It was a normal day in the Soul Society for Kuchki Byakuya. He did his usual paperwork givin to him everyday by Head Captain Yamamoto. But, a certain red head was bored. And when he was bored, Byakuya had to suffer. Byakuya and Renji didn't have a normal Taichou and Fukutaichou relationship. They where Lovers. They didn't fuck the made love. Thats what Byakuya stated. They didn't have sex everyday, until like Ichigo and Kenpachi, they actually waited

.But today, Renji was bored. And Horny as hell. He walked in his Captains office with a shit eatting grin on his face. Byakuya looked up at him suspicously.

"Hi Kuchki-taichou... I was wondering..."

"No. I know that look Abari-fukutaichou. Wait til later."

He contuined to do his paper work. Renji pouted.

"But, Taichou~. I've been hard all~ day! Please? No one will know! I will look the door!"

Byakuya glared at him. "I said no."

Renji grunted. "Your going to let me have my way whether you like it or not!" His grin returned and he shunpoed over to his Taichou's desk, and sat on his lap.

"Renji what are you-" Renji cut him off with a lustfull kiss.

"Shaddap Byakuya. I told you I'm not taking no for an answer." He contuined to kiss down Byakuya's neck and started to remove his clothing, then they heard a knock on the door.

"Yo, Kuchki! I need to talk to ya." Kenpachi Zaraki.

Great... Running my fun! Renji thought.

Byakuya paniced. "Get under the desk!"

Renji looked at him confused. "What? Why?"

Byakuya glared at him.

"Just do it! You made me hard so just do what you want!" He hissed lowly.

Renji smirked and got under the desk. Kenpachi couldn't wait any longer so he broke down the door.

"Who ya talkin' to Kuchki."

"N-no one... What do you need to talk about?" Byakuya studdered.

Renji started to stroke Byakuya's length through his clothing. Byakuya bit his lip to hold back a moan. Okay, he may look like it, but Kenpachi Zaraki is not stupid. He grinned. "Well, It's about Ichigo and myself."

Byakuya clenched his desk when Renji fianlly uncorvered his cock and start to suck and lick the head.

"W-what about you two? You seem to have a fine relationship..."

"Yeah but it's always about sex. Ya know, rough... Hard... Wet and sticky sex..."

Byakuya hated when people talked about sex! It just turned him on for some reason and he really hated being aroused at random times. "U-um... I don't think I could help you with that... Maybe you could ask Unahona-taichou or Kyroku-taichou about it..."

Byakuya was sweating like hell.

"You okay Kuchki? You seem nervous..."

Renji started to suck faster and Byakuya was on the edge of his Climax. "YES! U-um I mean yes I'm fine... I have paperwork to finish... Maybe we can talk later."

Kenpachi grinned. "Okay, make sure you clean up your cum when your done. Yamamato is doing inspections and I don't think he will like the office smellin' like that." He said turning to the door.

Byakuya finally reached his climax and his head hit the desk panting. He looked down at Renji. "You do reliaze I'm going to fucking kill you later right?"

Renji Chuckled. "Love you too Taichou."

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