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Eric's POV:

"She cannot die!" I yelled, looking around.

Niall stood next to me, holding Sookie as she wept in his chest. Bill's hand was on her back. I didn't look long before my eyes drew back to the girl that held my heart in her hands. It was always meant for her, and I couldn't allow her to die this way.

I was frantic, trying to stop the bleeding, but it was to no use. She had bled far too heavily and quickly for me to do anything. She was a fairy, and Sofia said that fairies could not be turned. All I could do was watch her die in my arms.

"Stop crying, child." A wispy voice entered my ears, and I peered up in time to see an old woman standing before me. She was a vampire, but she was different in some way. "All you have to do is bite her, and she will survive."

"Fairies…cannot be turned!" I snarled. She was trying to make me feel hope that was lost to begin with.

"You are correct, in most cases." The woman smiled, bending down next to me. I had the urge to hide Sofia from her view, everyone's view. "But Sofia is different, Eric. She has the Essential Spark within her. She believed that her destiny was to die for Sookie," With that Sookie cried harder, wailing. She did not know that. "But in fact, her destiny was so much greater. She is special, Sofia is very special and therefore, the change will happen, as long as you want it to. Tell me, Eric Northman, do you want to lose the woman you love?"

"No," I whispered, turning my attention back to the still girl in my hands. "It…it will work?"

"Try it and see." The woman whispered. "She has the Spark, but if you do not believe me, then what do you have to lose? You bite her, and it doesn't work then she is dead. You don't bite her, and she is still dead. But make your choice quickly, for her heart is about to beat its last."

I put my faith in a vampire woman that I knew nothing about. I put my faith into fully believing that Sofia had the Essential Spark the woman spoke of. And I put my love into the bite, willing it to work because I could not lose her.

I drained her quickly, since she did not have much blood within her any longer, and replaced what was lost with my own blood. Everyone watched in silence, not daring to speak. Once I was finished, I bowed my head and for the first time in a long time, I prayed to a higher being—prayed that Sofia would live with me….forever.

Sofia's POV:

Everything was warm. It embraced me like a blanket, total security as I felt peace for one of the first times in my long life. I was nothing and yet, I was everything. I was leaves blowing in the trees, the air as it wisped around the area, I was the grass that shook in the air, I was everything at once and yet, it felt like it wasn't enough.

"Mommy!" A girl's voice was heard, higher in pitch.

"Sofia, get down from that tree! You're going to fall!"

My mother's voice came to me and my heart warmed even more. I listened to her voice, something I missed desperately every day of my entire life after she had been killed and died. I was no longer the trees, air, or grass, but I was now myself, standing on the land I had once called my home in Pennsylvania.

I looked at the farm house, but it wasn't falling apart as it was when I went there just a little while ago. It was as I remembered, beautiful with flowers in baskets handing on the porch, blowing in the air. I took a step toward it, sighing sadly in a way, but it was also out of sheer curiosity as to why I would even be here again.

"Mommy, I'm a fairy! Look at me!" The girl giggled and I looked over to see that it was me when I was younger.

"Yes," My mother laughed with mirth, her eyes gleaming. "I can see that you are. Now come over here so we can take some more pictures, my little fairy."

I remembered this day from my past, the day we took the family photos and the ones I had stolen from her, but when it was really just a gift she had given me for my birthday one year. My mother was in her sundress, looking up at the sky as the sunrays shined down from the heavens. My mother was a sky Fae, her father was as well, but he had chosen to go with the water Fae many years after my mother was born. Sky Fae loved the sun and my mother did as she smiled, patting my little back as I clung to her hip.

I looked up, noticing my dad now. He smiled as he positioned the camera and snapped a photo of me and her together, the one I had in the photo album. He laughed as my mother turned around; blowing him a kiss with her hand and that was when I began to cry. Just a few weeks later, they would be dead because of my reckless need for a friend, one that turned out to be a vampire that was with the Fae.

They snapped one more photo together, the last one I had of all of us before the little girl jumped up the stairs and ran inside the house, with a promise to bring out juice. My father went along inside with her. I didn't want to be here anymore and if this was God's way of getting one last sick kick out of my pain, then I would be highly pissed and he would hear about it.

I turned on my heel, trying to find a way out of my own nightmare, but I heard a voice as it carried in the wind.

"I knew you would come." My mother's voice froze me to the spot.

My eyes widened as I slowly turned around and looked at her with fresh tears clouding my vision. My mouth opened on its own accord, but no words were form at first. I had to clear the lump out of my throat.

"M-Momma, you…can see me?" I whispered as she looked directly at me.

"Of course I can see you, my little fairy." She used her nickname for me and I smiled. "I knew I would see you, because this has happened before, in a premonition that I had."

"Premonition…?" I asked, stepping slightly closer to her.

"Yes, I know of your destiny and what you had to do to save Niall's great-granddaughter." She looked at me, her dress flowing gently in the wind. Her blond hair swept across her neck lightly. "I am so very proud of you, Sofia and what you have become."

"M-Momma…" I whispered once more in desperation.

It was like she knew what I needed, but she always had that about her. Whenever I needed her, she was always there. Without thinking about it, I ran full speed to her, throwing my arms around her neck and pulling her closer. Sobs came out of nowhere from me as I clung tightly to my mother's hold. I pulled her tighter because I couldn't believe I was actually hugging her again, after all these years.

"Momma, I'm so sorry." I said without thinking of the consequences of my actions. I didn't know if she would understand my words, what I truly meant by them. I was sorry for getting her and my father killed.

Her grasp only tightened. "I know you are, but you shouldn't be. Guilt is what led you to not be able to make friends after your father and I were gone. You held onto the pain that it caused you for a long time, didn't you? I've seen what will happen, Sofia and I am not afraid. Do not feel bad, it is my destiny, it is your fathers destiny."

"I can't help it. If I just…listened to what you have always told me, that little girl…me, I wouldn't have had to live without you."

"You did just fine, I think. You grew up and it led you to your new friends, ones that you could trust with everything inside of you. Do not feel sadness for it, do not regret anything. I've taught you not to regret and that is the only thing I am sad about, that you seemed to forget my teachings."

"I didn't momma, I promise."

"You are such a good girl, my little fairy." Her hands rubbed the back of my head, her fingers combing through my hair. "You did what you needed to do and now it is time for us to say good-bye."

"I-I don't want to!" I cried, holding onto her tighter.

"But you must, dear."

"I'll see you, right? Wherever I'm headed?" I felt hope with that.

"No." She whispered against my ear and I froze. "You will not see us, because now isn't your time."

"But…I…died." I told her. "An arrow…"

"Your friends will save you. Eric will save you, Sofia. Your destiny was to give your life for her. Darkness sees the light, but light will fall into darkness."

"You've told me that in a dream." I said, backing up to see her eyes. "I don't know what it means."

"It means that you had more of a path than you thought." She said simply. "You are light, but will fall into darkness, becoming something new. You gave your life, but it isn't over. You are given new life, Sofia, do you understand?"

"I will…be a vampire?" I questioned, feeling nothing but…happiness. I didn't understand. "It can't be…it was just a story I read…Essential Spark…"

"And that means everything." She smiled, cutting me off. "You have the Essential Spark, my fairy. You are to be one of the greatest. That is the rest of your destiny and I cannot be happier."

"Aren't you upset that…I was with a vampire?"

She laughed, hugging me close again. "I'm not like my father and you know that, dear. I just want you to find love, no matter who it is with because that doesn't matter in the end. This Eric loves you, more than he could ever say and he will save you."

"Momma," I felt something in my chest, my heart thundered, like it did when I died.

"Don't be afraid, my little fairy." She whispered. "Sofia, your father and I love you so very much. Don't ever forget that."

"I won't momma," I promised. "I love you more."

"And I love you most." She whispered, kissing my forehead as she backed away. "Fly freely, my little fairy and become what you were always supposed to be."

My heart pulsed again and I reached up, feeling heat start to grow there. It enveloped my entire body in such warmth like before. I closed my eyes, smiling to myself as I remembered this moment with my mother, remembered that I had friends…that I had someone that loved me enough to save me and now, I had more time to bask in that happiness with them.

"Bye momma, tell daddy…I love him too." I whispered as I faded once more, except this time I was taking on my real destiny, what it always had been.


My eyes opened, but it was pitch black. I tried to breathe, but it felt weird within my chest. I also had something fall into my mouth, which tasted so much like dirt. I knew I was underground after a moment or two, and after that…I began digging.

I breached the surface, sputtering and trying to get the dirt from my eyes. Crawling, I laid down on my stomach on the solid ground, out of the hole I came from. I blinked, seeing the night sky and stars above me where I laid. I let out a wispy sigh, closing my eyes to feel and hear all around me.

Crickets were singing, the wind blew the leaves in the trees, and the chilly air felt different on my skin, but it was nice. I was alive, but that came with a price. A price I already knew what it was—I was a vampire now.

"You didn't think I would allow you to leave me that easily, did you?" I knew that voice well, and my heart swelled within my chest—not that it beat of course, but I still felt emotion as I did before.

"Eric…" I sighed, sitting up and opening my eyes.

There, standing before me was Eric. He knelt beside me and put his hand to my cheek. His thumb rubbed my nose, and I felt the dirt that was there slowly peel away. I smiled, grabbing his hand and holding it in my own. Before anything could happen, his lips were on mine and I fully put myself into the action as well.

"I love you." He whispered, grabbing the back of my neck and pointing my gaze to his eyes. "Never, ever…scare me like you did again."

I smirked. "Sorry. I must be such a bother at times."

He smirked as well. "Still the same, with that snarky attitude of yours."

"Of course. Just because you turned me, doesn't mean that I lose who I was." I kissed him carefully. "Thank you."

"Thank you?" He asked.

"For loving me, for…saving me when I thought I was a goner."

"You do not have to thank me, love. But we need to get going right now. We can talk later." He spoke. "You need to feed, first and foremost. Then you need to see Sookie."

"Am—Is it safe to be around her, this early?"

"I wouldn't worry about that. You are a different kind of vampire. I don't think bloodlust will be a problem for you."

I smiled, grabbing his hand. He lifted me to my feet and put his arm around my shoulders. I leaned into him more. He felt warm to my touch now, because we were the same temperature. It was different, but I was sure I could get used to it.

There were so many things going on inside my mind, and the biggest one was how to actually be a vampire. I was sure I would find out, since—well, I did have forever to learn.