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They say every fairy tale has a happily ever after. You know, where a princess falls madly in love with the prince, they move in together and everything is just peachy? People also say that your life is what you make of it; you chose how you want to live your life. Well, whoever came up with that is fucking retarded.

My arm whipped around, connecting against the face of a vampire. The blow hurt as I felt my knuckles crash into his jaw. He came at me then, more pissed off than ever, throwing his body against mine and spearing me to the hard concrete below me. I gasped in pain as I tried to get the better of him, flipping us over so I straddled his waist. Pulling a stake from my back pocket, I ran it through his chest and into his heart. I watched as his blood flew from his mouth and his eyes go dull before I pulled myself off of him.

I looked down at the blood staining my white top and I groaned in the middle of New York City, in a dark alley where no one else could possibly see what the hell was going on.

As I was saying, whoever came up with all those stupid insensitive lines are clearly off their rocker. Do you see my prince coming to save me? Hell fucking no! Also, if my life was what I make of it, and how I chose to live it, do you really believe I would be in the middle of New York City, staring down at a pile of vampire goo?

I am a half fairy with a very fucked up life, I am an assassin, one that a certain Prince Fairy sends on missions. Clearly, I didn't choose my life because I was never given the chance. I had to do what he wanted me to do. Well, I shouldn't be so harsh, I guess I could have said no when he asked this of me. You are probably wondering just what the hell I am talking about? Yeah, I thought as much.

It happened quite some time ago, so long that I couldn't remember the date that it happened, but I remember everything else so vividly. Let me start from the beginning.

My mother was a fairy. She married a banker, an average human, that she fell in love with. Madly in love they were, so much in love that they created me. They didn't think of the consequences, because they simply were happy they had a beautiful baby girl.

I lived a normal life, on a small farm in the valleys of the 'State of Independence', or for the people who don't understand slogans, Pennsylvania. Only if I could tell you how much 'Independence' there really was.

Fairies weren't supposed to mingle with humans, let alone fall in love with them and create a spawn child that half of the fae don't believe should exist. Some might have been able to look over the fact that a fairy had married a human man, if it was anyone other than my mother. No, my mother was a princess. From her heritage I became an outcast, though I knew all the secrets, my parents kept me hidden. Independence isn't really the word I would go for here, I was alone. I had no friends, I couldn't leave the area around my house, and I was forbidden to talk to strangers. It was as if I never existed and that is what hurt me the most.

Though my parents loved me dearly, gave me whatever they could to please me. I just wish they knew that all the dolls, clothes, and toys in the world wasn't what I wanted. I wanted a friend, simple enough right?

I obeyed my family for ten years, ten whole years I lived without a friend. That was until a girl, Sadie came to me. I knew what she was, but I wanted a friend and I didn't care that she was a vampire. I snuck out on nights, to play with her, play dolls and every other thing girls did at my age.

Little did I know that she was on a side of a fairy and vampire war. It wasn't uncommon for some fairies and vampires to mix; join forces. If I knew what I did then, then I wouldn't have talked to her, Sadie. It was my entire fault.

Sadie, or I call her now, little vampire bitch; was sided with fairies that hated my mother. Such a cunning and manipulated girl that Sadie was, though she had the face of a child. She ratted my family out, gave them the information that the fairies wanted for so long.

They came after my family, murdered my mother and my father right in front of me. I still remember their faces, contorted with pain as two fairies tortured them with an inch of their life. My mother's face still haunts me and her words eat me alive. She wasn't angry at me; her face showed that she was scared for me, for what she knew they would do to her daughter. "Don't be afraid, I love you." Her words still echo through my mind, to the point it nearly breaks my sanity.

I would have been fine if she showed me that she was angry, she had every reason to be, but I couldn't take seeing the love in her eyes and her terror because it was my fault. I went back on every promise I gave her because all I ever wanted was a friend. Simple yet so complicated.

I watched as the two shove a sword through my mother's chest and I watched as her eyes dull before closing, one single tear slipping from her eye as she left the world, had left me. All because I wanted a fucking friend.

The fairies weren't done; they still had me to kill. They already broke me, by making me watch my parents be murdered. All I wanted was to die; I didn't deserve to live after what happened.

The fairies came at me. The male gripped my legs as the female leaned over my body, and snapped her sharp silver-tipped teeth in my face. I remember seeing a sword lifted over my head and I hoped that they ended my life quickly. I shut my eyes tightly waiting for something to happen, anything to happen, but no pain ever came. There was a banging sound over my head and I looked up in time to see a man.

Like all those fairy tale stories my mother read to me at night seemed to come true in that moment. The man stood tall, brave, his long flowing blond hair cascade behind him and his beautiful blue eyes were so intent on the fairy he was holding by the neck. A growl came from the back of his throat, so deep, so handsome that it left me shivering.

The fairy he was holding simply disappeared from his grasp. I heard him speak in another language softly before turning around to look over at me. I was left stunned. The most beautiful man I have ever seen walked over to me slowly, taking in my shaking form before stopping a few feet in front of me. He must have heard my silent gasp. He wasn't a man, he was vampire. His fangs glistened in the night sky and his eyes held mine wearily. I didn't want to look away, but I had to.

Another vampire came to me, seeming more at ease than his companion. He settled down in front of me before smiling ever so slightly, it was a smile I couldn't return, not after everything that happened to me then.

"What is your name?" He whispered to me, eyeing my face.

I felt something pull in the back of my mind, but I had no idea what it was at the time. Being so young, so sheltered, I didn't know what he was doing. He was trying to glamour me and I never knew it, but…it didn't work. I answered him though; I remember we had a conversation.

"S-Sofia Preston, sir." I remember how I was so scared, my voice trembled.

"Well, Sofia, we must take you to someone." He smiled slightly, placing his hand softly against my arm.

"T-Take me?"

"Someone wants to help you." He answered.

"Who are you?" I remember asking.

His smile seemed warmer as I calmed down. "My name is Godric, child."

That was a name I never would forget. For three days we traveled, getting as far away from my hometown as he told me. There were more fairies, ones that knew I survived. Godric told me they wanted to get me.

I didn't know who this mysterious person was that I was going to be taken to, but at the time it didn't seem to bother me. I was relaxed in the presence of these two companions. Weird isn't it? That a half fairy would find comfort with two vampires?

On the second night, my knight, as I have called him talked to me. We just woken from sleep, in a very dark underground room. As we began to travel, Godric handed me off to my knight. His arms seemed more hesitant than Godric's and I knew that he didn't want to be holding me. I hid that thought away because I was simply happy that my prince, my knight, was finally looking at me. I wanted to thank him, I remembered.

"What is your name?" I remember pressing him for at least a thousand times, every time he would look at me and then roll his eyes, turning away from me and going about his business. I didn't think he would answer me, so I turned my head away from him as he began to fly higher from the ground. I remember his cool arms around my waist and I remember looking down at the sea of trees as we flew further away from my home.

Then in the darkness of the night, he whispered to me. "Eric," He said. "My name is Eric."

I couldn't suppress the smile that crossed my lips, because for the first time I heard his voice in a language I could actually understand. It was beautiful, a deep soothing yet rough octave. I thought I understood then why the princesses fell in love with the prince at the end of the story. At that age, I thought I was in love with a vampire, just because he spoke to me, telling me his name, and just because he saved my life.

Love is not something that just happens like I thought it did. Love is supposed to be magical, you're supposed to feel and give your heart and soul into everything, if you believed in it. Just because I was saved by a vampire doesn't mean that I was in love with him. I thought he would come back for me. Sweep me off my feet and marry me and love me forever. To put it mildly, I was a fool.

After they left me with a fairy, which I have come to call my grandfather, I never saw my knight again. Never to be seen or heard from.

"Don't forget me!" I told Eric. Smiling and waving as they lifted off from the ground. Eric turned to give me just a small smile; a smile that I took to my heart and buried it deep inside. It was a smile I knew he didn't show very often, maybe he found me amusing? I couldn't tell you, but his smile does play over in my head when I dream.

So here I stand, in the middle of New York City, covered in blood, and thinking over how pathetic my life really was. For one-I was the reason my family was brutally murdered, two-I am an assassin for my grandfather because there was simply no other way I could think of to repay him for taking me in, and three-I thought I was in love with a vampire named Eric, at the age of ten. Pathetic right?

I gripped my coat around my chest tighter before twirling on the spot and disappearing in thin air.