So, I'm meant to be working...but, car sex was calling, and I thought I round this up with a sliver of fluff and a sprinkle of plot with the porn.

Dean sat on the backseat of the impala, pants undone and hands around Castiel's waist.

Castiel, he is fully prepared to admit, has exceeded expectations. His pants are discarded on the floor, one arm around each headrest of the seats behind him, rocking back and forth with a soft, rhythmic 'oh-uh...' each time he takes Dean in fully. His shirt unbuttoned all the way, revealing a good slice of pale skin, three large hickeys already placed on him, a ring of reddish bite mark around his left nipple. Dean grasps Cas's ass with both hands, hauling him just a little higher, pushing him down just a little harder.

"God..." Castiel lets the word out as two syllables, a lazy half stoned smile on his face, teeth nipping at his lower lip. Dean runs his knuckles up the spine of Castiel's cock and he whimpers. The older man's body bows and heaves as Dean seats himself inside him further, pushing as far as he can get. Dean lets his head fall forward, resting his forehead on Castiel's heaving chest.

"Oh my God." He smirks into the damp skin under his mouth, his words rumbling into Castiel's chest. "You...are just full of surprises."

Castiel lets out an almost pained "Ah...uh..." and rolls his hips down.

Their pace has been steady for half an hour and Castiel's thighs are burning with the effort, both of them almost exhausted with the effort of holding back, but enjoying the tight frustration of it. Dean jerks up fast, fist dragging down on Castiel, pumping quickly, and the smaller man tips over the edge, "Ohyesohyesohyes..." tripping from his mouth, throwing his head back and swallowing the words rough and breathy. Dean growls his own orgasm into Castiel's chest, lurching up and falling back, sated and sweating.

"Jesus Christ..." Dean's head falls back against the back seat. Castiel sags on top of him, smiles to himself as he rubs a hand down his chest, easing the strained muscles of his stomach. "Does this mean I'm paying for dinner?"

"Yup." Castiel dismounts with a grunt, slides across the seat, into his pants and out of the car in a fluid series of motions that speak of long practice with backseat screwing. Which piques Dean's interest.

"Great." Dean peels off the condom, flicks it out onto the ground in the parking lot and climbs out after it, yanking up his zipper. He'd parked just off the street from a nice Italian place, one of the venues he flags up for birthdays when Sam wants to take him somewhere nice. It's not so fancy that he feels self conscious, and serves a lot of starch and cheese and meat. Castiel follows him in and Dean orders a bottle of wine.

It occurs to them both that this is a normal, adult, date, about twenty minutes in, and Castiel freezes mid sentence, watching Dean watch him avidly as he tells a story about his third graders.

"This is a date." Castiel says, slowly.

"What? No it's..." Dean fumbles for comforting smart ass remark. "It's post-fuck dinner." He improvises. "Re-fueling."

Castiel narrows his eyes.

"You're taking me out on a date." He accuses.

"No I...kind of..." Dean fiddles with his wineglass. "You're funny...I thought you were just, you know, hot and...enamoured with my ass."

Castiel snorts.

"But you're funny and...hard to please, kind of crotchety." Dean looks Castiel over. "Maybe I wanted more than just shower based fun."

"Like vehicular based fun?" Castiel looks down at his menu. "Followed by pasta and..."

"and you coming home with me." Dean finishes, awkwardly. "Maybe a second date?" He adds hopefully.

Castiel considers this for a second.

"If the pasta's good...and I get to sleep on the left, no questions asked...and next time I pick the restaurant."

Dean looks like a teenager, puppyish excitement evident in his slow smile. He hasn't had this much fun for a while, most of the guys he...well, not dates but jumps with a combination of charm and tight jeans, tend not to be the dating sort. Which is fine by him, they're dull, jock types who love sports and beer and all the things Dean liked when he was nineteen.

Castiel, in all his ex-nerd and oddly experienced car sex having English teacher glory, is a new challenge.

And ok, so he's already planning on making him breakfast.

It's not like it's anything serious.