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Last Chapters Summary- Bella's story has been told and its been revealed that Alice has created an immortal child. There's also the prophecy that Bella told Jasper.


Bella POV

Its odd being surrounded by a family, as after being thrown out by mine. Although the Cullen family has no doubt been thrown into a loop about the revelation of Alice's true behaviour they still keep close together; Esme still the epitome of motherhood, shouting at Emmett to get his feet off the table, straightening out Alice's jumper that had become ruffled. My family was never like this, my mother never caring, the only time her eyes rested on me was to perfect her scowl, my father off with his Slargrn whores, my brother having been killed in an 'accident' involving a training incident between him and my father.

My cold indifference, never mind my appearance has always put people off, though my familiar wards away those who could oversee the eyes and my behaviour. Koda, my familiar was unlike the others, unique as a snowflake, as the humans say. Unlike what I told Esme, I wasn't banished for my powers, oh no, I was banished for what I truly am. I'm not a true witch as you might have guessed, being adopted as I was, my powers having came from a blood binding ritual that many magical families do when adopting a child, sealing magical blood into them to transfer magical powers. Well, my blood binding went wrong. Instead of getting my 'mothers' power of healing small wounds, or my 'fathers' slyness, I was bestowed with the gifts of darkness. Premonition, elemental and emotional manipulation. I was bonded to my family of course; loosely, as blood is not binding to my breed, the only thing completely binding to my kind is the bind of a mate, which I have found in Peter.

My original birthplace was Athens, Greece in a small remote town many, many years ago, long before the three rulers of vampire kind were even a spark in their mothers eye. My kind were plenty then, thriving in the marshes where no one ventured except from the silly boys who wanted to bring back a monster's head and be crowned a hero. Little did those boys know of the horrors that truly lurked under the fetid water of the marshes. I can still remember my first encounter with a human, having only seen them dead, brought back in one of my sisters jaws or dragged by their familiars, witches not being the only ones to have familiars unlike common belief. The man who had ventured into the marsh, unnamed naturally as one of his kind would have not introduce themselves to mine, the normal reaction as I've learnt is to scream, faint or die. This one was different, his reaction was to stand there still and not make a noise, a tactic humans nowadays think will make an animal not see or take interest in them. Yes, because a lion will ignore the salty smell of blood as long as you don't move, silly humans. His body like all of the men back then was toned and tan, presumably from working in the fields as his blood tasted earthy. As I rose out of the waters, my scales slippery with slime and mud, the chains that covered my human half were tangled with marsh plants and twigs that had become tangles between the masses of jewels and diamonds. Having watched my sisters hunt I knew it was an intimidating sight, hair wild, body filthy and eyes gleaming with hunger lust. It was over in a blink, my nails having sliced the jugular open, creating an arc of redness before it slowly dribbled down his neck, the crimson flow washing away as I drug him under the vile marsh waters. Over the next few years the Demi-God Hercules murdered all my sisters, leaving me alone in the world with only my familiar. Over the next millennia I travelled around the world, creating contacts and building up my wealth, myths being creating around me everywhere I went. The Lady of the Lake was created when I was spotted rising one morning shrouded in mist so only my human half was showing, my scaled half shrouded in the mist.

My kind is often called the 'mother of all monsters' as my kind was never seen until my sisters were all slain and I crept into the village and destroyed in, a few survivors getting away. My mate is often referred to Tyson in Greek Mythology, though I have no idea where that came from, along with the idea of my children. The only thing right in my description in mythology is my description, the top half a beautiful human and the lower half of a Basilisk.

The reason for my banishment was from not sating my bloodlust it erupted all at once, forcing me to change into my true form, killing 6 men. Non-magical men, no 6 men that were supposed to be a sacrifice for the god Hecate. My true form had been hidden from my family, I had been sneaking under the cover of night to town a few hundred miles away, slaughtering a few rapists or murders and slipping back into my room before dawn. That month I hadn't been able to visit the town as Koda had broken his hind leg, rendering him unable to walk without pain. My bloodlust had erupted once the first drop of blood was spilt, my true force bursting from me as I lunged towards the men, ripping them apart letting the blood rain over me, sliding down my scales.

The reason for my cold indifference is from my fear of loosing control of my true form and slaughter the town. My kind of course being the Echidna's.

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