AN/ I wrote this just to follow up my thoughts on what I think may have occured after the events of 'Ancient History' so there are some spoilers for that episode as well as some very mild ones from 'Once and Future Thing' Part two. There are some direct quotes from 'Ancient History' in this chapter, and of course Justice League and it's characters belong to DC and not to me :)

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Everything was deathly quiet the world around her muffled into silence as she mulled over his words to her, words he uttered only minutes ago which held the power to stop her heart in her chest just like he did every day, but this time it was different.

'When Batman and I went to the future...we met a man named Warhawk, he's our son...yours and mine'

Shayera's legs were carrying her without her knowledge; trivial things like destination didn't matter anymore.

'He's our son...yours and mine'

A door slid open before her but she didn't take the time to look at where she was, not even stopping when her adoptive brother The Flash zipped past her before returning to her side in a red blur.

"Hey Shayera" He beamed at her.

She didn't answer just numbly kept walking without looking up at her friend.

"Shay?" Flash asked concerned as he touched a hand to the trance like woman's shoulder.

"Mmm?" Shayera turned slightly and her eyes defocused for a moment before she concentrated on the worried face before her.

"Are you okay?"

There was a feeble nod as Shayera tried to reassure him that there was nothing wrong "I'm fine Flash...I...I just need a bit of space"

Flash wasn't convinced but he let her go against his better judgement, Shayera had only just seemed to be coming back to them and returning to her familiar self, but it seemed she was experiencing a setback.

"Okay, long as you're sure?"

Shayera smiled weakly "I'm sure, thanks Wally"

Wally watched as his friend continued walking to where ever she was going he assumed somewhere quiet and solitary, although he was hoping she was going to stop insisting on being on her own at times. As he watched he noticed that her wings were a little limp and more relaxed that she usually held them, something was bothering her, something important. For once in a rare moment Flash frowned thinking about what could be upsetting her, he knew she wouldn't tell him so he decided to ask the next best person, someone who knew Shayera better than anyone else.

The former Hawkgirl continued on to her unknown destination her mind returning to its recesses now that she didn't have to concentrate on a conversation.

'Our Son'

A frown drew itself on her brow as she stopped for a moment and peered out of one of the windows of the Metro Tower. Her mouth formed words but no sound was released from them as she touched her hand to the glass.

'Our Son'

Blinking slowly she attempted to rid her eyes of the cloudiness that had spread over them and she blinked more furiously as she felt hot tears begin to well up in her eyes, she wouldn't cry, not now. Dragging herself away from the window and leaving no evidence of her being there except for the little circle of condensation from her breathing and a fading hand print, Shayera continued walking now that she knew who she needed to speak to.

Stepping into the elevator she sighed deeply as the doors closed and she pressed a finger to one of the buttons, the elevator taking her to the desired destination. Numbly she acknowledged a dislike for the small space, her claustrophobia ebbing at the back of her mind as she continued to mull quietly over John's words. She wanted more than anything to be with him again and for a wonderful breath-taking moment she thought it might be possible, and then the world had crashed down around her.

'You need to know, I'm staying with Mari'

The corners of her mouth pulled into a bitter smile as she frowned a little, the smile fading quickly as her eyes welled up again with moisture as the tears she was holding back amassed a fresh assault. Shayera knew she would never interfere with John's relationship with Mari, she liked Mari and she loved John and if Mari made John happy then she surmised that she could deal with that, but it hurt her none the less.

'I don't want to be destiny's puppet'

For the first time since she'd known him as a colleague, as a friend and as a lover, she just couldn't understand his way of thinking. There was a niggling concern in the back of her mind that he was simply staying with Mari to try and prove that he wasn't going to be destiny's puppet, that he was doing it in some feeble attempt to show that he held his future in his own hands.

The elevator doors slid open and Shayera stepped out thankful for the space although her thoughts remained uninterrupted. Quietly she walked along the hall as she acknowledged the hope that had inflated her heart when John had told her of their Son in the future, maybe she was being sceptical on his decision out of her own selfishness; maybe she wanted John Stewart so much that it blinded her from what was tangible. Was it wrong for her to expect him to leave Mari just because they may have a son in the future? Was it wrong for her to expect him to leave Mari because of their supposed past Egyptian lives?

"Maybe it is wrong" She breathed to herself as she reached out for the keypad on her left.

Touching in her code the heavy door slid open in response and she walked in slowly, it didn't matter for a moment what John had decided and her own conflicted feelings on the matter were not a concern either, she needed some answers. Quietly the winged warrior walked up behind another friend, one that had been reluctant at first but she felt that maybe she had earned his trust again, or maybe at least a little understanding. It didn't matter though; the man of shadows had helped her out a few times more recently with her stalker friend Carter. Shayera slid the chair beside him around and seated herself slowly, leaning forward slightly she focused her green eyes on the man she had come to talk to, there was a moment of quiet as he accepted her presence and waited for her to announce her purpose there.

With torrents of emotion swirling in her eyes Shayera spoke quietly but firmly.

"Tell me about my son..."