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Chapter 6

Fathers of Avengers

Cassie and Gytha stepped into the already programmed holo-room. To Cassie's surprise it was her bedroom. Not the bedroom she had at her mother's house, but the one she had when she stayed at the mansion, one weekend a month. It had soft red walls and banners and pictures of her with the original Avengers. A large bay window, overlooking the front gates stood right across from her large four poster bed, with a soft black blanket.

She jumped on the bed, like a three year old who was upgraded to a big-girl bed and let the softness of the bed take her. "This is amazing." she said letting a fresh coat of tears take over.

Gytha walked over to the nightstand and grabbed a box of tissues, handing it to the blonde girl. Cassie took it and blew her nose. "It's been a while since I've seen this bedroom."

"I gathered as much." replied Gytha looking around at the work desk and chair. She grabbed the chair and wheeled it over so she would be sitting and looking at Cassie on her bed.

"So Billy was right, you designed the holo-room to become the place where we felt most comfortable, or the place we came to think. That's pretty ingenious, but how did you know?"

"I spoke with all of your parents and guardians." explained Gytha. "I was sorry to hear about your father, he was a real role model to a lot of people. It is lucky that he is alive, now." (1)

"He was?" Gytha nodded, "to whom?'

"I interned at a juvenile facility up in Maine. Your father turned his life around, it gave some of them hope that they could do the same."

Cassie nodded grabbing another tissue. "You live with your mother and...Step-father is that right?"

"Yeah." said Cassie sending a small glare at the floor at the mention of her step-father.

"And you are the youngest of the Young Avengers is that right also?" Cassie nodded. "Why don't we start with how you became a Young Avenger?"

"I saw them at St. Patrick's Cathedral on the news, one night. I was going to join them and I saw Kate at the hospital and she tagged along. I discovered a lot that night, my powers, Nate."

"Iron Lad was your boyfriend is that right?" asked Gytha, "He went back to his own time."

"If you could call him that, and yeah he did." there was a sadness in her voice at the mention of Nate leaving. "He really didn't get a chance to be my boyfriend."

"I see." Gytha took a note on her pad. "Now, Iron Man's Civil War section of your file states that you originally joined Captain America during the war, but you switched sides."

"Yeah, so?'

"Can you tell me about some of the things that went through your mind at the time, as well as what lead to your switching sides?"

Cassie lay down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. "It was scary, I mean, as much as we all want to believe we're grown-ups we're all just kids and there we were, stuck in the middle of a war. Captain America rescued us, while Tony Stark was willing to let us go to jail. Then there was that whole thing with the runaways. Maybe you can help those kids they've got more issues than we do."

"I have made several attempts to contact them, to no avail." replied Gytha. "When did you switch sides?"

"It was just after Goliath was killed by the fake Thor."

"And why did you choose to join that side over the one you were on?"

"I wanted to be fighting criminals, not the government." replied Cassie adjusting on what was once her bed. Gytha saw how clearly at peace she looked. "It was all so messed up and with Bi...r...Wiccan being caught and put in superhero prison. I got scared."

"And so you joined the Initiative."

Cassie nodded. "But eventually I came back, after this issue with the West Coast Avengers and Loki..." she trailed off.

"How did the others take to your return, and that of the Vision?"

"Vision was welcomed more openly than I was." she sighed. "They didn't take my leaving to well...they think I betrayed them, twice. First it was during the Civil War, then leaving them for Pym's Avengers. But what was I supposed to do? My step-dad is a cop, and I got an opportunity to work with Avenges..."

Gytha nodded. "I didn't want to do it. I had to make a choice, do I regret it? Yes! Was it the right thing to do at the time? Yes!" Defensive, noted Gytha, this was not the first time she had to defend her actions, she noted.

"Would you like something to drink?" asked Gytha. Cassie shook her head. "Has the dynamic changed? Has it returned to the way it was before?"

"Mostly, everyone eventually learned to let go and forgive me, even Tommy, mostly."

"And what of the Vision? He is your boyfriend, is that right?"

Cassie looked Gytha up and down. Why did she have to bring up the Vision? Did she bring Teddy up in Billy's session? She would have to ask him.

"Yeah, sort of." replied Cassie and watched Gytha write something down on her pad.

"How has your choice of career as a hero affected your home life?"

"It's been really hard," Said Cassie, as she lay peacefully on the perfect replica of her old bed, "My step-dad isn't all that fond of superheroes, so it's been a struggle. He and I were better after I joined the Initiative. But then he got hurt and since then…we aren't the closest."

"What about your mother?"

"I was born with a weak heart. My dad became Ant-Man to rescue the doctor that saved me and she's afraid that this whole thing will hurt me. It's either that, or she's afraid I'll end up like my dad. The way I'm going I'll be grateful if I become the person my dad is now."

"Your father is alive."

"Yeah, the Scarlet Witch brought him back." Replied Cassie, "I get to spend a weekends with him now instead of with my mom."

"That sounds lovely." Said Gytha to the girl, "And it appears our time is up. Thank You for coming and next, please ask Hulkling to step-up."

"Okay. Um…Dr. Ingleson..." began Cassie.


"Right, Gytha, what happens if you find something wrong with us?"

"Well, I will simply have to work with you, in depth to help you with whatever you may be struggling with."

Cassie seemed to brighten up at Gytha's response. She got up from the bed and exited the room, Gytha followed close behind after reprogramming the room to fit Hulkling.

Cassie headed back to the library and found everyone was still there. They all looked at her. "Teddy!" she said and watched him get up nervously.

"Don't worry Teddy. It'll be okay." said Billy giving his boyfriend a soft kiss on the cheek, "Just be honest."

Teddy nodded and walked away.

From the Secret Notes of Dr. Ingleson

Session 1-Stature (Cassie Lang)

The girl displays concern over her father. She is worried, most likely, that he might be taken away from her again. Furthermore there is a lack of a proper relationship with her step-father, possibly due to the man's detest for superheroes and lack of acceptance of her father.

Cassie is struggling with being back on the team due to hostility in part of some of the other team members. Perhaps a group dynamic where they can freely discuss the matter might help both parties to better deal.

There is also a certain level of conflict between her and her boyfriend the Vision as well as this Iron Lad (Kang the Conqueror). She does need someone to talk to, so perhaps less psychologist and more social worker. Just someone for her to vent to.

Alright so...not my best chapter. But it was okay, took me what, six months, but I got it done.