Ron and Hermione were laughing very hard. Harry had just cracked a joke about Professor Severus Snape. It was just like at Hogwarts. There were only two differences. This time, even Ginny, Neville and Luna were included in the gang. And they were not at Hogwarts. All five of them had come to visit Harry. At Number 4, Privet Drive.

Uncle Vernon had taken Aunt Petunia and Dudley out to the amusement park, a minute before the arrival of Harry's friends. It had been an hour since. Harry had given his friends a tour of the house (with astounded looks from all but Hermione at the 'Muggle artifacts'). Then they had talked about anything and everything under the sun – Hogwarts, Hagrid, Voldemort's rebirth, Harry.

'Do you know, on my last birthday, Aunt Petunia took me to my mother's and her childhood home. It is so filled with memories,' said Harry.

'Oh! I'd love to see the place!' exclaimed Luna.

'Um... why not? We can leave this very minute,' replied Harry.

'Harry!' said Hermione, 'We can't go! I can't walk all the way to Spinner's End!'

'Hermione, aren't you a witch?' said Ron, 'We can apparate! C'mon! We've got our licenses!'

'And you can take us with you, you know,' said Ginny forcibly.

'OK then, let's go!' shouted Harry.

A few minutes later, the six appeared with a slight pop in front of a fairly large mansion. On the door was a worn nameplate bearing the name 'Mr. Charles Evans'. They entered the house and at once were filled with awe and eeriness. The house was beautiful, even grand, and further pretty with thirty years of caring by the two daughters of the house. Still, all over was a mystical feeling, which is sure of a place where a witch or a wizard lived years ago. They were all engulfed with awe and sadness for over an hour. They kept talking and seeing, chattering and observing, exclaiming and handling.