I don't need another one…I don't need another one…I don't need this but I'm doing it because this literally will not leave me alone and I can't fight it anymore. So buckle up kiddies, this one will be a real bumpy ride

Jeff stared at the blank canvas in front of him, one can of spray paint in his hand and the others nearby so he could use them when he wanted to. It was around three in the morning and he hadn't been able to sleep so he had gotten out of bed and had decided to try to paint to clear his mind. Unfortunately, this plan wasn't working out too well for him so far. As much as he wanted to do it, he had no inspiration. Some areas of his mind were racing while others were completely restless and useless and his creativity was one of those areas.

He finally decided to just accept defeat for the night and he put his stuff away. For a brief moment he considered going back to bed but decided against it. If he went back, all he was going to do was toss and turn until the sun came up. And he had to say from personal experience that that had gotten old ages ago. So his bed stayed abandoned in favor of him slipping his shoes and hoodie on and snagging his keys off the microwave before heading out the front door. He started shivering right away, the frigid wind that was blowing chilling him to the bone within seconds. During the days the temperature was picking up and it was easy to tell that spring was on the way. At night though, that went away and it was a lot colder than it should have been.

Fuck me, I should have stayed in the house. Even as he was thinking that though Jeff was shoving his hands deep into his pockets and walking away from the small, cramped house that Jeff called home. It wasn't what he wanted to call home; he would have much rather have a little bit more of a spacious place out in the middle of nowhere, where he wouldn't be bothered by anybody. But life was never about what he wanted so he was stuck in a shithole he hated, barely making ends meet by stocking stores a few nights a week at a local store. Every night was the same thing and he hated it. He hated the repetitive nature of the work, hated his boss, hated his co-workers-it all just infuriated him but he couldn't quit. It had taken him six months to find this job he just couldn't quit. Not if he wanted to keep a roof over his head anyway.

He shoved his hands deep into his pockets as he kept going, not even having a destination in his mind. He was just going to wherever his feet randomly took him, eventually stopping at an all night convenience store and buying himself a couple packs of cigarettes. Once he left he immediately started lighting up, letting the smoke he inhaled warm him up a bit. Matt was always on his ass about him smoking but he couldn't really give much of a damn about it. It wasn't like he really gave a damn about what Matt had to say anymore. Once upon a time they had been so very beyond close but that had ended long ago. Sometimes Matt went out of his way to try to reach out to him but Jeff shunned any and all attempts. He was tired of all of Matt's bullshit. He had put up with it for years and years and just couldn't do it anymore. Big brother had let him down time and time and time again and there was just no more forgiveness in him left to give him another chance.

He let his wanderings take him into the downtown area, somewhere he didn't venture too often beyond when he went to work or went shopping. The few friends he did have often accused him of being a recluse and really, they were completely right about that. Unlike them though, he didn't see it as a bad thing. So what if he didn't like to go out and talk to people or whatever? He had tried that for awhile. One of the times he ran off from Matt before he cut him out of his life more permanently he enrolled himself into college and went for a few months, not because he wanted the education but because he wanted to be normal. He wanted to make friends, go to parties, do everything he had seen on TV and in the movies. But that had all gone to hell on him and now, beyond associating with his co-workers when he had to, his few friends and the stuff they sometimes dragged him out on, he avoided society like the plague.

A small crashing sound caught his attention and he stopped right in his tracks, listening hard to see if he heard it again. At first he didn't but just as he was about to blow it off he heard a short scream and growling that sounded like it had come from a wild animal. Oh fuck me. He wanted to just walk away because he already knew this wasn't going to be something he wanted any part of but his conscious wouldn't allow him to do that. So off he went, following the sounds and reaching into his pocket and touching one of the two weapons he always carried around with him as a precaution. I fucking hate this shit…

It was happening in an alley behind the hair salon. A young woman, probably in her early to mid-twenties and probably a prostitute judging from the way she was dressed was being shoved up against the wall by a vampire. She was screaming her head off and it was making Jeff's ears ring. He himself was numb to seeing pretty much everything of the supernatural variety and long ago forgot how scary for someone who had never seen anything remotely like it before outside of movies or TV shows.

Without saying a word he whipped out his stake and drove it into the vampire's heart before it could sink its fangs into the woman's neck. Once upon a time he would have engaged it in a fight, getting a thrill out of it but now he just watched blankly as it turned to dust and he was left face to face with the frightened woman. She stared at him with wide eyes for a long moment before jumping all over him, hugging him and speaking in rapid fire Spanish. His eyes just about popped out of his head and he literally just stood there and let her hug him for a bit, uncomfortable with the sudden contact but too shocked by it to just push her off right away. Finally though he got a hold of himself and unwrapped her arms from his neck and shook his head. "Go home," he said shortly and curtly. He quickly turned away from the confused and hurt look hurt on her face and walked off, shivering as the wind cut through him yet again. The stake went back into his pocket and he ended up wandering around for a few more hours, finally going to his friend Mickie's house just as the sun was starting to rise. She had been calling him telling him that they needed to hang out again and if he didn't get in touch with her she was going to come invade his house and not leave until they got some good old fashioned bonding time. He had known her long enough now to know that wasn't an idle threat so now he was going to get the quality time over with and maybe even get something to eat out of it. Mickie liked to cook for him because she claimed he was too skinny and a lot of the time he didn't bother to argue with her since he got free meals out of the deal.

He rang her doorbell and waited. When she answered the door she grinned and happily threw her arms around his neck. Now her he hugged back and breathed in her scent, trying to figure out just what the hell she smelled like today. She took a lot of baths with oils and herbs and stuff and it all just combined to make for a rather interesting scent. That wasn't implying that it was bad or anything; that was far, far from the truth. But while most girls he had known usually went for like vanilla or coconut or some kind of sweet scent, Mickie always had more like of a woods-y kind of thing going for her.

"How are you?" she asked as she pulled him into the house.

He shrugged. "About the same." He looked all around the house, noticing that there were blankets and unfamiliar pillows on the couch. "Did you fall asleep out here or something?"

"No Adam crashed here last night," Mickie replied. She lead him into the kitchen, where Adam was attempting to help with breakfast. "He and Randy finally broke up and he ended up getting kicked out so he's staying here until whenever."

Jeff nodded along, feeling pretty out of the loop. He had met both Adam and Randy through Mickie (who he had met when she found him after a rough fight with a couple of demons and had taken charge and gotten him all cleaned up before even learning his name) and as far as he had known, their relationship had been great. Then again, he hadn't ever tried to get too close to either one of them. He knew he gave Randy the creeps and Adam…well he wasn't so sure about him. He knew that he always felt weird around him and his instinct was always to avoid him because he wasn't sure what that feeling was all about. Maybe it was the interest that Adam always showed towards him. It felt different than pretty much anyone else's. At least he thought it did. Maybe he was reading too much into it. Or maybe he wasn't. He didn't know. He had no way of knowing and that drove him nuts because he needed to know these things. He had thought about asking Mickie but he was too embarrassed to actually do it. He was much more comfortable not knowing rather than asking her and risking major embarrassment.

"Hey Jeff." Adam grinned and nodded as he looked over at him and Mickie. "Pancakes or eggs?"

Jeff shrugged. "Pancakes are fine." He wasn't much of an egg person really. Matt used to make them all the time because he loved them so much and Jeff had gotten so burned out on them that he could barely even stomach the thought of eating them ever again.

Adam nodded along, a little grin spreading across his face. "I'm on the same boat as you are." He playfully sneered and shook his head at Mickie. "Little Miss Wicked Witch of the East-OW!" He pouted as Mickie slugged him on the arm. "What was that?"

"I told you that if you started that "wicked witch" crap again I would hurt you." Mickie folded her arms across her chest and shook her head. When Jeff had originally met her, she had been checking out the local magic shop just for kicks and that had sparked her interest in that little world. At first her friends and family thought she was just fucking around with it but she had actually been pretty damn serious. So far she could only really do small spells, like making things float, glamours, making fire out of ice (which left a huge scorch mark on the floor) and making small inanimate objects disappear and reappear but Jeff figured it was only a matter of time before she could do bigger and better ones.

Adam pouted his lips. "I was only joking. I'm gonna tell the townspeople now and have them burn you at the stake for being mean."

"You're going to orchestrate my death for me being "mean"? Well that's just all kinds of mature."

Jeff shook his head as Mickie and Adam continued to go back and forth. He knew they would be going on for quite awhile so he decided to just take his leave and go to the bathroom so he could wash his hands. When he entered the bathroom he heard the pipes groaning loudly but he didn't think anything of it at first. His plumbing did the same thing at his house so he turned the knobs on the sink as he hummed softly under his breath. At first nothing came out of the faucet which made him frown. "Mi-"

There was a loud bang from within the pipes and then blood started to come out of the faucet in place of the water. His eyes just about popped out of his head at the sight of it. At first he thought he was seeing shit but then he turned off the faucet and when he turned it back on the blood still came out, which made him immediately shut it back off…only it didn't stop. In fact, it just started coming out even faster. Well fuck me. That's a bad omen if I ever saw one. He backed out of the bathroom real quick and started heading towards the kitchen. "Mickie! Uh...we've got a problem here!"