Blainewood Academy: The Beginning

Chapter 48: New Year, New Rules, Part V

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Outside of the black dorm, right around 11:30, midnight...

Both Justin, Geoff and Bridgette were all waiting outside in their winter clothes, knowing that it was freezing cold. Oh, that and it was taking a very long time for Owen to show up. They were gonna take a good old-fashioned trip to the boiler room, knowing that 'Heather' had suddenly texted Justin that she needed to talk to him about that comforting kiss that they had during Christmas time when Heather almost was raped by those five heartless thugs. Meanwhile, in reality, Geoff shivered quite a bit realizing the extra cold wind that picked up.

"Ohhhh, man. When in the hell is Owen gonna show up? I'm freezing my damn chestnuts off!" Geoff exclaimed as he was trying to rub himself all over his body, despite the fact that he was still wearing warm clothes, knowing in his mind, it wasn't really warm enough for the party boy to begin with.

"It's just gonna be a minute, Geoff." Bridgette said right to her blonde-haired boyfriend, "Owen's still getting ready for some reason."

"I'm pretty certain he's taking a crap the size of a frickin BMW..." Geoff muttered as his teeth started chattering and his body still shivering. The party boy then turned right to Justin, "By the way, Justin... how come you ain't wearing a scarf? You could get sick, man."

"You know, I'm not really sure." Justin said right to Geoff with his hands between his pockets, "Maybe I'm not affected by the cold weather. I could stand right in -10 degrees without a scarf and I would still feel better than a healthy horse. Trust me. My whole entire body is just made from pure Hawaiian body heat."

"Man, you don't know how lucky you Hawaiians get..." Geoff said right to him as he was just shivering like hell simply puts it.

It took a few minutes, until Owen's voice was heard.

"Okay, everyone. I'm locked and loaded to fight!" Owen exclaimed as Justin, Geoff and Bridgette looked right at the fellow fat boy with just stunned silence for reasons why.

The reason why the threesome all stared at Owen was the fact that the fatboy was all decked out in some kind of rusty metal outfit. He was wearing a cooking pot for a helmet, a catcher's mask, a bedpan made of upper body armor, oven mitts as gloves, and goalie protectors for the lower body. He looked pretty much if Michelin Man and Iron Man had some sort of bastard child, this would be Owen in a crappy armor suit.

"Owen... dare I ask why you're dressed in that...?" Justin said with his eyebrow raised at him.

"Oh, um, this is my armor suit. It's to protect me from weaponry having hit at me the force of a baseball." Owen said as he was adjusting his catcher's mask, "It wears pretty good for safety. It's like my battle suit."

"Not to sound very hurtful, Owen... but what good is that gonna do?" Bridgette said in such wonder, "I mean, wearing bedpans as breast armor? I mean, if a speed of a high-pitched baseball hurled right at your chest, you'd be knocked out instantly! I hardly believe anything that you'll outlive something so strong and fast as that."

"Hey, criticize me all you want. I prove naysayers wrong." Owen replied as he tightened his glove, just trying to prove a point to the trio. "Just like I proved them wrong that I wouldn't get heart failure after 10 chalupas. Who's the stupid one now? I didn't think so."

"Okay, let's get a move on." Justin said as both Geoff and Bridgette followed him alongside Owen, who was moving like a guy on a fat suit mixed with a penguin who walked like he was taking one huge crap the size of Canada.

"Wait up!" Owen said out loud to them as he raised his hand for them to stop. But unfortunately, the trio still kept on going as Owen went back to fix up his pants, but his goalie pads was getting right in the way. "Damn it... I knew wearing the goalie pads was a big mistake..."

Back at the boys' Blue dorm...

Both Cody and Duncan were looking on to their new roommate Ezekiel as he was eating a new tray of Chocolate Peanut Butter-drizzled Cheesecake all to himself. He soon put the pie down on the nightstand and went right to sleep. What must the rest of the guys be thinking right now when they were looking right at the dessert crazed ex-homeschooler?

"Dude, I'll pay you $20 bucks if you can try to get that thing he's eating off his hands right now..." Duncan whispered right to Cody in his sleep.

"There's no way I'm doing that, man. Have you even seen what he did to that pie vendor at lunch today? I'm telling you, that guy is a beast from redneck county! I ain't going anywhere near him!" Cody exclaimed to Duncan, whispering to him as well.

"But, dude. I've been starving for some cheesecake!" Duncan whispered right back to the bucktoothed student. "Besides, he won't thrash you, man. He's got his headphones on to some of that hick country music. Just sneak over there and take it from him."

"Even if I did, he would notice it right away. There's no way he would find out right away if we were stealing it. The next thing I'll know, I'll came back with no nuts at all! And mine are too manly to be ripped apart from him!" Cody said as he thought of the worst should Ezekiel catch him in the act. While Cody was still thinking of the worst, a hidden voice just crept behind him in his sleep.

"But your balls are perfect for me..." The seductive voice said right to Cody as he let out a good yelp and turned/rolled right around.

"Ack! Sierra? How in the hell did you get in my room? Shouldn't you be at the girl's dorm sleeping your brains out and leaving me alone?" Cody whispered right to Sierra in a shocked, yet panicked expression.

"Awww, Cody... can't I be allowed to give you some company while you sleep?" Sierra chuckled quite a bit as she continued to talk, "You need a dreamcatcher of your own while you dream over to Dreamytown peacefully. I could be your shelter!"

"I appreciate the comment very much, Sierra. But I'm in a little bit of trouble. Duncan's been wanting me to go after that cheesecake that the new guy's been hogging from all of us. And if I even touched the slightest crust, he's gonna make me squat over and make my chin touch my own ass! That ain't something I don't wanna be proud of!" Cody whispered to her more in a very cautious state.

"You wanted some Cheesecake?" Sierra said in a raised eyebrow, "Why didn't you ask Ezekiel? I'm sure he would be nice just to give you a piece."

"I would ask him, but he would rip my hand off instantly. And I like both of my hands! They're the only reason in life!" Cody exclaimed as he showed Sierra his precious hands. "That's why me and Duncan are just trying to take it from him. He's nothing but a dessert hogger!"

"You're trying to take it off his hands?" Sierra said through amazement, but then turned right to cheer, "No problem!"

With this, Sierra quietly walked right over to Ezekiel's side just to get her hands on the cheesecake herself. Cody felt the worst for Sierra, knowing what kind of poor defenseless damage that Ezekiel would do to someone like her. It wouldn't be a very pretty sight to begin with. So he just closed his eyes tightly hoping that Sierra wouldn't have to be thrashed.

And with no surprise, Cody heard Sierra's voice once again.

"Here you go, Cody-Wody!"

As Cody slowly opened and squinted his eyes, he saw an unharmed Sierra place the pie right on the mattress of Cody's bed.

"Why didn't you just tip-toe to get it?" Cody whispered once again.

"Cody, he's nothing but a heavy sleeper!" Sierra exclaimed with just a freakish smile, "I guess you didn't figure that out soon enough. Well, here's your cheesecake that you and Duncan wanted. My job is done!"

"Thanks... I guess..." Cody replied with a little bit of relief in his system.

"Oh, you'll be asking for more than just 'thanks' soon enough, my sexy Cody-Wody. Bye for now..." Sierra whispered very seductively as she blew a kiss to Cody and just strutted out of here. Cody soon sent shivers up and down his spine because of this little interaction between him and the purple-haired ponytailed being. But on the other hand, he felt relief again as Sierra got the cheesecake for him and Duncan.

"Well, what are you waiting for, man?" Duncan said as he grabbed two forks he kept in his dresser, "Let's dig in!"

"You sure Sierra's right about Ezekiel being a heavy sleeper?" Cody said right to the delienquent as he kept on looking at the sleepy Ezekiel over and over again. "I still have a bad feeling he's gonna know we ate his cheesecake."

"He won't know. We''ll say raccoons came in and ate it. It worked from that time I stole that dom perignon from Principal McLean's secret liquor cabinet!" Duncan whispered in exclamation, "I'm trusting you, he won't even know a thing. Now take your fork and dig in."

"Well, I don't know..." Cody said in thought as he looked back at the cheesecake and Ezekiel over and over once again. Then again, Ezekiel may not find out, as if it might be some sort of strange coincidence. Not taking any chances whatsoever, Cody finally smiled and looked at the cheesecake very hungrily, "Okay! I've been starving for some!"

With such hungry looks coming from right to their faces, Cody sent his fork plungefirst into the top Peanut-buttered/Chocolate layer of the cheesecake itself.

However, their moment of sudden deliciousness would not last for very long as Ezekiel's eyes suddenly bulged open instantly. Just like the intensity of a snake, Zeke turned his head around and saw Cody and Duncan jab onto the cheesecake itself. He was about to lose it all entirely.

"YOU!" Ezekiel exclaimed as he pointed right to Cody and Duncan in the most threatening tone possible. This wasn't gonna be pretty indeed.

Outside the bathroom window...

Justin, Geoff, Bridgette and a very clunky Owen had approached an open bathroom window that was seen on top of their heads. They would have mostly entered through the back door of the academy, but the rest of the academy was closed through the rest of the night.

"Damn, that must be really high..." Owen said with such a blant gulp.

"No kidding. I highly doubt we can get up there..." Geoff said, just feeling the same thing that Owen was thinking.

"No problem. I can get us a boost." Justin said as he went behind the wall and took his impressive sculpted hands, indicating that he wants to boost someone up so high, they could reach the window. "Ladies first."

"Don't mind if I do..." Bridgette smiled right at the Hawaiian as Justin took her foot and with one single lift, the sexy surfer girl managed to reach the window by a good foot or two. With nice strength, Bridgette pulled herself up and managed to get her two feet through the inside bathroom window.

"Hey, babe! Find a rope if you can!" Geoff shouted quietly to Bridgette, who managed to make a miraculous landing inside the bathroom.

"I'll see if I can, Geoffy!" Bridgette exclaimed as he looked pretty much everywhere for a rope so that she would be able to pull Geoff, Justin and pretty much Owen up to where the surfer girl stood.

As Bridgette was busy, Geoff turned to the Hawaiian and the fatboy for a little bit of a huddle as the party boy brought out three small black devices to give to Justin and Owen.

"Walkie-talkies?" Justin said right to Geoff questionably.

"Dude, it's a huge academy. And it's gonna be very hard to find a boiler room around this place. It's best that we split up, just so we can still stay in touch just in case we happen to get lost or something." Geoff informed them.

"Sounds reasonable." Justin said as he looked right at his walkie talkie. Meanwhile, Owen decided to have a little fun himself by pressing his own mouth into the walkie-talkie and doing the best damned Darth Vader impression he could make.

"LOOUUUUUKE! I AM YOUR FA-THUUUUUUH!" Owen said with a wheezy impression. It somehow brought laughter to Justin and Geoff's faces seeing him do that. "LOUUUUUKE! I GOT LAID LAST NIGHT, YOU GOT A SQUEEEEZEPUMP FOR MY JOHNSON?"

Despite all the fun that they were having with one another, both men knew that it was very serious business. They all heard Bridgette's voice from inside.

"I found it!" Bridgette exclaimed as she got hold of a rope that was laying right on the sink for some reason.

"Okay, Bridge. Now let down the rope so that we can go up there!" Geoff shouted up to his girlfriend who managed to pull down the rope long enough for at least Geoff and Justin to at least jump and climb up. The rope landed down on top of Geoff's head as he took a very good leap and pulled all the way up just to meet with his girlfriend.

Now it was Justin's turn. It was like the same pattern that Geoff took. Climb up and then make a safe drop down in the bathroom tiles. It was very simple at least.

"Okay, now it's Owen's turn." Justin said as he grabbed the long rope that Geoff and Bridgette had just in case for a team effort quite like this. "Okay, when he tugs on it, we pull. Everybody got it?"

"Let's hope this works..." Bridgette said right to Justin as he held on to the rope with a tight grip.

"All right. On the count of three... three!" Justin exclaimed as Owen steadied himself. Goosebumps right on his skin, tensions filling his mind, Owen took a very big deep breath. Steading his knees down and...

...took a very big miraculous leap into the air as he finally grabbed the rope. Like catching a very huge 296-pound whale, Justin, Bridgette and Geoff took a very large grip and began to scoot back so that Owen could be elevated to the top.

But it proved to be too much for the big guy as the weight surrounding the rope just gave way as in an instant...

...Owen slipped out of the rope painfully and just landed right flat on his back through the Academy ground.

"OOF!" Owen grunted in pain as he was just squealing and holding his back. It was just a little bit of a hard fall, but luckily, the bedpans seemed to work out, just soothing the pain away minorly. To add insult to injury, the fabric of his mitts seemed to have insanely burned off, only to take his hands as a case of good old rope burn. "ACK! DAMN ROPE BURN!"

"Owen, are you alright, man?" Justin shouted right down to Owen, who was just wobbling around like a turtle.

"If you mean going to a damn blind chiropractor and wobbling like a turtle who got laid tonight, then yes, I'm fine!" Owen exclaimed and shouted back as Geoff also looked down on him as well, but with a concerned manner.

"Sorry dude, we don't know how to tell you this, but you're just too big to be lifted up in the rope by us." Geoff informed him painfully, yet truthfully. "And even if you did manage to make it up here, I highly doubt you squeeze in the window with all those appliances you're wearing. So you'll just have to find some other way to get in here. If that's okay with you, will you still move?"

"Yeah, sure it now causes me back pain, but I'll find some other way to get in there, don't worry. I'll stay in touch with you when I can!" Owen exclaimed with a smile and a thumbs up.

"Good! Bro's before ho's!" Geoff exclaimed with a smile as he disappeared from sight. Owen finally got himself time to get back up and heal his wounds slowly.

"I can't believe I got frickin' rope burn! I HATE MY GOD-FORBID LIFE!" Owen shouted to the skies as he left academy grounds for some otherway in. The best way he would need help getting in. This was gonna be a long search for Heather and the boiler room, indeed...

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