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Her lips…

Her beautiful…luscious lips…

I don't think that I'd ever truly realized that simple and yet profound fact until that moment that our eyes met that day outside of Lothering, her breasts pressing firmly up against mine.

By any rational right we should have been scared out of our collective minds.

But instead at that moment her incredible beauty was all that I could think of.

Our lips were fearfully and terribly closing to touching, to close four our being in public.

Were we back home by the lake how close our lips were would not have mattered.

By the lake our lips could get as close as we wanted, our lips and anything else that got the itch to be close.

Our first time had been when we'd gotten caught out in a spring rain.

Our father had told us to stay close to home but she'd had other ideas, saying that we needed a safe and quiet place to practice our magic, far enough away from town as to not reveal ourselves to the ever present templars.

I had tried to protest but my feeble words had fallen on deaf ears that day like many others.

We had been on our way home when the rain had started falling.

We'd made it as far as a small stream that lead into the lake when she'd grabbed my hand and pulled me under a large tree, one that Carver would always climb up into when he wanted to get a moments peace.

I'd barely had time to begin to register a complaint when she had pushed me up against the tree and pressed her lips to mine.

I tired to give a voice to my discomfort at first, but her attempts to loosen the knots on my bodice had interrupted any fleeting thoughts of freedom.

Through the kisses I laughed at her attempts and before she could move beyond a disapproving scowl I pushed her hands away and did the job myself.

We kept each other as warm as we could until the rain stopped.

Father had been very cross with us when we had gotten home, though thankfully for us the usual scents and smells that follow a spring rain had masked our deeds.

It had been our first time, but it had certainly not been our last.

We had no schedule to it, we had always been closer to each other than to Carver, and it was not the first secret that we had kept from him.

Had it been back at the lake I would have gladly kissed her then.

But running from the darkspawn horde was an entirely different matter.

She had tackled me out of the way of the hard charging ogre, with her ending up on top of me, as always.

It wasn't until our mother's screams shattered our moment of blissful tranquility in a moment of utter horror that everything changed.

Our brother was dead, and nothing would ever change that or bring him back, no matter how much we wished that it would.

In that single solitary moment I realized something.

I realized that I was in love, I was in love with my sister, and at the moment I could only pray to the Maker that she felt the same way.

Bethany Hawke

P/S-I'm not advocating or approving or supporting incest but there's been plenty of people that'd wished that Bethany was a character that you could romance so this popped into my head. I know that in the game Bethany is a chaste virgin and that if you choose a mage in the beginning that she'd be the one to die and Carver to live. If people like this enough I'll continue, with each forthcoming chapter then being like another entry in Bethany's diary. If not…ah well at least the thought is out of my head. Thank You.