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Chapter One

I was laying under a blanket with a blond boy who had curly hair. I was about the age of eleven and the boy the same. We were giggling, just being happy, thinking about how we had tricked his mom into thinking we were asleep. I felt so happy and safe staring into the boy's bright blue eyes. He made me happier than anything.

He put his finger on my lip telling me to be silent. I was about to protest when I saw the door open to his closet sized bedroom. I poked my eye out the slit in between the covers and bed just as his mother popped her head in through the door. I could see the light from her candle lighting her face as she squinted trying to see in the pitch black darkness of her son's room. When she saw both of us under the covers and heard his light snore she smiled and silently closed the door.

I turned to the curly haired boy after counting to one-hundred, the time we had silently agreed it would take his mother to close her bedroom door. I smiled at him. "That was so much fun," I whisper-giggled.

He nodded in agreement. "It's always fun. I don't know how your mom always knows were awake though," he giggled in response. I laughed into my hands. It was a mystery to us all how mommy knew we were awake. It's like she could hear out breathing.

I frowned. "I never want to be separated from you," I said looking up at him with tear-filled eyes threatenin to fall any second. I couldn't be taken away from him. I remembered when I first moved here I had to leave some good friends but not as good as him. He knew my deepest secrets, how I really felt about things, and my greatest interests. We always came up with reasons why I never knew who my daddy was, mommy wouldn't tell me, and he always made me feel better when all I wanted to do was cry. I couldn't lose someone like that.

He smiled, always knowing the right thing to do. "Isabella, I promise that no matter what happens we will never be separated. Even if your mommy moves you again then I will find you," he told me.

I wiped my tear-streaked cheeks. "Pinky swear?" I asked. A pinky swear could never be broken, everyone knew that.

He held out his pinky. "I promise," he said as we locked pinkies in the sacred pinky swear that all children knew was basically a swear for life or longer. "Now wipe those tears off your face." He then pulled me into a hug and let me fall asleep. I felt safe in this arms, safer than I would ever feel again.

I woke up with a jolt. I looked around praying for the same thing as I did every time I had that dream. No, I was still in my bedroom, not his-the room I desperately wished I could be in. I lay back down in my cold bed and curled into a ball, or the federal position. I felt the tears come to my eyes as I realized the truth. I was never going to see my best friend again. He was gone forever.

I heard Charlie start up the stairs and immediately unballed myself and will my tears to dry up, I had gotten better at this over the years so now it could be accomplished in seconds. I closed my eyes and sank into the covers hoping to fool Charlie into thinking I was asleep just as my curly hair friend and I had done when we were little.

Charlie knocked on the door and walked in. I realized that he wasn't going to leave so I "woke up." Slowly as I started to sit up and yawn I saw a box in his hand.

"What's that?" I asked confusion coating my voice.

He smiled. "Happy birthday kiddo," he said setting a large, wrapped square box on my bed. On top sat a digital camera with a pink ribbon on top.

I frowned. "I thought we agreed no presents," I told him. No need for another reminder of the pain I once went through.

He chuckled. "Well, the one from me's not wrapped so it doesn't count," he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and quickly tore the paper of the square package from Renee.

"We coordinated. Well, she coordinated with me," he said. Of course, always like Renee, wanting everything to be perfect. When the wrapping paper was finally off I saw that is was a scrap book.

I smiled and looked up at Charlie. "Thanks Dad," Though the word dad didn't mean much to me anymore, "It's really great."

Charlie sighed. "When did you get so old?" He asked obviously sad that I was about to leave the house.

"I'm not that old," I told him. It's true eighteen wasn't that old compared to some ages people were.

"I don't know is that a gray hair?" He asked touching my hair.

This made me freak out. "No way," I said jumping up to look in my mirror. I soon saw that my hair was too flawless as always and looked back at Charlie. "Nice, really nice."

He just put his hands up in defense and walked out the door. I loved Charlie. He's great. He was the perfect dad… the second time around.

I quickly grabbed my clothes for the day, jeans and a t-shirt, not forgetting to grab my secret weapon, the only way I can survive a long day like this, my iPod. No one knew about it, not Renee, Charlie, Alice, or Edward. I kept it a secret to keep up my appearance.

I walked into the bathroom locking the door behind me. After a long hot shower with my music blaring over my speakers I felt fit to take on the day. The shower was a big part but the music affected me the most, when I heard powerful songs that talked about a hard life I was happy when I heard Taylor Swift like love songs I feel like dieing in a hole.

After getting out of the shower and putting on my clothes I walked into my bedroom and sat on my bed. I reached into my nightstand and pulled out a little book. It was worn and a brownish color. I opened the book and sighed. This is what I had been using as my diary over the last few month. Quickly flipping passed the passed entries I turned to a new page and started writing. This was a process I did every time I had one of those mornings.

After I finished my entry and hide my iPod in my bag I went downstairs ready to face the world. Charlie had already left for work so I simply ate a piece of toast and drank a glass of good old-fashion OJ. On the way to my truck I turned my iPod on a song that described me so well. It ways "Perfect" by Pink. Pink was one of my favorite singers because she sang from her heart and most of the songs she sang described my life so well.

After a good music filled ride to school I had to hide my iPod again. No one could know I had it. I mean sure I'd listen in P.E. and when we didn't have to do anything in class but I didn't care if those people saw. "She's the Chief's daughter, must get good benefits," I've heard before. Ha! I paid for this myself, not with Charlie's money.

I got out of my truck and was greeted by Edward. Oh Edward, there's not much to say about you, besides you're the overprotective boyfriend type, you dress like your from another century-which I assume is Alice-and it's hard to trust you. No offense to him but anything he finds out he tells Alice, those two are more like a couple than brother and sister.

"Hello love," he said pulling me to his side. Sometimes I felt more like a trophy girlfriend than his love. I mean, he may not notice this, but I was the most flawless human in this school. I'm not being vain just saying the truth. My hair never goes out of place, my face is always zit free, and my whole appearance is like an effortless beauty. I truthfully wouldn't care if I was a zit-face, glasses wearing, fizzy haired, geek all I care is that I'm happy. Sadly I'm never completely happy these days.

"Hey Edward," I greeted him back as we walked passed my normal friends. I smiled at them. "Hey guys," I said as Edward quicken his pace and pulled me forward. I saw them wave but from a distance. I was about to say "What's your problem!" when I realized he'd not answer or give me something stupid like "Alice wanted to see you."

As we walked down the hall Alice ran up to me talking about a party at her place. I was about to say 'what the hell I'll go' when I felt more enthusiasm and said, "Sure, sounds fun," like I actually cared.

"Yaaahhh!" Alice cheered skipping off.

I looked up and saw Jasper standing in the corner. I gave him the stink eye. "Jasper, no fair with the mood control thing," I called over to him.

He chuckled. "I'm sorry Isabella," he drawled in a deep southern accent. "Happy…" I felt pain go through my body as I had a flash back to my best friend telling me happy birthday on the last day I saw him. It shot a string of pain through my system so powerful even a vampire would drop to their knees. Jasper flinched. "Uh, never mind." He said pulling Alice off in the other direction.

Edward laughed. "You can't trust vampires, trust me," he chuckled.

Okay that wasn't funny at all. He was trying to be puny and it will never work out for him. He's just not that kind of guy.

As Edward and I walked I realized why I was still here, I mean with Edward, it was because of the similarities. Jasper was just like my best friend, both and looks and personality. The only difference was that Jasper didn't have that spark in his eyes. Jasper was always in pain, he looked like he had never kept a very important promise. That must hurt.

The tears threatened to flow as I thought about broken promises. He never found me. He never looked. He forgot about me. NO! He wouldn't forget. He must have looked, not that he would have found me if he tried. It was impossible for any human to find where I had been "stashed."

As the day went on I continued to fight back the tears. It was hard but everyone help. Angela must have sensed my pain and helped. She made sure I was alone when I wasn't with Edward, even she couldn't keep him away from me. Still she helped and I respected that.

As we walked to lunch I stopped her. "Thank you," I told her before we were in hearing distance of the cafeteria.

"What are you thanking me for?" She asked confusion coating her voice.

I smiled, a real one this time. "For caring and letting me have a break from Edward," I sighed. I cared more for the break than caring at the moment but it did matter.

Angela frowned. "Bella if your this annoyed with him than why don't you break up?" She asked.

I frowned. What was the answer? "I don't know." I said truthfully. I walked off into the cafeteria and got my lunch without actually seeing it.

I felt a cold arm go around me. I looked up and saw a shape that looked like a face. Edward? I guessed. "Hello, Love." I was right, Edward.

"Hey," I said emotionlessly. I felt Edward guide me to the table we sat at everyday, the one on the opposite side of the cafeteria as my other friends-my human ones. He sat me down in a seat next to him. On the other side of the table was Alice, no Jasper Edward said Jasper was too dangerous to be around me. Though that's not what he meant, I could tell I had a gift like that, what he meant was I have no trust and am afraid of him so you don't have to worry about him because he will be in the background.

I knew Jasper was dangerous, I wasn't afraid but I knew, and Edward has a right to be afraid of him. I just don't know why I am not aloud to know him. I had asked about everyone's stories before but the only one Edward told me all of was Carlisle's.

"Bella I'm so excited about tonight!" Alice chimed in the second I sat down. "Are you coming over right after school or are you going to go change first than come to our house?"

"Alice, Bella is going to go to see her father before she goes to our house," Edward stated. "That will give you more time to set up."

Alice nodded. "Well you will be wear this beautiful dress. Don't worry I put it on your bed. And everyone will be there…"

"Will Jasper be there?" I asked. I have no idea what possessed me to say that but I did.

Alice just started at me. "Of course Bella, he is part of our family," she stated.

"Don't worry love, he won't bother you," Edward whispered to my hair. I sighed. Translation-he will never talk, touch, or even look in your direction. Sigh. This will be a long day.

Thanks for the few of you who understand.


~Bella ;)