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XXXX – Scene change

"The Warning of Confrontation"

Held up to the sun and sky, the One-star ball shined brightly as a shine gleamed on its smooth spherical surface. Jiraiya lowered his hand holding the ball loosely as he tossed it up and down. He sighed, having a difficult time believing that such a small thing would cause such commotion. "Hard to believe such a ball could cause this entire ruckus…" he frowned disappointedly, "and here I was going to do some research before leaving the Village…"

"Master Jiraiya..."

"Hm?" Jiraiya looked to his right to see Sakura staring at the ball in his hand.

Sakura stared at the ball keenly, her eyes moving slightly, twitching. Sakura had been told next to nothing about this mission and now, hours into their travels she still wasn't told a thing. But for some reason it didn't matter at that moment. Sakura was fixated on the ball in Jiraiya's hand, lost in her own thoughts about the strange ball. After a brief moment she looked the other way, staring down. "That ball…could it be that it's that ball we were going to go look for?" Sakura thought back to their first mission, or rather, the side mission that they were assigned; before they had run into those shinobis that caused them to abandon the mission.

Jiraiya looked at the young girl, noticing her eyes lost in her own thoughts. He waved his free hand in front of her face. "Hey…"

Sakura blinked wildly, looking up at Jiraiya. She looked away, noticing the other three stopping staring at her like there was something on her face. She immediately felt uncomfortable, and embarrassed seeing the four males staring at her. Sakura grew flustered and pouted her face before yelling, "What are you all looking at?!"

Naruto trembled at the sound of Sakura's words, shaking in fear from the familiar yell that he knew all too well. He stuck a finger in his ear trying to ring out the annoying numbing sensation. Once feeling returned to the blonde's ear, he held up a threatening fist, yelling back. "Damn it Sakura, do you got to be so loud? Geez, you asked the question!"

Hearing Naruto's words, Sakura blew a gasket. Noticing the situation, Jiraiya got between the two trying to calm them down. "Now you two come on, this is no time to bicker." Jiraiya's words fell on deaf ears as the two redirected their anger toward the old sage. Jiraiya sighed heavily. He didn't want this, really. He could have been halfway to some village or town by now doing more research, instead of watching four kids. Despite the severity of the situation, the writer and pervert inside him desired to continue on his adventures, finding the perfect sets and shapes to inspire him to continue writing. The more Jiraiya thought about the shortcomings that happened to him, the constant bickering of the two kids, and the least likelihood of being able to do some 'good' research put him over edge. "You two, calm down!" he sternly yelled.

Both Naruto and Sakura shut their mouths. The two looked at Jiraiya like a father who had just yelled at his kids for the first time. Naruto stood there, baffled and scared of Jiraiya for what felt like the first time. He knew the pervy sage was stern at times but he had never really been yelled at like this. Naruto and Sakura were not the only two to notice Jiraiya's rise in anger. Gohan and Sasuke stared at him, shocked that Jiraiya had yelled like that.

Jiraiya sighed and calmed down, looking at Sakura. "Now, you called me. What did you want?" he asked her.

Having properly calmed down, Sakura regained her thoughts, remembering what she wanted to ask. "Oh yea…I wanted to ask about that ball. What is it?"

Jiraiya smiled lightly. It didn't slip his mind that Sakura had not been informed about their situation, but there was only so much he could tell her. He knew so little about the dragon balls after all. He turned, looking at Gohan. "Well I guess this is where you take over, kid. You are the only one among us who knows the most about this ball. You might as well start back from the beginning. So why not educate us and tell us everything?" Jiraiya requested.

Hearing the request, Gohan's stomach churned, and not in a good way. He wanted to keep things to a need to know basis. Gohan looked into Sakura's eyes noticing that they showed a genuine desire for care, and love. Despite what he saw her do in his short time around her, Gohan could tell that Sakura cared for her teammates. He couldn't let his fear of too many people knowing about the dragon balls put him in such a position as to stop himself from telling Sakura what she had a right to know. She was a part of their search group after all.

Gohan sighed and looked at Sakura as he began explaining the situation to her. Sakura's eyes widened as each word Gohan uttered went through one ear and out the other, having a difficult time believing what he told her. Looking around, she saw all the others intently listening to Gohan, as if his tale was something that was so enticing. It was as if what Gohan was talking about was like a chance for them to gain riches or fame. Sakura didn't really know what to make of it.

She weakly smiled, agreeing to what Gohan said, half-heartedly. "R-right..."

Naruto screamed at the top of his lungs. "ALL RIGHT! I can't wait to see what happens when we get all seven. Come on! Let's pick up the pace!" Naruto laughed rushing ahead of the group, raring to get through this mission or rather, adventure as quickly as possible.

Jiraiya chuckled and sighed shaking his head. "Where does he get all that energy...?"

Gohan laughed a bit. "Does he know which way to go? I hope he doesn't get lost…" Gohan cautioned.

Hearing Gohan's words, Jiraiya's eyes widened for a brief moment. "Maybe not, but that kind of knuckleheaded determination's going to be something he'll probably never outgrow…" Jiraiya said raising his hands shrugging.

Sakura kept her head low, trapped in her own thoughts about what she had just heard. "Just what in the world have we gotten into? Balls that grant wishes…?" No matter the situation, it just seemed like Sakura couldn't bring it to herself to believe, unlike Naruto, who had been wide eyed like a child listening to his favorite fairytale. Sakura looked up to see a barely visible Naruto. Sakura looked to her left, staring at Sasuke for a moment. Though it was just a brief glance, what she saw froze her.

Sasuke had had a serious stare on his face throughout the trip, though this stare seemed abnormal, even in his case. His eyes locked on Jiraiya for the most part, specifically the hand that held the dragon ball. His eyes narrowed as Gohan and Jiraiya passed by, his view of the ball becoming obscured by their backs.

Seeing the troubled look on her comrade's face, Sakura picked up her pace, walking next to the raven-haired Shinobi. She smiled weakly at him, wondering if his anger was just at how stupid the idea of all this was. She assumed that he didn't believe in any of it, like her. Sakura opened slightly, speaking in a soft tone. "So how idiotic does all this Dragon ball stuff sound? It's just a waste of time isn't it, Sasuke?" Sakura felt delighted to speak to Sasuke after so long, just the two of them alone.

Sasuke remained silent, staring at the two in front of him. He scoffed and walked ahead of Sakura, leaving her at the rear of the group. As he walked, Sasuke thought of the Dragon ball and the tale Gohan told. It reinvigorated him. "I will get what I want. Just wait Itachi; I'll get the power to kill you!" Sasuke's fist tightened at the thought of Itachi. The thought of being close in a sense to having such power consumed Sasuke as his focus shifted to killing Itachi more than restoring his clan.


Standing in the middle of a small field by a large rock formation cast aside to the right Madara stood looking down at Zetsu, listening to his subordinate as the dual colored shinobi spoke.

"The only nations to have discovered the balls are Kumogakure and Konohagakure. There is talk about it spreading throughout the neighboring villages." He said in a soft mellow voice.

"It won't be long until news spreads to the point that all the nations' villages search for the balls." Zetsu continued, his voice now rasp and deep.

Madara lightly scoffed, not surprised at the possibility that the villages would do such a thing. He took a moment, closing his eye as his mind processed the next course of action. He looked down at Zetsu questioning him, "What of the situation about the boy, any changes?"

Zetsu chuckled lightly. "He's joined a search group made up of a kunoichi, Sasuke Uchiha, and the nine tail's jinjuriki. They're being led by Jiraiya…"

Madara looked to the side, disappointed by the news. "That buffoon may become an issue…"

"How so?" Zetsu asked in his deep raspy voice.

Madara sighed, looking up at the sky. "I had hoped that the new Hokage would be idiotic enough to send the group alone, without a higher ranked shinobi watching over them. But to think that she decided to send one of the Sanin to lead them is troubling indeed. It's most likely due to what happened. She's aiming to prevent Gohan from transforming into that form."

"Hey, hey…you've kept it to yourself for quite a long time now, but why is transforming so important? Wouldn't preventing him from transforming be better?"

Madara closed his eyes, recalling his first tests of the seal before he had put it on Gohan. "The seal I placed on the boy uses his own power and transformations against him. Originally, the seal was to disrupt his ability to tap into the transformation; making it difficult to transform. The seal's five markings then absorb his transformation's energy while he attempts to transform or during his transformed state and use it against him in a devastating blast that releases a power five times more powerful than the energy it absorbed; essentially making him a ticking time bomb each time he transforms. The higher the power level, the more devastating the blast."

"Yes, that's what happened before, though the boy lived." Zetsu said in an annoyed tone.

Madara looked up to the sky, staring at it idly. "Yes, I know. I wasn't surprised though. Fighting him only once, I could tell he was vastly stronger than his father. The fact that he has a second transformation is also troubling. The seal's not complete either. If the seal was completed at the time of the explosion, the boy would be dead. Since the seal was incomplete, the resulting blast the first time must have only been two or three times below the intended blast strength." Madara thought back to the test subjects he used, recalling the intended focal point of the blast.

"So what will you do now?"

"Like you said, with the eventual discoveries of the Dragon balls, each nation will fight to obtain all of them"

"How can you be so sure that all seven are here?" Zetsu asked.

Madara looked at Zetsu, his eye narrowing as he smiled beneath the mask. "Well…I don't know, but I can use the nations themselves to find out." Madara brushed off the dust on his cloak and looked passed Zetsu. "Kind of you to join us."

Zetsu turned and looked at the ghastly figure in front of him. The figure had human features, but stood in front of the two in an after image like form. "Pein…" he said in his raspy voice.

Pein looked at the two briefly before staring down at Zetsu. "Your conversation's going to be cut short. One of the member's has found one of these Dragonballs." Pein looked at Madara as he spoke, as if having some caution concerning the Dragonballs.

"Good." Madara stretched his arms out as high as they could go, sighing lightly. "Keep me updated."

"What are you going to do?" Zetsu asked.

"I'm got some things to tend to, see you soon." Madara said waving his hand, his voice changing, sounding childish and joyful. Madara began to vanish as his body swirled away into a small void, leaving Zetsu and Pein behind.


Birds flew away from their nests as the ruckus in the forest sounded. The sound of heavy shoes stomping on branches echoed. A collection of shinobis hastily rushed toward the Hidden Leaf, bounding off branches of various trees. There were four in this new group, each wearing a similar outfit to some degrees. Similarities of each outfit included a neutral sand pale brown tunic, a hem that contained a yin-yang symbol which was colored completely white, varying lengths of black pants; most of which only coming down just above their knees or ankles. The final common piece was a large purple rope belt around their waists.

One of the males was massive and tall, towering over the others. His head somewhat balled if not for the patches of hair on the sides and the Mohawk like hair on the top of his head. The male's body seemed large, chubby, and yet muscular in other aspects. His eyes seemingly always narrowed and his face a constant frown of anger and annoyance.

The next member of the foursome was a young girl. Like the others, she wore a tan tunic, but unlike the large male behind her, it was a full shirt, complete with short sleeves that stopped just before her elbows. Aside from other articles that were shared with the group, the young red-haired girl wore a hat that had bandages at the side. Her eyes seemed dark and filled with hate.

The next member in line was a dark skinned male. Like his large friend behind him, the young man wore a sleeveless tan tunic with black shorts. The most defining feature of this young man was his apparent six arms. His eyes were dark as his black hair and his smile, sinister as his personality.

The final member of the group was a silver haired male. His hair was long, stopping just above his shoulder in the back, giving his hair the appearance that he had it tied in a pony-tail. One of his bangs covered his right eye and over half his forehead. The male seemed like he had risen from the grave. He had eccentric eyes, odd tortoise lipstick, and a calm alarming smile that crept through his face. All these features seemed to give him an impression of a dead man walking. Unlike his comrades, this male had a brown tunic. His arms covered by what seemed to be sleeves at first, but as the wind blew up his brown shirt, it was revealed to be a long wristband. The male had a growth on his back, near his neck. Strangely as it seemed, the growth also had hair, growing in the same manner. He wore a dark red beaded necklace around his neck and like the others, had the same purple rope belt tied in the same fashion at his waist.

The group jumped from branch to branch, tree to tree. Their bodies were cast in the shadows of the leaves, with sunlight breaking through shining upon them through the small breaks in the trees. The silver haired male looked down and stopped, extending his arm. One by one the others stopped.

The red-haired girl looked up and narrowed her eyes angrily. "What's the deal?" she questioned sternly.

The silver haired male looked down and smirked, seeing a few Konoha Shinobi on patrol. "So who wants to take the small fry out?"

The dark haired male with six arms stepped forth. "What are you talking about small fry, Sakon? These guys are worse than that, they're trash!"

Sakon grinned and sighed. "Fine then, go take out the trash. Hurry up too, we got to keep moving."

Resting her arm on the tree the red-haired girl frowned. "Better hurry up freak, or I'll kill you along with those guys!"

"You really got to work on that attitude of yours, Tayuya," the large member said.

"Shut the fuck up fatty!" she retorted.

"What did you say?" Tayuya and the large member narrowed their eyes at one another, ready to kill at a moment's notice.

"Calm down, Jirobo. I'll get this done and we'll get going." The dark haired member stated.

Looking down below he gave a brief look toward the patrol and then looked to the side seeing a thin line, a thread. At the ends of each line were explosive tags applied to the truck of the trees. He gave things a closer look. Noticing other threads at different angels and of different lengths, the dark haired Shinobi quickly grinned. "This seems like an easy level…"

The young Shinobi cocked his head back slightly, his eyes widened and he thrusted his head forward and out came out a collection of white glob. He raised his first set of arms and held the glob in his hands, splitting in half. With each hand full of the white substance, he threw his hands out forward. The glob immediately spread out, taking the shape of a spider's web. The lines became thinner and thinner and travelled around the thin threads connected to the explosives avoiding them completely. The ends of the thread contained a yellow sandy substance shaped like a spears head.

The patrol group turned around only to be struck before they could do a thing. The spear like end pierced through their flat jacket and embedded itself into their hearts, their backs, their ribs, and various other areas. The patrol group fell back, dying almost immediately, spewing the crimson blood from their mouths before passing on to the next world.

The dark haired Shinobi smiled, seeing his task completed so quickly. "Talk about letting trash guard your treasure…"

"If you think those Shinobi weren't challenging enough why not fight me?" a calm child-like toned voice questioned.

The group moved, looking around; searching for the source of the voice. Their eyes moved around, their head glancing up and down, side to side, trying to find whoever it was that spoke.

"What the hell was that?" Jirobo questioned.

Tayuya narrowed her eyes angrily. "Damn it Kidomaru, did you forget to take out another guy?" she asked.

Sakon remained the most calm out of the four. He looked closely, careful. Glancing down he noticed the small web thread that Kidomaru had left, letting the group know of any body in their radius. He looked at the threat cautiously. He noticed that nothing had caused it to move. Nothing had disturbed it.

He glanced back down at the two corpses to see a figure dressed in a dark cloak with red clouds and an orange swirling mask covering the figure's face. "What in the…how did he get down there…?"

Kidomaru and the others glanced down seeing the same figure. "How the hell did he get through the wires without setting them off or disabling them? We would have heard him if he did!"

Tayuya moved to the front, staring down at the cloaked figure angrily. "I don't know who that guy is but he's dead. I've had enough! I'm not waiting anymore on these trash who call themselves ninja!" Tayuya began forming a series of hand seals as she stared at the cloaked figure angrily

"Stop it! We're right here!" Jirobo yelled.

"Just move it Jirobo! No use talking to her when she's this pissed." Kidomaru yelled.

The three fanned out as Tayuya prepared to slam her hand down on the large branch. Sakon looked down to see the figure was gone. His eyes shot wide as he watched the figure appear in front of Tayuya.

"Look out, you idiot!"

Tayuya glanced up to see the cloaked figure appearing out of nowhere. "What the hell?!" Her eyes shot wide when she looked into the only opening the mask had, through a small hole on the right side of the face. "That can't be—" before she could even finish her sentence, the figure grabbed her hand and prevented her from slamming it down to the ground, effectively stopping her Summoning Jutsu.

"You should conserve that chakra for a more worthy battle." The masked man said, now in a more serious tone. In a blinding motion he moved behind Tayuya and slammed his hand down on the back of her neck. The moment his hand touched her neck a surge of energy surrounded the back of her neck, centering on a strange marking, composed of hooks. Bolts of lightning shot out from the marking as Tayuya screamed in pain.

Her comrades watched in confusion as her body went limp, falling down to the ground. They looked at the strange man with caution. Never before had they seen someone take down one of their members so quickly. Each remaining member stood on another branch, surrounding the figure.

"Just who the hell is this guy?" Kidomaru questioned.

In the shadow of the brush the members could barely make out what the person looked like beyond what was seen down below. For the first time in their lives, the remaining members actually feared that they might not come out alive from the battle.

"So, any bright ideas?" Kidomaru questioned, glancing over at Sakon.

Sakon remained silent, frozen. He stared at the strange masked figure, wondering why would someone of his caliber want with them? Sakon knew that even with them outnumbering the enemy, they wouldn't even be able to lay a scratch on him.

"Hey now, I got other places to be. So why don't you all just come on and attack me all at once so it makes it easier on all of us. I'll get you all in one go!" the masked man shrugged his shoulders and raised his hands as he spoke in a soft friendly tone.

Glancing at the enemy, the three members narrowed their eyes in anger at the sight of some unknown Shinobi talking down to them like they were trash; not even talking to them seriously. Their eyes began flaring with rage as dark marks slowly engulfed their bodies. The sound of a joined war cry filled the air as the three launched and attack the masked Shinobi. Within moments the sounds of clashes, grunts, and cries sounded and gave way to a gust of the wind. The three members lied flat on their stomachs, unconscious. The masked man sighed and looked at the four members, glancing at the marks on their bodies.

Staring down at the four bodies, the area around the hole of the mask began to swirl and distort. Slowly each member was pulled into the small hole, sucked into the void. The masked man sighed and looked up at the sky, noticing the position of the sun. "Now that that's done, no time to waste." The masked man stared at his right palm, pausing for a moment before continuing, "With a Dragonball in my possession, I'll be one step closer…" he said tightening his fist.

The masked man leaped into the air, leaving the area silently.


Inside a dark room, the sound of the candle burning flickered and cracked every few moments as the bright orange glow illuminated the room. Sitting in a large chair, arms' resting comfortably was Orochimaru; bandage like a mummy. The sliver opening around his eye gave him some range of sight as he glanced toward the burning flame. His head moved up slightly seeing a slight movement of the flame dancing wildly.

Orochimaru stood up slowly and walked toward the door. Leaving his room, he glanced at his left to see Kabuto standing there, waiting.

"They've all been taken out. At least, that's what it looks like. Despite the change in situations, I advise that you wait for the effects to become permanent, Lord Orochimaru."

A malicious chuckle left Orochimaru's lips as he continued ahead, leaving Kabuto behind. "You should know better than anyone to never underestimate me. Now let's get going. I'd like to see why one boy has him acting so hastily."

Kabuto stared at Orochimaru cautiously for a brief moment before following suit. The duo walked down the hallway, continuing on into a dark corridor and disappearing into the darkness.


Deep in a secluded dark cave a large structure of two hands stood high. On top of the fingertips of the hands were dark figures, each wearing a distinctive ring on their hands, correlating with the statues finger they stood on. The group remained silent. Most blended into the dark areas of the cave, opting to remain in the dark and hidden from their allies.

Kisame, standing on the left ring finger of the large structure, glanced around. A smile grew as he observed all of the members standing on their specified sections. "Been a while since we've actually had all the members meet in the same place." He chuckled lightly before looking over toward the left ring finger's section. Standing silent and still, Itachi kept his eyes closed, seemingly focused on other matters at hand instead of what was occurring right there in the cave.

Light commotion and chatter sounded, echoing in the cave. Various members talked or argued with one another, displaying more of an oil and vinegar combination regarding their personalities. The chatter and arguments soon ended as a flickering astral image appeared before the members. Once again Pein stood before the members, staring at each one of them.

"Quiet down." He announced, garnering the attention of the members. "I've called you all here in person so that you'd be able to see for with your own eyes." Pein glanced at the figure standing on top of the left middle finger. "Go on,"

The figure standing on the left middle finger moved and pulled something out of cloak. In his hand, the figure held a small orange spherical ball the size of an orange or grapefruit. The ball had five orange stars on its surface. The ball glimmered as each member took their turn gazing at the object in their fellow member's hand.

The member standing on the right index finger sighed, rolling his eye. "Man, that little thing is what we're looking for? This is going to take forever…!" he complained stretching the last word in his complaint.

"For once I may actually agree with you." The member standing on the left thumb commented; his voice deep and the sound of claps echoed occasionally. He looked toward the ball and then toward Pein. "Searching for these balls will extend the duration it takes to capture the Bijuu. I'll have to wait for everyone to catch up…what a nuisance."

Commotion erupted throughout various members, yelling back and forth. "What did you say? What the hell are you implying?" The left index finger questioned. "I don't see your team with one of these balls. As far as I'm concerned you hunchback freak; we're the ones that are waiting on all of you to catch up!"

A rush of movement and the sounds of claps echoed louder as a long object from the left thumb member's rear launched toward his neighborly ally. The left index member responded quickly moving the large weapon on his back to counter and parry the strike. The tip of a long segmented tail hovered next to the long red staff, barely moving as if ready to strike like a scorpion's tail.

The left index member scoffed glaring at his "ally". "So you want to be the next sacrifice? Fine by me." The member's face was revealed from his movement, displaying a silk back silver hair and purple eyes. He licked his lips ravenously before chuckling madly.

"That's enough!" Pein yelled. The two members returned to their original positions lightly grunting at the thought of not being able to slay one another for the time being. Pein stared at the ball and looked at the left middle finger member. The member remained calm, looking right back at Pein before noticing a small paper origami figure floating next to him.

"Leave the ball, and continue on with your search. You've seen what it looks like. There's more out there. Go!" Pein commanded.

The member held the ball for a moment, staring at it intently before reluctantly dropping it into the figure. The remaining members spread out, leaving only one member remaining. The origami figure flew towards this remaining member. Picking the ball up the member stepped into the few areas of light in the dark cave. A head of blue hair graced the petite figure as the female stared at Pein's projection silently.

Pein glanced over at the last member, "Return immediately." With that final order, Pein's projection disappeared, leaving the last member alone. Glancing down at the ball in hand, she too stared at the ball momentarily, fixated on its presence for some unexplainable reason. Shaking her head she sighed. Cuts and marks began to cover her body and soon her body faded into a mass of paper floating in the air and leaving the cave.


The sunset's glow cast itself upon the trail as the four continued their journey. Gohan walked calmly along with Jiraiya, remaining quiet as possible. Sasuke quietly followed behind not wanting to lose out on any information that might be said during any possible conversation between the two. Sakura and Naruto slumped behind, groaning and moaning.

"Hey pervy sage, are we anywhere near a town yet? I could go for some ramen right about now…" Naruto rubbed his stomach, hearing the sound of his stomach agreeing through the rumbling discomfort of hunger.

Jiraiya glanced back, seeing his pupil with a discontented face. Jiraiya sighed and stopped, causing the others to follow suit. Glancing toward the descending sun and glancing at the road ahead, Jiraiya moved off the dirt trail into the grass. Looking toward some of the neighboring trees he smiled and faced the group. "Well we are a bit away from Yugakure. I hear they've got some nice hot springs." Jiraiya smiled, daydreaming for a moment. The others, while glad to hear the sound of a place to freshen up, quickly noticed the old-sage's awkward stare into space.

All the kids gave Jiraiya a bland stare as they waited for Jiraiya to fall from his blissed mind of perverted thoughts.

"Are we going into Yagakure?" Sakura asked, but failed to see a response from Jiraiya.

"Master Jiraiya..." Sakura called, her voice strained from the anger building inside.. Jiraiya failed to respond once again, his mouth slightly drooling as he began mumbling to himself.

"Naruto! You know him best. Why don't you try to get him to answer!" Sakura demanded, staring at Naruto with angered eyes.

Naruto froze, his eyes widened and filled with fear at what Sakura would do to him should he disobey. Naruto sighed and frowned at Jiraiya. Putting his hands around his mouth Naruto yelled "HEY PERVY SAGE! ARE WE GOING TO THAT HOT SPRING PLACE OR NOT?"

Jiraiya snapped back to reality at the sound of being called "pervy sage." Looking at the three, Jiraiya noticed all of them seemed at varying points, ready to call it a day. He glanced at Gohan, noticing that he still had the energy to keep going. "No doubt he's more determined to get all of these Dragon balls than all of us combined. I'm not surprised if he could go on for a few days straight without stopping. Hmm…" Smiling, Jiraiya looked at the four.

"Well we are pretty close to the village. How about we all head into town and call it a day? We'll eat, sleep, and continue tomorrow."

The announcement seemed to be something that nearly everyone agreed on, except Gohan. Gohan remained reserved as he thought of how much time they'd lose by calling it quits right now. The three continued ahead of Jiraiya and Gohan; all of them anxious to rest for the night. Naruto stopped, turned around and yelled at Gohan. "Come on, Gohan!"

Sasuke stood, staring at the young sayain, but soon shifted his attention elsewhere, following Sakura.

Feeling a hand on his shoulder, Gohan glanced up at Jiraiya. "I know you got a lot on your mind. Look, no matter how powerful you are, it doesn't hurt to get a helping hand. A good night sleep and some food will calm your nerves. We'll find all of them, all nine, or twelve or a hundred balls."

Gohan chuckled. "It's only seven." Gohan commented. Despite his outwardly appearance and how he acted Jiraiya's words and actions reminded Gohan of his father. Jiraiya was right. No matter how pressing the situation was, with the help of Naruto and the others, things would turn out for the best. Gohan resumed the journey, following the others as everyone hastily made their way to Yagakure before nightfall.

Gohan looked up to the growing dark sky, seeing a star shining brightly. He thought of his father, and how his father had many uniquely exciting adventures. Growing up, Gohan knew his father's friends and had his own adventures of course, but now it felt as if, like his father, Gohan was finally having his own personal adventures. He was experiencing things that were unique to him. He was making his own friends, facing his own dangers, and solving his own problems.

[DBZ World]

Goku sighed and looked up to see Sage sitting in front of him. Goku's spar with Sage's clone had apparently ended, and now the two sat in front of each other silently. Sitting in front of Sage in his slightly battered clothes, Goku began to ponder about why the fight was stopped at his command. Goku was not seriously hurt. While there may have been a few scars and scratches here and there on his body, it was nothing too serious. He honestly had fun sparring with Sage's clone, if only that it excited him to wonder what fighting the real Sage would be like.

"So why'd you have me stop fighting with your clones?" Goku questioned.

Sage looked at Goku calmly. He had many things running through his mind. Despite the conditions, he remained calm. "I've stopped the sparring because the first phase of the training was complete."

Goku looked at Sage confusingly, questioning him once more. "That sparring was the first phase? What do you mean?"

"I've come to train you, to prepare you, Goku, for the battles that are to come. In order to do this, I will need to open your body to Chakra. Instead of telling you at first, I decided the best way to connect with you was through your fists. I allowed you to fight my clones so you would be accustomed to how Shinobi fight. Adding in the fact that you Sayains are a fighting warrior race, I knew it would be best to address the fighting methods before the energy method."

"Uh…OK?" Goku responded confusingly.

Sage looked at Goku, not surprised by the fact that Goku had yet to comprehend what he was trying to do. "I guess I'll demonstrate then, hopefully, you will understand."

"That…might help" Goku commented laughing slightly. "I get how you want me to get used to how you guys fight, but as for the whole Chakra thing…you got me"

Sage flipped his hand, palm side up. Concentrating for a moment Sage brought his hands closer, slowly. Goku watched intently as he saw one hand gathering Ki and the other Chakra. The two energies collided and grinded against each other like two buzz saws spinning in opposite directions. Sage grunted, trying to maintain his focus intensely. Goku looked up, noticing the distressed look on Sage's face.

"Hey…are you alright?"

"Just watch closely" Sage struggled.

Sage remained still as his hands naturally seemed to repel and push each other, but he continued on, gradually adding Ki and Chakra at a steady pace.

Goku could sense the small about of power being used, but yet it seemed like what Sage was forming was something that was devastatingly powerful. Goku noticed a bright light slowly shinning in Sages hand, his eyes widened as he saw something new forming from the resulting two forms of energy. Sage grunted and soon an explosion occurred, sending the two several feet away.

As the cloud subsided, Sage stood, his hand burned and scarred. Goku stared at Sage, astounded that such a small amount of energy could do such damage.

"What was that?"

Sage sighed and replied, "That is something that you, and your other half will master. But in order to do this, your body must be able to meld with Chakra. In other words, I'll have to set a balance to your Yin and Yang Chakra so your body will be compatible meld with Chakra while retaining priority use of your Ki."

"You're saying I have Chakra?" Goku asked.

"Like Ki, it flows through every living being, but unlike Ki, Chakra is the balanced mixture of both your spiritual and physical energy. The spiritual energy that is used to form with physical energy in chakra is such a low amount of Ki, not to the level that you have used. As our worlds are vastly different, the need to manipulate certain energies is different."

"Okay, but how does this explain why I have Chakra?"

"I have broken the wall separating the energies, as you have seen. Through many thousands of years of training I have mastered the use of Ki and Chakra, through the manipulation of my Yin and Yang Chakra. In my world, combining both would yield amazing results, allowing me to do things that nobody else could. But upon seeing what will happen, I had to think outside of the box as they say. I trained and once I mastered Ki in the sense that you're used to, I used it along with Chakra and combined it in the same sense I did with Yin and Yang release. The result of this you have witness first hand."

Goku's eyes lit up excited at the news. "So you're going to teach me how to use this awesome new energy?"

"Though you cannot manipulate chakra, it still resides in you. What I will do is what is in my power. I can balance your Yin, the spiritual energy, and your Yang, the physical energy, to open your body to receive and be compatible with Chakra. In order to be fully compatible I needed you to know how we Shinobi fight, and how we channel our power."

"Awesome! What do I have to do?" Goku stood up, his fist tightened with joy.

"You would only be prepared for your other half. As I said Goku, I can only make your body able to receive and be compatible with it. As far as manipulating it, you'll need to rely on your other half for that part of the equation. In order to manipulate this new energy without flaws, you must be born from this energy. Once I finish though, the results will yield a more complete being. One half containing Ki and knowledge of Chakra and the other containing Chakra with the knowledge of Ki. This all results in the destructive power of Ki along with the versatility of Chakra in the palm of a single, new warrior."

Goku's eyes froze with shock as he soon realized what Sage spoke of. "Fusion..."

[End chapter 11]

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