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Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

Blow Me (One Last Kiss) by Pink

A scream escapes my mouth as I rip the note up. I lie on the ground and cry for at least an hour. Maybe Jon and Jace are just kiddingand trying to see how crazy I could go. I take out my cell phone and call Jace only nobody answers. I then call Jon.

Nobody picks up and I know that I can't be in denial anymore.

Sebastian took Jace, Hunter, and my brother.

If it wasn't for me telling Jon to babysit Jon would probably be safe and here.

I hear a knock at my door and I hesitate to open thinking that it might be Sebastian.

I open the door and find my mom on the other side. I lose it again and I hug her.

"Clary? What's wrong? Where's Jace and Hunter?" she asks me as she hugs me back.

"Sebastian took them and Jon mom! Jace told me that he had a surprise for me but he never came back! I came back home and there was a note that said that he's enjoying their company and wants me to join them," I cry.

"Clary we need to call the police ok?" my mom says and takes out her phone. "Yes we need the police. There has been a kidnapping."

The police get here a couple of minutes later and they ask me to describe everything that happened and describe everybody.

"It was prom night and I asked my brother to babysit my son and he did. My Boyfriend said he had a surprise for me but he never came back. I thought he ditched me so my friend Isabelle drove me home and no one was home. At first I thought it was a joke but then I searched the house and there was a note on my son's favorite bear," I tell them trying not to break down again.

"Do you still have the note?" the police ask me.

I shake my head and tell them, "I ripped it up. Although it's probably still in Hunter's room in pieces."

"That's fine. We might be able to put the pieces back together," the police tell me and goes to Hunter's room.

Another police comes to me and asks me to describe everybody.

"Jace is my age, seventeen, and he has really curly golden hair. His eyes are also kind of gold and he's also tan. He is around 6'2 and has a star shaped birthmark on his shoulder. Jon is 18 and he has really light blond hair, almost white. He has really dark brown eyes and he's about the same height as Jace," I tell her.

"And your son, Hunter?" she asks.

I try not to cry as I answer her, "He's a small baby since he was born early. He's only five months and he has really bright green eye with adorable little blond curls. He also has the same birthmark on his shoulder like Jace."

"Do you have any recent photos of everybody?" she asks.

"My mom took some photos right before we left for prom," I tell her and she tells another officer to ask my mom for them.

"Now this Sebastian could you describe him for us?" she asks.

"He has really black hair and dark eyes. he's about 6'4 and he's kind of pale too," I tell her.

"Is there anyone who could have helped him in some way?" she asks me.

"His cousin Aline Penhallow," I say immediately.

"How could this Aline help him and why would she?" she asks.

"Last time he kidnapped me he used her and another woman because he was blackmailing them. Also Aline doesn't really like me because I told everyone she was a lesbian and I guess she's always liked Jace," I say.

"Could you describe her?" she says.

"She's kind of Asian and she has brown eyes and black hair. She's a little short and she's dating a girl named Helen Blackthorn," I tell her and she nods.

"Thank you Clary for telling us what you know," she says and then goes to the other officers.

After thirty minutes of trying to put the note together and looking at the descriptions they come over to me.

"Well we have looked over the evidence and identifications but this might take a little longer," an officer tells me.

"How long?" I asked worried.

"We don't know. Maybe a couple of weeks-," they say but I cut them off.

"A couple of weeks? My son is in danger! He's only a baby you need to try harder!" I scream at them.

"I'm sorry miss but you have to let these things take their time. I know that there is a baby involved and we will work hard but right now we need to find out more," they say and then leave.

Jace's POV

"So this is how it felt like when Clary was kidnapped," I say as I look around at the abandoned house.

"Jace, it's not time to make jokes," Jon tells me.

"I'm not making jokes I am just stating a fact. Look I just want to get out of here, find my son, and go back to Clary," I tell him.

"You're not getting away that easily," Sebastian says as he comes in with Hunter in his arms.

Hunter smiles and holds out his arms to me when he sees me but Sebastian holds him back.

"You really should let me see him if you know what's good for him," I tell him.

"I'm not going to let my son be around you," he sneers back.

"Your son? Excuse me but I don't you shoving your penis in her and creating him," I tell him and I see Jon cringe.

"Please don't talk about what you've done to my sister," he tells me.

"Oh come on you know what I've done to her," I say.

"You may have fathered him but you aren't going to raise him," Sebastian tells me.

"Over my dead body Verlac," I say.

"I'm planning it trust me," he says. "Although I just need you a twinkle brother over here to lure her in."

"Hey!" Jon says but we ignore him.

"What do you plan to do huh?" I ask.

"Well I know she won't let anything happen to you or her brother and especially her son so I'll make her a deal she can't refuse," he tells me and goes to leave.

Hunter starts crying as he leaves and reaches his arms out to me.

I let out a sigh as they leave.

"Do you think Clary will show up?" Jon asks me.

"Of course she will; it's you, me, and our son. I doubt the apocalypse could stop her from coming," I tell him.

"That's what I'm worried about," Jon tells me.

Clary's POV

It's been at least a week since I've seen Jace, Jon, and Hunter. Everyone at school is sympathetic to me but their sympathy doesn't bring them back. Aline also hasn't been seen since prom night and neither has Helen.

For the past week I've been staying at my mom's house because it's too painful to go into my house without picturing them there.

"Clary!" my mom says excitedly when I go through the door.

"Hey mom, hey Luke" I say and then look up to see police officers.

"Clary, they have some news," Luke tells me.

Hope starts building up in my chest and I can't even speak.

"We think we may have found your brother, Jace, and your son," one of them tells me.

I hug my mom and Luke tightly and smile at the police officers.

"We found Aline's girlfriend Helen and we made her talk. She says that they might be in a small town in Pennsylvania, and that Aline is with them. They've been talking on the phone and we tracked Aline's number to the location. We'll be heading there right away, but we want you to come with us," they say and I nod.

"Can my mom and dad come with us?" I ask them and see Luke's surprised face. I haven't called him dad ever since he found out I was pregnant.

"Yes they can come to," the police officer agrees.

We go into their car and then we start driving.

It takes us three hours to get to the place where they think they might be.

"Officer Emily?" I ask the officer that we're driving with.

"Yes Clary?" she says.

"I think it's best if you let me go in first and you park far away so they don't try to escape. I mean I know Sebastian only wants me and I can probably lead him to you and the other officers," I tell her.

"Okay Clary, but be sure to be careful," she tells me and hands me a keychain with a button. If you need any help or if you're in danger just press that button and we'll come okay?"

I nod and put it in my pocket.

We stop the car and I get off.

"Be careful Clary," my mom tells me.

"Make sure you kick his ass Clary," Luke tells me.

"I promise I will dad," I say and start walking.

It's been about ten minutes until I finally see a house that kind of looks like a log cabin.

I knock on the door and when it opens I see Sebastian smiling at me. "So you've finally decided to show up," he tells me and pulls me into the house.

"Okay Sebastian where are they?" I ask him.

All of a sudden I hear a cry come from upstairs.

"Hunter!" I cry and go upstairs to find Hunter crying from a crib.

He smiles and stops crying and holds out his arms for me. I pick him up and cover him in kisses.

"Mama's missed you Bubba," I say a little chocked up.

He clings onto my neck and then he lets out a scared cry.

I turn around and see Sebastian smiling at us.

"See Clary; we could be a family. You, me, and him," he tells me.

"He already has a family. Me, and Jace are his family. Including everybody else. Now where are Jace and my brother?" I demand him.

He walks out and I follow him into a room.

"Clare-Bear!" Jon says when he sees me.

"Jon!" I exclaim.

I go down to my knees and hug him carefully, since Hunter is still in my arms. Hunter puts both his hands on the side of his face and smiles at Jon.

"Just saying Clare-Bear, you owe me more than ten dollars an hour," Jon tells me and I laugh.

Then Sebastian comes over and takes Hunter from me. I glare at him but he just nods his head to the other side of the room.

I hear a cough behind me and I turn around to find Jace.

"I love seeing this reunion between you and your brother but I haven't kissed you in a week and these lips need to be kissed," Jace tells me.

I go over to him and kiss him hard.

Suddenly someone rips me apart from Jace and I see it's Sebastian.

"I've reunited you with them now give me a good time," Sebastian tells me.

"Like hell she'll ever touch you," Jace snarls at her.

Sebastian seems fed up by Jace and I just smirk at him.

"Aline, Jenny come in here," he calls out and Aline appears with another girl next to her.

Aline goes to Jon and holds a gun to him and Jenny does the same thing with Jace.

"You know what Herondale. For the past week you've been a pain in the ass but now that Clary's here, I don't need you anymore," Sebastian tells Jace.

My heart beat speeds up and I go for the button in my pocket, but then Sebastian takes my hand and throws the keychain away. "I don't think we need that do we Clary? Unless you want to see your brother have a hole in his head, or maybe you would enjoy it if a bullet went into Hunter's head," Sebastian says and brings out a gun from his pocket and holds it to Hunter's head.

All the air escapes from me when I see him point it at my son.

"Sebastian, please put the gun down," I beg him.

"I'll put all the guns down and release your brother, and smart ass over there in one condition," Sebastian says.

"What is it? I promise I'll do whatever it is," I tell him.

"Stay with me. You and Hunter will stay with me and we will be a family," he tells me.

"Clary!" Jace yells.

"Shut it Blondie," Jenny demands and pushes the gun into his head.

"Jace, you and I both agreed to do what was best for Hunter, and this is the only way," I tell him and then I see tears form in his eyes.

I turn to Sebastian and tell him, "Okay, I'll stay with you."

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