Done due to the fact I think there should be more Human!Toothless. I think he'd be pretty. Very, very pretty.
I'm creepy, oh golly how did you get that idea?

Enjoy the shitty cliche storm.
Oh and a warning, there might be some hints of ToothCup; I tried to not let that happen but goddamn their relationship teeters on the bizarre when they're both humans. Thank god they don't talk much holy jeez.

I regret nothing.


Hiccup felt his eyebrows furrow in confusion, staring at the headline on a local political gossip magazine. After a moment of silence, he looked up slowly to the beefy man sitting across from him in an armchair.

"…'Night Fury?'"

"It's the name the city's given the bastard." The ginger man scowled, "But that's not what should be mentioned here. Do you know who the Night Fury is?"

Hiccup stared at his boss, afraid to answer.

"He is a local vigilante. Do you know what that means?" He didn't wait for a reply this time; instead his voice grew louder with each word. "It mean's he is becoming a god damned local super hero; and the people of Berk are eating it up like candy! So do you know what that means? That means that we, and our competitors, Hiccup, will give them stories about him! So this, this is why I have called you in today." The man gasped for breath, face purple.


"I-I don't know, Sir-"

"DON'T GIVE ME THAT." He slapped the paper down in front of the gangly young man with finality, "I hired you because of your writing ability; and I expect you to use it." He pointed at the fuzzy picture of the black silhouette that faced up at them. "You will get me a story on this man in a week. Or it's back to being a file organizer, Hiccup."

For a moment, they stared at one another, before the younger man bowed his head, nodding slightly, "Sure thing… Boss."

"But you don't get it, Astrid! How could he expect something like that from me?" Hiccup tangled his fist into his shaggy red-brown hair, growling slightly down at the table. The girl he was sitting across from rose an eyebrow, bringing her feet up to rest on the tabletop next to him. She nudged his shoulder with the toe of her black high-tops.

"Come on, Man, don't get all freaked out over this. Stoic probably has a real good reason for choosing you." He looked up at the blonde woman as she absently picked at the apron of her uniform for work.

"You think so?" He asked hopelessly. She smirked at him.

"You do look a lot like Lois Lane."

He smacked her feet off the table as she guffawed loudly.

"Oh ya, ha ha, real funny." He scowled as she bent over, still laughing. "God, my misery shouldn't be this entertaining for you!"

"Ooh, but- Haha; it is!" Astrid shook her head with a teasing grin. "You're just an easy target, is all."

He pouted looking away, flicking his pen idly that had been sitting by his notes and a laptop. She rolled her eyes at his childish display. "Fine, how 'bout a coffee? I'll pay for it."

He slowly looked at her, still pouting. She stood with a sigh, before looking at him slightly patronizingly. "It'll help, and you know it."

He sighed, finally sagging back into his chair, "Fine. Thanks Astrid."

A moment later, a styrofoam glass of sugary coffee sat next to him on a napkin as he clicked away on his laptop, brow furrowed in concentration. Every few minutes, he would reach for it and take a sip, never breaking eye contact as he continued on his search on information on the Night Fury- Usually hit places, common types of criminals, or whether or not their was a pattern in the way the Night Fury behaved that could lead Hiccup to finding a way to talk to him- If he could. Really, compared to hunting down a vigilante to get a good story for his boss, being a filer didn't sound so bad.

Heaving a sigh after glancing at the time, he snapped his laptop shut, gathering all of his supplies and stuffing them into his messenger bag. Pulling it onto his shoulder as he grabbed his coffee, he waved at Astrid as he pushed the door to the Starbucks open.

"Careful, Hiccup!" She called after him, and he only smiled with a laugh in return.

The streets of Berk were something Hiccup had come to love, respect, and hate all throughout his 21 years of being one of their faithful citizens. They always seemed to be desolate, and dirty, and had an omnipresent darkness about them that always reminded him of the dorky comic books one of his old high school friends had enjoyed so much. Could never remember his name- Everyone had just called him 'Fishlegs' for no apparent reason.

And his parents had wondered why he had always been picked on in school.

But, even with the cliché atmosphere they gave off, Hiccup still loved to walk around the large metropolis at dusk, when everything seemed to grow past the dank and dirty and into a half light, and the streets seemed to be held at their brightest and most beautiful right as the sun went down. The whole town was set on fire- The sunset's of Berk. Because, he'd be a fool to think he stayed for the good company, or something.

Hiccup suppressed a small chuckle at the thought, before weaving around a corner, and edging into a thin road in between two brick four-storey's. He unconsciously ran over the path to his large apartment complex in his mind, gazing at the shallow puddles on the crumbly tar one-way street.

During this, he absently brought his coffee to his lips; only to freeze, hearing something at the edge of the street. He took a shaky breath, keeping his eyes down and strained at the wet tar; instantly feeling himself kick into an adrenaline rush. His heart beat painfully, already listening intensely for anymore noise- And he didn't have to wait long.

Raucous laughter and whistling soon filled up the street, bouncing off the cavernous brick walls and echoed in his mind, layered over glass being broken and garbled speech; making Hiccup feel his stomach plummet to his feet.

Oh god. Their drunk. I'm going to die. I'm going to die tonight. Ooh god, oh god, oh god. Please let me get out of this alive. Please.

Repeating his prayer several times over in his mind, Hiccup slowly made his way to the mouth of the road, and even though his turn was to the right, he quickly made a bee-line for the left so he didn't have to walk around the drunkards; but faltered slightly in his pace as footsteps seemed to start up behind him, along with a lack of cracking glass and more low chuckles. Hiccup swallowed thickly. I'm going to die tonight.

Just as he started to increase his speed, he felt a hand enclose the entire width of his upper arm, and yanked him back slightly.

"Hey, there." A hoarse male voice ghosted next to his ear, "You in a rush?"

Hiccup didn't even get a chance to think before he reacted.

Letting out an animalistic screech, he tried to rip himself free, only for the other hand of the drunken man to enclose over his mouth with a curse. Hiccup quickly sank his teeth into the man's hand, making the man immediately let go with a yowl of outrage.

"BOBBY, GRAB THE SONNOVA BITCH!" He ordered as the boy fell from his grasp. Hiccup collected himself quickly, before he ripped the cap off his coffee, throwing the scalding liquid out onto the two men. Not looking back, he shot back down the narrow street, ignoring the drunk's angered yammering; only a way to get out of the situation.

Oh god, oh god, oh god- Maybe I should go back to Astrid. She'll give me a ride. Or run out into the street, someone will stop, and help- Or bang on doors, I could stop a pedestrian or- Wait! Call the cops! Call the cops!

Ignoring the fire burning in his lungs, he fought with the pocket of his dark green sweater advertising the Journalism Dept. of his local college, before pulling out his cell. Staggering slightly, he flipped it open and paused with a small hesitance- Only for a moment, to look at the keys- then he hit the '9', and reached with his thumb to the '1'-

Before something grabbed the back of his sweater, pulling him back, and the phone sailed out of his hands.

Hiccup felt himself zero out of the moment as his last hope fell through the chill night air; not reacting to the large hands that turned him around, that pushed him and held his throat as someone held his arms behind him, nor the same hoarse, enraged voice that seemed to rumble like thunder and shake Hiccup to his very foundations as it simply stated, "That was rude." Only the distant clattering of that cell, echoing through his skull and the blood rushing in his ears.

I'm going to die. I'm going to die. I'm going to die! I'm going to get raped and mugged and murdered and I'll DIE because I came to the wrong place at the wrong time like I always do and I'm going to DIE DIE DIE-


The two men froze at the voice, instantly tightening their grip on Hiccup as he nearly collapsed right there in their grasp. He didn't know how, but he found the strength to look at the opening of the street; but what he saw was enough to truly knock the last of his breath out of him.

A man. He didn't look anything wholly special, but he did have a sense of oddness- With the way he dressed and how he was holding himself in a confident and almost bored manner. He wore dark, sturdy jeans, with what looked like combat boots Hiccup was sure he had seen for sale somewhere in Wal-Mart, along with a black T-shirt that had a peeling design on the front. He had a pair of leather gloves on, and a face mask usually worn by doctors covering his mouth.

But that wasn't what had knocked the breath out of him, even though it was a strange assemble; it was his eyes- Those well hidden, mesmerizing eyes behind a thick mane of pitch black hair. Hiccup felt his mouth fall open as he stared, drinking up the golden green gaze; catching his breath sharply when he realized they were looking directly at him. The man shifted his head slightly, as if saying a silent message to him, before shaking the thing in his hand.

Hiccup's cell phone.

"Did one of you drop this?" He asked casually, a look over taking his eyes that held far too much mirth for the attackers liking. The man who was restraining him opened his mouth to retort, but Hiccup cut him off.

"Night Fury." He whispered, eyes wide, shock and fatigue from adrenaline making his body shake- Or maybe that was from knowing he would have a chance to survive? He didn't know. Nor care, he'd come to say in his close future, along with a modest 'I was just being melodramatic.'

The men, though; had heard this silent murmur, and quickly gasped. "Night Fury?" The unnamed man shouted, sweat running down his forehead, "DAMMIT!" Bobby quickly released Hiccup's arms and took off running. The other flung Hiccup forward, right into the notorious vigilante before them; snapping something at Bobby about running without thinking.

The Night Fury quickly caught the falling young man, before they both fell to the ground becoming a tangled mess of limbs. The dark haired boy had cushioned the fall by catching the ground with his elbow, and with his other hand, he shook Hiccup with a hint of urgency.

"Kid? Kid!" He shouted; Hiccup shook his head weakly.

"Not… A kid, dammit…"

"Stay with me here, okay? I need you to go home, right now. I have to-"

"Can't…" Hiccup felt his head dip down, before he quickly clutched the Night Fury's shirt so he didn't fall. "I can't feel my head!" Hiccup gasped with wide eyes.

"Great, you've gone into shock. Perfect." He stated sarcastically back to the yammering boy he was holding.


"Okay, I need to go and get those idiot's so can you just-" The Night Fury froze, glancing down.

Hiccup had fainted.

"God, dammit."

When Hiccup woke up, the sun had already risen over the horizon and his digital clock proudly proclaimed it was 9:28 AM, making him late for work, and extremely confused.

He stared at the clock, cluttered around many notebooks of many sizes and purposes, pens and papers and a lone lamp all brought together on the desk across from his bed… Which he was actually tucked into, he noticed idly, without shoes; but still wearing his jeans and college sweater. Also, his bag was unceremoniously thrown on the chair next to his desk, while he usually put it in the living room…

But that wasn't the only thing. How exactly did he get home in the first place? Hiccup shook his head, shying away from the thought without thinking much about it; as if it deeply embarrassed him and his subconscious was kind enough to leave it alone for the moment. Instead, he turned his attention back to the room in which he found himself.

His earthy green eyes narrowed in confusion as he pushed himself up with his elbows, glancing around the room, taking in little differences and growing more and more freaked out by the minute. Then, as if to sum up the whole ordeal, he noticed the window, where he actually felt his mouth fall open. The curtains were open, a dead giveaway that something was up, but even more strange was a lone piece of paper stuck in the latch that flickered slightly with the passage of air with the morning breeze.

Quickly throwing back his comforters, Hiccup stumbled to the window, pulling out the paper; before his eyes widened at the scrawl written there:

'Be seeing you, Hiccup. Hopefully you don't faint next time.

-The 'Night Fury' (Um. What?)

Also. You. What kind of name is that anyway? Are you Irish or something? Whatever.'

Hiccup open and closed his mouth in shock, blinking rapidly.

"W-W-Wha…What the hell?" He finally shouted, gripping the paper. Shoving it into his pocket, he quickly opened his window, straining his neck to look around the city; even though he knew it foolish to think the boy may still be there. Finally stopping, he looked out to the sunrise, still sticking his head out the window and his hands on the sill. His face slowly melted into one of astonishment as he shakily pulled the paper out once more, glancing over it a second time in wonder.

"'Be seeing you'…?" He whispered to himself, numbly considering the fact he may just be able to get that story after all. He glanced back up at the sky, a small smile appearing against his better judgment. "I hope so, Night Fury."

Somewhere, in the deep workings of Berk, infront of a small flower shop, a dark haired boy with yellow eyes was smiling, too; before he chuckled, walking back inside to go to work.

Yes, Hiccup uses a PC.
Yes, Astrid works at Starbucks.
Yes, Toothless would so totally work at a flowershop.
Yes, Hiccup gets a bit girly when he's scared.

And he only fainted because of that scene in the movie so please put down your guns you're freaking me out.