AN: Here it is! The first chapter of Saving Their Lives and The In Between, the sequel to This Never Happened Before. And the idea for Paul and Dahlia's honeymoon came from quarrygirl, so thank you! oh and quarrygirl, I would have gone into more detail about their honeymoon but I completely spaced about asking you and forgot, so sorry.



Dahlia's POV

We were getting worried. And by "we", I mean Paul, John, George, Ringo, and me. Paul and I had been married for a year now and for our honeymoon we went to Disneyworld. Paul had been like a little kid in that place, but it worked because I was too. Things were going great for us. Oh, yeah, we had our little marital and domestic squabbles, but nothing we couldn't overcome. That is the downside of passion and we are an especially passionate couple, if you get my drift. John and Cynthia weren't going so good and Paul and the others were predicting a divorce. Paul and I felt sorry for Julian though. John hadn't been there for his first word, his first step, first day of school, or anything really. John didn't know Julian at all. It was sad, to be quite honest. John had met another woman, though, and he really loved her. Of course, this woman was none other than Yoko Ono. He had met her about a year previously and said that he was falling in love with her. But that is not why we were worried.

No, the center of our concern was our very own Brian Epstein. Now, all the boys were into drugs, but Brian was getting more and more depressed and hard to work with because of the drugs he was taking. I mean, he was popping way too many pills and he was smoking pot and he was getting impossible to reason with. Just the other day, one of his assistants quit his job and left. I was still Brian's assistant manager, which didn't mean anything really, other than keeping the boys under control when they got out of hand. I turned down most offers of drugs and Paul and the others accepted my decision. George was still not smoking anything but he did pop pills occasionally. Ringo was more into alcohol than anything but he wasn't so bad…yet. That's why I expressly told him not to overdo it. He laughed and assured me that he wouldn't ever become a serious alcoholic but I said to him, "I'm serious, Ringo, if you start to become an alcoholic in any sense of the word, I will kick your ass all the way to rehab." He stopped laughing and nodded, knowing that I was deadly serious and could and would carry out with my threat.

Paul was not so bad but he did smoke some pot, knowing that it wouldn't help him later on in life and he was cutting back after I told him that he could die from cancer because of smoking. Maybe that was a little mean, but I was only protecting him. John, on the other hand, was the worst out of the boys. He would pop pills at almost every turn, ensuring that the second he started coming down from his high, he would race right back up. Beyond that, when he wasn't high, he was difficult enough to deal with but when he was high, he was impossible. Not only that, he was violent. A drunken John was somebody you did NOT want to piss off. He actually did come after me once, but he only tackled me before Paul, George, and Ringo pulled him off. Paul looked ready to murder him but I assured him I was okay, only a little shaken. Though I wasn't angry with John, knowing that he wasn't really himself, I did enjoy the profuse apologizing and begging for forgiveness that came from John the next day. It got ridiculous because I wasn't paying him much mind and John thought I was giving him the silent treatment that I almost yelled at him to piss off, but I stopped myself, knowing that it would do no good. By around noon that day, I had had enough of John and finally said, "JOHN! Just stop! It's alright. You were drunk, you weren't yourself and I'm not hurt. I was a little shocked but I wasn't hurt." I swear John must have cackled with relief and hugged me so tight that I thought he would crush my ribs.

"John…can't…breathe," I managed to choke out and he released me at once saying, "Sorry." Other than pot and pills, he was doing acid. They all were but that was only once in a great while, and even then they really only did it when they were having trouble writing. John on acid was quite funny, I have to admit. I must confess that I did do acid a couple times, but I didn't really enjoy it. One of those times, we all were tripping out and seeing different things but John suddenly started laughing like crazy and fell over. He popped back up and said all in one breath, "I'm hungry. Do we have any biscuits? Can we make biscuits? Why are you guys looking at me like that? Why do you hate me?" His voice had gotten rather high-pitched at the end and then he said, very panicky, "There are mosquitoes in my brain!" He then fell over once again and we all started bursting out laughing. I was still seeing multicolor flowers and other weird crap but once we came down, we went over to John who was just getting up and we were all smiling at him.

"Mosquitoes, John?" Paul asked him, barely containing his laughter. I looked at him and snorted but I started cracking up when John answered him.

"What in the bloody hell are you going on about Macca?"

That was all fun and games but we all knew that something had to be done about Brian. We all knew that his addictions could very well and would kill him.