"Blainewood Academy: The Beginning"

Rated T

Just so everyone knows, I do not own Total Drama Island/Action/World Tour! I own squat. I just want everyone to know that this story will be focused on Justin, but I will feature other characters as well. Pairings will include Justin/Heather/Alejandro, Duncan/Gwen/Trent/Courtney, Geoff/Bridgette, Tyler/Lindsay, Owen/Izzy/Noah, DJ/Katie, Harold/Beth/Leshawna, and Cody/Sierra. I will also include OC's (but I will not wasting my time who they are.) It will feature some Humor, a whole lot of Drama, some Hurt/Comfort, and a whole lot of romance! But I decided to start with the cast of characters!

The Cast of Characters

The Cast:

Justin Morrison - The lead character of the story. With striking supermodel good looks, incredible physique, and unbelievable skills, he is enrolled into Blainewood Academy, where anyone knows no boundaries, no limits. He is enrolled into the Black dorm in which he quickly befriends Geoff, the man who Justin first sees. He then falls in love with the lead heroine, Heather Rossington and he starts a jealous rivalry with Heather's secretly deceiving boyfriend, Alejandro Burromuerto, the man who he thinks he rules the school. This starts the most heated, ugly love triangle in this story.

Heather Rossington - The lead heroine. When she first enrolled into Blainewood Academy, she had a snobby attitude and had no love for the students at all. The cause of her nasty and disgusting behavior is due to her boyfriend, Alejandro Burromuerto. But in the second year, she meets Justin for the first time. It was because of their encounter that Heather starts to develop a nicer, sweeter side, and at the end of the school year, she starts to make real friends, thanks to Justin's influence. She is also quite attractive due to her long black hair and a hot centerfold body. She is enrolled into the Red dorm.

Alejandro Burromuerto - The main antagonist of the story. Alejandro is somewhat like Justin, but he excels at everything you wish you were good at. He is also the boyfriend of Heather Rossington, and Justin's main rival. Everything goes good until Heather meets Justin, and it was also the start of Alejandro's secret vicious, black-hearted behavior he soon develops later in the story. He's pretty much the devil in disguise, compared to Justin being an angel from Heaven. He is enrolled into the Red Dorm.

Geoff Michaels - Justin's close friend. When he sees Justin for the first time, he's pretty much the advice giver. And all of their crazy misadventures, they strike a close friendship. He is also the boyfriend of resident surfer Bridgette Thompson, who he hangs out with from time to time. He also helps Justin out with his feelings for Heather and his hatred for Alejandro. He is also a party extrodinaire, and he knows a thing or two of bringing the house down! He is enrolled into the Black dorm.

Bridgette Thompson - Geoff's surfer girlfriend and pretty much the brains of the group. Despite being a klutz, she is always brave of her actions. She used to be Heather's rival, but when she notices that Heather has become nice thanks to her secret relationship with Justin, this rivalry turns into a friendship. Like Heather, she too, is also beautiful, sexy, and passionate. She is enrolled into the Black dorm.

Duncan Andrews - A juvenile delienquent who is enrolled here to clean up his attitude. He is antisocial and loves anything to do with anarchy (due to his love for punk rock). He is currently the boyfriend of Courtney Banks, who enrolls in the Red Dorm. However, his friend Gwen Fletcher also seems to have a crush on him as well, even though he doesn't quite notice it. He is enrolled in the Blue dorm.

Courtney Banks - An over-achiever, she is a little bossy, and quite sometimes, the most annoying student of the academy. What most people don't know is that Courtney is dating Duncan Andrews, a juvenile delienquent enrolled into Blainewood Academy to change his ways. She is also a friend to Alejandro Burromuerto, and she was at once, Heather's close friend. But their friendship was over when she finds out Heather is secretly seeing Justin behind Alejandro's back. She's enrolled in the Red dorm.

Trent Flannigan - He's pretty much the cool guy in the Red dorm, despite having labeled the Red dorm as a bunch of snobs. He's pretty much warm towards everyone from the Blue dorm and the Black dorm. He is also musically talented, as he is with his guitar. He once played an acoustic guitar but later switched to electric guitar. He labels Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Eddie Van Halen as his idols. He is also the boyfriend to Gwen Fletcher, who is secretly having feelings for Duncan Andrews.

Gwen Fletcher - She was labeled as a loner and an outcast due to her character. However, she meets Trent Flannigan for the first time, and she realizes she's not alone for the first time. Throughout their moments in their first year, they were labeled as "The Best Couple Ever". But that soon changes in the second year, when she soon starts to have feelings for Duncan Andrews, a student who is enrolled to the Blue Dorm, but he sees no more of her as a friend. She, too, is also enrolled in the Blue dorm as well.

Owen Ray - The comic relief of this story. He pretty much hangs out with Duncan as a friend. In fact, he's friends with the entire student body. He is overweight as well, but he has a big heart towards his roommates. He loves to eat a lot, but nothing can slow down this Mack truck of a student! He's enrolled into the Blue dorm.

Izzy Smith - The red-haired beauty and Owen's crazy-as-hell grilfriend. They both enjoy their funny moments, just like sharing a piece of pie with all the toppings included to it. But somehow, she is the one who puts the words "freaky" and "insanity" to shame. She is enrolled into the Blue dorm.

Tyler Jackson - Alejandro's right hand man. He loves to be athletic, but he lacks any skills thereof. He pretty much is involved in Alejandro's cruel, ruthless actions. Sometimes, he is used for tasks that seems too idiotic for Alejandro to do, but somehow, Tyler starts to question his friendship with Alejandro whatsoever. He is enrolled into the Red dorm.

Lindsay Grayson - Tyler's clueless girlfriend who loves all the sweetest things in the world from chocolate to soda pop. She's quite bubbly as well. It's a miracle that she was enrolled into the Red dorm, despite that she acts more like a dumb blonde.

Devon Joseph Russell (D.J.) - Geoff's friend. Outside, everyone sees him as a threat and a powerhouse, but deep down, he is friendly toward his friends. But he'll take down anyone who threatens his friends or family if provoked. It seems that Katie Black, one of the BFFFLs, seem to have a huge, major crush on him, because of his niceness towards her sometimes. He is enrolled into the Black dorm.

Katie Black and Sadie Yan - Known as "The Best Female Friends For Life", these two are annoying as a dial tone combine with a megaphone. Katie has a mad crush on DJ, in which she always blushes at him. But Sadie feels a little bit strained by this since Katie seems to be focused by D.J. than she does her. They are both enrolled into the Blue dorm.

Cody Anderson - The shortest male of the academy. He tries to be popular just like his friend Trent, who is enrolled into the Red dorm. He tries to be cool and badass, but somehow in a strange way, he is fascinated by Sierra Lane, who is obsessed by him most of the time. He is enrolled into the Blue dorm.

Sierra Lane - Cody's so-called girlfriend. Somehow she is borderline insane with her Purple hair and tall stature. He dreams, breathes, and worships anything that is Cody. She is enrolled into the Blue dorm.

Harold McGrady V - A student filled with an impressive and talented bloodline, he is somewhat a nerd. But he's a nerd with exceptional talent, such as excelling fighting styles, and owning everyone at video games. He used to have a crush on LeShawna Reed, but she turned him down to his disappointment. But he plans to win her back. However, Beth, a nerd like Harold, seems to have a crush on him. He is enrolled in the Black dorm.

LeShawna Reed - A woman who is bootylicious in every way due to her urban culture. Harold used to have a crush on her, but to his and her disappointment, turned him down for no reason whatsoever. But she still remains friends with him. She is enrolled into the Black Dorm.

Beth Braddock - A nerd who is quite goofy and quite...odd. She is friends with Justin who helps out her affection for Harold McGrady V, who is getting over his rejection with LeShawna. She wishes to become more beautiful, so that she would have Harold go to her. She is enrolled into the Black dorm.

Noah Krieger - A brainiac, he is quite the cylinical, and serious type of student. He likes nothing but books, and has the IQ the size of a huge monster truck. He is also friends with Tyler Jackson, who is friends with Alejandro Burromuerto. Like Tyler, he too questions his friendship, due to Alejandro's secret mysterious, cold-hearted demeanor. He is enrolled into the Red dorm.

Principal Chris McLean - The real principal of Blainewood Academy. He is calm and collected as well. Plus, Blaineley is in love with him. You better be lucky to stay in your dorm room after midnight, because he will not tolerate those that do.

Blaineley O'Halloran - The Headmaster of the Red dorm who is hot for Chris McLean. She's pretty much an attractive teacher. Every male student body dreams of having sex with her, but she prefers to be with Chris McLean. But however, she has a disturbing secret that no one will want to know personally, but she remains secretive about it.

I know it will also have Eva and Ezekiel in there, but they will have bit parts. I know I don't have time to do a whole entire story, but I will promise the first chapter when I get the chance, Ok? So, hear your opinion!