Eventually, after a great deal of wandering, the team minus Minato who had been pulled off of a nearly-dead older Kakashi by a team of ANBU and chucked into a holding cell at the local jail to cool off ended up meeting together at the red bridge near Training Ground 7 which was their usual meeting place before training or missions. When Kakashi, who was wondering how or if he should tell Obito about his clan since as far as they were concerned it hadn't happened yet, arrived, it was to see Obito and Rin looking somewhat despondent.

"Who died?" he asked.

"Me, Obito, Sensei, Kushina-nee, and Hokage-sama." Rin said sadly, on the verge of tears as she imagined whatever horrible fates had befallen them.

"That's not all who died." Kakashi said, deciding that it would probably be best to just bite the bullet and get it over with since Rin and Obito had seen the worst about their future already. "The Uchiha clan's been killed off as well."

"Someone killed my entire clan?! Awes-...I mean that's terrible." Obito said, not looking anywhere near as horrified as Kakashi had expected him to.

Kakashi shuddered at the look in his teammate's oddly dry eyes which had been full of tears when a poorly aimed kunai had accidentally knocked a small bird out of the sky last week. This was just one of the many things about his teammate that he would have to repress, such as the time...Nope, that most definitely didn't happen. Obito was a lame kid who was late all the time because he was tripping over cats and helping old ladies with their groceries. There was no way in hell that the Uchiha boy was an evil genius, and that treehouse of his most definitely wasn't a lab.

"What'd I miss?" Minato-sensei, who had flashed to the seal that was still carved into the bridge's railing, asked not even caring that he'd just broken half a dozen laws when he'd broken out of jail, including the village's shinobi speed-limit which had to be restructured more than a decade before thanks to the likes of him, The Hokage's Guards, and Shunshin no Shisui.

"Obito and Rin found out that they were dead, and I found out that the Uchiha clan has been killed off." Kakashi replied, giving a concise report that didn't include the little freak-out he'd had back at his older counterpart's apartment which had included a bit of arson or the time he and the rest of the team had spent purposelessly wandering around the village.

"Any idea when that happened?" Minato-sensei asked.

"Not really, people just assumed I knew when it happened when I went to the grocery store and discreetly asked when they were built and where the hell the old Police Station that used to be there was. It was the Clan Head's son Itachi who was responsible for the massacre of the Uchiha, so it couldn't have been more than a few years ago." he replied.

"Damn. Last week, I bet Fugaku 500 ryo that someone was going to get sick and tired of the Uchiha and kill the lot of them within the decade." Minato-sensei said.


Naruto finally got off the floor and brushed off Sakura's attempts at comforting him when he'd received a message from Tsunade telling him that his Kakashi-sensei was at the hospital in critical condition. If the message hadn't come when it did, he probably would have completed his withdrawal from the world and been catatonic at the moment rather than making his way to the hospital to be at the side of his most precious person. Discovering that the Yondaime was his father was one of those revelations that should only come in the middle of a battle or something, because otherwise, he'd be curled up in a corner rocking if he was given enough time to think about it before he accepted it and moved on.

When he reached the hospital, he was led up to the ICU by one of the nurses who had offered him her condolences over his Kakashi's condition. He would have believed the woman to have been sincere if she hadn't given his Kakashi-sensei a nasty glare before giving them a few minutes to be alone. His Kakashi looked absolutely horrible. There were a number of tubes and wires that ran from IV bags and machines attached to his body, and he was covered in bandages. Every area that wasn't covered in bandages was badly bruised.

When his beloved Kakashi-sensei had caught sight of him, instead of giving him that loving look he usually did since they had expressed their true feelings for each-other and gotten together, there had been fear and horror in his eye. When he reached out to stroke his beloved's bruised and bandaged cheek, instead of slightly leaning into the touch, he flinched and tried to pull away.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." Kakashi whimpered, apparently seeing someone else as he looked at him. Someone else who had his blond hair and blue eyes.

Burning anger roiled in his gut, and tried to break free with each apology that his beloved had made that was directed at the time-traveling Yondaime. First, that bastard who had fathered him seals the Kyuubi in him and leaves him an orphan in a village that hates his guts for something he had no control over, then he has the gall to come to the future and judge him for who he loves, then he goes and attacks his most precious person, nearly killing him in the process.

Screw forgiving everybody, he was going to take a leaf out of that bastard Sasuke's book!


As Minato and his hungry team went to see if Teuchi was still as good a cook as he had been in their own time, an ominous feeling washed over them. Random villagers who felt the oppressive Killing Intent scattered in panic with a number of them screaming "Oh God IT's Loose!"

Minato and his students however just winced. The last time they'd felt a wave of KI that strong had been when Minato had accidentally forgotten Kushina's birthday.