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"I don't trust him Jasper," I muttered. I glanced around at our room. The dark blue sheets and comforter were soft and I loved laying in them, the curtain blocked off the bedroom from our, I guess you could say, "living area", then there was Jasper. I really had fallen hard for him, that's both bad and good, but either way that's not the point right now.

"Why not?" He muttered.

"I get one of those feeling from him," I looked up from Jasper' arms. Jeremy had been here for about a month, so it was in the November time, not that I was keeping track. Though, I really didn't trust him, he made me paranoid. "You know, the same feeling I got during that lightening storm, the one where lightening struck the farm down the way from us?" I continued, trying not to show my true paranoia.

Jasper grinned and nodded, not catching on. "Yeah, momma said we were some lucky people to have it miss us," he grinned. "Now that I think about it, I bet it was you and your mom wasn't it?"

I shrugged. "We get really lucky sometimes but we also get really unlucky," I confirmed, thinking about all my lucky moments and unluckiness. "What if Aro sent him?" I asked, thinking it through. Uncle Aro would do anything to get my talents back in his castle, along with Edward and Alice.

"I don't think so," he muttered. "He would just send a member of the guard or come to you directly."

I nodded, though Aro would do anything, I doubted he'd use a newborn. Aro is much smarter than that. "What if my dad sent him?" I asked.

Jasper didn't answer, but I knew what he was thinking. Jasper had never meant my dad but he knew what I'd told him, and I'd said nothing good about my dad. My father was a nasty, asshole, jerk that had no regard for human life. He'd already made other's, half human half vampire, and was trying to use them to take over the vampire world, then the human. He wanted me because I was more powerful than them, but also because I had an in in the Volturi. He'd taken me from my mother and Jasper before I even knew about this world, and that was the main reason I hated him.

"He sent him, didn't him?" I asked no one in particular. "My father sent Jeremy to spy on me so he could know what I loved most." I looked up at Jasper with wide eyes. "You have to run."

Jasper's eyes snapped down to meet mine, whatever on his mind forgotten. "I do not run Isabella!" He said sternly in Major voice. "I've never lost a fight."

"You did when you were human," I commented. Jasper's eyes hardened. "Doesn't count does it?" He shook his head. "Sorry, continue."

Jasper sighed. "The point is that I'm not gonna give up and just let him win. I love ya Isabella and am gonna protect you whether ya like it to not!"

I just nodded, not wanting to fight with Jasper about this. "I just wish," I paused, thinking through my words. "I just wish we could go away for a little while. You know, just you and me." With such a big house and so many people I was starting to become claustrophobic.

"Soon, you and me can go away. Just you and me, we'll go wherever you want," Jasper assured me.

I smiled at him. "I wanna go back to Texas," I smiled shyly. "I bought your old farmhouse a few decades back and it sure could use some care."

Jasper's eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store. He leaned down and kissed me until I ran out of breath. "You're amazing Isabella," he smiled.

I laid my head against his chest and smiled dreamily. We just laid in bed for a little while, taking in the joy of each other's presence. I loved how he smelled, and how he felt. His hands were rough, proving the years of hard work he'd done. He's body was strong, holding me tight. It wasn't until towards the middle of the day that we were interrupted.

There was a knock on our door and I regretfully got out of bed to answer it. I found Jeremy's strange blue-black mane popping everywhere. A lazy smile was pasted on his still pinkish skin. His eyes, still with red swirling in them, were turning orange from feeding on animals. I sighed internally with the fact that everyone accepted him except for my paranoid self and Jasper.

"Hey Jeremy," I tried to smile.

Jeremy offered me a smile. "Hey Bella, can we talk?" He asked. I raised my eyebrows. "I just needing someone to about the new diet. Alice told me you still drink from humans…" He paused, glancing up at me through the hair.

I nodded understandingly. "I'll be back Jasper!" I called. "Me and Jeremy are going for a walk." I didn't wait for an answer. We ran downstairs and out the door. Once outside we started running until we were out of hearing range. Once there, Jeremy began to slow to a walking pace.

"I get it's hard," I smiled at him. "I tried the whole animal thing a few decades ago but it didn't taste right."

Jeremy nodded. "Yeah, they taste so different," he confirmed. "I miss drinking from humans. I mean, I don't regret changing my diet, I just, I just miss the real thing."

I smirked at his stumbling on words. "I get what you mean kid," I chuckled. "So how's a newborn like you find out about the Cullens?"

He shrugged. "I just heard about them and wanted to try it out, you know?" He said, avoiding looking at me.

"Who'd you hear about is from?" I asked suspiciously.

"No one in particular," he shrugged, looking at anything but me now.

"Jeremy," I tried. "If you were sent here because you're in trouble, then I can help you. I have a lot of power in this world, I might be able to get you out of it." So, maybe I had a soft spot, just don't go thinking I'm a marshmallow!

Jeremy shook his head. "Not trouble. I was asked to come here, but I made the final decision myself." When he finally looked at me, his eyes were filled with hate.

I took a step back but kept my stance tall. "Now boy, don't do anything you'll regret!" I warned.

He face turned cold. "By order of my master I have been told to come and retrieve you Isabella Marie," He said calmly in a monotone.

I snorted. "Now you're just trying to make me laugh. One, no one can force me to do anything, and two, who the hell is your master?" So, someone had sent this newborn after me. How interesting.

"If you do not come willing me I have been told to take you by force," Jeremy got into a fighting stance.

I rolled my eyes and crouched down, mimicking him. "Whatever," I mused. "Your death not mine."

Jeremy snarled and lunched himself at me, trying to throw me off balance. I simply stepped out of the way, causing him to fly into a tree. He quickly got up and went at me again. This time I grabbed his shoulders and flipped him into the ground. A cloud of dirt flew into the air. I pinned him down and subdued him.

"Who are you working for!" I yelled.

The newborn spat venom into my face but otherwise kept his mouth shut. "Fine," I muttered. "I'll let Major deal with you."

I tossed him over my shoulder and started back to the house. He kicked at my back and snarled the whole time, trying to bite me, but I ignored him. Newborns are no worse than kittens, thinking they're all big and bad when they're just specks of dust in this world.

I kicked the front door open, leaving a muddy boot print on it. "Get your ass down here Major!" I called, seeing Jasper wasn't in the living room. I tossed Jeremy down on the couch and watched him try and plan an escape. "You move and I'll put you through so much pain you'll regret being born!" I snarled.

"What's going on?" Alice whispered and Jasper appeared next to me. He examined the boy with weary eyes. "What's wrong with Jeremy?" She asked. Even I could here the hidden meaning in those words. Jasper and I exchanged a look, both knowing what was next.

"So we have a snake don't we?" Jasper asked me. I chuckled at the fact he still used the language from the wars. Snake was often referred to as a traitor hidden in the ranks.

I tried to stop laughing and straightened out. "Yup," I nodded. "What you say we do now Major?" I asked.

He shrugged. "Not talking are you?" He asked Jeremy. Jeremy growled at him and Jasper smirked. "You don't wanna do that son." Jasper leaned down until his nose was almost touching Jeremy's. "Like Isabella has informed you, I'm sure, she won't be going anywhere. Now, it's simple, do you wish to live or die?"

"No!" Alice squealed. I looked over at her, unchanged. "Jeremy hasn't do anything wrong! What are you talking about!"

I sighed. "Alice, Jeremy was sent here by someone. Anything he had told you is a lie, he's only following orders," I told her.

"No, he wasn't!" She pleaded, now trying to convince herself. Alice looked to the newborn. "You meant it, right?"

Jeremy's eyes softened slightly when he looked at her. "Yeah it's true," he said despite everything. "I've been lying to get to her," he looked at me and sneered.

Lie. I thought. So he did really care for Alice, he just wanted to die? That made no sense, what newborn in the world would want to die? Especially after finding someone to spend eternity with. Unless a fate worse than death face him if he returns and has failed?

Alice's eyes filled with venom tears. "Just, get it over with," she said, walking away.

"Very well," Jasper said. "If you don't want to talk then you can die."

I grabbed Jasper's arm right before he tore off Jeremy's head. "Not yet," I decided. "Obviously Aro didn't send you," I decided.

Jeremy's forehead crinkled. "Who?" He asked.

I raised my eyebrows. "Of course he didn't tell you about the Volturi. If you'd know about the laws you would have never have tried this, newborn or not you still have a brain," I took a deep breath. So it had come down to this, hadn't it? "Payton sent you, didn't he?"

"Is that was his name was?" Jeremy asked. "I've only seen him once, it was the lady who'd told me what to do."

My eyes widened. "Lady?" Impossible! My father always worked alone, why was he using a lady. Besides, he was smart enough not to let a newborn run anything.

"Yes, lady," he confirmed.

"What did she look like?" Jasper asked before I had the chance.

"Well, one of them had curly brown hair, it went about halfway down the back. She had tan skin. Then there was one with red hair. It looked like fire, and her skin was pale," he explained.

I gulped and turned to Jasper. "They're working together," he spoke my thoughts. I nodded. "All three of the people that hate us most are working together to get to us. Awesome."

I chuckled at his sarcasm. "Well, you've never lost a fight," I joked, reminding him of our earlier conversation. He gave me a look that said don't go there again. "I'm joking Jasper, we can get through this."

"Would someone care to explain what's going on?" Edward asked. He rolled his eyes.

I almost stuck my tongue out at him. "It means that my father has teamed up with Maria and Victoria to either use or kill Jasper and me," I explained the obvious.

Edward's face turned seldom along with everyone else's in the room. Alice moved over to sit by Jeremy and she tried to get something out of him but he continued to brush her off. Emmett held Rosalie tighter to him, as if he was afraid letting go would make her disappear. Carlisle started calculating the odds in his head while Esme looked worriedly around at her family.

Jasper nudged my arm, forcing me to look up at him. "You ready for a brawl?" He asked, an amusing smile on his face.

I chuckled and nodded. "Just like old times right? When we faced down Billy?" Jasper smile and nodded. So maybe we would get through this, I mean, we had one of the best fighters in the world, me, and Emmett-who'd fight anything given the chance- we could do it. Of course, it would be a lot harder than a simple playground fight.

I sighed, this would take a while.

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