So the idea came to me after reading this: /news/story/13492/psych_ward_young_avengers . And I thought what would happen if all the Young Avengers, from Wiccan to Vision were forced to go to a mandatory therapy session with yours truly, the mighty and hilarious TW'93 or Gytha Ingleson as I will be known here (no relation to my real name).

P.S. I also had to delete my story Heart Strings due to the fact that I recycled the character and turned her into someone else and it maybe getting published. Sorry!

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Chapter 1


The air was crisp as the winter weather flew in like a witch on a broomstick-if you'll forgive the bad analogy- bringing the first snow fall off the season to the residence of New York City.

Sadly though, winter break was still three agonizing weeks away and the prospects of missing school before that were slim at best. Still, a speedster living at Young Avenger headquarters carried hope as he gathered his gear to go to school.

Per agreement with the Avengers, Tommy was granted a pardon and a clean record off prison on the condition he invests the time in education. He also had to promise that he wouldn't blow up his new school and which school did Captain America and Iron Man put him in? Why the same school as his twin and his twin's boyfriend of course. Someone had to keep the speedster in line and who better, but his own brother and brother's sort-of-frightening-really-a-big-teddy-bear boyfriend. Damn! Thought the Speedster as he was about to exit. His watch read 8:58 AM. Class was starting in two minutes and he was the last one out the door, typically sleeping in until the last possible second. After all, why did a young man of his talent need to get up early?

He made it to to school with just under a minute to spare, he was not in a rush to get to school. Tommy sat down in his seat at the very back. Despite his hate for school and having to go to the same school as his supposed twin, Tommy was lucky he at least had someone he knew with him. He was not alone anymore, he reminded himself.

After school the twins met up with the rest of the Young Avengers and they headed to Avenger Tower. According to Hawkeye aka Kate Bishop, Captain America had asked for them personally, by first name. He said he and the reset of the Avengers talked and decided to train them.

Patriot was the first to become guarded about the invite. "We shouldn't go." he protested. "Why would they want us there all of a sudden?"

"We're going." stated Hawkeye. She was the leader and what she said went. "And they invited all of us. They asked us not to come in costume."

"That's kind of odd, isn't it?" asked Hulkling.

"Not really." explained Cassie. "When they're not on missions they are just like us." She knew the Avengers better than anyone, her father being Ant Man and the fact that on more than one occasion she stayed at the mansion, but that was before everything changed. That was before everything was ruined.

"And by just like us you mean..." questioned Speed.

"They eat dinner, watch TV, call each other by their first names, laugh, play games, etc." explained the size-changer. "Maybe their having a BBQ?"

"In a professional building?"

"Perhaps they wish to introduce us to a few professionals or they are having some sort of get together, like a reunion." suggested Wiccan.

"Only one way to find out." replied Hawkeye. Wiccan nodded. They changed into street clothes before departing on Billy's magic disc.

The group, dressed in their normal clothes flew across the city, above the buildings, passing the top of the home of the Fantastic Four, the Daily Bugle, and the Chrysler building before arriving at Avenger tower. The air was crisp, chilling their bodies as they landed on the roof of the tower.

Infront of them stood Carol Denvers, not Ms. Marvel, but Carol Denvers, the person, not the hero, wearing a red shirt and jeans. Next to her stood Jessica Jones, holding little Danielle in her arms.

"Hello." said Carol

"Hello." replied the Young Avengers.

"Come with us." She was cold. Granted, Billy didn't remember her ever being warm to him or to the other members of the team.

Logan walked by them. He starred deep into their eyes before he began laughing furiously as he headed to his room.

"What was that all about?" asked Kate.

"Tony must have done something stupid again." said Jessica Jones as Danielle giggled in her arms.

The building was revamped to be a massive mansion, with bedrooms and training rooms, ballrooms, dining halls, exercise rooms, a couple virtual chambers, and various other rooms complete with whatever was necessary. The team marveled at the possibility of spending any time here.

Steve Rogers stood in a living area with Tony Stark and Luke Cage, as well as Spiderman. Steve was the first to come up and shake hands with Kate, she was the leader, after all. They were all dressed normally, with the exception of the spider, simple t-shirt or polo shirts and pants.

"Welcome." he began "Please make yourselves at home. Jarvis should have dinner for us in a couple of hours."

"That's an awful lot of cooking for this many people." questioned Eli.

"He is being assisted." replied Tony with a nod to the spider on the wall. "Please, sit, relax."

The young avengers cautiously sat down on the couches, awkwardly, they were all wondering what the Avengers were up to. Jessica Jones had set Danielle down and the little girl crawled right up to Billy and refused to move until he had to pick her up. She smiled happily sitting on Billy's knees.

He held her awkwardly as a Tommy snickered in the background. "Chill out bro, it'll be good practice if you and mean-green ever have kids." This caused Billy to blush as Teddy sent a glare that could kill towards the speedster. The Avengers laughed at this.

"So...not to be rude or anything, but why exactly are we here?" asked Teddy.

"We'll discuss it over dinner," replied Luke Cage.

Spiderman looked them up and down. "Is it cool if me and the Mrs take off then?"

"No problem." replied Tony, understanding the web-swingers need to keep his identity a secret, even after the civil war. (A/n No idea about Spiderman and Civil war, except we saw him during the Children's Crusade so I'm winging it). Spiderman jumped off the wall and left the room.

The whole thing was extremely awkward for both teams, sentiments over past deeds had not gone away. Finally Jarvis broke the silence by calling everyone to the dining hall for dinner.

They sat and ate, with chatter and the clanking off forks came from every section of the table. But none of the Young Avengers spoke to the Avengers, not counting Jessica Jones. Everyone remained with in the safety of their own group.

"Greetings to the Young Avengers." said Steve Rogers as everyone was finishing up, formally standing at the head of the table. "I believe now is the perfect time to discuss the reason we have asked you here."

"Finally." whispered Teddy to his nodding boyfriend.

Logan was still attempting to hold in his laughter at the words that were about to be spoken. "We understand that since your initial birth as a team you may or may not have suffered traumatically from everything that you've been apart off, from the Skrull and Kree War." he looked to Teddy "To the Civil War." he shifted from Cassie to Billy. "And the Siege of Asguard." shifting from Tommy to Kate and Eli. "And everything else." The Young Avengers wondered where his speech was going."Due to all of this and more, we, the Avengers, and with a full backing of Billy's parents, Cassie's mother, and Eli's grandmother, feel..."

"Get to the point already." snapped Logan annoyingly.

Steve paused just enough to glare at Logan. "We think it would be best if the seven of you attend therapy with a licensed psychologist."

"WHAT!" escaped their mouths loudly as they jumped up from their chairs.

"Not my mother." said Billy instantly. "Please, anyone but my mother."

Logan nearly fell his chair from laughter.

"Relax," called Jessica. "Steve, Carol, and I picked out just the psychologist you need. She comes highly recommended by a number of high ranked psychologists," she looked at Billy. "Including your mother."

Billy looked pale, like he was about to faint. Tommy was muttering a few inappropriate words, causing Jessica to take Danielle out of the room. Teddy was attempting to calm down his boyfriend while Cassie sat in silence with Vision. Eli and Tommy looked murderous. Kate, she on the other hand remained calm and cool.

"I already see a shrink." replied Kate. "Can I be excused from this?"

The others were surprised to hear this.

"Sorry Kate, the deal was for everyone." replied Stark.

"Nothing to worry about." cut in Steve. "The young lady we picked out for this is perfectly qualified for this level of work." he paused and took a deep breath. "She's even helped out a few of us."

Tommy wanted to ask who, but that was the end of that conversation. "You need to head home and pack up. You're spending the remainder of your time before break here."

"What about school?" piped up Billy.

"We have arranged for you to leave your schools to go into a private, highly advanced learning center. Here you will be taught by us. It is a three week seminar. You will also be expected to attend group and individual therapy sessions during this time."

The Young Avengers should have argued. But three weeks with the Avengers was better than school any-day. "Fine." said Kate. "We'll all be in attendance."

"Excellent." said Tony kicking Wolverine out of his chair. "Be back here tomorrow Nine AM sharp."

As the young group exited the dining hall to head home a young lady of twenty or so years of age stepped out. She had auburn brown hair, tucked into pig tails. She had beautiful green eyes that hid behind her oval spectacles, wearing a batman shirt and baggy black jeans. She held a notebook in her hands which held with in it notes, in perfect cursive handwriting. "So what do you think?"

The girl looked up at the metal wearing hero and smiled. "This could be fun."

Okay so, thoughts? I think this rocked. If I do say so myself. I would love ideas on things that should happen in individual and in group sessions.