Kurt ran through the door, laughing loudly, with his boyfriend hot on his heels.

"You can run, but I will catch you anyway!" Blaine yelled at him, laughing just as hard. "I will teach you that you can't say no to me!"

Kurt didn't reply but ran towards the kitchen and turned around behind the dinner table.

"You are in my domain now, Blaine," he told the curly-haired boy, with a playful glitter in his eyes, reaching out for the dipper. "...and I have a weapon."

Blaine was still in the living room, trying to catch up.

Wow, he is fast.

He grabbed a pillow and ran towards the kitchen.

The two boys started chasing each other around the table. When Blaine chose a direction, Kurt ran in the opposite way.

"Just stand still!" Blaine threw the pillow at the boy, who he still hadn't been able to reach and hit him right in the face. The boy fell on the ground and the dipper fell out of his hands.

Blaine now realized he was unarmed and jumped onto the table, quickly crawling over it and jumping off of it, onto Kurt. Kurt's breath escaped him when the boy landed heavily onto his stomach.

Their faces were close to each other. Blaine could see the colour of the playful boy's eyes darken a shade.

"Since when are you this fast?"

Kurt looked at him, still with that playful look in his eyes. "Dat zou jij wel willen weten."

"You aren't ever going to stop, are you?" Kurt shook his head and chuckled. "Like you are the only one who knows how to make somebody crazy" Blaine told the taller boy on a teasing tone. Kurt stopped chuckling and looked suspiciously at Blaine. Blaine brought his head closer to Kurt's and just before their lips would touch, Kurt got a pillow in his face.

Blaine got off of his boyfriend and this time, he was the one who ran away, fleeing from the boy who now had the pillow. Blaine ran to the living room again, frantically searching for another pillow. He grabbed one from the couch and prepared himself for the attack that he knew was coming.

But he hadn't expected it to come from behind him. A cushion hit him right on the back of his head.


He turned around, ready to strike back but it only resulted in another smack.

God, he is so fast and strong.

Kurt pushed him onto the couch, quickly straddling his waist. Kurt pulled the pillow out of his hands, distracting him with a seductive look in his eyes.

"Ik hou van je, Blaine Anderson." Kurt whispered into his ear.

"Still not planning on telling me what it means?" Blaine whispered back, unable to bite back a grin.

"I think you already know," Kurt replied, before moving his lips towards Blaine's smiling mouth.

Dat zou jij wel willen weten. = You would like to know.

Ik hou van je, Blaine Anderson. = I love you, Blaine Anderson .

the end

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