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Sakura was distracted when she heard the teacher announcing something. 'Wha-?' She turned to face the front and met with a pair of amber orbs.

Moons? Amber ones? And two of them? Am I going crazy?

It took for her realize that those were a pair of amber eyes. The tears blurring her eyesight led her onto the wrong track. She blinked and a tear slid down her cheek. She swiped it away with one of her hands and looked at the owner of those eyes.

It was a boy with wavy brown hair and a fringe that almost hid his eyes from view. His face was angular with high cheekbones and he was tall with a lean built. He was definitely taller than her, but shorter than Yue. He was strikingly attractive. She looked at the blackboard.

S...Syao..ran.. L...Li. Syaoran Li.

It's a nice name.

She looked back at Syaoran and was startled to see him staring at her, his eyes boring into hers. She could see…sorrow? And compassion in his gaze.


She touched her cheek. Tears were trailing down, and try as she might, she couldn't get them to stop flowing. God, what a sight she must look now. She tried to stem her tears but again, to no avail.

Why is she crying?

What happened to her?

These were Syaoran's thoughts when he looked at the girl once more. As he went to his seat which was behind the stoic boy with braided silver hair sitting next to her, he looked at her once more. She had beautiful blonde hair that were styled such a way that it framed her face; just like a picture frame. Longer strands of hair tumbled down to her back, only slightly longer than her shoulder-length hair. She had a straight fringe right above her soulful emerald eyes. It was the eyes that caught his attention; they were full of sorrow and darkened like the sky before a storm comes.

It was obvious that somebody hurt her, and it definitely wasn't due to friendship problems.

Somebody she loved, romantically, hurt her.

He could tell, as he had training in recognizing body languages and emotions; to what extent could somebody hurt someone was due to the feelings the victim had for that person.

It was obviously somebody that she loved dearly that hurt her.

Of course, he wasn't that sure.

But whoever it was, he had hatred growing for that guy.

For nobody should hurt a girl like that.

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