'I should find Bruce first' John thought to himself as he stepped into the elevator 'I should at least tell him that I told Shayera about the future...he won't be happy about that'

As the lift descended John continued to ponder on how exactly he was going to tell Batman about his actions, he also considered whether or not he should mention the little trip into the Absorbracon. John wondered if Batman would have any theories on the artefact but then noted dully to himself that if anyone knew the in depth workings of the memory bank it would be Shayera, right now he didn't want to bump into her even though he needed to make sure that she wouldn't tell Mari about what had happened, their friendship made him uneasy.

Stepping out of the elevator doors John made his way over to the keypad that would grant him access to the room Batman had set aside for himself, it was like a second Batcave. Before John touched the keypad he remembered a few months before when he had seen Shayera before her dinner date with Carter. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts John finally pressed in his code and the doors opened, the sight before his eyes startling him and leaving him speechless for a few moments.

Sitting opposite each other were Shayera and Batman, both quietly playing chess although Shayera looked up when she realised someone else had entered.

"Thanks again Bruce, but I better go" Shayera said as she stood up abandoning their third game leaving them both at a tie as she had won the second game.

The winged woman walked directly towards the door where a dumbstruck Green Lantern was standing, he didn't move from blocking the door and she silently debated how liberating it would be to land a fist into his face to make him move.

"Shayera I..." John started as Shayera drew nearer, Batman just silently watching the scene unfold.

"Excuse me John" Shayera's voice strained in her attempts to be forcibly polite.


She glared at him but didn't move, silently informing John that she would listen to what he wanted to say; when he didn't speak she prompted him with a raised eyebrow.

"I told Flash we just had a scuffle with the Shadow Thief...nothing too important" John explained quickly.

"Fine" Shayera said sharply understanding that they could hardly explain what had actually happened "Can I go now?"

John shook his head and frowned suddenly very serious, Shayera knew that it was unlikely that she would like what he was about to say next.

"Y-you won't tell Mari about what we saw will you?"

Shayera scowled and was distantly aware that her clenched fists were shaking slightly "You honestly think I would say anything about it to her?"

John suddenly became aware of his mistake "Well no...I..." He started with panic as he saw the rage stir in her eyes; he awkwardly grasped his only free hand behind his neck silently thankful that she didn't have her mace with her...not that she needed it.

"I'm not going to interfere with your relationship with Vixen if that's what you think, don't you suggest for one moment that I would do something to sabotage you're relationship" She raged at him hurt that he would think she was the type of person to do such a thing.

"Shayera I...well I just thought you might...because of what I said and..."

"Just get out of my way John"

"Shayera, I'm sorry"

She didn't reply as she stormed past him and although she was furious with him she was careful not to bump his broken arm. John remained standing in the doorway as she stalked off and he let out a sigh of exasperation letting his shoulders slouch.

"You handled that well" Batman's steady voice carried over to his ears.

John stepped into the room fully "I shouldn't have said that should I?"

Batman shook his head "No"

Sighing again John slumped into the chair opposite Batman and peered at the pieces on the board, for the life of him he couldn't play chess, it was a little too complicated for his tastes and it bored him quickly.

"I told her about our son" John stated suddenly needing to get it off of his chest.

"I know"

"I guess she told you"

Batman didn't move for a moment "She wanted answers"

John nodded slowly "I wasn't being fair to either of them"

"You still aren't" Batman pointed out casually.

Green Lantern sighed "I guess not, but I don't want my life to be ruled by destiny"

Batman stood up and walked over towards the terminal he had been working on earlier, his cape sweeping the floor in his wake.

"The Shadow Thief..." John began but Batman interrupted him much the same way as he had interrupted Shayera.

"I know"

John frowned in mild irritation "Is there anything you don't know?"


"It's probably just a coincidence...destiny doesn't have anything to do with it...I'll make my own decisions" John spoke as if trying to convince himself of something.

"One" Batman stated "I don't believe in coincidence...and two" Batman focused on John forgetting his work for a moment "You're already being destiny's puppet because you are making decisions based upon it and not through your own motives"

John didn't move for a few moments "So destiny is going to control me whether I like it or not?"

"Maybe...but maybe you should consider how you actually feel and forget about outside interference...you're going to have to pick between them sooner or later"

"And what about you?" John questioned attempting to change the subject to something less directed at himself.

"What about me?" Batman asked as he returned to his work.

"You know what" John smiled knowingly although it didn't reach his eyes.

"I told you, she's a respected colleague and a friend"

"Right" John said standing up "I should probably go and find Shayera"

"You should probably give her some space"

"Trust me, I need to at least clear things up for now, leaving her on her own now is a bad idea"

Batman smirked as Green Lantern left the doors sliding shut behind him and Bruce spoke to the empty room.

"One meets his destiny often in the road he takes to avoid it" (1)

AN/ (1) The quote there is a French Proverb, I found it while looking for a nice quote on destiny to finish this off with.

Anyway so this is the end, there is a light mention of the Batman/Diana relationship but I didn't want to go into great detail about it, oh and to explain Shayera's reaction, I personally don't think she would be the sort to start meddling in someone's relationship for her own benefit and I think she'd find the suggestion that she would quite offensive.

Anyway I'm rather pleased with this whole piece and I'm eager to find out if you guys like it, especially in terms of whether I've kept everybody involved in character. Thanks for reading :D