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"I'm not gonna die!" Oh Ace, you liar…

Luffy lay on the deck of the Thousand Sunny, watching the clouds roll by. Normally at this time he'd be playing with Usopp and Chopper, or bugging Sanji for a snack. But not today. Today, the nineteen year old didn't want to do anything. He had other things on his mind. Like the nightmare he'd had the night before. The same nightmare that had been haunting him for the last two years.

Ace's death.

The bloody scene played over and over again in his mind. He knew he'd never escape those images, or the guilt that accompanied them, but he also knew he shouldn't dwell. He had his crew back, they were all happy and healthy. But that didn't stop him from reliving the pain more vividly each night.

Faintly, the young captain heard his chef calling them all to dinner. He slowly made his way to the galley to join the rest. As he opened the door, he was met with the strange stares of his nakama.

"What?" He innocently asked.

"Well, when you didn't run us down at the first mention of food, we got a little worried," Nami answered.

"Oh. Well, you shouldn't. I'm just not in a hurry today."

The crew shrugged, thinking it was just one of the captain's many quirks.

He sat down then, and grabbed his plate. Steak was on the menu tonight. Normally, this would've caused Luffy to jump for joy, but not right now. No, right now all it made him think of was burnt flesh. He could only stare at the meal in front of him. He didn't notice his crew's concerned faces.


He looked up, his coal eyes meeting with those of the little doctor.


"A-are you okay? You haven't touched your meat…" Chopper said. His small hooves where ringing a napkin nervously.

Before the young man could answer, he caught sight of Sanji throwing another piece of raw steak onto the grill. As flames surrounded it, the smell wafted through the kitchen. He couldn't stand it anymore; he could feel the bile rising in his throat. Throwing a hand over his mouth and muttering a small apology, Luffy bolted out the door, not hearing the frantic, confused yells of his friends.

As he wretched over the side, even more vivid memories of Ace's murder flashed through his mind. He could hear his own desperate cries for the elder to hang on, he could smell the sweat and blood that lingered around the battlefield, he could see the gaping hole in his brother's chest, and he could feel Ace's body go limp in his arms. By now tears had began mixing with the vomit, but he didn't care. The more he remembered, the harder it all came out.

The crew could only watch the scene in front of them. Never did they imagine they'd see the day that strong, invincible, jovial captain reduced to this. Suddenly, Franky pushed Zoro forward.

"Go see what's up, bro. Something's seriously messed up here."

"Why me!" the green haired man hissed.

"Because, Swordsman-san, you are the closest to Captain-san. If anyone can fix this, it is you," Robin calmly interjected.

With one last exasperated look to the rest of the crew for help, and receiving none, Zoro walked over and placed a hand on the ailing teen's shoulder. No one expected what happened next.

Luffy spun around, teary eyes blazing and glazed, and punched him in the jaw.


The shorter man didn't answer, instead he dropped to the deck sobbing.

"It's not fair! It's just not fair, damn it! He lied to me and it just isn't fair!" Luffy screamed. His fingers tore at his scalp, tears still pouring from his eyes.

Zoro immediately forgot all about his bruised chin, and leaned down by his friend.

"What's not fair, Lu?"

The strawhat wearer only shook his head and screamed again. By now the crew was absolutely terrified. Luffy had always been so strong, and yet here he was having a mental breakdown before their very eyes and they couldn't do a thing about it. After what seemed like an eternity, Zoro gently spoke again, the concern thickly coating his voice.

"Luffy, please, you're scaring us. You're scaring me. Who lied? What's not fair? Damn it all Luffy, look at me!" By now the green haired bushido was frantic. Finally, he managed to get the other too look up, and when onyx met green, Zoro forgot how to breathe.

The boy's eyes were filled with regret and pain. His cherub like face was gaunt, stained with tears. That always smiling mouth was pulled tight. And still he refused to answer Zoro.

The remaining crew members watched sadly from the sidelines as another sob escaped their captain's chapped lips. Brook wanted to make a skull-joke about not believing his "eyes" and lighten the mood, but the scene was just to wrong. So desperately they wanted to make it better for him, but they couldn't do that if they didn't know what the problem was to begin with!

Slowly, little Chopper made his way over to the huddle mess of distraught captain and worried swordsman. With a careful innocence, the reindeer crawled into Luffy's lap, and placed a small hoof on the upset man's face.

"Luffy…" before he could finish speaking though, the raven teen had him in a bone crushing embrace, sobbing even harder than before, then fled to his room screaming "I'm sorry…I'm sorry…".

As the cabin door slammed, Zoro got to his feet, picking up Chopper in his arms as he rose. As second in command of the ship, he knew it was his responsibility to take care of everyone right now. With a glance at the rest of the crew, he motioned for them to follow him into the galley.

They had a lot to discuss.

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