"Calm down, Lucy…calm down" Lucy was walking as fast as she could to her guild. She's been on the edge since this morning since she's been hearing crying of a little boy.

"Mama…" a little boy cried from nowhere. Lucy turned but saw no one, and then she heard footsteps getting near and the crying growing louder. Lucy couldn't take it and began to panic all the way to the guild's entrance.

"Hmmmm…" Natsu was lazily staring at the door, waiting for a particular someone.

"Relax, she'd probably come by that door…" Gray was cut with the bang of the door "…now"

Lucy was shocked and looked around the guild. Others were looking at her, but she didn't mind, the first she noticed was Gray beside Natsu. She instantly ran behind him, hiding behind his back.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Gray asked.

"What took you so long?" Natsu butted in. Lucy ignored Natsu for a moment and kept a straight gaze at the door.

"T-There's been something following me…crying and calling out…I don't know what…" she shivered.

That got everyone alert, they heard footsteps nearing and crying. Natsu went beside Gray, making sure Lucy was hidden. The others were in an alert state, ready to fight.

As the footsteps neared, everyone got ready, sweat tingled and was ignored, whatever is following Lucy, they can handle it. But…

"Mama…" A little boy appeared by the door. Everyone stared, lowering their guard.

"A kid…?" Wakaba stated, noticing the whole alertness was just for a little helpless crying kid.

Erza went in front of the Boy, gave him a pat on the head and smiled. The little Boy looked up and smiled.

"Auntie Erza!" he smiled "Where's Mama and Papa and Uncle Gray?"

Everyone got dumbfounded. What's this kid talking about?

"I didn't know I had a nephew…with whom?" Gray went to the little boy Erza keeps looking at with an eyebrow up.

"Mama and Papa, of course" he looked up at Gray with what he thinks was the most obvious answer. Gray was confused.

"Who are your Mama and Papa?"

The little boy looked around; he halts his gaze at Natsu and Lucy.

"Mama! Papa!" the little boy ran, tugging on Lucy and Natsu. Both were wide eyed and so were the rest of the guild members at them.

"Lucy never told me she had a son…" Levi was wide eyed.

"I never expected Natsu to hide something like this…" Macao was surprised.

Murmurs and chattering were going on. Lucy and Natsu were dumbfounded still while the little boy clung to them tightly.

"Lucy" Erza slammed her hand on the counter. Lucy jolted up and looked at Erza.


"Why didn't you tell us that you and Natsu…"Erza couldn't continue, they never expected something like this.

"So Natsu must have known Lucy years back while he was searching for Igneel and got her pregnant…and then made her join Fairy tail for finance and that should explain why Natsu likes to go to Lucy's house…" Levi spoke as if she knew the whole story.

"Nothing of that sort happened" Lucy said flatly "Levi, you just have a big imagination…"

"Oh…" Levi blinked.

"I don't remember anything like this…" Natsu said bluntly.

"You're someone who forgets anything easily, even something important like this" Gray stated.

"No I don't! Besides! You don't even know why this kid is calling you Uncle!"

"Ahem" the little Boy butted in. every eyes were on him.

"Mama and Papa gave me a name you know" he tugged on Lucy and Natsu again.

"And your name is…?" Mira asked.

"Nalu" he smiled. Everyone began observing the little Boy's appearance.

He had Natsu's eyes, Lucy's hair color, Natsu's appeal and Lucy's eye color.

"Yep, definitely their kid" Elfman made his conclusion. Others agreed, from the looks of it, it's a Natsu and Lucy mixed together.

"But!" Natsu and Lucy began to argue "We never did anything!"

"What's going on?" the voice echoed through the whole guild. Everyone looked at the stairs. Going down from the second floor was Makarov.

Nalu loosen his grip from his 'parents' and looked at Makarov with a smile.

"Old man" he smiled. Makarov looked at the little Boy.

"Who told you to call me that?" he asked.

"Papa did!" he took a grip on Natsu. Natsu denied it but the master doesn't seem to acknowledge it.

"Who is this Boy?"

"I'm Nalu! 5 years old!" he smiled "Their Mama and Papa!"

Makarov stared at Lucy and Natsu.

"Were not!" They said in unison. Then Nalu began to cry.

"Hey, don't cry!" Lucy began to panic, how do you handle crying children?

"Hey, look, uhhh, fire blazing on my hand" Natsu showed him his flames. Nalu stopped crying and raised an eyebrow at Natsu.

"You already taught me that" he said as he grew fire in his hands too, though it was small.

"A Dragon Slayer?" the others were amazed. Now they completely agreed its Natsu's kid.

"How the…Amazing! Can you roar?" Natsu began to get all excited.

"That's not the time for that!" Lucy was more concerned where the kid came from than it knowing how to blaze fire.

"I can't…you were going to teach me but I keep failing…" he tried to roar but only puff smokes came out "see…"

"What do we do with him, Master?" Mira asked as they look at the little boy trying to roar like Natsu does.

Makarov took a good look and turned wide eyed. He lowered his head and was silent.

"Master?" Mira wondered with the silence.

"Lucy! Natsu!" Makarov called. Everyone was listening now.

"I want you to take care of that kid"

"What?" Lucy was shocked. Natsu shouted in glee. He has a dragon slayer with the same element as him.

"Treat him as he states you two are" Both looked at the master "Be his parents"

Lucy was going to argue but Natsu touched her shoulder and smiled. Lucy smiled back and never spoke. She knew arguing wasn't going to go anywhere. The master's orders are absolute, and besides, Natsu seem to like having Nalu around.

"Erza, Gray" both whom were called turned to Makarov "Since he seem to call you his aunt and uncle…do what you should" both nodded.

"That goes for the whole guild!" the others stared "were considering what this kid believes! His now part of fairy tail! With Lucy and Natsu as his parents!" he announced and went to his office. The others nodded and gave Nalu a good welcoming. Mira followed the master though.

"Master, why such decision?"

"…" he remained silent and had a serious look on his face.


"Let them be, they should learn how to handle a kid while their young!" the master had his relaxed face on. Mira wasn't convinced at all.

Fairy tail would be a bit different now…

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