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Naruto Uzumaki: Rise of the Sanninme no Rikudō

Chapter 7: The Five Kage Summit – Part 2


Tetsu no Kuni

The man from before then sat down at the front. "Good day, I am Mifune, the leader of Tetsu no Kuni, I will represent as the mediator of this meeting. I would like for everyone to introduce themselves." He said getting a nod from everyone.

"Gaara, Godaime Kazekage!"

"Mei Terumi, Godaime Mizukage!"

"A, Yondaime Raikage!"

"Ōnoki, Sandaime Tsuchikage!"

"Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, Rokudaime Hokage!"

"Namikaze?" Ōnoki questioned with a sneer, the name giving him a bad taste on his tongue.

"I wasn't aware the Yondaime Hokage had a son." The Mizukage commented with a raised eyebrow, taking notice of Naruto's narrowed eyes at the Tsuchikage and Raikage.

"No one knew, for obvious reasons." Naruto told them shortly, not going into the full detail. "Now, are we going to discuss my parents or are we actually going to start this meeting?" He questioned, in no mood for games as he looked at the Raikage who was looking at him with curiosity.

In front of them all sat Mifune, the mediator of the meeting who cleared his throat. "Hokage-dono is correct. Let the meeting of the Five Kages begin." He pronounced, causing the atmosphere to change instantly as every Kage's eyes hardened in preparation.


Mifune thought of the Godaime Mizukage as a breath of fresh air, he had seen the work that the previous Mizukage had done in Kirigakure with the Bloodline War and it led to ruin, his mind saw the corruption spreading faster than he comprehended and he was right, luckily the war never spread to the other countries, and more luckily the war never affected his precious land, he was determined to see his land as a peaceful centre of intelligence and common sense, not that of barbaric wars and ignorance.

He looked at the Godaime Kazekage next; he nodded and placed his hat in front of him, leaning forward with his fingers folded into each other.

He enjoyed the company of the young Kazekage, he was one of the more intelligent persons he had the pleasure to meet, he seemed like a solid leader with great powers in controlling sand, and he seemed like he knew what he was doing. He was young, but he was mature and that's the only reason to really worry about youth and its foolishness.

Mifune looked at the next Kage, Ōnoki the Sandaime Tsuchikage; he was the oldest of all Kages, stubborn as a rock, very, very cunning, and his age served him well throughout these long years. It was also his age and experience which led to arrogance, which was part of the reason they were all there at the moment. Arrogance or ignorance towards Akatsuki and the threat they had posed had led them to a time of crisis and Mifune knew if they were to break past it then such foolish notions must be wiped out.

Mifune looked at the next man, the Yondaime Raikage of Kumo, named simply A; he placed his hat disrespectfully quickly downwards, and obviously upset with the pace the meeting was set in. Mifune never liked him, his emotions had too much hold on his mind, he never thought through things the full way, he was a powerful Kage, perhaps the strongest of the 5 great villages, but he was too hot-headed, he and that brother of his were really the forms of chaos together.

And then he looked at the Rokudaime Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, as young as the Kazekage and yet powerful enough to be honoured with the title of Hokage. He had heard tid-bits of information of Konoha being under attack and then saved by a blonde-haired teenager, but information, reliable information, was hard to find especially when their country stayed neutral. Nevertheless, he knew to not underestimate the young Namikaze, he only hoped the other Kages followed the silent advice.

"You are here today because the Raikage has called this meeting together." Mifune paused as he saw everyone straighten up. "This meeting will begin now." He finished, placing his hands together and interlocking his fingers.

Gaara sighed at the silence. "I'll go first." He announced. "Listen up-" He began before the Tsuchikage cut in.

"The makeup of the five Kages sure has changed; you must be something special to be made Kazekage at your age." The Tsuchikage said in a snarling voice. "Your father must have taught you right. But apparently he forgot to instil in you any manners." He said rather happily to point out the young Kage's rudeness.

Naruto looked rather angered at the insult thrown at Gaara and noticed his friend seemed to be stuck though his impassive didn't show anything else noticeable. "Are you sure you're the person to be correcting others in manners Tsuchikage?" Naruto asked very sharply at the elder.

"Tsuchikage-dono, Hokage-dono, please stop interrupting." Mei said with a warm smile easing the tensions between the two. "Kazekage-dono, please continue on." She said with a sigh in relief.

"I'm a former Jinchuriki." Gaara said with his usual casual voice, each Kage did not move in any way that might be seen as shock or surprise. "The Akatsuki captured me and nearly killed me by extracting the beast." He said continuing in his monotone voice. "That's why I believe Akatsuki is extremely dangerous." Gaara's said in a rather sad voice, even for him. "I requested aid from the other Kages many times, but they all ignored me...except the Godaime Hokage." Gaara said, stating the facts and Naruto was glad he started off with pointing out the other Kages' neglect.

"Though at this point with so many hosts captured, it's too late for aid." He said simply, enjoying the looks of anguish from the other Kages.

The Tsuchikage snorted in disagreement. "If a country has had its host captured, it has no business giving other countries orders!" Ōnoki shouted to his fellow Kage. "You should have tried to recover it in secret!" He continued to shout. "Once it's stolen you can't expect other countries to help you!" He said simply, looking behind his shoulders at his guards, who simply nodded at his 'wise' words.

Naruto snorted a laugh. "It is that attitude that has gotten us in this mess right now." He spat out, his ire towards the old man growing.

"Watch your mouth boy!" The Tsuchikage growled as he glared at Naruto who returned it.

"Just because the beasts have been stolen is no reason to be afraid. It takes time and knowledge and skill to be able to control them." The Mizukage said trying to calm everyone.

"The hosts must grow with the beasts in order to adapt to them. Even then control is difficult…it won't happen immediately…right…Kazekage?" The Tsuchikage asked.

Before Gaara could form a reply, the Raikage's large fist had been brought up high before it went down with speeds found only among Kage-level shinobi.

"Enough of this!" A shouted, his arm, elbow deep in the ground, shards of table shattered and moved around the room, the Raikage's bodyguards moved to protect their unstable leader.

The bodyguards moved with efficiency, Kakashi was in front of the desk blocking Naruto and had his Sharingan out and Neji was beside him with his Byakugan exposed, all ready for combat. Naruto barely raised an eyebrow at the Raikage's action but it definitely put him on alert.

"Kakashi, Neji, back down." He told the two. They both nodded their heads slightly as Kakashi lowered his headband and Neji's veins around his eyes disappeared before they moved to stand behind Naruto.

"Stand down Temari, Kankurō." Gaara commanded his brother and sister who had moved to defend him. The trio huffed in frustration but only moved to be behind Gaara now instead of up on the stands.

"Ao, Chōjirō it's alright." Mei said with her familiar smile planted on her face, Chōjirō blushed and let go of his grip on the weapon attached to his back whilst Ao complained but followed her orders but remained positioned in front of his Kage.

The Tsuchikage gestured towards Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi who was ready for a fight. Getting the message, they relaxed their poses if only slightly before straightening themselves though they made no move to move from their new position, finding it safer for their Kage if they stayed put like the others.

A huffed and breathed in a deep breath to calm himself before he nodded and his guards sheathed their weapons before moving aside to let everyone see the Raikage. "Konoha, Iwa, Suna and Kiri!" He shouted at the Kages of the four other villages. "Akatsuki is made up of missing-nin from your villages," He said pointing his finger at the other four, somehow blaming it on them. "And that's not all…"

He began by pointing a finger at the Tsuchikage. "…I know there are those among you, including former Kages, who have used Akatsuki for their own, proposes!" He said glaring daggers at the elder Kage, Ōnoki.

"Kirigakure you are the most suspicious!" A spat. "You have no diplomatic relations with other countries…and there are rumours that Akatsuki was formed there."

The Mizukage frowned slightly. "To tell you the truth…there were suspicions that my predecessor…the Yondaime Mizukage was being controlled by someone…it could have been Akatsuki…but I don't want to make a big deal out of it…" She finished quietly

"You all…!" The Raikage growled out, ready to carry out lashing his anger out on everyone..

"SHUT UP!" Naruto yelled as he stood, planting his hands on the desk and crushing it slightly from the force which he placed them there. He glared daggers at the Raikage who actually seemed surprised about his outburst.

"Who the hell do you think you are? Not more than a week ago, Konoha was destroyed by Akatsuki, and you say we used them? If it wasn't for people like you, they would never have gotten this strong!" He snarled at the Raikage while others shivered under the oppressive force of the young Namikaze's killer intent.

"What the hell do you mean, 'people like me'?" The Raikage asked as he glared back with equal force.

"How many times have any of you other than the Kazekage fought against Akatsuki?" He asked calmly, when no-one raised their hand or said anything he continued. "You Raikage, had Yugito Nii the Nibi Jinchuriki kidnapped and if my sources are correct your village practically gave her to them, and what did you do…nothing, you did nothing whatsoever to get her back…because all she was to you and your village was a liability, it was only when your brother was kidnapped by them did you decide to take action. You're nothing but a coward!" Naruto growled out while the Raikage looked away in shame, knowing Naruto was right in a sense.

"Hmph little brat…" The Tsuchikage muttered.

Naruto then turned to the Tsuchikage. "And you, you let Akatsuki take your two Jinchuriki away, not even fought for them, hell you don't even realize the might of Akatsuki right now. Iwa as far as I'm concerned is pathetic." He said to everyone's shock.

"Who do you think you are?" The Tsuchikage growled out.

Naruto looked back at him and grinned. "Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, son of the Yondaime Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki, descendant of the Rikudō Sennin and the Kyuubi Jinchuriki." He told them all and the Kages looked like they had just been stabbed in the heart. "When we came here, we were hoping for an alliance of the villages to fight the threat of Akatsuki…and what do we get, a bunch of old, pathetic cowards who couldn't give a fuck about anything if it affects their pride, or if they're too stubborn. As far as I can see this meeting has already failed."

"Hokage-dono…" Mei started off to try and calm down the younger man, though a part of her liked to see such a powerful and young man have the other Kage's in such a state.

"I'm not finished." Naruto told Mei calmly, knowing that she was only in office for a short while and while he would like to blame her for Utakata's kidnapping and the Sanbi's capture, he knew she could do nothing for them since one was a Biju and the other had been a missing-nin. "In fact, I don't have a problem with you, it's just the Raikage and Tsuchikage I have a problem with right now." He said, surprising everyone there that he pointed them out specifically.

Through the entire thing, Mifune had been watching everything calmly, taking in everything that was said and had immediately perked up at what Naruto had just said. "Why is that Hokage-dono?" He asked, interested in the young man's ire towards the two Kage.

"Because they have done nothing at all and yet the Raikage suddenly jumps into action when something or someone is taken from him." Naruto explained, enjoying the look of anger that came across A's face. "For the past 16 years, possibly longer, Akatsuki have been out there in the world but only recently have they made a move. Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage, knew the Akatsuki were bad news and had requested help from Kumo to fight against the Akatsuki, it was nothing major, just help against the organization that was threatening the world as we know it…" He said sarcastically.

"…But, the Raikage must've deemed the request unworthy or his arrogance got the better of him. What did it cost you Raikage? Yugito Nii, if I'm correct. But why should you care? She was only a Jinchuriki after all, just a weapon for people like you to use as you like!" He snarled out, feeling the temptation to simply go all out on the Raikage.

The Raikage grit his teeth at the barb whilst Shu and Darui winced at the implication of what Naruto said. From their perspective it must've looked like they had just abandoned Yugito. "You…" A growled out.

"I am not finished." Naruto cut in calmly. "Since I became a shinobi, three – four years ago in fact, all I've heard about Kumo is the worst. Ten years ago, Kumogakure and Konohagakure were at war. To end it, they agreed to a peace treaty on the day of Hinata Hyūga's third birthday. The treaty though turned out be nothing but a farce, turning out to be nothing more than a cover when the Head Ninja of Kumogakure at the time, who was in Konoha to sign the treaty, attempted to kidnap Hinata in order to obtain the Byakugan and its secrets. The Head Ninja was killed in his attempt by the head of the Hyūga at that time." He explained, not going into details of who was killed and who wasn't.

"And yet, Kumogakure denied all accusations, and demanded the body of the one who killed their Shinobi as compensation." He noticed how Neji's eyes shifted to the Byakugan to let the Raikage know that there was a Hyūga amongst them causing A to actual wince at their villages past mistakes.

Unknown to them Ao, Mei's bodyguard, placed a hand over his covered eye.

"But that's just the start, some years before my birth, Kumo kidnapped a woman called Kushina Uzumaki because she had special chakra that could hold down a Biju, there was also the fact she was the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko; another example of Kumo only caring about gathering power no matter the cost." He sneered at the Raikage who could do nothing but take in all the accusations. "Did I mention that she was also my mother?" Naruto asked with a smirk as A's eyes went slightly wide as well as a few others who had heard of the woman.

A actually gulped at that knowledge. He knew now for sure that the Hokage held a grudge against his village and he could honestly say nothing to defend himself of his village from such accusations since they were true, at least when his father was in office.

"But let's get on to the recent happenings, why don't we?" Naruto asked casually, happy he had made his point. "I'll go back to my original question, how many of you have fought the Akatsuki?" When they all remained silent, Kages and bodyguards, he carried on. "Exactly, originally Akatsuki began with ten members, but Orochimaru eventually left. Since that time, my friends and I have fought the Akatsuki constantly, managing to kill most of their members. Sakura Haruno, my teammate and the same age as me alongside Chiyo of Suna managed to kill Sasori of Red Sand.

Next was Kakuzu of Takigakure, an S-rank missing-nin who could use a jutsu to steal the hearts of others and use them for himself to stay alive, he was a truly formidable opponent. He was so old he once fought the Shodai Hokage. We killed him; Kakashi Hatake, myself and my friends. His teammate Hidan, a true immortal who simply couldn't die, was defeated by a person the same age as me in single combat. But not before Hidan killed the man I saw as an uncle."

His gaze turned cold for a second as all of the Kage's listened with rapt attention except Gaara who knew it all already. "And just recently, the leader of Akatsuki, Pein, attacked and wiped out my village. I only just made it back in time to defeat and then convince him to return everyone he killed back to life. Of course that didn't involve another man he killed, Jiraiya of the Sannin, my Godfather."

"…Where are you going with this?" Ōnoki asked with a frown, wondering why the Hokage was pointing out who of Akatsuki they had killed.

Naruto smiled at the older man. "I'm merely pointing out who of Akatsuki we have faced and defeated while you all sit back with your tails between your legs, ignoring the real world." He carried on as the Kages grew angrier except for Mei who simply looked ashamed which he could understand if what she said earlier was true. "And now, Sasuke Uchiha, the man you want dead Raikage. He has done more to fight off Akatsuki than you have ever done, even if he has joined them now, he has done more than you, helped us in the long run in fact. How does that make you feel? Hm?" He sneered at the Raikage who grit his teeth at the Uchiha's name.

"I don't understand." Mei spoke up with a confused look, raising an eyebrow at Naruto. "I thought Sasuke Uchiha was a missing-nin from Konoha, why would he fight the Akatsuki?"

"To kill his brother, Itachi Uchiha." Naruto answered the beautiful Kage. "After he killed Orochimaru, he met up with Deidara, a missing-nin from your village Iwagakure and killed him. It wasn't long after that before he met up with his brother where Itachi either died or was killed, I'm not sure how the battle went, only the result." He sighed as he felt his anger bubble away somewhat. "So you can see, Kumo, Iwa and Kiri have done nothing whatsoever to face this problem, in fact you have sat back and ignored everything as Akatsuki took each Jinchuriki from under your nose."

"Wow…" Kankurō whispered to his sister from behind Gaara. "…He really told them, huh?"

Temari smiled slightly at Naruto from her position and couldn't stop herself from admiring his intimidating posture as he stood over them all with his new height and build. "Yeah, he didn't hold back whatsoever." She whispered to Kankurō and herself

Mifune, who could now see the Hokage calming down somewhat actually sighed in relief. "Hokage-dono, why don't you explain what you know about Akatsuki?" He suggested. "As it is, you seem to be the most knowledgeable about them."

Naruto sighed; feeling like a weight had been lifted after saying what he had said. He could see his words had affected them somewhat and he hoped it was for the good. "Right now Akatsuki has sealed seven Biju, I am not sure about your brother Raikage-dono, as I told Samui and her team there is a good chance he is still alive. When my village was invaded, it was by the leader, Pein. Eventually I killed him; he gave me certain knowledge of Akatsuki but I learned something else after that fight…Pein was not the true mastermind behind the whole organization…it's…Madara Uchiha."

Everyone looked shocked at that news, to think that someone like Madara was still alive, never mind the fact he had seven or eight Biju under his control.

"I-Impossible, I thought he was long dead." The Tsuchikage muttered truly shocked.

"This is really surprising." The Mizukage said while stroking her arm as she felt uneasy.

"I can't believe it, he truly was a monster…" Ōnoki repeated he disbelief.

Naruto sighed. "Honestly I don't even know how he's still alive, but I have an idea on how…his Sharingan."

"What does that have to do with anything?" The Raikage asked confused. 'The Hokage spoke some truth but I need to find my brother before I can even entertain the idea of changing our ways.'

"The Sharingan has three stages all together, the ordinary stage, then to get to the next one an Uchiha must kill their best friend or experience great loss for it to evolve into the Mangekyō Sharingan, this is the level that Itachi Uchiha had and what I'm sure Sasuke now has, however should an Uchiha use their eye jutsu too much they start to go blind. The third is when an Uchiha takes the eyes of their sibling who also has the Mangekyō Sharingan, this stage I know nothing of except they can use their eye jutsus without any side-effects." Naruto explained to them all.

Everyone took some time to digest the information and realized how dangerous Madara and Sasuke could be.

"So Sasuke may take Itachi's eyes?" Gaara asked.

"It is more than likely; he cares more about gaining power than anything else." Naruto said while sighing at everything going on. "However our main worry is Madara."

Mifune seeing this as the best chance spoke up. "As a neutral country, I have to say, the leader of Akatsuki read the signs of the times…he used the stability…and the suspicion of the other countries to increase his own power…at this rate, even Tetsu no Kuni…"

He couldn't finish as he couldn't imagine losing his country to such a man. "But there's always a silver lining…it's rare for the five Kages to come together like this. What do you say…? Until Akatsuki is taken care of…what would you think of forming…a five-village alliance?"

Everyone was in shock, something like that had never happened before, however these times called for desperate measures, never mind the opportunities this could allow, hopefully it could evolve in to much more.

"An alliance…?" Gaara whispered, could such a thing work?

Naruto closed his eyes at that. 'Given what I know about the other villages, thanks again Nagato by the way, can I really allow Konoha to enter an alliance with them? Is this the first stages of gaining peace once and for all? Or could this destroy us?' He opened his eyes to see Temari staring at him worriedly. It probably just entered her mind just how important his position as Hokage was now.

"You actually expect such a thing to work with villages that don't trust each other?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I understand your hesitance to trust the other villages Hokage-dono, but these times are dire." Mifune tried to explain. "We need a leader for this alliance and since you would all argue amongst yourselves…so I would like you to respect my position as a neutral party. I will decide who among you is best suited for the job."

'Naruto, this could be a good thing, this could be the only way to wipe out Akatsuki…' Kyuubi's voice entered his mind, slightly shocking him since she hadn't spoken to him in a while.

'It could also lead to Konoha's destruction…the only thing Tsunade can count on is Gaara sticking by us but the others…

'Have good intentions, they never knew the dangers of Akatsuki…remember they were secretive.'

'That's no excuse for leaving their Jinchuriki…'

'I know…but remember, humans fear what they do not understand, they didn't know what was going on, the Raikage seems like an honourable man, I doubt he would let his Jinchuriki go, especially with his brother being one, it was most likely his council…or the previous Raikage that made those other attempts at power.'

'That doesn't change the facts Kyuubi.'

'You're right it doesn't, but since when have you ever held past actions against people? Besides the Mizukage is a very beautiful woman, how can you say no to that hot piece of ass?'

Naruto sighed mentally as the serious vixen became perverted. He shouldn't have expected her to say serious for so long anyway. And even if he did agree with her, it didn't change the fact he was with Temari and in love with her. 'Now's not the time Kyuubi…but thank you…for helping me.' He thought back.

Inside the seal, Kyuubi beamed at the praise, feeling a warm feeling rush through her at being thanked by her host. 'Oh yes, me and Temari will be having a looong conversation about our man.' She thought to herself privately.

Naruto sighed as he closed his eyes to pray he was making the right decision. Opening his eyes again, he gave a nod. "Despite my personal…views of some of you, I'll agree to this, right now Akatsuki are extremely dangerous, if we work together there may be a good chance we can win." Everyone gave a short nod at his answer knowing he was right at what he said but a couple were hesitant.

Mifune smiled and carried on. "The Hokage is the last remaining Jinchuriki and I think Konoha will be the deciding factor in all of this…what do you say? Will you allow the Hokage to lead the alliance?" He asked the collective.

"What?" The Raikage roared. The very thought that such a young man, no matter how powerful, should led all five villages was preposterous.

Naruto sighed and gave a nod. "I agree with Raikage-dono." He said shocking them. "Right now, my village is still on its way to rebuild itself, I doubt I could lead all five great villages as well. Not to mention I have no true experience in leading a war."

"Then who?" Mifune asked.

The Raikage immediately stood up. "No-one from our village is involved in Akatsuki…I am the only one trustworthy enough to…"

"I disagree." Mifune stated bluntly.

"What?" A asked with narrowed eyes.

Mifune simply pointed to the destroyed desk that the Raikage destroyed moments before. "It's true that some amount of emotion and power is necessary to lead so many strong warriors…but someone like you who lets his emotions control him will destroy the alliance as surely as you destroyed that table." The Raikage growled at that. "I am simply offering my suggestion as a neutral party. The Kazekage is too young to lead…the other countries will never accept it. Even addressing him as Kazekage is hard for some." Mifune pointed out while Gaara looked impassive.

"On the other hand, the Tsuchikage is old and not only does he seem to have mobility problems, but he has used Akatsuki many times in the past. Because of this, he is the least trustworthy and unfit to lead the alliance." Tsuchikage sneered at the jab but couldn't fault the man on his logic.

"Kirigakure is the seat of Akatsuki. If the Mizukage were in charge, there would be worries about information leaks. There would be concerns about spies too." Mizukage lowered her head slightly at that knowing it was indeed true.

"Konoha is the only village who has fought with Akatsuki and reduced its numbers to what it now is, they have knowledge of them that we do not have, and Konoha had just recently killed Pein, the leader of the group. They are the most trustworthy."

The Raikage stood up in outrage. "I refuse to be a part of any alliance that would require my village to reveal its intentions!"

Naruto snorted. "And you said you're the most trustworthy…when you just openly admitted you have hidden intentions?" He asked amused as he saw the Raikage sputter in anger. "Regardless, right now you have to stop thinking about the now and more about the future." Naruto then looked to the side sensing something before looking at the middle of the table.

Before anyone else could say anything a white figure shot up from the centre of the table making the Kages and their guards jump up in to battle ready stances. "Heeelllooooooo!" The white Zetsu shouted excitedly.

"One problem after another! Now what?" Raikage growled out.

"Akatsuki?" Naruto questioned.

"So it would appear." Tsuchikage commented.

"Sasuke Uchiha is here somewhere…the question is where?" Zetsu said mockingly. "Let's all search for Sasuke! COME ON!"

"WHAT?" A yelled in anger.

"Him?" Temari questioned, glancing over at Naruto to see him already ready.

"Sasuke?" Gaara repeated.

"What's he doing here…?" Kankurō asked.

"The one with the Sharingan?" Mei said with a hint of curiosity.

"The one who killed Haku and Zabuza?" Ao whispered in slight awe and shock.

Naruto chuckled at that directing attention to him. "Sasuke didn't kill any of them." He said as he began to get ready for battle. "Haku was killed by Kakashi's Raikiri as she was defending Zabuza from it, Zabuza then died giving his life by killing all of Gato's forces before he killed Gato."

Ao looked at Naruto with a raised eyebrow. "How do you know that?"

Naruto chuckled at him. "I was Sasuke's teammate, I almost killed Haku…something I still regret and Sasuke was knocked out courtesy of Haku's senbon." The Kiri shinobi were in shock they had no idea what really happened that day only rumours, the fact that Sasuke and Naruto were teammates was quite shocking to say the least.

"Who's he…?" Akatsuchi asked his Kage.

"A member of the Akatsuki." Ōnoki stated with furrowed brows.

Before anything else could be said the Raikage had jumped over the table and gripped Zetsu by the throat. "WHERE IS SASUKE UCHIHA? ASNWER ME!" He yelled in the white creature's face.

'Whoa he's fast!' Many in the room thought. Even Naruto had been unable to blink in time which slightly shocked him considering the training he had gone through, with the Namikaze Kekkei Genkai and Hiraishin.

"If you don't answer me, I won't go easy on you!" A shouted once more, gripping the throat tighter.

"Oh, fine…I'll give you a hint…" Zetsu was incapable however as the Raikage tightened his grip knocking Zetsu out.

Raikage looked back at his guards. "Shi! Let's get started!"

"Yes sir!"

Mei chose that moment to stand up. "There's no reason to kill him! If you capture him you might get some Intel out of him…!"

"There's no one in Akatsuki that would betray it." Gaara said while Naruto had to hold in his laughter at the irony since Konan had betrayed them. "They're all hard-core."

Mifune who was still looking ahead finally turned to his guards. "Okisuke, Urakaku give the order for everyone to search Sasuke, and to prepare for battle." He ordered.

"Yes sir." His two guards said before they vanished.

The Raikage walked over to a wall and pulled his arm back before punching forward bringing down the entire wall. "SHI! DARUI! LET'S GO!" He yelled back.

Darui looked back and looked sheepish. "Sorry about the table…and the wall."

"Hey, Darui forget about that. Let's go!" Shi yelled before they jumped through the gap in the wall,

"Good grief how rude." The Tsuchikage commented with a shake of his head. "He was an unruly child. That hasn't changed since he became Kage…"

"What should we do Hokage-sama?" Neji asked Naruto.

Naruto sighed as he looked around the room to see some of the Kages and guards unsure of what to do. "Neji, use your Byakugan to find Sasuke and his team. When you've done that, I'll go down and meet them, while you and Kakashi stay up here." He ordered his two guards.

"Are you sure?" Kakashi asked Naruto just to make sure.

Naruto grinned at his former sensei. "You know how my jutsu can be a little destructive. It'd be best if you stay out of the way, and safer." He assured Kakashi.

"Understood, Hokage-sama."

With Sasuke

Sasuke had arrived moments earlier feeling more powerful than he ever thought he would, he now knew with Itachi's eyes, nothing could stop him from killing Naruto. Sasuke and his team were currently inside the building against a wall preparing for battle when Karin's head shot up catching Sasuke's attention. "What is it?" He asked her.

"The samurai are starting to move…they seem to be looking for us!" She whispered back with urgency.

Hearing that Sasuke went to deal with the samurai, the only problem was that the room they were in was now filled with dozens of samurai. Sasuke chuckled darkly; this was going to be easy. Shooting forward he took each and every one down without so much as a breath, one by one samurai fell to their deaths as Sasuke made short work on them by using his Kusanagi against their chakra enhanced blades.

All of a sudden the ceiling crashed to the ground up as a massive figure dropped down along with two small figures. Once the dust was cleared it showed the Raikage throwing his Kage cloak away as he looked at Sasuke with pure hate whilst his skin crackled. "BRAT! I'LL TEACH YOU TO FEAR MY ANGER!"

Sasuke said nothing as he shot forward at the Raikage as Juugo shouted. "SASUKE! DON'T RUSH IN ALONE!"

Sasuke didn't listen though as he jumped up high unsheathing his blade. Darui was already going through hand seals as Sasuke came down at them. "Suiton: Suijinheki!" (Water Release: Water Encampment Wall) A large water wall shot out of his mouth, rising high enough to block Sasuke who hit it but was unable to move.

Seeing his chance Darui performed another jutsu. "Raiton: Kangekiha!" (Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration) Lightning travelled through the water wall electrocuting Sasuke while throwing him back.

Sasuke flipped in mid-air towards the ground and slid along the ground ending up by Juugo.

"Boss…our Intel was correct. Looks like he's lightning based." Darui said as he watched Sasuke pour Raiton chakra into his Kusanagi.

"He can use fire too. He'll probably follow it up with a Katon. Darui be ready to use another Suiton." Shi said.


"These are Kumogakure Jonins…the one in the middle is the Raikage. This won't be easy." Juugo muttered from behind Sasuke.

And so the fight between the two forces started.

With The Kages

"Hokage-sama, Sasuke and his team are all with the Raikage." Neji reported to Naruto who turned to him. "Sasuke's chakra is much darker…and…there is a sensor on their team."

"How can you tell?" Naruto asked with curiosity.

Neji scowled and deactivated his eyes. "She was looking straight at me." He stated bluntly and a little peeved.

Naruto chuckled slightly before sighing. "It's time I finish this then." He said, turning to the hole in the wall. "I let him live all those years ago…I'm the one who must finish him off."

"Hmph…what can you do?" Tsuchikage asked rhetorically, unwilling to believe the young man that had ranted at them before could do much. Kage or not.

Naruto looked at him as if he had grown a second head. "What can I do? A hell of a lot more than an old man like you who can't even walk without being in pain…if you want to see what I can do, come and watch." With that Naruto jumped through the wall heading to Sasuke's location.

The Mizukage looked at Kakashi with a raised brow. "You seem to have a lot of faith in him considering he is still young."

Kakashi eye-smiled at the Mizukage. "Hokage-sama is the strongest person in Konoha. If you judge what he can do by his age and short time of being the Hokage, then I pray for you or any other who would do such a thing." He said jumping through the hole with Neji to go watch the fight.

"Well I think we have a fight to watch." Temari said to the other Suna shinobi who gave a nod following the Konoha Shinobi.

"Well then, let's go." Mei said to her two bodyguards.

"Can we go too?" Kurotsuchi asked with excitement in her voice at seeing a Namikaze fighting an Uchiha.

"Tch, do whatever you want." The Tsuchikage said with a sneer.

With Sasuke

Sasuke currently had his Mangekyō Sharingan activated, he was a bit of a mess but not as much as anyone would have thought he would look like. The Raikage stood on the opposite side of the room panting heavily not expecting the Uchiha to be so strong.

Sasuke eyed the Raikage with malice and a manic expression...when black flames shot out of his eyes. "Amaterasu!" The black flames shot towards the Raikage who was getting ready to use a jutsu when he heard a shout of. "Shinra Tensei!" (Almighty Push) Not a second later the black flames were blown away much to the surprise of all those watching.

Looking over at the source they saw the reddish-blonde spiky haired Hokage with his right arm extended and the Rinnegan in his eyes, further shocking those around him that didn't know. Naruto looked at the manic Uchiha and knew killing him was the best thing right now. "Hello Sasuke." He greeted casually.

Sasuke just glared at the person he once called a…comrade and smirked. "Hello dobe…I can finally kill you!" He exclaimed with crazed glee.

Naruto chuckled as he stood there decked out in his combat outfit, his coat blowing softly as a breeze brushed past him while his hair waved about behind him.

"You honestly think you can kill me…Sasuke did you know at the Valley of the End all those years ago…I redirected my Rasengan to miss on purpose. Back then I was so damn naïve, I thought that no matter what happened everything would turn out alright; when you stabbed me in the chest with the Chidori, I actually thought I was going to die, I was honestly happy…happy that I wouldn't have to face all the glares, the scorn and all the hate when the villagers found out I was unable to bring you back. In the end, it all made me realize that I shouldn't care about what people think about me, only that I should do what I think is right, it was then that I decided you were my enemy, a traitor to the village, my teammate was gone, and in its place was an enemy of the Leaf." He said as everyone listened as he confessed he was happy about dying even if he changed his views.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes fully expecting Naruto to try and save him allowing him to kill Naruto quicker, but with him fighting back was unexpected. "Heh…good now I can have fun killing you... Amaterasu!" Once more, black flames seemed to burst to life as they roared towards Naruto.

Naruto simply frowned at the flames and held his hand up once more. "Shinra Tensei!" (Almighty Push) The black flames were suddenly blown away as well as a good portion of the floor.

"So they are the inextinguishable flames of Amaterasu? I'm not impressed." Naruto said mockingly while everyone looked on in shock as they knew what the black flames were, no-one was in more shock than Sasuke though, and Naruto had done the impossible.

"Hokage-dono what are you doing here?" The Raikage growled out as he was no happy about being disturbed, but still stayed respectful towards someone so strong.

Naruto glanced at the bulk of a man. "Taking care of something I should have done four years ago. Take your guards to the others, this could get messy."

Although reluctant, the Raikage did what he was told; if he was honest with himself he was intimidated by the young man, just his posture screamed danger. 'He is just like you, Minato Namikaze…'

Sasuke was pissed, how could the dobe, the dead last, nullify one of the strongest jutsu of the Sharingan as if it was child's play, just what power did the Jinchuriki have?

"Well Sasuke, are we going to do this? Or are you gonna stand there with that constipated look on your face?" Naruto taunted, and it worked when Sasuke suddenly appeared in front of him with a kick sent to his face which would have connected if not for Naruto's arm being in the way.

Twisting his arm around he grasped Sasuke's leg and swung him around before letting go sending the black haired youth sailing straight for a wall. Sasuke flipped in mid-flight and stuck to the wall in a crouch as he eyed his opponent. Naruto then appeared in front of Sasuke rearing his arm back for a punch, but instead of hitting Sasuke, he hit the wall…hard, causing spider-web cracks to appear along the wall before it exploded on itself, once more causing wide-eyed looks from everyone as they saw that was pure physical strength.

Naruto looked behind him to see Sasuke stood there, his right hand on the hilt of his sword which was sheathed on the back of his waist. "You've gotten faster Sasuke." He commented, turning his body to face him.

Sasuke growled before he went through hand seals. "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique) A humongous fireball soared across the battle field as Naruto too went through hand seals.

"Suiton: Suijinheki!" (Water Release: Water Encampment Wall) A massive wall of water appeared around Naruto completely shielding himself from the fireball as it impacted with the wall.

Putting his hands in to a single seal the wall of water started to change as Naruto called. "Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu" (Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique) A gigantic dragon formed from the water with gleaming yellow eyes as it shot towards to the Uchiha to which he quickly dove out of the way before the dragon impacted with the ground causing an explosion.

"Well dobe, looks like you've improved yourself." Sasuke said with a sneer.

"You have no idea Sasuke; unlike some people I actually worked for my power." Naruto said as he raised his arm up confusing everyone. That was until he brought it down hitting the ground causing it to explode as rocks shot up in the air from the force, Naruto then jumped over all of the rocks lightly stepping on them to gain more height before he flipped through some more hand seals.

"Fūton: Kami Oroshi!" (Wind Release: Godly Wind from the Mountain) Holding out his right arm while his left hand held his wrist a vortex of wind came forth from his palm as it shot straight for Sasuke who jumped up high as the wind destroyed the ground he once stood on.

Sasuke while in mid-air placed his thumb and index finger to his mouth as he called, "Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique) Multiple fireballs shot out of his mouth that honed in on Naruto before they exploded covering the area with fire and smoke.

Sasuke thinking he beat him grinned, only to end up paying for his arrogance as Naruto shot through the smoke and fire, heading straight for Sasuke. "It seems like Itachi's eyes have only made you more delusional!" Naruto shouted as he landed in front of Sasuke with a slight crouch. "Jinton: Mueishō!" (Swift Release: Shadowless Flight).

With a quick jab to the chin, Sasuke was flung into the air but before he could right himself, Naruto had used the speed granted to him by the jutsu to appear by his side before repeatedly beating Sasuke from various angles.

Just as Naruto went to kick Sasuke to the ground to finish the brutal beating, electricity exploded out of Sasuke. "Chidori Nagashi!" (One Thousand Birds Current).

Naruto quickly pulled out a kunai and flung it to the ground below and used Hiraishin to appear beside it in a yellow flash. Naruto frowned as Sasuke landed on the ground as he noticed he was barely even injured, just a couple cuts a bleeding lip.

Sasuke smirked as he wiped the blood from his lip. "Is that all you have Naruto? Is this really the power of the Hokage?" He asked with a deranged chuckle. "If so, then killing everyone in Konoha will be a walk in the park! Getting revenge on everyone in that pathetic village will be so much easier…once I get revenge against you that is!" Sasuke shouted with a crazed grin.

Naruto frowned at Sasuke before shaking his head as he plucked his kunai from the ground and put it in his holsters. Naruto shook his head at Sasuke's foolishness. "I honestly don't understand why Itachi would die for you and let you live…if he saw you now he would roll over in his grave." Naruto commented, knowing Itachi would never want for Sasuke to be the way he was.

"SHUT UP! YOU KNOW NOTHING!" Sasuke screamed as he charged lightning up in his right hand before he shot forward at Naruto with the intent to kill.

Naruto seeing what Sasuke had planned started to gather chakra in his right hand before he too shot forward.

Both fighters were inches away as they brought their arm back before striking.



Both jutsu clashed causing a large explosion that picked up a lot of dust that caused all of the ground to be blown away, a second later blinding light started to envelop the field from the two forces shielding everyone's eye sight before both fighters were thrown away from the area leaving a large crater.

Naruto flipped in mid-air landing in a crouch as did Sasuke as both rushed at each other intent on smashing each other's faces, however as their fists came forth the both of them caught the others hand halting and movement. Naruto gripped Sasuke's fist tighter as he grinned. "You should pay attention to the real me, Bunshin Daibakuha!" (Clone Great Explosion).

Naruto started glowing white before he blew up throwing Sasuke away tumbling across the solid stone ground before coming to a stop.

Five Minutes Earlier

With Suigetsu

Suigetsu who was watching the battle knew he had to intervene; jumping down to intervene he charged at Naruto with his sword raised high, until it met the resistance of another sword which was broad and had three hinges, most likely to allow the sword to fold. "Who the hell're you?" Suigetsu asked the wielder.

Darui sighed as he tightened his grip on his sword. "Sorry, don't really have time for a conversation." He pushed against Suigetsu's sword. "And I can't allow you to interfere with their battle." He inclined his head to the currently fighting Naruto and Sasuke.

Suigetsu gritted his teeth before jumping backwards away from Darui. "I'll just force my way through then!" He shouted, charging at Darui with Kubikiri Hōchō held high, bringing it down once he got close enough.

Darui simply blocked with large sword and held his left hand out towards Suigetsu's stomach. "Ranton: Reizā Sākasu!" (Storm Release: Laser Circus) A small halo appeared around his hand before several bright beams formed and struck Suigetsu, sending the white haired man into a column.

Suigetsu grit his teeth as he pushed himself up and rubbed his stomach to sooth the slight stinging. "Gotta admit, didn't expect that." He muttered to himself, now aware his opponent was no rookie.

Darui wasn't finished with just that though as he charged at Suigetsu with lightning covering his cleaver-sword and Suigetsu knew he couldn't get struck by that. Darui was too fast for him at the moment though so all he could do was block with Kubikiri Hōchō, however, that proved to be a mistake. As soon as Darui's lightning-imbued sword struck Kubikiri Hōchō, it immediately began to grind against it until it broke through the metal with its even sharper blade.

"Damn it!" Suigetsu swore as he watched Darui cut right through the blade as if it was butter. "My Kubikiri Hōchō!" He shouted. Deciding he couldn't stick around, he jumped back on to the column before running up it. As he reached the top he jumped off it while he flipped through hand seals.

"Suiton: Taihōdan!" (Water Release: Large Projectile) A large amount of water started to build up in his body before he blew a large stream of high pressured water out of his mouth heading for his opponent.

Darui scowled at the amount of water and quickly jumped back to avoid the torrent as it smashed into the ground. He held his hand pointed at the water still coming from Suigetsu. "Raiton: Jibashi!" (Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder) Lightning surged from his hand and like a wave it shot towards the water and connected before Suigetsu could stop the flow.

Suigetsu screamed in pure agony as the electricity coursed throughout his body of water. 'Damn it…this guy is good…too good and fast.' He thought as he fell to the ground whilst spasms went through his body, shaking him all over. With shaking legs, he slowly picked himself up though when he looked up his eyes went wide.

Darui was running at him with his cleaver sword lit up with lightning and he was too weakened by the electricity to move.

At The Same Time

With Juugo

Juugo in the same mind set of Suigetsu also rushed at Naruto only to be stopped by a kick to the face. Juugo was sent crashing along the ground until he morphed his arm into a large grey spiky arm that he used to grip into the ground halting his movement, flipping up he looked ahead to see Kakashi with his headband pulled up, Sharingan blazing at him.

"It's not nice to interrupt someone else's fight." Kakashi said as he shot forward at Juugo with a punch, only for Juugo's enlarged hand to grip causing strain on Kakashi.

Twisting his wrist he flipped over Juugo who still held his wrist, charging lightning in his hand it started to light up with electricity, thrusting his hand at Juugo's back he called out, "Chidori!" (One Thousand Birds) Instead of the jutsu piercing Juugo, he seemed to get electrocuted and pushed forward resulting in Kakashi being let go who flipped backwards.

'Damn, what the hell is he made of? It was like Chidori didn't even affect him.'

Just then Juugo appeared in front of him with great speed and punched him in the gut causing blood to spit out of his mouth, the back of Juugo's elbow opened up like a compartment as chakra blew out of it enhancing the punch making Kakashi fly across the snow covered lands.

'Holy shit! It felt like being punched with Tsunade-sama's strength.' Kakashi lifted himself off the ground to look at Juugo to see wavy lines spreading across his face. 'Is that the curse seal mark?'

Kakashi went through some hand seals and yelled out, "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique) The usual large fireball roared from out of his mouth and soared across the ground towards Juugo.

Juugo just grinned like a maniac seeing the fireball, as it neared he swung his arm around knocking the fireball away making it impact with ground a ways away, only a breeze of smoke and wisps of fire passing by him were any indication that he saw and felt the explosion. "You think that would stop me? No no no, you will never stop me…I'LL KILL YOU!" He shouted hysterically and charged at Kakashi.

Before Juugo could get by Kakashi a voice shouted out; "Kamaitachi no Jutsu!" (Sickle Weasel Technique) Gale force winds wrapped themselves around Juugo, shredding his body in the process before lifting him off the ground and throwing him across the ground.

Kakashi looked to the side to Temari drop down by him with her large fan opened up all the way. "You look like you need some help." She said with a smirk.

Kakashi smiled at Temari beneath his mask. "Yes, this guy is more than he appears. Thank you." He nodded before turning back to where Juugo had crashed.

"The sooner we kill this guy, the quicker I can see Naruto kick the Uchiha's ass." Temari stated as she held her fan tighter.

Kakashi chuckled lightly despite the situation and the fact his two former students were fighting.

With Naruto and Sasuke

Sasuke looked up with fury in his eyes as he saw Naruto stood on the opposite side of the field with his arms crossed in the same position before he used the Rasengan which confused Sasuke. "How have you been standing there the entire time?" Sasuke growled out at Naruto who smirked.

Naruto shook his sadly at the so called 'Uchiha Prodigy'. "You were so focused on the one with the Rasengan that you didn't bother to look for any other dangers; it goes to show just how naïve the Uchiha are…no wonder Itachi was able to kill them so easily." Naruto said nonchalantly while Sasuke snarled.

"Shut up, you don't know anything about Itachi."

"Like I said before, I met Itachi…he explained everything to me, he gave up his life for Konoha's safety, and he protected it from the outside, and now you're throwing his sacrifice back in his face by planning on destroying Konoha. Itachi would be ashamed of you." Naruto said as he shifted in to his battle stance.

Sasuke snarled as he unsheathed his Kusanagi. "You understand nothing at all dobe…with Itachi's eyes I will have retribution." He spoke with complete conviction that Naruto almost felt sorry for having to kill him.

Naruto eyes narrowed at Sasuke. "So you actually gained the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan?" He spat out with disgust.

Sasuke smirked evilly. "Yes and with it, nothing will stand in my way!" He proclaimed.

Naruto shook his head and shot forward leaving a crater where he stood from the force he pushed off of the ground with. He then appeared in front of Sasuke with his fist in his stomach causing Sasuke to gasp as he didn't expect such speed or strength. Sasuke was then thrown up in to the air from the force of the punch; he never got a chance to take action as was kicked in the side sending him down in to the snowy ground causing him to cough up some blood.

Sasuke wiped his mouth clean of blood and looked up in time to see Naruto drop down to the ground and smirked. "I suppose I should stop holding back now." He said as vanished making Naruto wide-eyed for a moment. Sensing danger he quickly reached back and unsheathed Hyorinmaru for the first time and brought it to his right side blocking a stab aimed for his neck.

"So you were holding back all" Naruto said as Sasuke pushed against Hyorinmaru actually putting strain on Naruto's arms.

Sasuke snickered evilly. "Of course, why should I go all out without knowing my opponent's strengths and weaknesses in case you forgot but with the Mangekyō Sharingan I can easily pick up on your movement the whole time. The only reason I allowed you to hit me was so I could get a feel of your strength." Sasuke said as he gave one last push before he flipped back and landed in a crouch with Kusanagi in a reverse grip, flipping to his front he stabbed the ground, "Chidori Kōken!" (One Thousand Birds Sword) Charging Raiton through the blade, lightning shot forth along the ground destroying it as it closed in on Naruto.

Naruto brought his sword behind him and swung it in an arc forward while calling out; "Fūton: Jūha Shō!" (Wind Release: Beast Wave Palm) A large wave of wind expelled from the sword cutting through the lightning heading straight for Sasuke who went wide-eyed at seeing the amount of chakra in the wind attack.

Sasuke jumped over the wind jutsu allowing it to pass by and crash into the ground, landing softly he flew at Naruto who put his fingers in a cross seal and called out; "Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique) Almost a thousand clones covered the expanse and all at the same time attacked Sasuke.

As Sasuke expertly defeated each clones with swift precision of any master swordsman, Naruto was with his own thoughts as he sheathed his sword. 'I can't use too many jutsu otherwise I'll give away too much of my abilities and I know Madara will be watching from somewhere close. For now I'll have to use what I need to, Sasuke's transplanted eyes should not be at full power yet so he should be easier to kill now rather than later. I can't waste this chance.' Just as Sasuke took down another clone, Naruto flung a kunai at Sasuke but the Uchiha's Mangekyō Sharingan was able to see it coming allowing him to deflect it to the ground.

"You should have destroyed that!" The remaining clones exclaimed in a cheerful voice. Sasuke understood why when Naruto appeared in front of him with a yellow flash and two Rasengans in each hand.

"Jikūkan: Rasenrengan!" (Space–Time: Spiralling Group Spheres) Thrusting both hands forward, both Sharingan slammed into Sasuke's gut forcing blood to be spat out as the Uchiha was blasted off his feet and into a far wall across the large chambers.

Naruto narrowed his eyes as Sasuke crashed into the far wall causing a mass of dust to be blown his way. Looking around quickly he found others in their own battles and it was only now he noticed just how large the floor they were on actually was. 'I have to end this quickly.'

Meanwhile With Suigetsu and Darui

"Suiton: Mizu Funsha!" (Water release: Water Jet) Two large jets of water made contact with each other causing a large explosion through the area knocking the two people of their feet. Darui stabbed his right sword into the ground and swung around on it heading for Suigetsu who repeated the action with his own.

Swords made contact causing an explosion of rock and dirt to pick up around the two, Darui using his lightning enhanced sword pushed Suigetsu's smaller sword out of the way in order for him to kick forward, however as he made contact his foot got lodged in Suigetsu who solidified the water around that part of his body to keep him there.

Suigetsu grabbed the leg with his free arm and turned his body into water to free the leg before he swung his opponent around and chucked him to another part of the field. Darui once more stabbed his sword into the ground to slow his momentum before kicking off of it and back-flipping to land on his feet; he was unable to keep his balance in time before Suigetsu finished his hand seals.

"Suiton: Suiryūdan no Jutsu!" (Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique) A large blue water dragon with sharp yellow eyes gleamed as it stared at Darui before diving at the Kumo shinobi, before it could make contact though a wall of sand rose up to block the water dragon completely evaporating it from the strength of the sand.

Darui sighed as he looked over to the side to see the Kazekage standing with his arms folded with cold calculative eyes staring at Suigetsu as his sand swirled around him. Suigetsu looked over to see Gaara and growled quietly; knowing Gaara was probably one of the strongest Kazekage's with his sand. Looking back at Darui he chuckled. "So you need the Kazekage's help to actually defeat me, hehe." He chuckled to himself.

Gaara just looked at him impassively. "You're here to kill Naruto Uzumaki, that's the only reason I'm here, to kill you." He said causing Suigetsu to chuckle.

"You think you can kill me? You're pathetic!" Suigetsu growled out as he hefted his sword up.

Gaara held out his right hand causing sand to rise up instantly from all around him, pushing his hand forward the, tendrils of sand shot at Suigetsu who narrowly dodged them as they came while swinging his large sword about cutting through the sand as much as he could. The only flaw about this was that Suigetsu didn't realize that the sand was now all around him in a circle with him in the middle. "Is that all you got?" Suigetsu taunted.

Gaara chuckled slightly, but even though it was low, Suigetsu couldn't help the shiver that crawled up his spine. "You're as foolish as the Uchiha." He said as he waved his arm about causing the sand around Suigetsu to rise up making him tense before he closed fist.

All of a sudden all of the sand formed a ball around Suigetsu completely encasing him; turning to Darui he raised an eyebrow. "Do you know any Katon jutsu?" He asked, hoping he caught on.

Darui looked confused for a moment before frowning. "No I don't, but I could use a high voltage of lightning powerful enough to turn the sand to glass." He explained, getting a nod from Gaara, he began to go through the hand seals but was stopped when a hand landed on his shoulder. Turning his head cautiously, his eyes went comically wide when they rested on the large breasts barely contained in a blue garment.

"I'll handle this." Mei said with a smile at Darui who finally looked her in the face, not the eyes though since he was fairly embarrassed about staring at her breasts, as impressive as they were. She dropped her hand and stepped up beside Gaara who merely raised an eyebrow at her. "Sorry for the interruption but this young man is a missing-nin of Kiri, I'm sure you understand."

Gaara nodded his head at the elder Kage but didn't call back his sand. "I do understand. But letting him go now would be bad for us all." He spoke with his usual monotone voice.

Mei smiled at the younger Kage. "I never said let him go." She looked at the sand encased Suigetsu with a frown. "I can see that despite being from a different village that you are loyal to Hokage-dono and after watching his battle with the Uchiha…I can see why, though I doubt it is his strength you are loyal to him for. Nevertheless, Suigetsu Hōzuki poses a threat to us all, no matter how much of a small fry he is."

Gaara raised an eyebrow at her before nodding in acceptance. "Maybe an alliance may actually work." He mused with a slight smile which slipped when he heard a body crash into the far wall causing dust to be sent their way. "Then please provide me with some fire."

"Gladly." Mei smirked as she went through a couple hand seals before placing her thumb and index fingers to her mouth and called out. "Katon: Karyū Endan!" (Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Missile) A large amount of fire blew out of her mouth and struck the ball of sand completely enveloping it in its flames.

Stopping the jutsu after a minute they looked as the smoke cleared revealing a glass ball with Suigetsu passed out inside it from all of the oxygen being taken away.

"Well that's that." Darui spoke as the glass ball cracked allowing him to pick his former opponent up over his shoulders. "I'll take him from here." He said as he went to go back to the Mizukage and Kazekage but was stopped when he was hit in the side with a large weapon and sent across the ground, only stopping when sand appeared under him.

Standing up albeit more slowly from the cracked ribs, he held his side to stop any bleeding. Looking up he saw a familiar blue-skinned face with gills on the side of his cheeks. "Kisame Hoshigaki, former member of the Seven Swordsman of Kirigakure." Darui said as Mei and Gaara instantly went on-guard, Mei especially.

Kisame grinned showing his shark like teeth and picked up Suigetsu. "Wish I could stay around, but gotta get this guy back to the boss." He said as he disappeared from sight.

"Damn it!" Mei growled out frustrated.

Gaara just sighed at being caught unaware of the former swordsman before he looked at Mei and Darui. "Let's head back for now." He said as he got a nod and both headed back to the other Kages.

Meanwhile With Kakashi, Temari and Juugo

Temari sped at Juugo with her right hand on the hilt of her now closed fan which was dragging behind her, as she got closer Juugo lashed out with his enlarged arm but missed as she somersaulted over the arm and struck at his back with the butt of her fan, though as she slashed at him a short blade popped out of the bottom which only caused a small slash to appear.

Landing on the ground behind Juugo, Temari was able to see the scratch heal up instantly by purple armour covering it. 'What the hell is he?'

Juugo who was almost at his enraged state, snarled as his cut was healed and lashed out with his arm at Temari, however what happened next shocked the blonde woman and copy-nin as his arm stretched out and hit Temari causing her to skid along the ground before she rolled into a crouch.

Kakashi came up behind Juugo who had turned away from him during the swing and threw a couple kunai which imbedded themselves into Juugo making him flinch. Flying through hand seals he called out, "Raiton: Jibashi!" (Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder) Lightning surged from Kakashi's fingers and shot towards Juugo covering him in electric causing him to scream out in agony from the high voltage, as Juugo was screaming his body started to spasm before his skin started reforming as his skin turned dark, with black sclera in the eyes. His elbows changed to have sharper edgings, his nails sharpened, he grows horns at the top of his head that extended to his cheeks, and on his back were what appeared to be six jet boosters like appendages.

Chakra exploded out of him blowing Kakashi and Temari away as Juugo scream like a wild beast into the sky.

"Damn, this guy isn't normal." Kakashi muttered to himself as he lifted himself up, the same was happening with Temari as she had appeared by Kakashi's side a moment later.

"This is going to be a tough battle." Temari muttered, as she eyed the bloodthirsty creature in front of them.

Juugo looked at both shinobi and noticed how they tensed their muscles getting prepared for a battle making him grin like a hungry creature, Juugo then disappeared from his spot, appearing by the two, his left arm turned into a giant axe which he swung at Temari downwards on her. Temari brought her large fan up as the axe made contact causing her muscles to strain under the force of the blow, thinking quickly she channelled Fūton chakra through her fan causing it to be enveloped in high-velocity wind which cut into Juugo's axe-arm which made him grunt from the sharpness resulting in him to push off of the woman.

Kakashi then came in from the side of Juugo with his hand enveloped in lightning. "Raikiri!" (Lightning Cutter) He aimed at his shoulder which due to the intensity of the jutsu, pierced Juugo all the way through causing him to scream out in agony as the jolts of electricity shot through his body.

Swinging around wildly he knocked Kakashi, who still had his hand in Juugo's shoulder, away from him by hitting his face practically throwing him at the ground. Kakashi placed both hands on the floor and spun himself around to flip up onto the ground. Juugo went to strike Temari down when he was hit in the face with a punch so strong that he was sent sailing into the building wall bringing most of the wall down onto him.

Temari looked at the attacker and her saviour in shock. "Raikage-sama!" She exclaimed, too used to using formalities with some people to keep the –sama off.

The Raikage looked at Temari and Kakashi with a smirk. "This guy is more than he appears, stay back for now." All of a sudden lightning exploded around him as he called out. "Raiton no Yoroi!" (Lightning Release Armour) The Raikage walked back to the building to where Juugo was as the lightning covering him repeatedly hit the ground causing scorch marks to appear on the floor.

Crouching down slightly he shot off at the space Juugo was last seen.

Meanwhile With Naruto and Sasuke

As Naruto continued to gaze into the smoke that surrounded Sasuke he started to see a shape grow in size before there was a large explosion blowing the smoke away revealing a large ribcage with black flames steaming off of it formed around Sasuke acting like a shield.

It was then Naruto noticed the blood dripping from Sasuke's eyes slightly. "I take it that this is a partial transformation of Susanoo." Naruto said as more of a statement. 'His eye is bleeding from using this, so this is new to him and his eyes haven't fully merged yet…he came here unprepared…but why?'

Sasuke chuckled darkly. "You know your stuff." Sasuke stated.

Naruto also chuckled. "You've got to know your enemy." Naruto said as he held his hand out towards Sasuke, his Rinnegan shining with power as he called upon its abilities. "Banshō Ten'in!" (Universal Pull) Sasuke, despite being shrouded in the makings of Susanoo, was suddenly ripped from the ground and pulled towards Naruto with no control of his own body as he tried to plant his feet down firmly to no avail.

Lighting his hand with lightning, he swung his hand at Naruto. "Chidori Senbon!" He called out his attack as multiple senbon shaped lightning flew at Naruto hoping to stop the jutsu that was dragging him.

Naruto though was having none of it as he held his other hand up towards them as they got closer. "Fūjutsu Kyūin!" (Blocking Technique Absorption Seal) Before Sasuke's eyes, all of his senbon were absorbed into a bubble-like shield in an instant. Naruto then held both hands towards Sasuke and stopped pulling him only for Sasuke to see cracks begin to appear on the Susanoo's ribs.

"Shinra Tensei: Kujiku!" (Almighty Push: Crush) This attack was a variation of the Shinra Tensei technique which Naruto uses by directing multiple gravitation pulls from different directions, causing an opponent to be crushed by different forces at once. With enough force, it could turn a being or an object to dust, as proven by the looks of the ribs cracking even faster.

Th gravitational field was unable to keep a hold of Sasuke as there was another explosion of power from him, blowing Naruto back slightly from the sudden explosion of power before the dust cleared, revealing a second form which was now a large skeleton with some musculature on it, it now completely enveloped him more and grew horns on its head and three hands that had six fingers on them.

Naruto's eyes widened seeing the Susanoo change form so quickly. "It looks like the more you get beat down, the faster your Susanoo matures." Naruto said to Sasuke while it sounded slightly like he was explaining it to himself as well.

Sasuke chuckled as Susanoo's chakra coated him in black flames almost like Amaterasu. "With this power from Itachi, I will finally kill you, to think this is what our powers combined could be like, and yet I'm not even at my full strength yet." He said as he laughed manically at the end.

Naruto sighed sadly. "You truly are lost, I guess it's about time I finally rid this world of you." He said getting in a stance ready to kick Sasuke's ass.

"No I'm not lost; I've finally found my way!" Sasuke exclaimed as he ran forward with his Susanoo blowing around him in the wind.

Naruto put his hand in a familiar sign and shouted. "Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique) Another battalion of clones sprung to life and immediately went on to attack Sasuke while he jumped back with a clone, holding his hand out chakra swirled around it before forming a Rasengan, the clone then placed his hands on it causing wind to pick up all around him, infusing it with the Rasengan making it go from the normal blue to a pale blue while a Fūma-shuriken like shape formed around the edges expanding a wide range as the wind from it cut the ground around him while lifting up the rocks from the vortex that formed above the jutsu.

Naruto dispelled his clone and looked as Sasuke defeated his clones as he held up his hand high, crouching slightly he pulled his arm back and thrust it forward while yelling. "Fūton: Rasenshuriken!" (Wind Release: Spiralling Shuriken) The jutsu soared across the large chamber completely destroying the ground floor and tearing into the many columns despite the jutsu not touching anything.

Sasuke looked on in shock at seeing such a jutsu that contained so much chakra and control, he became even more shocked when Naruto actually threw it which made him wonder just how such a thing could happen with a jutsu like that.

"Oh sh-" He wasn't able to finish as the jutsu hit Susanoo with such force that it blew him back into the building crashing through wall after wall before the jutsu ripped Susanoo apart, but it didn't end there as Susanoo kept on rebuilding itself as the jutsu formed a giant chakra dome trying to break through the skeletal Susanoo until the jutsu eventually died down leaving Sasuke panting while his Susanoo once again revealed a new form once the dust that had been collected dissipated.

When the dust cleared it revealed Sasuke who was surrounded by a large spectral figure. On its left forearm was a bow doubling as a shield. In the right hand was an arrow. "You lose now dobe, you should have learned you could never beat me." He said with blood running from the side of his mouth whilst one of his eyes closed slightly from the amount of bashing through the walls.

Naruto looked at the ethereal figure that surrounded Sasuke towering over everything in the shape of a demonic looking knight as the crossbow on its left forearm was aimed at him with an overly large ethereal arrow placed in its loading spot reedy to fire. "You think your Susanoo can defeat me? I have to admit it's impressive, I never thought our fight would push me this far. But it won't be enough."

Sasuke smirked. "You seem to know quite a bit about Susanoo." Sasuke stated with an underlying question of 'How?'

Naruto chuckled. "When I defeated Pein, he granted me with a gift to help me in my fights in the future…" Pausing he tapped the side of his head with his index finger. "Knowledge, everything he knew was transferred up here, all of his jutsus, hand seals, fighting styles, other people's abilities. Apparently Pein had fought Itachi when he first joined to test him, Itachi was forced to use Susanoo, giving Pein the chance to learn and observe such a strange ability."

Sasuke was shocked that Naruto had been given all of this knowledge by the leader of Akatsuki, knowledge that could contain valuable pieces of information. "You're telling me you practically know all of Akatsuki's secrets?" He asked feigning sarcasm in order to get Naruto to catch him out.

Naruto chuckled. "At first having such information was troublesome to say the least, having images flash through your brain at intense speed and then all kinds of information popping up all the time really started to put a strain on me…so I had to arrange the information in my mindscape, to access whenever I want to."

Sasuke snarled at Naruto thinking he was trying to outdo him by thinking he's better than him. "Well then, I don't see how that knowledge will help you when you're dead." He said as he aimed the crossbow at Naruto with the black arrow flickering ready to be fired.

"The only person who will die here is you Sasuke; the end of the Uchiha's will start with you." Naruto said preparing for whatever Sasuke was going to do.

Sasuke laughed manically. "HAHAHA you think that I will die? HA, you really are delusional, you haven't changed one bit…dobe." Sasuke said, a second later the arrow was fired at Naruto at lightning fast speed.

Naruto was too quick for the arrow though and held his hand up once more. "Shinra Tensei!" (Almighty Push). As the force hit the arrow it stopped it in its tracks when all of a sudden the arrow seemed to get narrower before it broke through the invisible force. Naruto's eyes widened as the arrow broke through, something that had never happened before; as the arrow got closer he counted the interval in which he would once more be able to use the jutsu again.






Holding up his hands once more he whispered. "Shinra Tensei!" (Almighty Push) This time the force blew the arrow away vaporizing it as if it never existed. "Sorry Sasuke, but you're gonna have to try harder." Naruto said, noticing that not much of his chakra reserves had depleted due to him using his usual jutsu rather than his new ones or his personal jutsu.

All of a sudden Sasuke started coughing up blood while Susanoo started flickering. 'Damn, I need more time for Itachi's and my eyes to properly merge together.' Sasuke then dropped to his knees while Susanoo vanished leaving a battered man on his knees.

Naruto stared at the man on his knees as all of the Kage's and their guards appeared beside him except for the Raikage, Temari and Kakashi. "Is it finished?" Gaara asked as he walked up to Naruto's side..

"I think so…" Naruto said unsure what had happened to Sasuke.

"Man, he looks pretty beat up." Kankurō said as he eyed Sasuke's tattered clothes and blood all over him.

"Well…I guess I have to admit you are strong." The Tsuchikage muttered reluctantly, although it brought smiles to peoples face that he admitted something like that. 'Hokage at the age of sixteen…it's almost unheard of. At least I know Konoha didn't choose poorly after what I've seen…he knows the technique that made his father our nightmare…'

"Should we kill him, or take him?" The Mizukage asked unsure of what to do.

Naruto sighed and reached back to grip Hyorinmaru before pulling the sentient blade from its sheathe as he started walking forward. "It's time I finish this, Sasuke's become insane, there's nothing of the Sasuke I once knew." He said with a regret knowing if he was smarter when he was younger he could have changed things.

Just as he was about to get close to Sasuke the wall exploded by them as a figure blew past, as the person hit a column it revealed itself to be Juugo with his curse mark receding to look like he normally would. Looking at the hole in the wall they saw the Raikage, Kakashi and Temari walk through.

"He's finished." A said as he flexed his muscles.

"About time too." Temari muttered placing her fan on her back.

Kakashi looked around and saw Sasuke on his knees breathing heavily and then Naruto with his sword in a tight grip. "I see you won Naruto…" He said solemnly knowing Sasuke would have to die.

Naruto gave a nod and was about to walk forward when all of a sudden he stopped as he felt a tug on his body. 'What the…?' Looking around he noticed everyone else seemed to fine but looking at him strangely, looking down he noticed a white glob of…something travelling around his body when all of a sudden it formed a head. "Zetsu!"

"Ah, you know my name, you know I was going to steal everyone's chakra, until I felt how much you have, you're almost like a gold mine for the stuff." He said with a sadistic grin as Naruto dropped down to one knee feeling exhausted.

"Naruto!" Temari shouted, about to run over when Gaara held his hand out to stop her. "Gaara, what are you doing?" She demanded before noticing everyone else on alert and prepared to go to Naruto to help him if need be.

"What…the...hell…are…you…doing?" Naruto gasped out as he felt his chakra reserves draining quickly.

Zetsu didn't answer him instead he detached himself from Naruto and jumped over to Sasuke still remaining as a white substance and latched on to him.

"What the hell is this?" Sasuke exclaimed as he saw it covering him when he felt himself getting stronger.

'My chakra…is being restored!' He thought in glee as Zetsu once more vanished leaving Sasuke feeling energized. Sasuke stood up with a sadistic smile and looked at Naruto who was panting from low chakra. "See, Naruto in front of me, you're nothing!"

He was about to charge at Naruto until he heard a shout. "Girochin Doroppu!" (Guillotine Drop) Looking up he saw a lightning covered Raikage about to drop heel kick him in the head, leaning back he watched as the foot blew past his face, jumping back quickly he watched as the entire ground cracked before it exploded blowing rock everywhere. Fortunately for Naruto, Gaara had already used his sand to pull him away from any danger.

Sasuke was about to run to a doorway until he heard the Mizukage yell. "Yōton: Yōkai no Jutsu!" (Lava Release: Melting Apparition Technique) Lava blew out of Mei's mouth into the air and hit all of the walls and ceiling near Sasuke, which blocked off all the available doors. "You're not going anywhere." She said with her sweet, yet dangerous voice.

Sasuke growled seeing he was cornered and the only way out was if some miracle came, unfortunately there was no miracle, as the Tsuchikage appeared above him, as if hovering. "Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu!" (Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique) Holding his hands out a large a cube, with a sphere located at its center, appeared between the palms of his hands. This cube expanded rapidly in size when being propelled towards the Uchiha, trapping him inside its confines. The chakra sphere then seemed to explode with a tremendous amount of force, while the exterior walls of the cube effectively restricted the size of the blast radius, leaving no trace of the Uchiha.

"Well, that's taken care of." He said floating back to the others.

Naruto sighed as he stood back up. "I suppose that's that then." He muttered before looking over at the Mizukage who winked at him, causing Temari to scowl at the auburn haired woman. 'Lava Release? Amazing…I didn't know anyone other than the Jinchuriki of the Yonbi could use such an element.' He thought in amazement.

The Raikage stormed up to the Tsuchikage angry. "Killing Sasuke Uchiha was my job!" He shouted, angry at being denied his revenge despite the fact Naruto had said he would be the one to kill him.

"You still have your chance. So quit whining Raikage." A voice spoke as there was a distortion in the air which rippled; a good distance from the group, showing a man appearing wearing the Akatsuki garb and an orange spiralled mask with one eyehole on the right, over his shoulder was Sasuke, unconscious.

Beside him appeared Kisame with Suigetsu slung over his shoulder and Juugo in his other hand gripping his collar.

Karin, who had been hiding the entire time, appeared on the other side of Madara with relief at seeing Sasuke alive after she saw him get almost crushed. "Sasuke." She whispered.

"My name is Madara Uchiha, and I've got something to discuss with you." He spoke to the room, demanding attention.

Seeing the man in front of him made Naruto growl heavily making everyone tense. "Madara!" He said with so much venom that even Madara almost flinched as he looked into the malicious Rinnegan.

All of the others looked shocked that a true legend was right in front of them. "This is Madara Uchiha?" Kurotsuchi asked in disbelief.

Ōnoki narrowed his eyes at the figure. "Don't let his appearance deceive you, one wrong move and your dead." He said, finally recognizing that they were all in trouble after all.

"What do you want Madara?" The Raikage asked who now stood beside everyone else with his guards beside him.

"I want to tell you about my goal, the Moon's Eye plan." He said with rare seriousness. "But, before that, I'd like to have a talk with Naruto-kun." He said with a smirk behind his mask.

That sentence caused everyone to go on guard while those who didn't really know Naruto were curious at why he was so important that Madara Uchiha wanted to talk with.


Konoha was finally getting back on its toes again, thanks to all of the shinobis' drive to bring Konoha back to its glory; they had all been working extremely hard. The clan's compounds are already halfway through being completed along with the residential area for all the civilians.

Yamato had been working extremely hard, thanks to his capabilities in the Mokuton jutsu's he had been able to rebuild houses much faster allowing the civilians to be able to have somewhere that they can live.

However not everything was great…

Ino-Shika-Cho Compound

"Bubun Baika no Jutsu!" (Partial Multi-Size Technique) Shouted a voice as a massive fist crushed an enemy Nin.

Konoha was in chaos at the moment, as soon as the Hokage and his guards had left, the two elders had escaped their cell thanks to the Root ANBU that were still loyal to Danzo's cause. Since they had escaped, Konoha had become the perfect sight of a civil war as the Hokage's loyal shinobi fought against the Root.

So far the Hokage's shinobi had been winning seeing as there were more of them, but right now things were getting tense as everyone was still a little tired from recent events, then rebuilding the village had taken its toll on the people while the Root had done nothing but stay underground saving their energy.

Chōji pulled his fist back and returned it to normal size to look at the Root Nin crushed into the ground with normal ANBU attire but with a black mask on. "These guys are pissing me off." He said annoyed as Root kept on coming.

"Kage Nui no Jutsu!" (Shadow Sewing Technique) Three tendrils of a shadow pierced a Root Nin, who was about to attack Chōji, through the chest killing him instantly. "Troublesome ROOT, when will they give up?" Shikamaru asked hoping for the answer that he knew he would never get.

"Come on Shika, don't start complaining now." Ino said in a slightly happy mood as the Ino-Shika-Cho trio wee stood back to back now in a triangle.

"Yeah, we can't let these fools think they can take over the village!" Chōji exclaimed.

"Troublesome…" Shikamaru muttered under his breath.

"Come on son, don't slack of now." Shikaku told his son as he, Inoichi and Choza appeared.

"Yeah, yeah…whatever." Shikamaru muttered before they all got ready to fight.

Hyuuga Compound

"Hakkeshō Kaiten!" (Eight Trigrams Palms Heavenly Spin) Eight Root were flung away from a large rotating shield of chakra killing them from the amount of chakra reinforced in it. "Hmph, they think they can take on a Hyuuga, they are sorely mistaken." Hiashi Hyūga smirked.

"Tou-san, there aren't many left." Hinata told her father Hiashi as he powered down the chakra shield.

"I know, Hinata, Hanabi, repel any enemy shinobi, I'm counting on you." He told his two daughters that were stood in front of him.

Both girls gave a small smile before they looked at each other and gave a nod before going to take care of the enemy.

Inuzuka Compound

"Gatsūga!" (Dual Piercing Fang) Multiple voices rung out from three different sources, as the spinning figures stopped they showed themselves to be, Tsume, Hana and Kiba and their respective partners.

"These guys just keep on coming don't they?" Kiba muttered annoyed.

"Come on pup, you're not giving up now are ya?" Tsume taunted with a smirk.

"HA as if, these guys are easy pickings!" Kiba exclaimed with Akamaru barking in agreement.

"Hehe, don't get to full of yourself." Hana said with a smirk.

"Well then, let's take care of these bastards." Tsume said as she saw more Root shinobi appear in front of their clan compound.

Aburame Compound

"Hijutsu: Mushidama!" (Secret Technique: Insect Sphere) Bugs surrounded a ROOT Nin completely and started sucking chakra out of him until there was none left where the bugs left the body allowing it to drop to the ground lifeless.

"They should learn not to underestimate or clan." Shibi said standing next to his son, Shino.

"They are foolish." His son agreed.

"Come, there are still more out there." His father told him giving him a nod.


"Ōkashō!" (Cherry Blossom Impact). As a fist made contact with the ground, spider-web cracks ran along the ground before the same cracked ground exploded sky-high, sending any Root flying a good distance. Sakura smiled as back-flipped away from where she punched. "They seem to want to take over the hospital." Sakura said to herself more than anyone else.

Shizune stepped forward with a stern look. "Protect the hospital and the injured with everything you have." She told the shinobi around them who gave nods, flashing through hand seals she called out, "Dokugiri!" (Poison Mist) Opening her mouth a large amount of purple smoke came out of it attacking the enemy causing them to spit up blood and drop down one by one. 'It's just like Naruto-kun predicted.' Shizune thought with a frown. 'I must finish my autopsy on Danzo as soon as possible.'

Hokage's Tower

"Mokuton: Daijurin no Jutsu!" (Wood Release: Great Forest Technique) A large tree hit a Root, who was about to attack a fellow shinobi, in the side blowing him into a different building burying him in rubble.

Yamato separated the tree from his arm. "This is getting g ridiculous." He muttered to himself before hearing a commotion in the Hokage Tower, in the very room Tsunade had been placed in to protect her. Cursing to himself, he ran through the doors and up the stairs as fast as he could, jumping from the wall to reach the higher level quicker. However as he reached the top floor and ran along the corridor, a body came flying out of the doorway and through the wall leaving a gaping hole.

"What the hell is going on?" He heard a familiar voice demand with irritation.

"Tsunade-sama, you should calm down, you've just woken up from a coma." He heard Yugao's calm voice through the wall.

"I don't care…now tell me why I have men in black attacking me in my sleep!" Yamato smiled as he heard Tsunade awake and began to walk towards the doorway to make sure everyone was fine.

"What do you mean I'm not longer Hokage?" He paused in his walking, feeling sorry for Yugao at the moment. "Huh? Naruto…Naruto is the Rokudaime Hokage? Are you shitting me? Ok, get me Shikamaru then…and a verrrrry large bottle of sake because I think I'm going to need it."

"Is that wise after just wa-"


Deciding he could speak to them later, Yamato sneaked off before they could see him.

'Tough luck Shikamaru-san…but at this point it's every man for himself in the face of Tsunade-sama's temper.'

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