The Red Thread of Destiny


The wind was unusually cold for a warm summer night and Rikuo shivered slightly. Whether it was from the cold wind or the revelation that was occurring he didn't know. What he did know is that his childhood friend had lied to him, not told him the truth.

To an outsider it would look as if Rikuo was just making a fuss about something very small but the parties involved knew why things were panning out this way.

"You lied to me for so long!"

"It wasn't my choice Rikuo-kun! My parents didn't want me to tell you that I was part of The Ienaga Household" Bitterness laced Kana's voice as she said Ienaga household and Rikuo who was ever perceptive picked it up.

"Why so bitter Kana-chan? Is it because you're part of 'The Ienaga Household'?"

Kana was shocked when she heard his mocking tone as he had never spoken to her like that before. She thought "I guess 'before' all of this we never had a conversation like this."

She was going to lose her composure soon and she knew it. The corners of her eyes were becoming slightly damp and if she wasn't careful she knew that she would start crying. She gathered all the courage she had and said "What about you Rikuo-kun? Haven't you kept any secrets from me?"

Time seemed to stop as she uttered those words and the frigidness of the air became even more palpable. "Kana-chan…..Go away from here and never speak to me again. "


"I said go away from here!"

"Why are you acting this way…...?"

Rikuo himself couldn't believe that he was acting this way but he knew that if they continued to argue he would eventually reveal who he was and he didn't want that to happen.

"I said…"

" I heard you the first time Rikuo-kun and I'm leaving." She turned on her heels and strode out of the Nura clan's residence, slamming the door behind her. Rikuo winced and slowly said "What did I just do….?" Kana stood with her back to palatial old style Japanese mansion and as she slowly looked at it through the corner of her eye, she said " Goodbye Rikuo-kun" , and fled .

She stopped as she reached her home and she saw water droplets fall on the snow. She realized that she had been crying and thought " I guess things are over now….Our friendship will never be the same" She laughed bitterly and said " That is if we still have a friendship after all that."

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