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Link: *pushing a large block of debris* Grah... ah ... ha... that should do it.

Spyro: So far we've got a lot done but right now in the story we are in for some trouble it would seem.

Cynder: *Nuzzles against Spyro* This whole issue with Phazon will be over soon i hope.

Me: Yeah I hope so too but there is still much more left to deal with.

Sparx: Yeah yeah doom and gloom so what let's get to the story. Just know that this guy claims no rights to Metroid, Zelda, or TLOS so yeah let the story continue.

(Samus' POV)

Link, Spyro, Cynder, Malefor, and I were heading to the valley of Avalar by way of the caves that connect the valley to Warfang. The caves were quit peaceful and reminded me slightly of my journeys within such caves. I was relaxed now and was becoming calmer by the second. Chances were that Link and the others were tense or relaxing slightly I did not know until I looked at the Relic markers.

Theirs were flashing red orange while mine was a serene blue green. Ridley's was a simple grayish color while the Luminoth's were a white color and the steel dragoness' was a steel grey color with a tinging of red. We had exited the cave at the south end of the valley and noticed a significant change. Everything here was slowed down to a near stop even the river itself was flowing at the speed of a crawl. I took notice that we would soon be affected as well but then Spyro and Malefor both began to emit a glow of sorts and then time seemed to return to normal for us.

"I take it that Time has been disrupted here and you two are the only ones who can counter act it to keep it from affecting us?" I asked and kinda stated.

"We have limited time but we can maintain this as long as we possibly can." Spyro stated while Malefor seemed to be straining to keep his grip on the Time alteration.

"Let's hurry then. Ridley is at the north end of the valley and will most likely be inside of a cave... If I know him as well as I would hope." I stated and began moving as did the others.

After a while I had ordered for Malefor to release the Time alter so till Spyro could no longer hold it himself. This method was working quite well for us till we encountered a slight problem in the guise of an old cheetah that looked more like a crazed hermit.

"You... I know three of you. but you others I do not. Malefor, The Dark Master. Cynder former Terror of the Skies. And Spyro The Legendary Purple Dragon. Your fates are all tied together. As for you two your destiny lies at the end of an arduous journey across the galaxies and beyond the worlds and realms of time and space. Even now corruption spreads but there is nothing you can do. heh heh heh. Phazos grows stronger and will become a near immortal force. heeeeeeeheheheheheeh... If you wish to save this planet then you had better hurry... Time is running out. heh heh heh heh *cough cough* heh." the old hermit said with crazed eyes.

He soon moved on his way and out of the Time Aura that surrounded us and protected us from being slowed down dreadfully. I was curious as to the words of the old hermit but it was apparent that my helmet auto recorded his voice. We made our way to the north end of the valley in quick yet slow order as I had took notice of some oddities amongst the ledges and found something interesting. I opened the chest and inside I found an object that looked to go over my arm cannon.

Of course during this point of the journey Link and I had reverted to our human forms and were keeping our wits about us so as to keep from being taken by surprise. I knew that Link was aware of everything that was going on around us within the Time Aura and outside of it. Only a few times did we have to kill something but otherwise this was uneventful to the highest degree.

Eventually we reached the north end of the valley and had jumped behind the waterfall and into a cave. We had found a few augmentation items along the way. For me were six Arm Cannon augments that increased damage. Three were called Impact and the other three were Greater Impact. I took notice of the increased power when I had shot at a tree and vaporized the tree and left a shallow cave like crater in the rock wall behind it.

Link had gotten a few augmentations to his sword but they were more like aura gems placed into the hilt. These caused the sword to become encased in an aura similar to the Hyper Beam from when i had fought Mother Brain the second time on Zebes. I was quite curious as to what would happen once we found Ridley.

When we got to about half way into the cave we were stopped by the six Luminoth who nodded and allowed us to pass on into the cavern behind them. The steel dragoness that was inside was standing over Ridley, who was becoming encased in yellowish crystals. Time was the most slowed down here in the cave as I had fired my arm cannon at the wall and just as it left the Time Aura that surrounded us it seemed to be immediately stopped in motion.

Once we approached Ridley and the steel dragoness time for both of them returned to normal as it had done for the Luminoth dragons, who were following us. I looked at Ridley and just as I touched him his eyes flickered open and he broke free of the crystal formation and staggered slightly.

"Whoa... easy Ridley. You ok?" I asked just as he got his balance back.

"I'm fine. It's about time that you all got here. I have slowed time down so much that it is literally slowed by a year just to keep the phazon from spread very fast. I've been working on a plan to get us back in time by four days so that we could put a full stop to this before it ever began getting worse. Thanks to the strange new ability that was given to me thanks to that creature back at the Volcano. I have gained the ability to alter the flow of time around me to such an extent as to stop it or even jump forward in time several years. Either way that is what we are going to do... We are going to go back in time to a point before the Phazon began. I just hope that we don't cause some kind of Time Paradox in the process." Ridley said almost before taking a breath.

After he stopped talking we then walked to the far back of the cave where there was a strange portal that seemed to be far out of place.

"Due to the place being slowed down as much as it has been this portal was created because of it and with it we can travel back to four days before the Phazon began to quicken its pace of corruption." Ridley said just before he and the six Luminoth dragons stepped through it along with the steel dragoness.

I looked at Link and the others who all had steeled expressions and they each nodded their heads in a slight jerk.

"Let's put an end to this as quickly as possible." Cynder said slightly worried about what was going to happen.

We entered the portal and were sent four days into the past. Upon the other side of the portal was just the cave empty of all but a small chest close by, which Link opened and removed a strange looking object that was more like a grenade like bomb instead of armor or anything of the sort. He stored the object to use later if it would be needed.

One of the Luminoth dragons rose up into the air and we were all teleported away and into the corrupted lands where the Phazon was slowly moving to encroach upon Warfang. Beyond the slowly flowing Phazon was something that I had only seen during the War of Phazon.

The ground was covered with crystal formations and bulb like growths combined with spires of pure phazon both red and blue alike. This was going to be a nightmare for all of us and would most likely haunt us for days to come. I know from experience that I have not gotten over the sights of the Phazon Wars. The destruction of Tallon IV, the split realm of Aether, and the changes caused by several days of Leviathan seeds being shielded and active for just a few days.

Link drew his sword and it was glowing even brighter while my arm cannon was glowing with the color of the singular beam that was set till some incident deactivated it. We were prepared for what would lie ahead for us. The Luminoth dragons and the steel dragoness had been outfitted for Phazon contact so they were likely coming with us as they seemed well prepared for what would or could ever happen. Needless to say we took the first steps beyond the Phazon barrier and entered the Corrupted Lands.

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