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High ranking officials can be very nice, when they want to be. Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon and her team had solved the kidnaping of an official's daughter, bringing her back unharmed to her worried parents. The official was very, very, very, I mean VERY grateful for their help. So grateful in fact, that he offered them a weekend vacation to Las Vegas as a thank you gift. Two night stay in one of the best hotels, tickets to some of the best shows on the Strip, and free room service: how could they say no?

A few days later, they all boarded a flight and found themselves in Sin City, ready to just kick back and enjoy the weekend away from the worries of their jobs.

All except Patrick Jane. He did not like Vegas very well because it was crawling with the swindlers and fakes that he used to be and whom he avoided. The first day, he spent time at the spa relaxing, turning down going to the various shows with the rest of the team. Then he spent his time wandering around the casino, observing people and figuring out who was cheating and who was being cheated. Made for an interesting evening until everyone showed up and they all went to dinner.

That night everyone except Jane went to a show, while he went back up to his room to relax and catch up on some reading. The next day was pretty much the same: everyone else went to the various Las Vegas attractions while Jane relaxed at the hotel. When evening fell, they all convinced him to come with them to a show, which he reluctantly agreed to.

Big mistake.

To say that Jane was critical of the show would be an understatement. They went to a magic show, so not only did he reveal how the man did all the tricks, he critiqued his techniques, explaining how Jane could have done it better. Needless to say, no one had much fun, especially the people surrounding Jane and the team who had to listen to Jane's complaints through the entire show.

Teresa decided that everyone needed a strong drink afterwards, so they all hit the bar at their hotel. A few drinks loosened everyone up and they all enjoyed, or thought they enjoyed, the music blaring from the DJ.

Jane relaxed in the corner with a drink, with Teresa next to him, the two watching the rest of the team laughing and having a good time.

Teresa thought that she would have been with them, but she hated to leave Jane all by himself in the corner. Plus, after a while and a few more shots, she was having a grand ole' time watching everyone. But Jane was still mostly silent, studying people. Teresa was happy to finally put work on the back burner and just have fun, but Jane did not seem to be having fun and Teresa, in her 'happy' state of mind, would have none of that.

"Jane," She said suddenly, drawing him back from watching people, "you need a few more drinks. You look way too serious for Las Vegas."

Jane grinned. "I am having a great time, thank you Lisbon. Why don't you go and join the others."

Teresa shook her head. "Absolutely not. You worked just as hard, even harder, than the rest of us on that case, so you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labor."

Jane shook his head. "Sorry, Lisbon, but I don't really want to have anymore alcohol for the evening. But I think I might be able to get the bartender to make me some tea, he does look like the tea type." He started to stand up, but Teresa grabbed his hand and yanked him back down, partially glaring at him.

"You stay there and I'll go get you a drink. A proper drink. Something worthy of having a vacation in Las Vegas." And with that, she part sauntered, part stumbled over to the bar and ordered.

Jane had never seen Lisbon drunk before, truly drunk, and he began to realize that she was a force to be reckoned even when intoxicated. So he thought it would probably be wise to let her get him a drink and do as she said. So he relaxed against the booth seat and waited for his drink.

When Teresa came back, she carried two drinks and sat down. Jane was intrigued by the multi-color drink which she set down before him. Teresa had one of her own and she lifted her glass up in a toast.

"To fun. Something we don't get to have very often."

Jane shook his head. "Maybe not for you," he smirked as she glared at him, "How about 'to vacations.' Something that we all need eventually."

They clinked glasses and took a sip.

Jane's eyes lit up. "Interesting. Fruity, yet not fruity. Odd taste. What do you think, Lisbon?"

Teresa nodded. "It is different. But very, very good."

Jane agreed and the two took another sip, which turned into a gulp that finished the drink. Teresa stood up.

"I'll go get some more for us."

Jane stood up as well. "I'll come with you. I want to see what other creations the bartender has to offer."

The two went over to the bar and settled in to browse the drinks.

About an hour and goodness-knows how many drinks later, Teresa had succeeded in loosening Jane up a bit. Well, not really a bit. More like completely unleashed. Laughing, joking and groggy eyed, the two made an interesting pair. No inhibitions were left, so they talked about random things. Anything that came to mind, from dogs to sidewalks to the moon, their slurred conversation would have made good blackmail material if the rest of the team was still around. Alas, the others had gone up to bed, exhausted and wanting to sleep off their hangovers before the flight home in the morning.

After another half hour of laughing and pointing at random objects, Jane stood up, mostly supported by his stool, and said triumphantly, "I cannot remember the last time I had so much fun drinking. We should really do this again some time."

Teresa laughed and tried to stand up. "Yeah, well, anytime you want to hit the bars, just call me up and we'll have some fun," She finally found her center of gravity and looked at Jane, "What should we do now? The night is young and we have all of Las Vegas before us."

Jane grinned and offered her his arm. "Let's go for a walk and I'll tell you this wacky idea that I just came up with, something that would make it easier for us to have fun together."

Teresa smiled and took his arm. "I am sure that whatever you have in mind will be great, but you will need to lead me because the room is slightly spinning.

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