.

Clearing his throat Volteer began again only this time much slower, "Ah yes Ignitus, it is indeed good to see you again. Might I ask what happened to you?"

"Volteer, Cyril, Terrador... It's good to see you all again old friends but the story as of what happened to me can wait because we have a more pressing matter to tend to at the moment." Ignitus said, sounding like a father speaking to his son or daughter.

"And what pray tell are these more pressing matters Ignitus?" Terrador asked

Ignitus placed the book of prophecies on the table before them. The surrounding chamber was circular and located in the tower that was at the center of Warfang.

Opening the book to the page with the image of two humanoid figures, one wearing a forest green tunic, and the other wearing strange armor with its right arm looking more like a weapon than anything else.

"This is why I am here, and this is the more pressing matter. Now, have you three had any luck finding Spyro or Cynder?" Ignitus said in an urgent tone.

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